#LetCarlyDebate: CFA to submit petition with 35k signatures to WMUR


Citizens Side with Carly and Petition Media to Host Fair Debate  

MANCHESTER, N.H. – ABC News is considering excluding Carly Fiorina and inviting only seven of the eight Republican Presidential candidates to its debate on Saturday in New Hampshire. CARLY for America will submit a petition with 35,000 signatures to ABC Affiliate WMUR today urging ABC to base the debate on how the voters have spoken, and not arbitrarily choose who is allowed to debate based on the pollsters and pundits.

Katie Hughes, Communications Director for CARLY for America:
“Carly has rightfully earned her spot in Saturday’s Presidential debate. We demand that the media stop inserting itself in our election process and allow voters the chance to hear from Carly Fiorina.”

Here are the facts:

• Carly beat Governors Christie and Kasich in the Iowa Caucuses this week, and has the same number of delegates as Governors Bush and Kasich (note: Governor Christie has zero delegates)

• Carly is polling ahead of Dr. Carson in New Hampshire

• Carly has twice the cash on hand as either Governors Christie or Kasich

• Carly is already on the ballot in 32 states