Watchdog - Hey EPA, it's hard to miss a bright-orange river

The EPA created a disaster in Colorado:
Who will hold the agency to account?


Unheeded warnings, a devastated water source, rank hypocrisy... The more we learn about the EPA-caused spill that released millions of gallons of toxic waste from Colorado's Gold King Mine, the worse it looks for the federal agency charged with keeping our environment clean and healthy.




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A Note From Our President

Dear Reader,

By now you’ve probably heard about the disastrous EPA-caused spill that released three million gallons of toxic waste from a mine into Colorado’s Animas River, a tributary that feeds into a major water supply for Utah, Arizona, and New Mexico. In the aftermath, the Obama administration, the EPA, and its supporters tried furiously to downplay the damage, but it’s hard to gloss over a bright-orange river full of pollutants.

Our Watchdog reporting team has provided comprehensive, no-nonsense coverage of the environmental disaster, asking the hard questions and exposing the EPA's hypocrisy. One story in particular that garnered national attention, being featured on and other prominent outlets, was Tori Richards' interview with the owner of the mine, who revealed his ten year battle to keep the EPA off of his land. When he refused back in 2010, citing the agency's history of toxic pollution, the EPA threatened to fine him $35,000 a day until he relented, so he threw up the white flag. Five years later, we're realizing the nightmare that he fought to prevent.

“If a private company had done this, they would’ve been fined out of existence,” he said, highlighting the hypocrisy that our energy reporter, Rob Nikolewski, has exposed in his coverage of private companies that have been hit with huge fines for their own accidental spills. Just like private companies, sometimes the government makes big mistakes. That's why Watchdog makes it a key priority to hold agencies like the EPA accountable for the consequences of their actions.

Best regards,

Erik Telford

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