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NH Commuters: Hassan Has Launched a War on You
Granite Staters are well aware that Governor Maggie Hassan has supported raising taxes and fees on multiple occasions to pay for her out-of-control spending. However, it has become as clear as a freshly washed windshield that she has a particular affinity towards hikes that hurt New Hampshire commuters the most.

Perhaps she is pandering to the environmental extremists in her liberal base, or maybe she is working hard to keep Washington lobbyists happy as she prepares to climb up the next rung of the political ladder. Only Maggie Hassan can explain why she has decided to single out the New Hampshire taxpayers who are forced to pay more to keep their cars and trucks on the road because of her policies. Regardless of why, Governor Maggie Hassan has an indisputable record of declaring war on the commuters of this state - and regrettably, she has shown no sign of letting up on the gas pedal unless the legislature forces her to do so.

You can read more about Governor Maggie Hassan's record impacting Granite State commuters by clicking
HERE, where you can read Derek Dufresne of Citizens for a Strong New Hampshire's opinion piece at

Next Session: Bills that will be Debated in Concord next Year
Lawmakers won't return to work in Concord again until the start of next year, but they are already preparing bills to be considered in the next session.

Visit by clicking HERE to read more about some of the bills that will be deliberated in the coming months.

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