WASHINGTON, D.C. – The House Budget Committee named Congressman Frank Guinta its newest member today, with House Republicans voting unanimously in support.


    Budget Committee Chairman Tom Price welcomed his new colleague. “Congressman Guinta brings a record of fighting for common-sense solutions that will help grow our economy and create jobs. His knowledge and experience will be important parts of our work, putting our fiscal house in order and getting our economy moving,” said Rep. Price (GA06).


    “We welcome Frank back to the Committee – and to the battles ahead to restore fiscal responsibility in Washington.”


   "I'd like to thank my friends for placing their trust in me,"said Rep. Guinta (NH01), who as Manchester, New Hampshire’s former mayor, introduced four consecutive balanced budgets, cut taxes for the first time in a decade, and brought zero-based budgeting to the city.


    This will be his second appointment to the Budget Committee. Rep. Guinta served on the Committee in the 112th Congress."I look forward to joining Mr. Price and fiscal conservatives to scour the federal budget for savings, in order to return hardworking Americans value on their tax dollars,"he said.


    Every year, the House Budget Committee creates a 10-year budget plan that guides federal spending, a power granted to Congress under the Constitution.


   "We'll also be looking at ways to reform the budget process, whose complexity has contributed to a series of crises, resulting in temporary fixes and higher spending," said Rep. Guinta, also a member of the House Financial Services Committee.


    The national debt reached $19 trillion this week, a doubling under the Obama Administration in just over seven years. A primary driver of the debt is Obamacare, explained Rep. Guinta.


    He praised the Budget Committee's 2016 plan, which repealed Obamacare, balanced over ten years, and formed the basis of the first joint House-Senate agreement in five years.


   "Obamacare fails on both counts – delivering superior health care and budget discipline to grow the economy.  The health care law raids Medicare to pay for itself," said Rep. Guinta."I'm committed to securing seniors' health and retirement programs, while promoting more flexibility, innovation and opportunity for Granite Staters."