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Oct012014 Headlines - September 30, 2014 

The Boston Globe





Here are highlights from today's Globe:

  • For Bulger, money buys silence: Even if Cathy Greig knew where the rest of Whitey’s dough was stashed, she wouldn’t give it up. After all, that’s her pension. Kevin Cullen details the story.
Oct012014 Political Headlines - September 30, 2014

The Boston Globe





Here are political highlights from today's Globe and


NHDP - Small Business and Labor Leaders: Outsourcing Record Makes Brown Obvious Choice for U.S. Chamber of Commerce Endorsement

Group That Profits Off The Offshoring of U.S. Jobs Will Spend Millions to Elect Buddy Scott Brown, Who Endorsed Outsourcing Strategy of Company That Paid Him $270K

Manchester, NH – Scott Brown is getting endorsed today by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, a group that has a long history of supporting outsourcing, much like Scott Brown, who voted to protect tax breaks for companies that outsource while in the Senate, and just a few months ago endorsed a business strategy that included the offshoring of U.S. jobs to Mexico and China.  
“Scott Brown is touting the support of an organization that would rather see big companies make more money than support American jobs,” said Charlie Balban, Chair of the New Hampshire Sheet Metal Workers Local 17 Political Action League. “This is just the latest example of why Scott Brown is wrong for New Hampshire. He’d rather align himself with big money groups that champion job-killing policies than with the working families of our state.”
“Scott Brown was a reliable ally of companies that outsourced jobs while he was in the Senate, and now he is cozying up to a pro-outsourcing group that is trying to buy him New Hampshire’s Senate seat,” said Joe Donahue, business manager of Carpenters Local 118. “When push comes to shove, Brown will always take sides with the corporate interests that are lining his pockets and filling his campaign coffers. That's the only explanation for him to accept the Chamber of Commerce’s endorsement today.”
“Working families in New Hampshire should know exactly who is spending millions to get Scott Brown back in the Senate: companies that outsource and groups that support outsourcing,” said Mark MacKenzie, President of NH AFL-CIO. “Last month we learned that Brown was collecting a personal paycheck—to the tune of more than a quarter million dollars—from a company that outsourced. And today, Brown accepts the endorsement of a pro-outsourcing group. We know who Brown is working for, and it’s not Granite Staters.”
"Jeanne Shaheen has always stood up for New Hampshire small businesses and her work has made a real difference for our state,” said Adria Bagshaw, small business owner and Chair of the New Hampshire Small Business Development Center Advisory Board.  “Scott Brown's record may have scored him an endorsement from a pro-outsourcing interest group, but it's not what New Hampshire needs in the Senate. We need a Senator like Jeanne Shaheen who will promote job creation here at home, not someone like Scott Brown who profits from outsourcing companies and protects tax breaks to create jobs overseas."

In August, it was revealed that Scott Brown signed legal documents clearly endorsing the outsourcing strategy of Kadant, Inc, a company that paid him more than a quarter million dollars to serve on its Board of Directors. The SEC document, signed March 12, 2014—just days before Brown announced his New Hampshire Senate run—reads: “We pursue a number of strategies to improve our internal growth…using low cost manufacturing bases, such as China and Mexico.”  Previous filings with the SEC that also have Brown’s signature include the same language and endorsement of outsourcing American jobs.


NH DHHS - DCSS Announces Changes in Systems

Concord, NH – The New Hampshire Department of Health and Human Services

(DHHS) Division of Child Support Services is switching over to a new

computer system. The transfer begins today and will continue through

Monday October 6, 2014. During this time, staff will not be able to access

any Child Support records, but will still be available by phone and in the

District Offices for all scheduled appointments and hearings as usual.

Voice Response will continue to be available at 1-800-371-8844 with payment

information through September 30, 2014. Staff will be able to access the

new system starting Tuesday October 7th. Voice Response is scheduled to

provide up-to-date payment information Wednesday, October 8th. Your

patience and understanding is appreciated as DCSS upgrades to a more

efficient computer system.


NHDP - President Clinton - Limited Tickets Remain!


Tickets to see President Bill Clinton at our 2014 Jefferson Jackson Celebration have been selling at a record pace and only a limited number are still available! 

Buy your ticket online today before we sell out:

We look forward to seeing you, President Clinton, Senator Shaheen and Governor Hassan on October 16!


--2014 Jefferson Jackson Celebration Team