MANCHESTER, NH – Congressman Frank Guinta addressed the New England Council (NEC) today, speaking with members of the nonpartisan business organization about his efforts to improve New Hampshire’s economy and job market, as well as other local issues, such as the Seacoast’s fisheries and an increasingly deadly heroin epidemic.


    “We invited the Congressman to talk about his work in Congress to improve the business and employment climate in New Hampshire and wider region,” said NEC Executive Vice President Larry Zabar, “as well as our quality of life. In addition to his legislation to reduce harmful taxes and regulation, members were interested to learn about his bills to help the Northeast fishing industry – on life support -- and to stop drug trafficking and abuse.”


    Rep. Guinta (NH01) co-founded the Bipartisan Task Force to Combat the Heroin Epidemic and introduced the STOP ABUSE Act to increase federal treatment, prevention and law enforcement programs, including a stronger prescription pill monitoring program and stronger monitoring of high-intensity drug trafficking areas, one stretching north through New Hampshire from Massachusetts.


    “The business community is as concerned as everyone else about the heroin epidemic,” said Rep. Guinta, Manchester’s former mayor, who this week visited a local Internet start-up and a medical device manufacturer, in addition to an addiction treatment center in Rochester.“Granite Staters who could be productive members of society are abandoning their skills and talents and dropping out the workforce. We need them back at work, healthy, happy, and contributing.”


    The Congressman also addressed an historic New Hampshire industry, dying on the Seacoast, before turning to international developments. In 2015, Rep. Guintaintroduced legislation to prevent the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration from raising fees on Northeast fishermen -- only a few Granite State boat operators remain – and he will introduce a bill in the next few weeks to investigate the agency’s finances, he said.


    “The topic on everyone’s mind, however, was Iran,” said Rep. Guinta. Congress will soon vote to restore sanctions on the Islamic Republic, which captured 10 American sailors recently.


    “Events abroad affect our sense of security here at home,” Rep. Guinta told the NEC audience.“To help foster economic stability and confidence, the United States must project international leadership. Our trading partners, in addition to security partners, are depending on a more forceful defense of our principles.”


    The event took place at the Bedford Village Inn south of Manchester.