UPAC - On Governor Walker's Announcement

Madison, WI – Unintimidated PAC, the leading independent organization supporting Governor Scott Walker’s candidacy for President, today issued the following statement from UPAC Executive Director Keith Gilkes:

“Scott Walker is the most accomplished conservative Governor in America. Despite facing the most intense protests from the extreme liberal left and their special interests, Governor Walker fought back and turned deficits into surpluses, returned those surpluses to taxpayers through tax cuts, expanded school choice, and fought to ensure that government unions paid their fair share like everyone else. I’d like to personally thank our supporters for their generosity, time, and support of Governor Walker.

"Governor Walker has been a warrior for the conservative movement  delivering unprecedented victories that culminated in a bucket list of conservative reforms that changed people’s lives for the better. Governor Walker’s decision to gracefully exit the race was no doubt tremendously difficult for him and his family, but it is a testament to the type of man and leader that he is."