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National Empowerment Center - Alternatives 2010: Early Bird Registration Extended to July 15

Early Bird Registration Deadline Extended to July 15!
Take advantage of this extended opportunity to save on your registration!
Alternatives 2010, taking place September 29 - October 3, is the annual event to connect and network with other consumer/survivors across the nation. You will experience ground-breaking workshops and cutting-edge institutes, exciting arts events featuring local talent, and numerous opportunities for creative expression. It's always an unforgettable conference!
Language Interpretation Available Upon Request
Alternatives 2010 is committed to making this conference accessible to people of diverse cultures. Interpretation will be available in Spanish, Vietnamese, ASL, and other languages; requests must be indicated on the registration form by August 15. Thank you!
Caucus Applications Due August 14
Each year Alternatives provides a forum for networking and discussing important issues with peers from around the country. Caucus sessions will be held Thursday, Friday, and Saturday evenings from 7 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. [To apply for a caucus session, click here.]
Please submit your caucus session request no later than August 14, 2010. All caucus sessions must be approved in advance by the National Empowerment Center, Alternatives Conference sponsor. When accepted, you will be notified of the date of your caucus session.
Alternatives 2010 Flyer Available in Spanish, Vietnamese
The Alternatives 2010 flyer is now available in English, Spanish, and Vietnamese. Please click here to download the English versionclick here for the Spanish version, and click here for the Vietnamese version. Please post these flyers wherever you can to help spread to the word. Thank you!


Daily News from the Veterans Today Network 

Gordon Duff
Flotilla Hero Ken O'Keefe, Veterans
Today Writer on BBC "Hard Talk"

Ken O'Keefe
Hero Hero of Gaza Flotilla Goes Head to Head with Biased BBC "Israeli Firster"..... Watch the Sparks Fly....

For those Americans that don't know, Ken O'Keefe is the United States Marine combat veteran who captured two Israeli's suspected of the murder of a Turkish photojournalist during the battle on the Mavi Marmara.  Veterans Today staff writer, O'Keefe was captured, taken to Israel and beaten, tortured for two days before being released.  Israeli's claimed O'Keefe was planning to set up a training school for terrorists inside Gaza while on the ill fated relief mission attacked in international waters by 24 Israeli ships and dozens of American built Blackhawk and Apache helicopters.   As many as 6,500 Israelis are believed to have taken part in the operation, deemed a "war crime" by maritime law experts with the British government.
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Today's Featured Stories...


NHDP - NHGOP Leadership Continues to Mount Groundless Smear Campaign 

Karl Rove called, he wants his tactics back

Concord - The New Hampshire Republican Party continue
s to push an unfounded smear campaign against Congresswoman Carol Shea-Porter.  Even the conservative Union Leader editorial board acknowledged today that there was nothing malicious in Congresswoman Shea-Porter sending letters to graduating high school seniors congratulating them on their success.

According to the Federal Education Rights and Privacy Act, disclosure of student directory information is at the discretion of the individual school. And despite the NHGOP's attempts to cloud the issue, the Manchester Superintendent of Schools, Thomas Brennan, agrees.

Sadly, the New Hampshire Republican Party leadership hasn't gotten the message.  They continue to push this nonsense story as part of their ongoing attempts to wrongly smear New Hampshire Democrats.

"What doesn't the New Hampshire GOP understand?" asked Harrell Kirstein, press secretary for the New Hampshire Democratic Party.  "This attempted smear campaign has blown up in their face, and their efforts to continue it are embarrassing."

At the same time the New Hampshire Republican Party is launching this ridiculous smear campaign, they have refused to condemn outrageously hateful comments about single mothers, gays, and lesbians in New Hampshire made to high school students by one of their congressional candidates.

"Someone should ask Ryan Williams and the New Hampshire Republican Party leadership what message they are trying to send? Congratulating a student on their graduation from high school is a crime, but verbal assaults against single mothers, gays, and lesbians are perfectly fine?" asked Kirstein.   


NHDP - Hypocrisy Alert: Another Republican Guilty of Double-talk on State Budget, Recovery Act 

Top Mahoney for Congress aide, NHGOP operative, caught with foot in mouth

Concord - Over the past year and a half, Republicans in New Hampshire have waged a campaign of misinformation and lies in order to score cheap political points prior to the November elections. Although many GOP leaders, operatives, and candidates for office have been critical of responsible Democratic leadership, their assertions not only fly in the face of reality, but also contradict their own records.

In order to expose this double-talk, the New Hampshire Democratic Party will be holding Republicans accountable in the coming months for their blatant hypocrisy on a wide-range of issues that matter to all Granite Staters.

Today, we highlight top Mahoney for Congress aide, and prominent Republican Party operative, Dave Carney.

Since the end of the 2008 elections, Carney has been on the attack, relentlessly smearing Democrats for addressing issues created by years of failed Republican leadership in Washington and Concord. From assailing the effectiveness of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, to criticizing the responsible budget passed by the governor and state legislature, Carney has made it his mission to mislead the people of New Hampshire.

There is only one problem: one of the Republican candidates that Carney works for is facing massive deficits and has embraced the stimulus package to balance his budget. In Texas, Republican Governor Rick Perry was facing an 18 billion dollar shortfall, and took 17 billion in ARRA money to try to close the gap. But was Carney critical of this type of budgeting? Absolutely not.

In New Hampshire, Carney sings a much different tune. Instead of acknowledging the leadership of Democrats for spearheading the economic recovery and balancing the budget, he has continually lambasted their efforts in memos and on television.  And Sean Mahoney, who Carney serves as a senior adviser to, has made his opposition to the Recovery Act one of the cornerstones of his congressional campaign.

"Dave Carney is hypocrisy personified," said Harrell Kirstein, press secretary for the New Hampshire Democratic Party. "Apparently, his opinions on the Recovery Act and balanced budgets change once you cross the Texas border. Sadly, this is just another example of how Republicans will say anything to win an election."


Horn For Congress - A Personal Note from Jennifer Horn 

I need your help - today.

I am writing to ask you to please go online right now
and make a contribution. []

This is all very personal to me - I am running because of my love for my children,
my community and my country. I know you feel the same way and I am so grateful
to you for standing with me as we fight to return integrity to Congress and to
end the out of control liberal agenda of this administration.

Their failed policies are crushing the economy, destroying jobs and leaving us with
double digit unemployment and plummeting consumer confidence.

But we can change this.

You have a clear choice in this primary - a Republican who will stand and say no
to the Democrat's radical agenda, or a Republican who will vote with the Democrats
on critical issues like Cap and Trade and Spending. We are already winning this
race -- the UNH poll showed me beating both Democrats in the race.

Please make a contribution online at before midnight tonight.

Or, mail a check DATED TODAY to Horn For Congress, 379 Amherst St, PMB 109, Nashua
NH 03063


With gratitude for your continued friendship and support,

p.s. It is time for a Congresswoman with the political courage to do what is right,
not what is politically expedient. Please visit and make your
contribution today.