Strong NH - Opinion: "Maggie Hassan is a Droid from the Dark Side"


By: Derek Dufresne in today's New Hampshire Union Leader


"You pick up the phone to hear yet another pollster. Like many Granite Staters, you oblige and begin answering. The nice young man or woman on the other end of the call eventually asks you something like this: "If you had to choose between a generic Republican or a generic Democrat, which would you choose?"
"I consistently find this question one of the most difficult to answer. What is a generic candidate? Does such a vague, robotic candidate even exist outside the local movie theater? Is there actually a politician whose doppelganger is a Dark Side version of the Star Wars droid built by Anakin Skywalker?
"Yes, there is. And you don't have to travel to a galaxy far, far away to find her. You only have to drive to Concord and locate Governor Maggie Hassan, which truthfully might be just as difficult.
"Hassan is the epitome of a Capital Hill robot who has been reprogrammed by her masters to accomplish what she's been told to do.
"While she once promised to have New Hampshire's best interests at heart, like C-3PO, Maggie's memory must have been erased. Unlike those of her metallic twin, her new Washington taskmasters aren't as benevolent. DC insiders began the arduous process of reprogramming our governor months ago with the campaign protocol they hope will eventually get her to the U.S. Senate."