Our-Nation - Enough Is Enough: Dump Trump Now

September 3, 2015…Dear Friends,


The Republican Party, fearful of being outed for being the mindless chumps they are, have aggressively initiated a Dump the Trump campaign. Their present batch of presidential hopefuls, now 17 weak, makes the clowns that ran in 2012 seem like deep thinkers.


Trump is a danger to the Republican Party because he shouts what many of them believe, but are cautious enough to never say, much less shout.


Trump cut his eye teeth evicting little old ladies from their New York apartments and now wants to evict 11 million Mexican-Americans many of whom are U.S. citizens.

As presently constituted, the Republican Party is an amalgam of racists, bigots, religious fanatics, war mongers, women haters, gun-lovers, greedy rich folk and anti-democratic plutocrats. Seems to me, Trump fits right in. In all of mankind there is no person better suited to be the Republican nominee for the presidency of the United States than the self-styled megalomaniac that is Trump.


Meanwhile, bold progressive Democrats like U.S. Senators Bernie and Elizabeth Warren are empowering a second American Revolution that is rapidly gathering momentum. Millions of progressive-minded Americans are insisting on the enactment of the sort of bold progressive legislation needed to restore our middle class, bring jobs back home and provide much needed help to the neediest among us.


Unfortunately, make-believe Democrats like Hillary Clinton, who gleefully attended Donald Trump’s wedding, and now may face criminal charges for intentionally destroying some 30,000 emails and willfully playing fast and loose with Top Secret information, refuse to even discuss why we tax the income of working Americans and never tax net surplus wealth.

Taxing net surplus wealth will allow us to eliminate the income tax and do all of the things that desperately need doing in America.


While most of us struggle to feed and house our families and educate our kids, the massive Republican  tax cuts for the super wealthy combined with the current income taxation system guarantees that the wealthiest 1% will grow richer, ever richer, while working Americans, grow poorer, ever poorer.


To fix to this grossly, unfair, anti-democratic problem, we must replace all income and payroll taxes with a simple Prosperity Revenue Tax (PRT) that consists of:


(1)  A  3% consumption tax, with food, education healthcare and other exclusions);


(2)  and a 10% tax on giant corporate revenue (not profits);


(3)  And, most importantly, a progressive tax on net surplus wealth, starting at .5% for net surplus wealth of $5 million and progressing to 10% for net surplus wealth over $5 billion.


The PRT will produce a long-term economic boom by immediately cutting taxes for working Americans by 50% and doubling government funding. Just think about it. No American will ever again pay income or payroll taxes. No more onerous tax forms to fill out, no more onerous record-keeping, no more worries of audits.


And, most importantly, the added revenue will be used to pay our national indebtedness and expand our all too meager social safety net.


Nevertheless, there are elitist Republicans lie the Clintons and other make-believe Democrats who argue that taxing wealth is theft. What utter nonsense! Conversely, it is the taxing of the income of working Americans that is theft and that is rapidly destroying the American middle class.


Meanwhile, radical-right-wing Republican billionaires like the Koch brothers use their inherited surplus wealth to transform our democracy into a plutocracy (rule by the rich).  They are spending hundreds of billions of dollars to bribe our politicians and judges and to flood our media with a constant barrage of Tokyo Rose-type-hype as spewed from the mouths of Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Bill O’ Reilly and dozens of their lesser known cohorts.


Pope Francis says our maniacal-radical-right-wing Republicans suffer from “amnesia of the heart.”  But Pope Francis is way too kind. Greedy sociopaths is what the multi-billionaire radical-right-wingers are as they eagerly pull food stamps from the mouths of millions of our hungry children and with reckless abandon busily promote legislation to revoke the reproductive rights of American women, decimate Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid and the ACA.


Enough is enough. Starting immediately we must dedicate ourselves to restoring our democracy and our middle class. That’s why I’ve written Common Sense, a short 100% free book filled with the sort of bold legislative ideas like the Prosperity Revenue Tax that I hope get enough of us fired-up enough and united enough to send the cowardly-radical-right-wing-heartless-haters-of-humankind packing in 2016.


Common Sense shows how the PRT will help us evolve from our current healthcare mess to an industrial-strength single-payer health care system (much like most of the rest of the industrialized world), cancel student debt, provide free higher education for all who want it, double Social Security, protect the reproductive rights of women, protect the VA and vastly expand the rest of our all too meager social safety net.


I kid you not. It’s not magic. It is merely Economics and Political Science 101 combined. Working as one, we can do it. Find out how by downloading your 100% free copy (donations optional) of Common Sense by sending an email request to:



Thank you for your interest. Our future is ours to create.

Band together and stay fired-up.Our future is in your hands.
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