NH DHHS - Tobacco Survey

Recent Survey Recognizes Independent Pharmacies in New Hampshire That

Do Not Sell Tobacco Products

Concord, NH – A recent survey conducted by the NH Department of Health and

Human Services (DHHS) identifies Independent Pharmacies in New Hampshire

that do not sell tobacco products. DHHS applauds theses pharmacies for

putting the health of their clientele and patients ahead of sales. The

survey, conducted by phone in August 2015, asked the 33 Independent

Pharmacies in New Hampshire if tobacco products were sold in their

stores—of those who answered the question, 27 said no.

“DHHS is applauding these New Hampshire Independent Pharmacies for

recognizing the conflict of selling a product that kills an estimated 1,900

New Hampshire residents a year while offering health care and

pharmaceutical services,” said Marcella Bobinsky, Acting Director of Public

Health at DHHS.

These New Hampshire Independent Pharmacies join the growing list of

national retailers that have decided not to sell tobacco products in their

stores. Target Corp. stores historically (since 1996) have not sold tobacco

products. Last year, CVS Caremark Corp. (now CVS Health) made the decision

to stop selling tobacco products in its stores, citing that selling

cigarettes and providing health care do not go together in the same


Tobacco smoke is a toxic mix of over 7,000 chemicals; these poisons pose a

danger to the body right away and can trigger sudden blood clots, heart

attacks, and strokes. About 70 of these chemicals can cause cancer.

According to the Surgeon General Report, How Tobacco Smoke Causes Disease,

every cigarette smoked damages the body, causes immediate harm to

nonsmokers (including unborn babies), and weakens the immune system,

increasing the body’s susceptibility to illness, bacteria and viruses, such

as the flu.

Some major cities, such as New York and Boston, have banned the sale of

tobacco products in pharmacies. The harmful effects of tobacco use are not

limited to smoking cigarettes; cigars, hookas, bidis, and smokeless tobacco

products all can cause cancer, disease, and tooth loss. E-cigarettes

(electronic smoking devices) emit an aerosol that has been found to contain

at least 10 chemicals known to cause cancer, birth defects, or other

reproductive harm. The devices can create an addiction to the drug nicotine

and can lead to cigarette smoking, particularly in youth.

DHHS currently offers free help quitting tobacco use through 1-800-QUIT-NOW1-800-QUIT-NOW FREE

(www.TryToStopNH.org). The list of these independent pharmacies can be

found at



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