DNC - First FedEx, now Avis?

Over the weekend, Chris Christie said he wants to track our nation’s immigrants like FedEx packages so he could figure out who to deport. Today, he proposed a tracking database in which businesses that require the presentation of ID, like rental car companies, would scan customers’ fingerprints to determine whether or not the customer would need to be deported.




This twisted explanation comes about an hour after Christie was on the Laura Ingraham show and suggested that Republicans should embrace the idea of deporting people.


INGRAHAM: Well, why can't we just enforce the law that exists? I mean, every time you mention word “deportation,” Republicans run for the hills and they think that the establishment - and some people put you in that category - that, you hear deport, and go, “You can't deport people.” Every country on the face of the planet deports people, except our Party's are running scared from that.


CHRISTIE: Well, they shouldn’t be.


"Not only did Chris Christie embrace the Republican deportation and border-first agenda today, he continues to compare human beings to inanimate objects that he says can just be tracked. Instead of insulting immigrant families day after day, Christie should join Democrats who support policies that help these families.” –Pablo Manriquez, DNC Hispanic Media Director


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