NHLA Supports the Croydon School Board's School Choice Program

Concord – The New Hampshire Liberty Alliance supports the innovative school choice program offered in Croydon, NH. This common-sense initiative allows market competition to set the price for educational options, and empowers parents with choices that best fit their children's needs and goals. This is a win-win for tax-payers, schools, and students.

The Croydon School Board created this program when their contract with the Newport school district expired. Parents can now choose among selected public and private school options. If the tuition for those alternatives exceeds the contracted amount at Newport schools, the parents pay the difference. If the amount is lower, it is a cost savings to Croydon residents. In the 2015-2016 school year five Croydon students are utilizing this option and attending the nearby Newport Montessori School, at a savings of approximately $4,000 per student.

The New Hampshire Department of Education has selectively quoted state statute in its efforts to end Croydon's school choice program. We believe Croydon's arrangement is consistent with NH statute and current practices for tuitioning-out students to other schools, including private institutions.

The NHLA stands behind Croydon and their efforts to fulfill their responsibility and provide "best fit" educational choices for their students.

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