Fiorina For President - More New Hampshire Leaders Endorse Carly Fiorina

CARLY for Americ


Manchester, NH – In yet another signal of Republican Carly Fiorina’s growing support, five more New Hampshire business and political leaders have announced their endorsement of Carly.  They will join Carly’s already strong leadership team in New Hampshire.  These New Hampshire endorsements add to a growing list of Carly supporters across the country as she continues to gain momentum and climb in the polls.

Bill Beauregard, Small Business Owner and Former Keene City Councilor

“As a small business owner, I want a leader who understands successful businesses are good for the country and should not be vilified. I want a leader who understands foreign policy and appreciates that a strong United States makes for a peaceful world. I want a leader who is smart, eloquent, and driven.  I have personally met Carly Fiorina on several occasions, and she is that leader and so much more. Carly Fiorina would be the leader of the United States so longs for now.”

 Tom Boucher, Owner & CEO of Great New Hampshire Restaurants

“True leaders have to make tough decisions, which takes a special kind of courage. Carly has this courage. You can sense it and feel that it is genuine.  She’s taking on the usual suspects of both parties and she’s not afraid to answer questions with real answers instead of the usual political rhetoric.  Whether challenges in her personal life or challenges in her professional life, Carly has met them all head on.  She is a fighter – and that is exactly what we need in the White House.”

Jim Coburn, Retired Business Owner, Former State Rep and 2004 Republican Nominee for NH Governor 

“I have three grandchildren who will grow up and retire in the world we create in the next 8 years.  I believe that Carly Fiorina is the only candidate with the skill and experience to pay down the debt, reduce the size and complexity of the federal government, and gain the respect and cooperation of other countries to help bring long-lasting peace.  I also trust that she can provide the leadership to unite most of the people in this great country to solve the pressing issues of defense, immigration, education and healthcare.”

Bryan Gould, Former Vice Chairman of the New Hampshire Republican State Committee

“I support Carly because she is the most capable and electable conservative in the race.  There are several excellent candidates for the 2016 Republican nomination, but only Carly offers the intellect, humility, judgment, detachment from Washington, executive experience, and commitment to our country’s founding principles that I’d like to see in our next president.  Carly is unafraid to tell the truth about the failures of both parties in Washington, but she does so without rancor or hostility.  She has explained in detail the principles in which she believes and the policies she would pursue in accordance with those principles.”

Nick Vailas, Founder & CEO of Bedford Ambulatory Surgical Center and Former Commissioner of Health & Human Services

“For too long, we have encouraged and rewarded professional politicians who have little to no real world experience outside of the political elite.  By doing this, we end up with politicians in Washington who offer ‘government solutions’ to our problems rather than actual solutions.  Carly Fiorina has worked in the real world. She knows what it’s like to run a business and what our government can do to help grow our economy instead of hurting it.  It’s time we send someone to the White House with real executive experience who will get our economy growing again, and that person is Carly Fiorina.”