NH Senate Republican Caucus - Concerned Ineffective Management of Developmental Disabilities Waitlist

Concord, NH - The Joint Fiscal Committee was presented with the Acquired Brain Disorders and Developmental Disabilities Audit Report. This report detailed unspent appropriations resulting in a lapse of $38.5 million, despite having 109 clients on the waitlist for services.

“Removing citizens from the Developmental Disabilities waitlist has been a major priority for the Senate, especially during the last budget. Today’s audit reported 109 individuals who, at that time, were still on the waitlist to receive services. In addition, $38.5 million went unspent within the department, which should have provided services for every individual, eliminating the waitlist altogether,” said Senate President Chuck Morse (R-Salem).

“We also heard, today that the waitlist has grown to 153 individuals in need of additional services, instead of decreasing like we intended it to.”

“The report itself cited serious mismanagement, a lack of steadfast policies and rules, and a poor use of resources. This system has underserved some of our neediest citizens and that is unacceptable to the legislature. I expect further explanation and prompt corrective action to be taken to address these issues,” said Morse.

“After hearing the Acquired Brain Disorders and Developmental Disabilities Audit Report today, the State should be embarrassed by the withholding of funds and resources from those most in need in our community,” said Senator Andy Sanborn (R-Bedford).

“The number one responsibility of government is to help those most in need and beyond any measure, this report clearly shows the Governor and executive branch fundamentally failed in this regard. This failure falls exclusively on the Governors' desk and she has not protected those most vulnerable in New Hampshire, to the point where I question what her priorities are,” said Sanborn.