NHDP Statement on Chris Sununu’s Announcement

CONCORD, N.H. - Following news that Chris Sununu will run for Governor in 2016, New Hampshire Democratic Party Chair Raymond Buckley released the following statement:

"Chris Sununu voted to restrict access to birth control and cancer screenings for thousands of women who rely on local Planned Parenthood health centers and opposed the successful bipartisan expansion of health care to over 41,000 New Hampshire citizens. He’s stood in the way of numerous renewable energy projects that would cut energy costs and create jobs and has done everything he can to stop commuter rail from Boston to central New Hampshire and the jobs that will come with it. He also supported the fiscally irresponsible GOP budget that would create a $90 million hole in our state’s budget."

“New Hampshire can't afford another Sununu’s crusade to take us backwards, undermine our economic progress, and hurt women and families - and luckily, after Republicans have lost six straight campaigns for Governor in this state, that's going to happen again if his father's hand-picked candidate makes it to next fall."