Ayotte For US Senate - It’s just common sense!

We all want a better quality of life for our kids, right? But how do we make that happen?
One way is simple common sense - our laws should make things easier on working parents, not harder. That’s what my wife, Kelly, is doing in the Senate.  
Kelly’s pushing tax changes that make it easier for you to save for your kids’ college education and give your employer tools to help you repay your student loans.
She’s empowering employers to offer flex time as part of their benefits package and fighting pregnancy discrimination so that moms and dads can continue to work and still look after their kids.
Kelly’s also improving STEM education and skills training so our kids are prepared for good paying, 21st century jobs.
I just wanted to update you on the work Kelly is doing and get your thoughts. What do you think is the biggest challenge facing hardworking families?
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Thanks for taking the time,