NH Rebellion - Bloomberg Poll shows Disgust with Political Spending and Corruption


80% of Republicans, 83% of Democrats disagree that “corporations and unions may spend unlimited amounts on political causes.”

CONCORD, NH – In a recent national poll by Bloomberg Politics of Democrats, Republicans and independents, 78% disagree with the Supreme Court ruling on the Citizens United case allowing corporations and unions to spend unlimited amounts on political causes.

Taking note of the strikingly similar view across both political parties, Bloomberg News reported today:

“Unhappiness with the 2010 decision cuts across demographic and partisan and ideological lines. Although the ruling was fashioned by the court’s conservative majority, Republicans oppose Citizens United 80 percent to 18 percent, according to the poll. Democrats oppose 83 percent to 13 percent, and independents, 71 percent to 22 percent. Among self-described liberals, conservatives, and moderates, 80 percent say the decision should be overturned.”

“These numbers are another indication of the disgust that Americans hold toward the big money corruption that has taken our political system hostage,” said Dan Weeks, Executive Director.  “People across the political spectrum know that their small donations are a drop in the bucket to the big money sloshing around in elections.  We have been engaging many of the presidential candidates about the problems and working with them on possible solutions and we hope this poll, paired with many others, prove this is the number one issue that needs to be addressed,” Weeks said.

“Republican activists, leaders and presidential candidates need to heed this poll’s results.  It’s earth-rattling,” said Brian Tilton, Republican Outreach Coordinator.  “This poll unequivocally shows people’s anger with the results of the Citizens United ruling is larger than I expected, even among fellow Republicans.”

Tilton also said his experience in the field shows near-universal agreement among Republicans for full and immediate disclosure of all political contributions, ending pay-to-play and banning or limiting lobbying activity after serving in government.

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