8/15: NH Citizens Alliance, PrioritiesNH Reveal Cost of War to New Hampshire

Report to be released Wednesday shows needed investments in New Hampshire health care, education, job training, etc. are a tiny fraction of Iraq War spending

Arriving aboard the Topsy-Turvy School Bus, members of New Hampshire Citizens Alliance and PrioritiesNH will greet families in Concord's White Park on August 15 with a new report that lays out the cost of the Iraq War to New Hampshire taxpayers. The Priorities Campaign’s bus dramatizes the upside-down budget priorities that shortchange communities in NH and across the United States.

The report, titled “Getting U.S. Back on Track” and authored by USAction Education Fund, also illustrates how modest new investments in neglected priorities such as health care and education in NH would amount to a fraction of what taxpayers here spend every month on the war.

NHCA and PrioritesNH will greet children in the park with crayons and budget pie charts to color, while talking with their parents and caretakers about the report. The citizen groups are asking families to urge Senators John Sununu and Judd Gregg to vote to support the modest funding increases proposed by the new Congress as a down payment toward fully funding children’s health care, job training, education and other priorities, and to urge the senators to override President Bush’s threatened veto.

NH Citizens Alliance, a member of both the Emergency Campaign for< America’s Priorities and Americans Against Escalation in Iraq, is a leading voice in NH calling for a concrete timetable for an end to the Iraq war. A date certain for U.S. redeployment would save lives and make valuable public resources available for renewed investment in health care, education and other NH priorities.

PrioritiesNH is a nonpartisan campaign working to change America's budget priorities to reflect a national commitment to education, healthcare, energy independence, job training and deficit reduction – at no additional taxpayer expense – by shifting funding from obsolete Cold War and nuclear weapons.

WHAT:     Release of Report Detailing Cost of Iraq War to New Hampshire
WHO:      NH Citizens Alliance, PrioritiesNH
WHEN:     August 15, 2007, 1-2 p.m.
WHERE:     Playground area, White Park, White Street, Concord, NH

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