“Power to the people, not the superdelegates”

Concord – Despite self-avowed socialist Bernie Sanders’ decisive win over Hillary Clinton in New Hampshire’s First in the Nation Primary, Democratic party elitists like Governor Maggie Hassan are usingtheir positions as "superdelegates" to cancel out the votes of thousands of grassroots activists. Now, national and New Hampshire media outlets and voters are calling out this outrageous abuse of power:
NEW YORK TIMES “Superdelegates, Clarify Your Role”

“…because [Clinton] has the support of six of the state’s eight unpledged superdelegates, including Senator Jeanne Shaheen and Gov. Maggie Hassan, she is virtually tied with Mr. Sanders in the New Hampshire delegate count…superdelegate influence reeks of smoke-filled rooms and establishment deals, when in fact they were created to end such maneuverings…”
PORTSMOUTH HERALD “Power to the people, not the superdelegates”

“In New Hampshire, the people overwhelmingly supported Sanders, and his supporters are infuriated that he and Clinton each leave the state with 15 delegates, because Clinton has the support of six of the state’s eight superdelegates…Given a choice between trusting the will of the people or trusting the political establishment, we’ll side with the people every time…”
CONCORD MONITOR Letter to the Editor “Don’t silence voters’ voices”

“I was disheartened to see our three leading Democratic politicians, Sen. Shaheen, Rep. Kuster and Gov. Hassan, to prematurely assign their electoral votes to the loser, Hillary Clinton. Their decision is not binding and seems based on sour grapes and their personal preferences rather than that of their constituents.”
FOSTER’S DAILY DEMOCRAT Letter to the Editor “Super delegates cancel out NH votes”
“It's unacceptable to think that the American voters turned out in extraordinary numbers to do their civic duty and cast their vote for the candidate that they believed in and yet, the oppressive Democrat Party is regardless going to dictate who the Democratic presidential nominee should be. This is an affront to the people of New Hampshire, our entire country and an obvious attempt by the Democrat Party to ensure the coronation of their candidate.”