Jindal For President - Revealed: Trump's new election strategy - Whine! Whine! Whine!

Jindal for President


Baton Rouge - The Jindal campaign today released a new video showing a sneak peek into Donald Trump's shifting election strategy.

In the video, called 'Whiner-in-Chief', Trump is seen telling CNN that “I whine and whine until I win".

The shift in strategy has come as Trump's poll numbers have started to fade and he has begun a new fight with Fox News.


Just two weeks ago, the Jindal campaign released this video of Trump’s strategy of “winning”: https://www.bobbyjindal.com/trump-is-winning/

Jindal Campaign Manager Timmy Teepell said:

"In a matter of weeks, Trump has gone from winning to whining. It's an interesting play, no doubt influenced by Veep-in-waiting Charlie Sheen.

“This may well be an acknowledgement that his campaign is flagging and he is making a bid to be 'Whiner-in-Chief' in an eventual Republican administration.”