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CHQ - Sen. DeMint Wins CHQ's 2012 Presidential Straw Poll for November

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Sen. DeMint Wins CHQ's 2012 Presidential Straw Poll for November
CHQ -- In the first 2012 presidential straw poll, a majority of conservative activists chose Senator Jim DeMint (R-SC) as their favorite Republican candidate for the 2012 race (winning 53% of the votes in the month of November).  Gov. Sarah Palin was second at 38%.

Joseph Farah:  The Republican sellout begins
World Net Daily - Farah is furious that it already looks like the GOP House leadership is starting to "compromise" with Obama. Instead of promising to ditch the disastrous and unconstitutional Obamacare law, GOP leaders are signaling that they'll keep some provisions - clearly a sellout of the conservatives who put them in power.

The blue blood aristocracy and their disregard for American freedom
Human Events - John Hayward explains that the blue bloods' inherited power -- like aristocracy - is dangerous to our freedom. Hayward says American politics has spawned several "royal families," even within the GOP, who feel naturally entitled to power.

Grover Norquist:  Sarah Palin has earned the right to run for president -- Politico
Any legislator who embraces earmarks is ignoring a message from the voters - American Thinker

The moral case against spreading the wealth -- To Renew America

Will we truly get a conservative alternative agenda in the House? -- Washington Post

With so many Senate Dems to defeat, DeMint says he will not target GOP incumbents in 2012 - National Review Online

Will the 2012 GOP primaries be held on FOX News? --

We told you so:  Trouble in CNN's Parker-Spitzer land -- NY Post

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Richard Viguerie


E-News from the NH Council of Churches December 2010

Please Support the New Hampshire

Council of Churches


Make a Tax-Deductible* Contribution to the Annual Fund 

Dear New Hampshire Council Friend and Supporter:

The New Hampshire Council of Churches, established in 1945, is conducting its Annual Fundraising Campaign. The goal is to make it possible for the New Hampshire Council to continue contributing to the state's dialogue on America's issues of peace, poverty and care of the planet earth.  I invite you to support the Council's educational programs and activities by making a tax-deductible contribution to this campaign. The New Hampshire Council's Annual Fund provides critical resources for Council programs, and your gift will help enable the Council to build as many new bridges, and strengthen as many existing ones, as possible. To this end, it will enhance the Council's ability to expand its signature educational programs and activities - specifically:


The challenges and opportunities embedded in these possibilities are complex and compelling. They require renewed leadership from all of us to ensure that the faith community speaks and acts ................ If the Council is to continue to make a difference, your support is needed at this extraordinary moment.

The New Hampshire Council Board and staff continue to explore ways to become even more effective and efficient stewards of the New Hampshire Council's resources.

Please make your tax-deductible contribution online by clicking here to our website. Alternatively, you may mail a contribution to the New Hampshire Council of Churches, P.O. Box 1087, Concord, NH 03302-1087.

Thank you for your time, generosity, and investment in what the New Hampshire Council seeks to accomplish.



David Lamarre-Vincent
Executive Director

P.S. - Your support is needed now more than ever! Please help us with whatever gift you can.

Action Alert - The DREAM Act 

In a matter of DAYS the DREAM Act will come to a vote.  This could be our last chance to help undocumented youth.

The purpose of the Development, Relief and Education of Alien Minors Act, also called the DREAM Act, is to help those individuals who meet certain requirements, have an opportunity to enlist in the military or go to college and have a path to citizenship which they otherwise would not have without this legislation. Supporters of the DREAM Act believe it is vital not only to the people who would benefit from it, but also the United States as a whole. It would give an opportunity to undocumented immigrant students who have been living in the U.S. since they were young, a chance to contribute back to the country that has given so much to them and a chance to utilize their hard earned education and talents.  Click here for more information regarding this act. 

The New Hampshire Alliance for Immigrants and Refugees urge you to take action in support of this economically smart and humane bill!

Urge them to vote YES.  Call 866-996-5161.


Urge her to push the house vote to YES.  Call 202-225-0100.

Attention American Baptist Churches!!!

A denominational innovative use of the Internet to weave NH churches together.

The Networking and Fellowship Group of the American Baptist Churches of Vermont and New Hampshire seeks to communicate and network among individuals and ABC/VNH churches for Christian ministry in the 21st century and to help these churches to be more united in Christ through their new website All Things New.

Please visit thier website and give feedback to this working group to let them know the ways in which the ABC/VNH Region and churches can use this technology.  For more information please click here.

Free Home Energy Savings Workshop.  
Button Up New Hampshire

Clean Air - Cool Planet and the New England Carbon Challenge are proud to announce the second season of Button Up NH, a highly successful home weatherization workshops.

 Button Up NH presenters will conduct free home weatherization workshops across the state this fall/winter.

Each workshop will include information on how simple household adjustments and modest investments can lead to significant energy savings over the long haul.

Workshop topics will include:

  • residential heat use and loss
  • the short term benefits of simple do-it-yourself weatherization
  • the value of a professional home energy audit
  • the long term benefits of extensive professional energy retrofits
  • the technical and financial resources available to make it happen

Click here for more information and the list of workshops scheduled.

The National Coalition to Abolish The Death Penalty

2011 Annual Conference
Training for the Long Run: Building Momentum for Repeal
in Chicago from January 13 -16


You can join almost 500 death penalty abolitionists this January in Chicago, where you will hear some of the best advocates speak on repealing the death penalty.


Keynote Speaker:

Bryan Stevenson, Executive Director, Equal Justice Initiative

Plenary Speakers:

Barry Lynn, Executive Director of Americans United for Separation of Church and State.

Karen Narasaki, President and Executive Director of the Asian American Justice Center and Vice Chair of the Executive Committee of the Leadership Conference for Civil and Human Rights

Gary Flowers, Executive Director & CEO of the Black Leadership Forum

Christina Swarns, Director of the Criminal Justice Project of the NAACP Legal Defense & Education Fund

Bob Curley, the father of Jeffery Curley who was murdered at the age of 10

Brian MacQuarrie, Boston Globe reporter and author of The Ride

Dr. Walter M. Kimbrough, President, Philander Smith College

Wayne McKenzie, Director of the Program on Prosecution and Racial Justice, Vera Institute


Please visit the conference website for more information and registration materials.

Video Series Features Conversations with Walter Brueggemann 


Companions on the Way: conversations on money, discipleship and stewardship is a series of four videos, each eight minutes long, based on conversations with Brueggemann conducted by the Rev. Laurel Johnston, Episcopal Church Program Officer for Stewardship. The series is available on the stewardship page of the Episcopal Church website.

2011 Week of Prayer for Christian Unity
January 18-25, 2011 is the annual observance of the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity. The theme chosen for 2011 is "One in the apostles' teaching, fellowship, breaking of bread and prayer"(cf. Acts 2:42). Throughout 2011, join Christians everywhere in praying "that they may all be one" joining our prayer with that the Lord Jesus Christ.

For more information or 2011 Week of Prayer resources go to the Graymoor Ecumenical and Interreligious website at:

Calling All Pastors and Chaplains


The New Hampshire Council of Churches is creating a list of pastors and chaplains who are willing to be called in the case of emergencies or disasters, for specific denomination request at hospitals, hospices and homes and are interested in being pulpit supply pastors.  Please send your information to:

Journey to Turkey:  March 25-April 3, 2011

Join The Rev. Mary Westfall and members and friends of The Community Church of Durham, NH, for an enriching journey to one of the most fascinating regions of the world - Turkey. Our program combines an exploration of the cities of John and Paul as part of our biblical heritage with visits to sites associated with the Byzantine and Ottoman Empires, particularly in Istanbul. Turkey boasts some of the greatest archaeological parks in the Mediterranean and provides unparalleled opportunities to consider the historical and cultural context of earliest Christianity. We will learn about Jewish and Muslim beliefs and practices in the region and visit one of the great monuments of Byzantine Christianity - Hagia Sophia. Throughout we will enjoy first class accommodations, delicious food, local expert guides and the warm hospitality of the Turkish people.  For more information you can download the flyer here:


OFA- Statement of OFA-NH Director Tim Arsenault Urging Congress to Pass Unemployment Insurance Benefits Extension

CONCROD – With federal funding for extended unemployment insurance benefits running out earlier this week, 800,000 Americans have already lost their benefits and nearly two million Americans are expected to lose them by the end of December. In response, Organizing for America-New Hampshire State Director Tim Arsenault released the following statement urging Members of Congress to pass an extension:

“Although the economy is on the road to recovery, the job market remains extremely tough for millions of Americans. For many of these individuals – who lost their job through no fault of their own –  unemployment insurance provides a lifeline during tough times. During the Bush Administration, Members of Congress put partisanship aside to extend these vital benefits for those Americans most in need. Unfortunately, since President Obama took office Republicans in the House and Senate have opposed, obstructed or delayed the extension of unemployment benefits and are doing so again. 

“OFA volunteers across New Hampshire are urgently calling on Members of Congress to stop playing political games and immediately extend this important lifeline to millions of Americans who depend on them.” 


Fred Who? - Fred on CBS News and FOX News Radio!


Fred to Appear on “Washington Unplugged”



Fred will be a guest on “Washington Unplugged” today (12/2) at 12:30 pm EST!  

This is CBS News’ daily political show often hosted by veteran news anchor, political commentator and Washington correspondent, Bob Schieffer.  It hosts newsmakers and journalists on the latest happenings in Washington.  Yesterday, the show completed a two-part series with former President Jimmy Carter.  

To watch Fred, Click Here.  The live show link is in the right column under “About Washington Unplugged.”

Fred on Fox News Radio

Fred will be back in New York from December 5th – 8th, and will appear as a guest on Fox News Radio “The Alan Colmes Show” on Monday, December 6th at 11:00 pm EST!

To listen to Fred, Click Here.

Fred Back to New Hampshire (10th Trip This Year)

Fred returns to New Hampshire for a tenth time from December 8th – 13th.  Keep an eye on his online calendar at for updates!

Fred in the News – Must See TV!

Fred was highlighted in an excellent story on this week, with a detailed story on his latest commercial and his Presidential Exploratory Committee.  See below, or Click Here.


More Coverage From Around The World

Sunshine News

Huffington Post 

Hungarian News

And, a Fred Karger Rap Song was even completed by Maurice the Joker.

As always, please visit to find out the latest about Fred.  If you haven’t had the chance to see our new commercial, which was aired last week in Iowa, please visit the website!

Become a Friend of Fred

Please help out today by contributing to this history making effort.  Send in $5.00 for Fred, $25.00, $100.00 or whatever you can to help get our message out.   

Thank you!!!


The Patriot Update - George Soros: Puppet Master of the Obama Regime

Dear Fellow Conservative,

Radical billionaire George Soros has become the single most sinister force in American political life by leading a group of influential and powerful Americans to form a party within the Democratic Party.

This "shadow party" is undermining the War on Terror, destabilizing our nation and implementing radical change in America. America is under attack from within, and it's up to us to stop them. That's why Glen Beck recently featured my book The Shadow Party: How George Soros, Hillary Clinton and the Sixties Radicals Seized Control of the Democratic Party on his television show.

The Shadow Party gives the inside story of George Soros' secret role as the financier and architect of the organizations that make up the left wing of the Democratic Party. As Glenn Beck noted, The Shadow Party reveals how Soros used his billions to build a political attack machine that threatens our democracy by subverting its political, cultural, and financial institutions.

This book is a must-read for every concerned American. And just in time for the holiday season, a signed copy of The Shadow Party and an advance copy of our soon-to-be-released pamphlet can be yours for a tax-deductible contribution of $50 or more. Please follow this link right away to make your contribution.

As the Obama presidency lurches toward the left, it is very important to understand Soros' increasingly important role in dictating the tone and direction of the extreme left wing of the Democratic Party. That's why I'm in the process of finalizing a new pamphlet, "George Soros: Puppet Master of the Obama Regime". This pamphlet will show how Soros has used his billions to build a spider web of influence among the organizations of the left and how he is trying to mobilize them all to support Obama's plans to radically transform our country and to attack the concerned Americans who oppose this power grab.

I believe that "George Soros: Puppet Master of the Obama Regime" will have an influence comparable to that of another pamphlet the Freedom Center produced earlier this year-- "Obama's Rules for Revolution: The Alinksy Model." Our goal is to further the debate about the role of the 1960s left in Barack Obama's political development and his use of power that The Shadow Party has prompted by distributing over one million copies of the new pamphlet before December 31st. But to achieve this goal, the Freedom Center must raise $150,000 in the next 14 days, so I urgently need your help.

Will you follow this link right away to make the most generous contribution you can afford to the Freedom Center? Don't forget that we will rush you a signed copy of The Shadow Party and an advance copy of "George Soros: Puppet Master of the Obama Regime" with your contribution of $50 or more.

Americans must know the facts about Soros and the way he spends his billions on campaigns that seek to overturn our democracy. With President Obama, Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi and so many others dangling at the end of those puppet strings, we must act now to make the public aware of George Soros' hidden agenda. I hope I can count on you to help the Freedom Center initiate a national debate about the radical hidden agenda of the current administration -- how it is developed behind closed doors and how Soros money funnels its objectives into public policy initiatives. Please follow this link to give generously.

Thank you in advance for your support of the work at the Freedom Center.


David Horowitz
President & Founder

P.S. Will you help the Freedom Center expose the facts about George Soros and the "shadow party" he has created within the Democratic Party? With your contribution of $50 or more, we will rush you a signed copy of The Shadow Party and an advance copy of "George Soros: Puppet Master of the Obama Regime". Please follow this link right away to make your tax-deductible contribution to the Freedom Center. Thank you.