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Jindal for President


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Governor Jindal took a stand for law enforcement yesterday and proclaimed a statewide Day of Prayer for police on Monday, September 14th.  He said he called the day of prayer because too often we forget the sacrifice and commitment these brave men and women make on a daily basis in order to protect our families and preserve peace in our communities. Read more about it here: 


Jindal Rising: Byron York penned a column highlighting Governor Jindal’s rise in Iowa after his favorability rating rose 18 points. Read it here:

Washington Examiner: Is Bobby Jindal a growth stock in Iowa?

Op-ed: Today, Governor Jindal penned an op-ed for the New Hampshire Union Leader blasting Scott Walker’s health care plan as a new entitlement program that offers no explanation on how much it will cost or how it should be paid for. In the piece, Governor Jindal explains why his health plan is the only true Conservative replacement for Obamacare:

Union Leader: Another View -- Bobby Jindal: We end Obamacare only with a truly conservative alternative

Today’s Schedule: Today, Governor Jindal will speak at a town hall lunch with Congressman Rod Blum in Cedar Falls, Iowa. Later, he’ll speak and take questions at a Believe Again Town Hall in Dubuque. We hope you can join us.

Trail Coverage: Here’s a few stories from yesterday’s events, where Governor Jindal slammed Republican senators in D.C. for surrendering to Obama on his dangerous Iran deal. He also highlighted that he would investigate Planned Parenthood with every available federal agency as President of the United States:

Huffington Post: Bobby Jindal: Capitol Hill Republicans Bungled The Iran Deal Vote

Des Moines Register: Jindal: There are alternatives to Planned Parenthood

Storm Lake Times: Jindal says others are just talkers, he’s a doer

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