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NH Senate Republicans - ICYMI: Governor Hassan is ignoring growing problems in her administration 

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By Sen. Sharon Carson and Rep. Lynne Ober- Oct 22, 2014 

It is long past time for Governor Maggie Hassan to take responsibility for the growing problems in her Administration, and get state government under control.


We found out last week that Hassan missed her budget taret by $7.3 million, not including raiding $15 million from the surplus left over from the last Republican budget. That means that she missed her budget target by $22 million, even as state revenues continue to come in on target. New Hampshire’s slowly improving economy can’t keep up with Hassan’s rate of spending.


The Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) recently reported that it’s on track to overspend $40 million this year. As a result of this overspending, and the Governor’s budget shortfall, she is now asking other state departments to find $30 million in spending cuts. On Hassan’s watch, the state’s finances are falling apart.


Our Rainy Day Fund is down to just $9 million, barely enough to cover two days of state government. Hassan opposed efforts to build it back up.


The New Hampshire Retirement System is dangerously underfunded, and will need to come up with $5 billion to cover unfunded liabilities. Hassan opposes any meaningful reform.


Bond rating agencies have noticed these threats, and this year downgraded the outlook on New Hampshire bonds from stable to negative. If our bond rating deteriorates any further, taxpayers will be forced to pay more to finance capital construction projects.


Mistreatment of rank and file employees from agency management is so rampant that state employees urged the Legislature to pass a bill restoring professional standards to state government, which passed the House with large bipartisan support, was amended and passed by the Senate. But Hassan vetoed it, and the House failed to override her veto.


The Sununu Youth Service Center is in turmoil. This leaves both the children incarcerated there and the local community at risk. This year, one of the buildings burned to the ground, yet the Hassan Administration is at a loss to explain what happened to the public. The Legislature crafted a bipartisan agreement to bring oversight to this rogue agency. Hassan vetoed it, and then launched a campaign to convince House Democrats to sustain her veto.


Maggie Hassan has gutted New Hampshire’s campaign finance system, launching a scheme to bring in unlimited special interest PAC donations to fund her re-election effort. She was forced to return $22,000 in illegal donations, but opened the floodgates to literally unlimited PAC spending in future elections.


She continues to blame the Republican Legislature elected in 2010 for all of her problems, and repeatedly criticized the Senate Republican budget that eventually became the basis of our current budget. Yet now, she tries to take credit for that same budget.


Although she continues to claim that her Administration doesn’t have a spending problem, even as she scrambles to cut spending, a quick look at September revenues shows that the state has collected $2.4 million more than planned for the First Quarter of FY15. How can she say there isn’t a spending problem when revenues are on track?


Time and again, Hassan chooses partisanship games over governing. She calls Republicans names, while claiming to be a bipartisan problem solver. Time and again, Hassan has refused to admit the failures of her Administration.


The Hassan Administration has many growing problems, but we’re not going to see any improvement until the Governor herself steps up and finally takes some responsibility.


Sen. Sharon Carson, R-Londonderry, chairs the Senate Executive Departments and Administration Committee and the Senate Judiciary Committee. Rep. Lynne Ober, R-Hudson, serves on the House Finance Committee.



President Obama wasn't on the stage, but he was in virtually every question and answer, and given the President's unpopularity in New Hampshire, that was a boost for Scott Brown and a barricade for Jeanne Shaheen." -Andy Hiller

Andy Hiller
October 22, 2014

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Andy Hiller: If anyone thought there were two people in this debate, then I think they're wrong because I thought there were three. President Obama wasn't on the stage, but he was in virtually every question and answer, and given the President's unpopularity in New Hampshire, that was a boost for Scott Brown and a barricade for Jeanne Shaheen. Shaheen lost the debate because she had to spend so much time on the defensive, explaining the President's policies on Ebola, Obamacare, ISIS and immigration. She was much more effective in the second half when she directly challenged Brown. But Brown won, he never looked uncomfortable, he has cable network level communication skills, and in this debate, the issues were on his side. He wasn't perfect, but best for him, he's not President Obama. This is the kind of debate that can change votes because these two candidates haven't been seen together before. I don't know how many votes it will change, but if I'm right, and Scott Brown was the winner, then this very close race will get even closer. Live in the newsroom, I'm Andy Hiller, and that's my instinct.  

Guinta For Congess (CD1) - Differences on Display at Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce Debate 

Shea-Porter Yet Again a Rubber Stamp for the Obama Agenda

MANCHESTER - This morning's Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce Debate at the New Hampshire Institute of Politics continued to reveal clear contrasts between Congresswoman Carol Shea-Porter and Frank Guinta.

Jay Ruais, Campaign Manager for Frank Guinta, released the following statement:

"At the second debate in as many days, Congresswoman Shea-Porter doubled down on her support of the ObamaCare disaster and the President's failed economic agenda. Her continued rock solid support of ObamaCare is especially striking considering recent studies out from the Mercatus Center at George Mason University showing that ObamaCare will reduce the nationwide weekly employment rate by 3 percent and from USA Today showing that as many as 70,000 small-group policy holders in NH will have their plans cancelled this November. This debate showed why Frank is the clear choice for Granite Staters looking for an independent voice in Washington who will work to reduce regulation, lower taxes, and get our economy moving again."


Mercatus Center at George Mason University: The Affordable Care Act and the New Economics of Part-Time Work

USA Today: Obamacare cancellations, again

Oct232014 Headlines - October 22, 2014

The Boston Globe



Here are highlights from today's Globe:


NHDP - Guinta Makes False Claims At Debate To Cover Up Do-Nothing Record 

Manchester, NH - At this morning’s Manchester Chamber of Commerce debate, Frank Guinta repeatedly made false claims about three bills he supposedly had signed into law during the 112th Congress. The Congressional record disagrees.

"Frank Guinta is resorting to inventing accomplishments to cover-up his do-nothing record while in Congress," said New Hampshire Democratic Party Deputy Communications Director Bryan Lesswing. "Granite State voters won't be fooled by Guinta's latest desperate attempts to distract voters from his extreme Tea Party agenda that would devastate New Hampshire's middle-class families."

Under pressure, Guinta insisted that three bills with his name on them have been signed into law. A closer look at his record shows that none of the nine bills he introduced came up for a vote, much less became law. Two of Guinta’s nine 112th Congress bills, H.R.1863 and H.R.4968, were re-introductions of legislation Congresswoman Carol Shea-Porter introduced in the 111th Congress.

See footage of Guinta making the false claims at this morning's debate here.


Guinta has made this false claim repeatedly:

“I was able to get three pieces of legislation voted on and passed and signed into law, which I think demonstrates the ability I have to work across party aisles,” Guinta said on WLMW’s Girard at Large on August 15, 2014.

On New Hampshire Today with Jack Heath during an interview on June 18, 2014: “Most people don't realize when I was down in D.C. in the minority I was able to get three pieces of legislation signed into law, so I can work with Democrats in the Senate and actually was able to get the President to sign three pieces of legislation that you know were important to New Hampshire and important to constituents.”

Guinta: “I got three bills signed into law while I was in the minority” [16:54 into WMUR interview, May 7, 2014]