YRNF - Chairman, Dennis Cook, Responds to Barack Obama’s last State of the Union

My fellow young Americans, tonight we were reminded why #FailureIsNotAnOption for Republicans in 2016. In words and in practice, President Obama and the Democrats have completely FAILED our nation. The American Dream has now become an ideal that our generation may never see.  
The President applauds himself for low unemployment rates, yet this artificial number means nothing for our generation. As many of us leave universities with thousands of dollars of debt, we end up with jobs which may not adequately meet our needs to live. In fact, 44% of recent college graduates who are in their 20s are stuck in low-wage, dead-end jobs because employers have been forced to restructure their businesses.  Companies are now hiring mostly part-time employees to get around expensive Obamacare mandates in order to stay in business. 

And, speaking of his namesake "achievement," 12 out of 23 ACA co-ops have FAILED, adding 1.2 billion to the debt through defaulted loans which our generation must pay off.  Millennials are also now forced to pay thousands of dollars more in deductibles, copays, and premium payments for health insurance than we did before Obamacare. Major insurers are leaving the program, citing the FAILED math the entire poorly thought out system was built upon.  
The President’s other self-entitled achievements are equally as stomach-churning. How can he tell us with a straight face that we are "safer?" The President has FAILED us on foreign policy, too. President Obama touts the Iran Nuclear Deal as a success. But how can a deal which Iran has already violated twice by testing ballistic missile tests -- while chanting "Death to America" -- be seen as anything but a massive FAILURE? How can a deal that places Israel, our strongest ally in the Middle East, at grave risk, be called anything other than a massive FAILURE? With ISIS sympathizers attacking Christmas parties in California and police officers on the streets of Philadelphia... feeling safe -- even when taking a quick trip to the store for milk -- is no longer guaranteed.  Our sense of strength is gone; President Obama has FAILED to protect our nation. 
And yet, no matter how many times he blames the Republicans, the truth remains striking: He is the President who FAILED to provide the “Hope & Change” he campaigned on eight years ago. He is the President who FAILED to build-up the middle class. And he is the President who FAILED to make the outlook for our generation brighter than the last.  
There has never been a more important time in our country's history to unite not only as Republicans but as Americans! 

Young Americans of every color, religion, gender, creed and sexual orientation must unite under one flag -- the American flag -- to promote an honest candidate, a righteous candidate, a candidate who will lead our nation and our generation to better days. 

As a leader of this effort, I promise you, #FailureIsNotAnOption for the Young Republicans or my generation.

Dennis Cook
Young Republican National Federation

About YRNF:

The Young Republican National Federation, headed by Chairman Dennis Cook and Co-Chairman Chris Carmona, is an official auxiliary organization under the RNC. YRNF represents Republican voters between the ages of 18 and 40 across America. The national youth wing of the GOP represents members of both state and local chapters of the Young Republicans.