Senate Republican Caucus - NH Sen Sanborn introduces balanced budget constitutional amendment

Restricts annual budget spending above revenue received


Concord, NH – Senator Andy Sanborn (R-Bedford) introduced CACR 27, a constitutional amendment that would require New Hampshire’s operating budget expenditures not to exceed revenue received each year.


Senator Andy Sanborn, the bill’s prime sponsor, issued a statement following the introduction of the legislation to the Senate Finance Committee.


 “The people of New Hampshire continue to be disappointed at the out of control spending we see from politicians.  Despite campaign pledges of fiscal responsibility, once elected, we see an inability or unwillingness to spend frugally, and only to the extent that revenue comes in.  With a National deficit of over 19 trillion dollars looming and knowing the Governor of New Hampshire needed to enact two executive orders to cut over spending in the past year, this is the clearest message telling us that we need to codify in the state's constitution, and meet our citizens’ expectations to operate within a balanced budget every biennium,” said Senator Andy Sanborn (R-Bedford)


 “This legislation would allow voters to weigh in on amending New Hampshire’s constitution to require that a balanced budget be enacted, and does not spend above revenues received each year,” said Sanborn.

“Amending the state’s constitution with this requirement is a common sense measure ensures a greater level of fiscal responsibility is enforced for years to come in New Hampshire.”