DNC response to Marco Rubio’s skewed definition of “ human rights”

“Apparently it’s not enough for Marco Rubio to lecture women on the health care they can and cannot receive – now he wants to lecture us on human rights. The reality? Planned Parenthood supports human rights by making it easier for women and men to exercise their right to health care. Marco Rubio should quit putting women in the middle of his dangerous political agenda.” –Kaylie Hanson, DNC Director of Women’s Media


Rubio: Defunding Planned Parenthood Is 'Human Rights Issue' (VIDEO)




When asked how far he will go as President to defund Planned Parenthood, Republican presidential candidate Sen. Marco Rubio (FL) said during a Tuesday interview on "Special Report with Bret Baier," that defunding the healthcare organization is not a "political issue" for him, but a "human rights issue."


“To me that’s not even a political issue, that’s a human rights issue," Rubio told anchor Bret Baier.


He then elaborated further:


To me, the sanctity of life is a human right issue. I believe unborn children have rights. That someone, just because they haven’t been born and don’t have a birth certificate and haven’t yet been named, doesn’t mean they don’t have rights. Planned Parenthood is an organization that’s been caught repeatedly and now on video trafficking in fetal tissue of aborted children. it’s an outrageous practice.


Rubio instead suggested taking the federal funds for Planned Parenthood and redistributing the funds to "federally qualified health centers" because women's health is still “important."