Walker For President - Gov. Scott Walker Completes "Full Harley" Through All 10 Counties of New Hampshire on a Harley

Scott Walker For America


Governor Scott Walker completed a "Full Harley" tour of New Hampshire this Labor Day weekend, hitting all 10 counties over the course of a two-day ride. This was Walker's seventh trip to the Granite State this year and his fourth since he announced his presidential candidacy. 

Walker took on the special interests and the big labor union bosses as governor of Wisconsin. He fought to put power back in the hands of workers – and he won. Throughout his tour of the "Live Free or Die" state, Walker discussed his record of implementing commonsense, fair reforms that gave power and money back to the people with the supporters he met along the way.

See highlights below.

Governor Walker kicks off his motorcycle ride at VFW Post 4368 in Milford on Sunday

Governor Walker rides to Kimball Farms in Jaffrey on Sunday 

Governor Walker greets supporters at Washington General Store in Washington on Sunday

Governor Walker takes questions from the media at Pink Cadillac Diner in Rochester on Monday

Governor Walker addresses supporters at the Salem GOP Labor Day Picnic in Salem on Monday

What They Are Saying:

New Hampshire Public Radio: "'Freedom - being on a bike,' Walker says, 'and thinking live free or die – that's the motto here in New Hampshire, but that’s what I think about on a motorcycle, out on the free road on the road enjoying yourself.'" (Brady Carlson - September 7, 2015)

Wisconsin State Journal: "The motorcycle tour of all of the Granite State’s 10 counties is thought to be the first ever by a presidential candidate." (Matthew DeFour - September 7, 2015)

CBS: "President Obama and Democratic frontrunner Hillary Clinton are scared. At least, that's what Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker thinks. Speaking to reporters in Rochester, New Hampshire Monday, the 2016 Republican presidential candidate said Mr. Obama and Clinton were targeting him and afraid of his candidacy because they believe that 'we can win. And when we win, we will actually do what we said we were going to do.' Walker's remarks came in response to the president's Labor Day speech in Boston, in which Mr. Obama alluded to Republican presidential candidates who have worked to weaken unions. ... Walker told reporters that collective bargaining is 'not a right, but is an expensive entitlement' and cited the cost savings in Wisconsin as a benefit to all taxpayers in the state. He added that, 'this is an issue where the president is just wrong.'" (Sean Gallitz - September 7, 2015)

Washington Post: "During a campaign appearance at a diner in Rochester, N.H., Walker responded [to President Obama's attack] by saying that while Obama 'stands with the big government union bosses, we stand with hard-working people.' Walker added that 'the president and his allies fear us more than anybody else in the race because they know we don't just talk about it, we get it done. We fight, we win, we actually get results and we've done it without compromising our conservative principles.'" (David Nakamura - September 7, 2015)


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@WSJMattD4: Harleys, veterans and karaoke. I think I'm at the right place for a @ScottWalker campaign event. #gop2016

@BradyCarlson: Washington, NH is "the kind of Washington I LIKE to be in," says @ScottWalker. #fitn

@JordynPhelps: Walker's Labor Day pitch: To truly grow the economy, we need to get the fed gov out of the way. ... need a new president who can wreak havoc

@wpjenna: Walker: "The president & his allies fear us more than anybody else in this race b/c they know we don't just talk about it, we get it done."

@ABCPolitics: .@ScottWalker in NH: "It's clear the president stands with the big government union bosses. We stand with the hardworking people."

@seangallitz: @ScottWalker on Labor Day talking to press: "Collective bargaining is not a right, it is an expensive entitlement"

@WSJMattD4: Gov. @ScottWalker dubs his two-day 10-county motorcycle tour the "Full Harley." #gop2016 #fullgrassley