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NH DHHS Removes Public Health Advisory for Swimmers at Silver Lake State Park

Concord, NH – The New Hampshire Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) Division of Public Health Services (DPHS) has removed the alert for swimmers at Silver Lake State Park in Hollis, NH, of possible contamination of the lake water with Shigella bacteria. Multiple rounds of testing, of samples by the State Public Health Labs and by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in Atlanta proved inconclusive.


DPHS received reports of five people who became ill with a gastrointestinal illness after swimming at the lake. Four of these people were confirmed to be infected with the Shigella bacteria. All five people were sick in July and have recovered.


“There is no way to determine for sure where these people became infected with the Shigella bacteria,” said Dr. Jose Montero. “Therefore without conclusive test results showing contamination of the lake we are removing the advisory message for swimmers. It is best to show an abundance of caution with situations like this to help ensure people do not become sick.”


It is always a good idea to take precautions when swimming in lakes, rivers, streams, or the ocean to avoid possible contamination including:


Don’t swim when you have diarrhea. You can spread germs in the water and make other people sick.

Don’t swallow the water and avoid getting water in your mouth.

Wash your hands before eating anything.

Practice good hygiene. Shower with soap before swimming and wash your hands after using the toilet. Germs on your body end up in the water.

Take children on bathroom breaks or check diapers often. Waiting to hear, "I have to go" from young children may mean that it's too late.

Change diapers in a bathroom or a diaper-changing area and not on the beach or at the poolside. Germs can spread in and around the water.

Wash your hands after changing diapers.

Wash your child thoroughly (especially the rear end) with soap and water before swimming. Invisible amounts of fecal matter can end up in the water.

Take a shower or bath after swimming.

For more information about Shigella or other recreational water illnesses, visit the DHHS website at or the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention website at or call the New Hampshire Communicable Disease Control and Surveillance Section at 603-271-4496.


NH GOP - Shaheencare: See insurers flee

At least twice in the past week, Sen. Jeanne Shaheen has justified her support for President Obama's health care reform initiative by pointing out that only two major health insurers do business in New Hampshire. She ought to know. She's the one responsible for that.


In 1994, legislators passed Senate Bill 711, sponsored by state Sen. Jeanne Shaheen. The bill introduced what is called "community rating" to the state's health insurance market. Insurers in the small-group market (businesses with fewer than 100 employees) were forbidden from denying coverage based on pre-existing conditions and certain demographic factors. They were allowed to charge the old only three times what they charged the young.


At the time the law passed, 26 insurers offered coverage in New Hampshire's small-group market. Only eight years later, there were just five. Twelve years after the law passed, Rhode Island conducted a study of New Hampshire's health insurance market to see what legislators there could learn. They found that Shaheen's bill drove insurers out of the state and raised the cost of insurance for younger, healthier residents while lowering it for the old and sick.


A lack of government regulations is not the reason Granite Staters have so few health insurers to choose from. An excess of regulations is. And that excess was brought to us by Jeanne Shaheen.


Trust her on health insurance reform again? We don't think so.



NHAC - Defending the NH Advantage Pork Roast 

Concord, NH- the New Hampshire Advantage Coalition (NHAC) announces the “Defending the New Hampshire Advantage Pork Roast” on Saturday, August 29th at 11am to 3pm at the Rochester Fair Ground in downtown Rochester, NH.


They are joined by the following organizations;


*Steward of Prosperity

*NH 9.12 Project

*Coalition of New Hampshire Taxpayers

*Cornerstone Policy Research


The ‘New Hampshire Advantage’ is the belief that low taxes are the result of low spending; a government can only be fair to its taxpayers when it is run more efficiently; and that the states’ low tax advantage of no income or sales tax is worth fighting for.


This event is an opportunity for concerned citizens to educate themselves on several various local, state, and federal issues and meet with other taxpayers from across the state and region. Kevin Smith, Director of the Cornerstone Policy Research stated “New Hampshire’s families and businesses are losing the ‘advantage’ of low taxation, frugal government, and local control that have made our state a desirable place for not only residents, but vacationer’s as well.” Smith continued “we hope that taxpayers will join us at this event to help in the continued defense of keeping the granite state from an income or sales tax.”


The ‘Pork Roast’ will be a scheduled annual item for taxpayers to gather near the end of each and every summer. This year’s location was designated in part by the successful passage of Rochester’s spending cap last November. There will be a speakers program, awards ceremony and information booths from other groups for event goers to accent the lunch provided.


Fred Tausch, founder of STEWARD of Prosperity, underscored the grassroots importance of the event, “New Hampshire residents are becoming increasingly aware that the spend-a-thon in Washington and Concord threatens their economic future. That’s why conservatives across the state are rolling up their sleeves to lead the fight for fiscal discipline. The ‘Pork Roast’ in Strafford County reflects the continued resurgence of strong grassroots organizing in the state.”



Two-Time Canadian Fiddle Champ to perform Prescott Park! 


PORTSMOUTH, N.H. -Prescott Park Arts Festival continues its River House Restaurant Concert Series in Prescott Park on August 19 at 7pm with two-time Canadian fiddle champion, April Verch. April Verch has won both the Canadian Grand Masters Fiddle and Canadian Open Fiddle Championships, the first and only woman to win both.

Held each Wednesday evening in Prescott Park, the River House Restaurant Concert Series is part of the festival's summer offerings and has featured such acts as Richie Havens and Tom Rush this season.

April Verch is a young master fiddler who is currently at the height of the traditional music scene. A driving fiddle player and dynamic stage performer, April has deep roots in the fiddling of her native Canadian Ottawa Valley but steps out and weds her music to the world of other fiddle traditions. Her repertoire features traditional and contemporary tunes ranging from Quebec to the Appalachians, from Eastern Europe to Brazil. EnRoute magazine says "April's stings hurn with energy, whether she's playing waltzes, airs, reels, or polkas. This is the hottest old time music of the year."

"When you see April Verch perform," exclaims series organizer Ben Anderson, "the first thing that strikes you is the pure energy that infuses her fiddle playing and step-dancing."

As a headliner and special guest, April Verch has toured across Canada, the United States and the United Kingdom. This master fiddler has performed for the Millennium Celebrations at The Kennedy Center in Washington, D.C., and was a guest at Chet Atkins' tribute in Nashville, along with a host of Grand Old Opry stars. This young musician is not only highly sought after for her master fiddling, but also for her dynamic, high-energy Ottawa Valley step dancing.

Around the age many artists are thinking of trying to put an album together, April Verch has eight. Her recordings have earned her airplay on radio stations all over the world, as well as nominations for various Indie Awards and Juno Awards (Canada's Grammy Award). Verch is hailed by the Boston Globe as one of "the most promising new fiddlers in roots music today."

Like all of Prescott Park Arts Festival's events, the concert is offered at no-fixed admission and no tickets are required. A donation of $8 is suggested. Audience members are permitted to bring chairs, or rent those offered by the festival.

Held each Wednesday night in Prescott Park, the concert series experienced record attendance last summer, and once again features a wide array of International and Grammy Award winning artists. Other acts to be featured this summer include the Grammy Award-nominated Cajun band Lost Bayou Ramblers, The Nouveaux Honkies and more.

The River House Restaurant Concert Series is part of the Prescott Park Arts Festival's 35th season that also features the musical Grease Thursday to Sunday closing on August 23, 2009.

All events offered at the Prescott Park Arts Festival are presented free of charge with a suggested donation of $5 - $8 dollars.

Since 1996, the Arts Festival has consistently been named by Yankee magazine as a "must see" tourist attraction. Prescott Park Arts Festival is an independent non-profit organization with a mission of serving the community with a diverse array of quality arts events accessible to all.

For more information on the festival, or to see a full schedule of events, visit or call 603-436-2848.


CHQ - None Dare Call it Totalitarianism 

None dare call it totalitarianism
WorldNetDaily - "Everything for which America has stood for the last 230 years is under attack - not by angry mobs, not citizen lawlessness, not from threats by external enemies, but from those in charge of government. A top-down revolution is under way - and far too many in the "watchdog media," the courts, the opposition party, the churches, the military, the local and state government and the citizenry are just standing around doing nothing, saying nothing. That's how it begins. That's how it always begins." [find this article at News From the Front]


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