NHDP - MEMO to New Hampshire Students RE: Rand Paul





To: New England College Students

From: Lizzy Price, NHDP Communications Director


It’s a great year to be a student in New Hampshire. You have the opportunity to hear from presidential candidates and ask them, specifically, about issues that matter to you. I encourage you to do so. But just in case Rand Paul doesn’t get to your question, here are a few things he’s said before that directly affect you and your future.


Student Loans

Do you have student loans? Me too. Rand Paul wouldn’t be much help there. In fact, he wants to slash Pell grants, which are a financial lifeline for many low-income students. And Paul has even said that students shouldn’t be able to refinance their loans because of the “danger” that comes with “overturning contracts.”


Choice and Women’s Health

Rand Paul says he’s a fan of individual liberties, but he seems to hold many exceptions, especially if you’re a woman. Paul is an original sponsor of the Life at Conception Act, which would reverse Roe v. Wade, taking away a woman’s choice and could ban some common forms of birth control. In addition, Paul said he’d favor shutting down the government rather than provide funding for women’s health services to Planned Parenthood.


Marriage Equality

In addition to limiting those individual rights for women, Paul also holds an exception for LGBT people. A lover of all things traditional (like marriage), he’s even elaborated on his backwards views, saying that same-sex marriage “offends myself and a lot of people.” I wonder if he got the memo that marriage is now legal for everyone.


So, a quick recap: Rand Paul is opposed to refinancing student loans, a woman’s choice over her own body, funding women’s health care, gay marriage, and wants to cut Pell grant funding. But what are his solutions? Good question.