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ALG - Department of Labor Prioritized Illegal Fundraising Over Following The Law 


July 21, 2014, Fairfax, Va. and Washington, D.C.—Government watchdogs Cause of Action and Americans for Limited Government (ALG) exposed the Administration for valuing illegal fundraising for the President over its statutory duty to keep the public informed of its activities. 


Cause of Action obtained documents revealing that a public records appeal filed by ALG with the Department of Labor (DOL) concerning former Secretary Solis' calendars was held up for years before DOL released the information.    


Americans for Limited Government President Nathan Mehrens: "President Obama upon entering office promised us an open and transparent administration, stating that records should not be withheld 'because of speculative or abstract fears.' Instead of fulfilling this promise, the White House is micro-managing how agencies release records, apparently acting on exactly these types of fears. As a result, release of records is delayed and the delays in many instances destroy the public utility of the information in the records. These delays are, of course, contrary to FOIA and should cease immediately."


Cause of Action Executive Director Dan Epstein: "Former Labor Secretary Hilda Solis chose to illegally fundraise for President Obama using taxpayer-funded resources while neglecting to ensure that the agency she oversaw was transparent.  DOL sat on records for years until the White House cleared the information for release.  Sadly, such delays have become par for the course under this Administration, which screens agency  documents containing White House "equities,"  -- a broad and undefined term used to delay the release of politically sensitive information to the public, and even to Congress. Hiding behind White House equities is a threat to free speech and this Administration must be held accountable for it."


Documents show that ALG's FOIA appeal was delayed by over two years:


Sept. 1, 2010:  In response to a Jan. 14, 2010 FOIA request from ALG, DOL withheld a calendar entry showing that Solis met with Cecilia Munoz from White House on April 7, 2009.


Oct. 26, 2010:  ALG files FOIA appeal, challenging redactions.


Approx. March 2012:  Solis makes a fundraising call to a DOL employee during business hours in order to aid the President's reelection campaign. 


Apr. 8, 2013 to May 6, 2013:  DOL finally consults with White House Counsel's Office about releasing the calendar entry; White House agrees to release.


May 20, 2013: DOL issues final response to ALG which includes the production of the calendar with the calendar entry.


About Cause of Action:
Cause of Action is a non-profit, nonpartisan government accountability organization that fights to protect economic opportunity when federal regulations, spending and cronyism threaten it.  For more information, visit


About Americans for Limited Government:
Americans for Limited Government is a non-partisan, nationwide network committed to advancing free market reforms, private property rights and core American liberties. For more information on ALG, visit 


To schedule an interview with Cause of Action's Executive Director Dan Epstein, contact or (202) 499-4232. To schedule an interview with Americans for Limited Government's President Nathan Mehrens, contact or (703) 383-0880 x 106.




Americans for Limited Government is a non-partisan, nationwide network committed to advancing free market reforms, private property rights and core American liberties. For more information on ALG please visit our website at








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Keene Sentinel: Brown Campaigns In Hancock

 By Kaitlin Mulhere, Keene Sentinel
July 21, 2014

Campaigning in the region Sunday, U.S. Senate candidate Scott Brown described himself as a fiscally conservative, national security hawk who’s a problem solver and a team player.
The description was music to the ears of many of the 65 people who came to hear the Republican speak at the town library as part of an afternoon hosted by the Hancock and Peterborough Republican town committees.

Brown listed rapid-fire his problems with the current state of affairs: People are paying more at the pump and there’s no quality national energy plan. People are driving farther and waiting in longer lines to see a doctor because of the Affordable Care Act. The nation’s border isn’t secure and legislation that gives residency to certain immigrants who arrived illegally as minors is a backdoor to amnesty.

He described himself as a good learner and listener who’s open to new ideas and suggestions to bring the country forward.

Chuck and Nancy Vanhorn of Hancock said they liked what they heard from Brown about the Affordable Care Act — that he’d vote to repeal it and instead let states handle their own health care reform, much like Massachusetts did.
After the new health care law took effect, Nancy Vanhorn spent months searching for a new insurance plan this year so she could keep her doctor at Monadnock Community Hospital, she said. She found one, but is paying more for it than she did before.
Carmen DuHaime of Peterborough had never met Scott Brown before, but she’d read his book and liked his viewpoints. She liked everything he had to say Sunday, too, and she and friend Janice Ford of Hancock said they plan to vote for him in about six weeks.

Click here to read the full article


NHDP - How Much More Damage Could Bill O’Brien Do With a Rubber Stamp in the Governor’s Office?

As Bill O'Brien Seeks To Reclaim Speakership, Walt Havenstein and Andrew Hemingway Embrace Key Tenets of O’Brien’s Ultra-Conservative Agenda

Manchester, NH – As disgraced former House Speaker Bill O’Brien returns to the spotlight and seeks to reclaim the Speakership, failed CEO Walt Havenstein and conservative activist Andrew Hemingway have both made clear that they would be a rubber stamp for O’Brien’s anti-middle class Koch Brothers agenda thatjeopardized New Hampshire's jobs, slashed funding for higher education, services for children and infrastructure, and created a budgetary mess.

In an interview this week on WMUR’s CloseUP, O’Brien doubled-down on his ultra-conservative agenda, including pushing for so-called “Right to Work” legislation and returning to the same draconian cuts to critical priorities that undermined New Hampshire's economy and took our state in the wrong direction during his disastrous speakership. Just as troubling, when asked about his past divisive and offensive rhetoric, O’Brien responded, “I stood up and said the things that needed to be said.”
“New Hampshire is still recovering from the unmitigated disaster of Bill O'Brien's tenure as Speaker, from his painful and irresponsible budget cuts that are still being felt by seniors, students and working families, to his slash-and-burn politics that brought disgrace to the Granite State,“ said Bryan Lesswing, Deputy Communications Director for the New Hampshire Democratic Party. “In stark contrast to the O'Brien era, Governor Hassan has worked tirelessly to restore bipartisan cooperation and problem-solving in Concord. New Hampshire can't afford to go backwards, and voters will reject O’Brien and his rubber-stamp running mate for the Governor’s office again in November, just like they did in 2012.”
Few can forget the uncivil and nasty politics that defined the recent O’Brien era – where the Speaker compared the Affordable Care Act to the Fugitive Slave Act, threw the public out of the state house, campaigned to repeal same-sex marriage, and faced charges of bullying and intimidation from House colleagues.
Here are just a few of O’Brien’s anti-middle class Koch Brothers priorities that Havenstein and Hemingway have already expressed their support for:
O'Brien and his allies fought to defund Planned Parenthood and restrict a woman’s right to make her own health care decisions. Havenstein and Hemingway both applauded the Supreme Court's decisions to strike down buffer zones that protect women and allow bosses to come between a woman and her doctor when it comes to contraception. 
O’Brien worked to institute the most dramatic and severe cut to higher education in the nation. Havenstein and Hemingway support diverting money from our public schools to private and religious institutions, which is not only misguided but also violates our state's constitution. 
O'Brien repealed our state's minimum wage. Havenstein and Hemingway have both opposed any plan to restore and improve our state's minimum wage. 

O’Brien made so-called “Right to Work” legislation a top priority of his Koch Brothers agenda. Havenstein and Hemingway also support implementing so-called "Right to Work" legislation that would undermine worker's rights and cause economic harm to working families throughout the state.


Havenstein and Hemingway on Women’s Health

Hemingway Calls Supreme Court’s Decision on Hobby Lobby a win for the Constitution: “In the governor’s race, Republican Andrew Hemingway called the [Hobby Lobby] decision a win for the Constitution.” [Concord MonitorJuly 1, 2014]
Havenstein Praises Supreme Court’s Decision on the Massachusetts Buffer Zone Law. “Havenstein praised the court’s decision and condemned the New Hampshire law Gov. Maggie Hassan signed that takes effect on July 10.” [Nashua TelegraphJune 30, 2014]
Havenstein Champions Hobby Lobby Decision Limiting Access to Contraception: “Contraceptive services are a fundamental and at times life-saving aspect of women’s health care. By ruling the way it did, the Supreme Court has opened the door for religion and politics to control access to those services. Despite their protestations to the contrary, that is exactly what Brown and Havenstein are championing.” [Concord Monitor Editorial, 7/2/14]
Havenstein and Hemingway on Education
Hemingway and Havenstein Support the Voucher Program that Would Direct Public School Funds to Private and Religious Schools: “Education voucher opponent William Duncan of New Castle has been nominated by Gov. Maggie Hassan to the state Board of Education […] Republican candidates for governor Walt Havenstein and Andrew Hemingway in statements both expressed outrage at the nomination.” [Seacoast Online, May 5, 2014]

Havenstein Attacked Governor Hassan’s Bipartisan Budget and Implied He Would Have Cut Funding for Higher Education or Critical Services in Favor of Infrastructure Spending: “We had a surplus in our budget this year we chose not to spend it on that priority we chose to spend it on something else.” [YouTube, April 17, 2014]
Havenstein and Hemingway on the Minimum Wage

Hemingway Opposes Restoring and Improving Minimum Wag: “Hemingway said after his speech that he does not support legislation that would increase the minimum wage.” [Concord MonitorJanuary 30, 2014]
Havenstein Reiterates Opposition to Restoring and Improving Minimum Wage: “Havenstein reiterated that he opposed efforts to raise the state’s $7.25 per hour minimum wage” [Valley NewsMay 22, 2014]
Havenstein and Hemingway on so-called"Right-to-Work"

Hemingway Penned Op-Ed “Right to Work means more well-paying jobs for New Hampshire”
“In fact, the truth is that Republicans who do not vote for Right to Work legislation will be at great risk of violating their promise to voters to stimulate jobs and promote economic opportunity.” [NH Journal Op-Ed, May 22, 2011]
Havenstein supports Right to Work: “He also supports Right to Work.” [Concord MonitorApril 17, 2014]


Calls for Permanent Extension of the Hire A Hero Act

CONCORD As part of the ongoing "HonoringOur Veterans" tour, Scott Brown held a veterans roundtable discussion at the Barley House Restaurant and Tavern to discuss ways to improve employment opportunities for our veterans. Brown met with veterans to propose initiatives from his white paper policy, including the permanent reauthorization of the Hire A Hero Act, a law Brown co-sponsored to provide tax credits to businesses that hire veterans.

“The Obama-Shaheen economy has not given our veterans the job opportunities they deserve once they return home,” said Brown. “These are the men and women who fight for our freedom and they should not have to come home and fight to find job.”
Brown presented his policy ideas and listened to feedback from veterans and community members about experiences entering the workforce. In addition to the permanent reauthorization of the Hire A Hero Act, Brown highlighted the need for improved job training and programs to help veterans create small businesses. 
Along with the veteran attendees, Pamela Szacik, the Employment Service Bureau Director for the New Hampshire Department of Employment Security, joined the discussion to provide insight on the department's work on behalf of veterans.
New Hampshire has the fifth-highest concentration per capita of veterans population in the United States, underscoring the importance of having realistic solutions to the problems with the veteran health care system and employment.
“Veterans returning home and adjusting to civilian life is a difficult process, and finding employment in this economy is more challenging,” said Terry Negron, a member of the United States Air Force Reserves.  “I appreciate Scott Brown listening to what veterans are going through and finding solutions to the unemployment problem in the veterans community.”
Brown has made several stops across the state to meet with veterans and tour facilities, including the NH Veterans Home, Manchester VA Medical Center, and Harbor Homes in Nashua.  Brown also hosted a veterans town hall meeting at the Merrimack VFW.

SEIA - Upcoming SEIA Webinars: Doubling Down on Sustainability 



This week's SEIA Webinar

Doubling Down on Sustainability: All About the Solar Industry Commitment to Environmental and Social Responsibility

This Webinar is Public: Open to SEIA members and non-members

Date: Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Time: 1-2 p.m. EDT


Join us on Tuesday, July 22 at 1pm Eastern to learn about how the Solar Commitment 2014 to Environmental and Social Responsibility can benefit your company. Learn about the solar-specific and general best practices regarding the environment, labor, ethics, and other areas that can help your company. Get the perspective from the investor community and human rights advocates as to why signing on to the Solar Commitment makes practical business sense.

Attendees will learn:

1.     What the Solar Commitment 2014 to Environmental and Social Responsibility is

2.     How the Solar Commitment 2014 to Environmental and Social Responsibility will benefit your company through solar-specific and general best practices

3.     Why investors and human rights advocates support the Solar Commitment 2014 to Environmental and Social Responsibility


Steven Heim, Managing Director, Director of Environmental, Social & Governance Research & Engagement, Boston Common Asset Management, LLC.

Faris NatourDirector, Human Rights, BSR

Ed Murray, President, Aztec Solar Inc.

Katherine Stainken, Manager, Government Affairs (Moderator)


Coming in August 

CA ISO Energy Imbalance Market – What Does it Mean For You?

This Webinar is Public: Open to SEIA members and non-members

Date: Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Time: 4-5 p.m. EST


The California Independent System Operator (ISO) is expanding its real-time market to include other balancing authorities in the West in its implementation of the Energy Imbalance Market (EIM), which is the automated system that balances electricity supply and demand every five minutes by choosing the least-cost resource to meet the needs of the grid.  In October of this year, the ISO’s EIM goes “live” with PacifiCorp, serving customers in six states. Both the ISO and PacifiCorp recently received conditional approval of their filings to the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) and are proceeding with testing and market simulation.   This webinar will provide an overview of the EIM, the current status of its implementation and a look to the future – including anticipated work following the October start date and an overview of the Transitional Committee which is an advisory body to the ISO Board on EIM issues.  

Attendees will learn:

  • An overview of the EIM
  • The current status of implementation
  • Future Activities regarding the EIM market


Stacey Crowley, Director of Regional Affairs, California Independent System Operator

Don Fuller, Director of Strategic Alliances, California Independent System Operator 

Mark Rothleder, Vice President, Market Quality and Renewable Integration, California Independent System Operator 

Sara Birmingham, Director of Western Policy, SEIA (Moderator)


Join us!
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July 22, 2014
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Doubling Down on Sustainability: All About the Solar Industry Commitment to Environmental and Social Responsibility 

August 12, 2014
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CA ISO Energy Imbalance Market – What Does it Mean For You?
Sept. 9-10

Solar Power Mid-Atlantic | Atlantic City, NJ

October  1, 2014 SEIA Southeast Federal Lobby Day 
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