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NHDP - ICYMI: Failed CEO Walt Havenstein's Slide Continues as MD Tax Evasion Scandal Reaches it's 60th Day

Report Shows Multiple Campaign Finance Violations

Manchester, NH – This week, failed CEO Walt Havenstein's flailing campaign continued to slide, as he refused to pay the thousands he owes Maryland taxpayers for a 60th day (and counting) and the Attorney General's Office looks into his multiple campaign finance violations.

"Amidst new questions about failed CEO Walt Havenstein's numerous campaign finance violations and after 60 days of ducking responsibility, it's long past time for Havenstein to level with the public on whether he will repay the thousands he owes Maryland taxpayers for cheating on his taxes," said New Hampshire Democratic Party Deputy Communications Director Bryan Lesswing. 

Earlier this week, the New Hampshire Democratic Party requested that the Attorney General's Office launch an immediate investigation into Havenstein's numerous campaign finance violations, including that he “spent $24,000 before he was legally allowed to, accepted $3,000 from political committees that aren't registered in the state and didn't properly report his campaign donations.” (AP, 8/26/14)
In a desperate effort to deflect attention from Havenstein's ongoing Maryland tax cheating scandal and campaign finance issues, the NHGOP launched a series of reckless attacks, which the Attorney General's Office swiftly dismissed as baseless.
In a letter to the NHGOP, the Attorney General's Office responded, “Because your complaint fails to state any factual allegation that would constitute a violation of the State’s election laws, we decline to open a file.” Or as WMUR's James Pindell tweeted“Shorter NH Associate AG to @NHGOP: You got nothing. Don't waste my time."

AFP - WATCH LIVE! Defending the American Dream Summit 


If you couldn't make it to Dallas for this year's Defending the American Dream Summit, don't worry!

A livestream of the event will be available today and tomorrow from 1:30 pm to 4:30 pm CDT. You can watch the livestream HERE.

Speakers today include: Governor Rick Perry, Dr. Ben Carson, AEI President Arthur Brooks, Congressman Marsha Blackburn, and Senator Rand Paul.

Speakers tomorrow include: Senator Ted Cruz, former HP CEO Carly Fiorina, and Congressman Jeb Hensarling.

If you're watching, don't forget to tweet at @AFPhq using the #Dream14 hashtag!

Lindsay Matlock
Defending the Ameican Dream Summit
Americans for Prosperity

P.S. Watch the Defending the American Dream Summit live here starting at 1:30 pm CDT!


APP News Update - 8/29/14 


McGroarty Quoted on Jindal's CCSS Lawsuit
Alfonso Aguilar Interviewed on KQAD about the wave of Border Kids
Common Core As An Election Issue Common Core has become a flashpoint election issue.  Voters are increasingly realizing that the Common Core is of poor quality and locks children into an inferior education."   - APP Education Director Emmett McGroarty
 Quoted in Christian Post - 7/29/14
Steve Lonegan: Americans Need to Fight for the Value of the Dollar

Historically, Americans have been willing to fight for the value of their money, so recent complacency over the destruction of the dollar is disturbing.

THE U.S. economy continues to struggle. Wages remain stagnant for working families. Inflation slowly diminishes the average family’s consumer strength, and unemployment now includes factors like masses of workers dropping out of the workforce. So what has changed in America the last 40 years that has dimmed the economic optimism that drove the greatest generation and baby boomers?

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Guest-Worker Programs Can Solve Border Crisis

By Alfonso Aguilar and Helen Krieble  in the National Journal

The significant increase in unaccompanied minors entering our country illegally has brought the discussion of border security back to the forefront. It is true that very little could have been done to prevent the current surge since, as at least one serious study has shown, what leads most of these children to leave their home countries in Central America is the warlike conditions they are facing there on a daily basis. Yet, there is something we could do to address one of our own policies that has for 20 years encouraged many of them to come. They come because of a desire to reunite with parents who left them back home to find a good-paying job in the United States.

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College Board Under Fire for History Framework

Jane Robbins went on Fox News with James Rosen to discuss the radical new changes with the AP U.S. History Framework.

Interview: How Republicans Can Win Again

APP Executive Director Terry Schilling went on the Jim Bohannon show to talk about the mistakes that were made in the 2012 election and what Republicans can do to make a comeback.

The far ranging interview covers abortion, Hispanics and an economic message geared toward working class American’s instead of business owners. 

Listen to the interview here.

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Watchdog - Wisconsin prosecutors aim to shut down conservatives  


Smith For US Senate - Senator Bob Smith Only U.S. Senate Race Candidate to Get A+ Rating from NH Firearms Coalition


The accreditations keep coming in for Senator Bob Smith! Today, the New Hampshire Firearms Coalition (NHFC) announced their primary grades on Second Amendment issues for candidates in the NH U.S. Senate race.

These grades are the result of each candidate’s answers to an extensive questionnaire and any available voting records. In addition, the NHFC also uses any other reliable information regarding a candidate’s views on Second Amendment issues, such as to downgrade a candidate for public support of other anti-gun candidates.

"Bob Smith received an A+ rating. An ‘A+’ rating is given to a 2nd Amendment leader, and to someone who sponsors and promotes pro-gun legislation.
In contrast, Scott Brown received an F rating. An ‘F’ rating is given to candidates who sponsors or promotes legislation hostile to 2nd Amendment civil rights. Jim Rubens received a RS rating. This rating indicates a deliberate refusal to accept or respond to survey and indicates an open hostility to the Second Amendment.

Let ‘s make it clear; Bob Smith is the ONLY candidate in the NH U.S. Senate race who is 100% pro-gun. Scott Brown supports semi-auto bans and refuses to back down from that position. He opposes national reciprocity for concealed carry. Senator Smith recently received an important endorsement from Gun Owners of America. When it comes to the Second Amendment the other candidates cant hold a candle to Senator Bob Smith – and THEY KNOW IT!