NRSC - Oops...Senate Majority PAC Just Attacked Governor Gridlock Maggie Hassan



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Perhaps the fallout from their implication in a federal corruption scandal distracted Senate Majority PAC's communications team yesterday. The super PAC inadvertently attacked Governor Gridlock herself, Maggie Hassan.

In its desperate memo on Kelly Ayotte – the senator who has repeatedly railed against government shutdowns, Senate Majority PAC ironically attacked Maggie Hassan – the governor who has actually caused the "disastrous consequences" of gridlock.

Governor Maggie Hassan's extreme record, including her shameful budget veto, inflicted months of pain and suffering on Granite Staters. 

A recent Portsmouth Herald editorial detailed the concern surrounding the vital funding that Governor Hassan held hostage:

Given the state’s dangerous opiate abuse epidemic we were particularly concerned about delaying a major increase in funding for prevention, treatment and rehabilitation programs.

As the Associated Press adds, Hassan's veto even prevented the opening of a crisis unit:

Because of the stalemate, home health care providers waited three months for a 5 percent rate increase, New Hampshire Hospital couldn’t open a 10-bed mental health crisis unit and the Department of Transportation almost had to delay repaving projects on the turnpike system.

Maggie Hassan once admitted that she would be "glad" to be "rendered a veto governor."

Hassan's commitment to that title – and its corresponding gridlock, is a detriment to the people of New Hampshire. 

On the other hand, Kelly Ayotte has worked across the aisle to get the Senate back to work and improve women’s healthcare. 

In 2012, as Harry Reid sought to kick the can down the road and skip town to hit the campaign trail, Senator Ayotte demonstrated responsible leadership, and wanted the Senate to stay in session, do its job, and pass appropriations bills. The following year, Senate Democrats refused to allow an open debate and amendment process. In contrast to Ayotte's leadership, Harry Reid blocked Ayotte's amendment to eliminate wasteful government spending.

Will Maggie Hassan accept support from "The super PAC caught in the middle of the corruption scandal"? Perhaps not after Senate Majority PAC just attacked her shameful record of gridlock and called into question her record on fighting for women.


Senator Kelly Ayotte Introduced A Bill To Make Contraception Available Over-The-Counter. (S.1438, Introduced 5/21/2015)

Senator Ayotte Introduced And Cosponsored Legislation To Improve The Use Of Mammogram Results And To Find A Cure To Breast Cancer. (S.370, Introduced 2/4/2015, S.2622, Introduced 7/17/2014; S.746, Introduced 3/16/2015)

Senator Ayotte Helped Introduce Legislation To Stop Pregnancy Discrimination In The Workplace. (S.1512, Introduced 6/4/2015)

Senator Ayotte Introduced Legislation To Protect Access To Annual Mammograms For Women Under 50. (S.1926, Introduced 8/4/2015)