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Cruz For President - Cruz Scores Major Upset Among Libertarian Voters 

Earns 51% of voter approval in Republican Liberty Caucus Straw Poll -- just a few points behind Rand Paul, among Libertarians
HOUSTON, TEXAS - Presidential candidate Ted Cruz continues to shore up his strong support among libertarian voters, earning 51 percent support from voters participating in the straw poll held at the Republican Liberty Caucus in Nashua, NH over the weekend. 
Cruz received 399 votes (51%), just a few points behind Rand Paul's 445 votes (57%). 
“We are very encouraged by the growing support we are seeing among liberty voters in the early states and across the country,” Cruz said. “I have spent my career defending the constitutional liberties that our nation was founded upon, and that are increasingly under assault today. From free speech and religious liberty to our right to bear arms and our right to privacy, I have been proud to lead on all these issues, whether before the Supreme Court or in the Senate. If I'm elected president, libertarian voters across the country can be confident that I will continue to stand for the U.S. Constitution at every turn.”
Sen. Cruz’s strong performance in the straw poll comes at the heels of a growing coalition of libertarian voters organizing in the early states and across the country for the Cruz for President campaign. The campaign’s Liberty Leaders coalition is chaired by former U.S. Congressman Bob Barr (the 2008 Libertarian Party presidential nominee), with 25 former Ron Paul organizers and supporters leading efforts in the early states of Iowa, New Hampshire, and South Carolina.
Sen. Cruz continues to expand his base among Tea Party, evangelical, and libertarian voters. He has won multiple recent straw polls demonstrating his deep base of support across the spectrum of Republican voters, including decisive victories in both the Freedom Works and the Values Voters straw polls.
Members of Sen. Cruz’s Liberty Leaders coalition include:
New Hampshire
Rep. Rick Christie, Goffstown
Rep. Christie is known as a strong Liberty leader in the State House.
Barbara and Rep. Guy Comtois, Center Barnstead
The Comtois’ are former Ron Paul supporters.  Rep. Comtois is a strong liberty leader in the State House and he and his wife are Belknap County Chairs for Cruz for President
Former Reps. Carol & Lucien Vita, Middleton
The Vitas are former Ron Paul supporters
Rep. Dick Gordon, East Kingston
Rep. Gordon is a former Ron Paul supporter and strong Liberty leader in the State House
Andrew Harris, Epping
Harris is a former Ron Paul supporter
Steve Kenda, North Hampton
Kenda is a small-business owner, prominent Liberty leader in the Granite State, and former candidate for State Senate
Rep. Walter Kolodziej, Windham
Rep. Kolodziej is a strong Liberty leader in the State House.
Paul Marquis, Litchfield
Marquis is a former candidate for State Representative and strong Liberty activist.
Rep. Katherine Prudhomme-O’Brien, Derry
Rep. Prudhomme-O’Brien is a strong Liberty leader in the State House.
Emily O’Neil, Bedford
O’Neil is a former candidate for State Representative, liberty activist, and former Ron Paul supporter.
Pam Smith, Manchester
Smith is a prominent Liberty activist in Manchester
Rep. Len Turcotte, Barrington
Rep. Turcotte is a former Ron Paul supporter and strong Liberty leader in the State House.
South Carolina
Senator Lee Bright, Spartanburg
Sen. Bright is endorsed and worked to get Ron Paul elected in 2012 and is a Cruz for President South Carolina Co-Chair
Sherriff Ray Nash, Dorchester
Nash is president of the Low Country Republican Liberty Caucus and a South Carolina Cruz for President Co-Chair
Steven Long, Spartanburg
Long is a South Carolina Liberty Activist and 2012 Ron Paul supporter
Shawn Dietz, Hampton
Franklin County Republican Party chairman, former Hampton mayor, 2014 candidate for Iowa State Senate, endorsed by Liberty Iowa and Rand Paul
Tom German
Ron Paul 2008, 2012 Ida County Co-chair
Joel Kurtinitis, Des Moines
Kurtinitis is founder of Liberty Iowa, and Ron Paul 2012 Regional Director
Kelsey Kurtinitis, Des Moines
Ron Paul 2012 volunteer, pro-life grassroots leader
Crystal McIntyre
Warren County, Iowa Supervisor
Vance Nordaker
2012 Ron Paul supporter
Jason Schultz
District 9 Iowa State Senator, endorsed Ron Paul in 2011
Tony Seliquini
Campaign for Liberty Precinct Coordinator, ‘Voices of Reason’ Podcast Founder and Co-host

Josiah Bartlett Center - The State Surplus That Isn't 

Weekly Update from the
Josiah Bartlett Center

Keeping you up to date on our latest research
on the issues impacting New Hampshire

The State Surplus That Isn't

Pay no attention to the surplus behind the curtain. It’s not real. Despite advertised claims, the state did not run a $73 million surplus. It ran a barely $1 million surplus. The difference between press releases and reality comes entirely from the state’s reckless refusal to adhere to its rainy day fund law.

This week the governor announced a supposed $73.2 million surplus. Leaders in both parties took to the public square to praise their own fiscal responsibility in helping create such an enormous “surplus.” In reality however, the two-year state budget did not create a massive surplus. It just barely broke even. Click here to keep reading.

Populism and the Hatred of Hedge Funds

Politicians are tempted by the siren song of populism which sacrifices sensible policy for applause lines. They should be careful of the unintended consequences of their eagerness to attack evil hedge fund managers.

For about a decade some politicians have been attacking managers of private equity firms for making too much money. The term hedge fund is thrown around less as a description of a particular investment vehicle and more in disdain for people we are supposed to detest — those “hedge fund people” who don’t do anything except play with money. Click here to keep reading.


APP - Carly Fiorina in New Hampshire, Ben Carson's Abortion Problem, and More...  

The Man Who Wouldn't Sit Down

Alfonso Aguilar discusses the flaws with Spanish language news:
“Spanish-language media is not being held to the same standards as mainstream media”



Three Republican Presidential Candidates Speak at American Principles Project Forum


Ben Carson’s Muddled Messaging on Life

By Frank Cannon


Ben Carson has time and time again affirmed his pro-life position. However, Dr. Carson has made several confusing statements that call that stance into question. These statements included bizarre, unprovoked statements in support of the abortion pill RU-486, his past participation in fetal tissue research, and his campaign’s muddled responses as to which legal restrictions on abortion Carson would support.


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Presidential Hopefuls Hawk Conservative Ideals at Hooksett ‘Federalism’ Forum

"The event, hosted by the conservative American Principles Project, included speeches from fellow Republican candidates Carly Fiorina and Rick Santorum, and focused on tried and true Tea Party themes: wresting power from federal politicians, simplifying the tax system, eliminating Common Core and reestablishing religious freedom."


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The Missing Fed

By Steve Lonegan


"The Federal Reserve is the most powerful unelected financial powerhouse in the world. Its impact on our economy and financial markets is staggering.


Yet this unaccountable institution and its role in our economy and government is missing from the presidential debate."


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Fiorina: Get the Feds Out of Your Child’s Education

By Emmett McGroarty


"Most of the Republican presidential candidates at least pay lip service to the idea of local control over education. Some even call for abolishing the U.S. Department of Education (USED). But what do these positions really mean? Does “local control” extend to standards and testing (the federal government’s big stick), or should the federal government ride herd over those aspects of education? Would abolishing USED accomplish anything other than rolling its responsibilities over to a different agency (such as the Department of Labor, given the workforce-development mania in the national education establishment)?"


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Exclusive- Ted Cruz: States Should ‘Stand Up and Lead’ On Defunding Planned Parenthood

"Cruz headlined an event in New Hampshire, “Practical Federalism: Stand Up and Fight,” hosted by American Principles Project, Cornerstone Action, and The Family Leader, that focused on how far America has moved away from the Constitution over the past century, shifting power away from the states and the people and toward the federal government."


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Concord - New Hampshire Republican State Committee Chairman Jennifer Horn today released the following statement regarding the Democrat Senatorial Campaign Committee's endorsement of Maggie Hassan for Senate:
"As disgraced former Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid's handpicked candidate for the United States Senate, an endorsement from fellow Democrat Party insiders should come as no surprise. The governor is running to appease her Washington special interest backers and today's announcement proves that she has been quietly working with them all along to use the corner office as a stepping stone for higher office. Granite Staters deserve leaders who will put New Hampshire first instead of a partisan politician like Maggie Hassan who will march in lock step with her party leadership in Washington."


MANCHESTER - In a move that took no one by surprise, Washington Democrats at the DSCC today endorsed their favorite candidate for Senate, Governor Maggie Hassan. Hassan has been their target for months, and today's announcement is a reminder that her run is best for Washington Democrats - not New Hampshire. 

For Flashback Friday, let's take a look back at how we got here: 

  • February - Washington Post: "Hassan is the clear top prize."
  • May - Associated Press: "Governor Hassan seen as key part of Dems' US Senate strategy" 
  • July - Politico: "... [Reid and] his allies have called New Hampshire Gov. Maggie Hassan as part of the party’s full-court press to urge New Hampshire’s governor to run in the state’s marquee Senate race."
  • July - WMUR: "Is outgoing U.S. Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid actively recruiting Gov. Maggie Hassan to run for the U.S. Senate in 2016?"
  • October - Politico: "The Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee is endorsing New Hampshire Gov. Maggie Hassan, giving an official stamp of approval to their top recruit this cycle."


Kelly Ayotte is ranked the 7th most bipartisan Senator and has been recognized as a Problem Solver by the independent group No Labels. A New Hampshire native, Kelly lives in Nashua with her husband Joe, a small business owner, and their two children, Kate and Jake. Previously, Kelly served as New Hampshire’s first female Attorney General, where she was first appointed by a Republican governor and twice reappointed by a Democrat.