Jindal For President - ICYMI: Is Bobby Jindal a growth stock in Iowa?

Jindal for President


Is Bobby Jindal a growth stock in Iowa?


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Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal is currently in 14th place of the 15 Republican candidates in the RealClearPolitics average of presidential polls. He wasn't in the Fox News primetime debate on August 6, and he's a lock not to make the CNN primetime debate on September 16.

But something could be happening for Jindal in the first-voting state of Iowa. A new poll by the Des Moines Register has him at two percent -- nothing special there, although that is technically tied for seventh in the big field. Still, Jindal's favorable ratings are up dramatically, indicating he could be starting to move.

The last time the Register conducted a poll, in May, 43 percent of Republicans surveyed had a favorable opinion of Jindal, while 19 percent had an unfavorable opinion, and 38 percent were not sure. In the new poll, 61 percent have a favorable opinion of Jindal, while 18 percent have an unfavorable opinion, and 21 percent aren't sure. That basically means that more people have found out who Jindal is, and almost all of them have come away with a favorable impression of him.

"The hidden winner, in a way, I think, is Bobby Jindal," Register pollster Ann Selzer told Bloomberg Politics this week, "in that his favorability has grown 18 points since the last time we were in the field. And that's virtually a one-on-one, more people knowing who he is, and those people learning who he is liking him. It has not translated into votes, and so I think he is kind of lurking there, as having some upside potential."

Another bit of data in the Register poll looks good for Jindal. Pollsters asked about the candidates voters don't currently support. Could they ever support Candidate A? Or would they never support him? Of those who don't support Jindal now, 65 percent say they can see themselves voting for him, while just 20 percent say they could never vote for him. That 65 percent rating is the highest in the entire GOP field, and the 20 percent is among the lowest.

Jindal's campaign has been sending dispatches of good reviews as he has traveled around Iowa this summer. Now it looks like Jindal's positive one-on-one encounters with voters are beginning to show up in the polls.