ALG - Pentagon climate change order makes America and the world less safe


Americans for Limited Government PresidentRick Manning released the following statement in response to the Pentagon's order that climate change must be incorporated into virtually everything they do. 

Pentagon climate change order makes America and the world less safe

Feb. 9, 2016, Fairfax, Va.— The Pentagon's prioritization of climate change as a primary military function fundamentally disrupts what our soldiers, airmen, marines and sailors are supposed to be doing – protecting the United States of America.

"Sergeants leading a platoon should not be worried about the environmental sensitivity of a rice paddy that needs to be traversed to achieve their mission, while providing the maximum security for the personnel under their command.  Tank commanders should be afforded all the training they need no matter how much fuel is expended in the process.  And Naval Captains should run their ships at the speeds that are necessitated by the immediate needs of the situation.

"Instead, President Obama would install bureaucratic boards and other second guessers along with real time tactical climate change assessments that would be held over officers' heads should they choose what was deemed to be a climate change insensitive course of action. Given the tactical level of Obama's plan, it is reasonable to assume that every platoon will have a political officer assigned to be the climate advocate in this new post-Obama military.

"Our military's job is to break things and stop bad actors around the world who threaten the United States.  President Obama's actions turn the military's mission on its head, making America less safe and the world a more dangerous place.  January 20, 2017 cannot come soon enough."

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