Pam Tucker Announces Run for NH-01

State Rep. Pam Tucker Formally Announces Candidacy for Congress
*New Hampshire needs a new voice to solve Washington’s old problems*
(GREENLAND, NH) – Republican State Rep. Pam Tucker (Rockingham 23) today announced her candidacy for Congress from New Hampshire’s First Congressional District.

“A new day for America starts with new, conservative leadership and a fresh, can-do approach to Washington decision-making,” said Tucker.

“Many have concluded, sadly, that our nation’s problems are too big, and Washington’s special interests too entrenched, to actually make a difference.  This does not need to be America’s destiny. 

“I am running for Congress to put a positive, forward-looking, reform-oriented agenda into practice.  We did this here in New Hampshire, where we faced our fiscal challenges with spending restraint and common sense.  We rose to the challenge in our state; now, it is beyond time to make the difficult decisions in Washington. 

“Let’s free ourselves from the threat of radical Islamic fundamentalism by defeating ISIS once and for all and putting a stop to Iran’s nuclear program.  Let’s rebuild our military.  Likewise, here at home, let’s unleash our economy and future generations from crippling debt and job-killing policies by reining in wasteful spending and create an environment in which entrepreneurs, working families and small businesses can once again prosper.

“Republicans deserve to have a nominee with a proven conservative record who can also draw a stark contrast between the establishment candidates of both parties on the issues.  Imagine what a fresh perspective and conservative leadership could bring to Washington, particularly with a new, reform-oriented President.  I believe America’s best days can still lie ahead of her,” concluded Tucker.

Pam Tucker is a mother, successful businesswoman and respected state legislator with a record of solving problems without raising taxes or creating new government bureaucracy.  A proven conservative with a reputation for empowering individuals and local communities to cutting government, Tucker will stress reining in the excesses of a bloated federal government during the campaign.