NRSC - Despite Criticism, Hassan Won’t Deny “Stealth Campaign”

Last week, Maggie Hassan was criticized by Politico, National Journal, the Washington Free Beacon, and a Union Leader Editorial for the overwhelming lack of substance in her campaign:

  • Politico: "[Hassan] refused to touch any question that veered toward even remotely treacherous territory..."
  • National Journal: "Hassan repeated some variation of [her talking points] 10 times...It opens Hassan to criticism that she’s running a generic campaign and is looking to ride Hillary Clinton’s coattails to Capitol Hill."
  • Washington Free Beacon: “New Hampshire Democrat Maggie Hassan is taking heat for running a lackadaisical campaign for the U.S. Senate.”
  • Union Leader: “Is getting straight answers out of Hassan about as likely as getting specifics from a Magic 8-Ball? Ask again later.”

But that didn’t stop Hassan from sticking to the script this weekend when asked  why she is running a “stealth campaign.”

Unsurprisingly, Hassan sticks to silence, and doesn’t acknowledge the question.

In addition to continuing her practice of silence, a staffer at the public event attempts to block access to the attendee asking questions.