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ALG's Daily Grind - The Limp Duck Congress? 


Nov. 21, 2014

Permission to republish original opeds and cartoons granted.

The Limp Duck Congress?
Remember the good ole days of late October, 2014? Those were the days when House Republicans were rallying the troops in opposition to Executive Amnesty promising if only they were elected they could save the Constitution from a Barack Obama intent on ripping it to shreds. Now, less than three weeks after their historic election, the House leaders have another message… Never mind.

Obama's "Free Bird" Session
President Obama's lame duck free bird session officially begins when Republicans take control of both Congressional chambers in December, and he isn't wasting any time to force his no-consequences agenda on the American public who voted against it barely two weeks ago.

How the Fed Got Huge
Before he became chair of the Federal Reserve, Ben Bernanke agreed with the free market economist Milton Friedman that central bank policy played a key role in making the Great Depression the most severe in U.S. history.


Watchdog - King Obama?  


Critics say President Obama is setting himself up as king with amnesty fiat


This week in a Facebook video, President Obama declared that he would use his “lawful authority as president” to “start fixing our broken immigration system.”

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Vermont halts payments to Obamacare architect Gruber

After a series of videos showed Obamacare architect Jonathan Gruber insulting voters and intentionally misleading the public, the state of Vermont has stopped payments on its $400,000 contract with him.
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Net neutrality would boost FCC’s budget by upping fees

If net neutrality is adopted, the FCC stands to gain $375 million in fee collections. With spending on some programs going up by 62 percent next year, according to FCC chairman Tom Wheeler, it’s anyone’s guess how much more the FCC will try to collect in additional fees.


Citizen News

Massachusetts town may ban sale of all tobacco products

A town in Massachusetts has proposed a ban on the sale of smokeless tobacco, pipe tobacco, cigars, cigarettes and e-cigarettes. If passed, it would be the first town in the U.S. to ban the sale of all tobacco products within its borders.
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Rural Nebraskans hit with big Obamacare rate hikes
Obamacare enrollment has begun in Nebraska for the second year of the program, but people with existing plans have received letters from their insurance companies explaining rate increases.


Obama doubles down on tech-immigrant abuse
As part of immigration reform, the Obama administration has expanded a controversial visa program that businesses are using to underpay and "handcuff" foreign workers.


With election over, the hard work begins
Now that the elections are over, statehouse reporting has become more important than ever with the tremendous growth of government power.

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Nov212014 CAPITAL - Politics Preview for Nov. 21, 2014 

The Boston Globe




Here is the preview for tomorrow's Capital headlines:

  • Cover Story: Akilah Johnson and Meghan Irons check back on the 11 mayoral candidates who lost the 2013 election.
  • Other Features Include: A column from Jim O'Sullivan about the Mass. political news that's become public since the election; a story about the 25th anniversary of Massachusetts' anti-gay-discrimination law; and a piece on Congress grappling with the public safety/privacy concerns raised by new smartphone security technology.
  • Plus: How a young husband-and-wife team of Republican politicians both knocked-off Democratic incumbents on 11/4 - he in a race for state Senate and she in a race for Worcester register of probate - by Jeremy Fox. 
  Complete Capital Coverage at

CEI Today: Executive overreach, Apple Pay, beyond Gruber, online gambling, and more 

Friday, Nov. 21, 2014
In the News Today



President Obama's Executive Overreach Compounded by Regulatory Dark Matter

As far as the president’s pen and phone is concerned, the vehicle most regulatory in impact appears not to be executive orders (with major exceptions like a minimum wage requirement for federal contractors and the impending far-reaching order on immigration policy), but instead presidential Memoranda. Congress needs to keep a closer eye on all these. > Read more

> Interview Wayne Crews



CNBC: Why retailers are wrong on Apple Pay


if the large retailers succeed in shutting down Apple Pay, you might see the war in your wallet end with its credit cards disappearing. And the worst effects will fall on those who cannot afford an iPhone. If this battle is lost, the war could go further. Currently, American regulations do not cover credit cards, but could be extended to them, as in the EU.  > Read more

> Interview Iain Murray


 Beyond Gruber: How HHS Flip-Flopped on Federal Exchange Subsidies

A growing body of contemporaneous evidence shows that even many Obama administration officials believed just the opposite—that subsidies would only be made available on state-established exchanges. >
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> Interview Scot Vorse


Coalition Opposes Online Gambling Ban

While RAWA supporters contend that this legislation is a simple fix to 53 year old Wire Act legislation on sports betting, RAWA attempts to apply federal sports betting regulations to online gambling – even though this legislation was created decades before the invention of the internet.
> View the coalition letter

> Interview Michelle Minton



CEI Report on Crowdfunding Urges Congress, Reg
ulators to End ‘Millionaires Only’ Rules for Investment
This week, during Global Entrepreneurship Week, the Competitive Enterprise Institute released a new report on how regulation threatens entrepreneurs and their abilities to start businesses, create jobs, and bring new products to market. > Read more

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If it walks like a lame duck


Nov212014 Headlines - Nov. 20, 2014 

The Boston Globe




Here are highlights from today's Globe: