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Bender for Senate - Jim Bender clear winner in Republican US Senate debate tonight

Jim Bender - US Senate 2010

"Jim for Jobs" clear winner of Republican debate for U.S. Senate

“We've got to grab the credit card from our Congress and cut it up!”

Hollis, NH - Businessman Jim Bender was the clear victor in tonight's Republican debate for the U.S. Senate.  Jim proved he is the one candidate voters can trust to bring common sense, integrity, and good judgment to Washington. He also proved he is the one candidate voters can trust to defeat Democrat Paul Hodes and his liberal, tax-and-spend, job-killing policies.

Bender's “Jim for Jobs” plan prevailed. “We've got to create jobs for New Hampshire and America. My campaign slogan is 'Jim for Jobs'. The way we have to do it is: rein in the government. We've got to rein in government spending, we've got to regulate with a much lighter hand, and we've got to eliminate the climate of uncertainty that prevents businesses from investing in new employees."

Jim condemned the federal government's out-of-control spending for killing jobs. “We first have to acknowledge that our federal government has a spending problem. We've got to grab the credit card from our Congress and cut it up.”

Jim made clear why his “Jim for Jobs” plan is necessary. “We have too many people here in New Hampshire who are unemployed... The [federal] budget continues to climb and grow out of control...”

Jim also highlighted the problem of illegal immigration. “I believe that we should secure our borders tight and solid... A nation which cannot protect its border cannot protect its sovereignty... The number one responsibility of the American government is to protect Americans. Sealing our borders would be an awfully good start.”

Jim Bender is a focused and undamaged candidate for the Republican nomination.  He has abstained from the mudslinging and negative campaign tactics, and this allows Jim to be the one candidate who will unite Republicans and Independents to defeat Paul Hodes in November. 

Campaign Manager Beth Lindstrom said, “We have a chance at regaining a Republican majority in the US Senate to put a check on the Obama administration.  Let’s not waste this opportunity.  Jim is staying focused on the issues that matter, namely: jobs for New Hampshire.  Bickering and in-fighting are not what the Granite State needs right now.  We need a businessman with integrity.  Jim Bender offers that to the voters.”

Jim Bender gave the voters a clear choice for Tuesday September 14th: Vote “Jim for Jobs” to defeat Paul Hodes and get Washington under control.


CHQ - Urgent: help Ovide Lamontagne, the only proven true conservative in NH Senate race 

Dear Fellow Conservative,

The GOP Senate primary in New Hampshire is next Tuesday, September 14.  The Union Ledger of New Hampshire wrote
, "[Ovide Lamontagne is] drawing attention in part because he's the only proven, true-blue conservative in the race."

You can play an important role in determining the winner of the important September 14 Republican Primary for U.S. Senator between conservative Ovide Lamontagne, who trails moderate, establishment-back Republican Kelly Ayotte, but is ahead of two other candidates.

There are big differences between Ovide and the other candidates.

Please take a moment and read the excellent article, Ovide Lamontagne Rising in New Hampshire
by Erick Erickson in at which lists where Ovide and Kelly Ayotte stand on judicial nominees, the Stimulus Bill, earmarks, abortion, private property rights, gun control, the Cap and Trade Bill, illegal immigration, health care, and political backgrounds.

When you see what is at stake, I'm sure you will want to do whatever you can to help Ovide win this primary.

In the Alaska GOP Senate primary, few gave Joe Miller a chance, but he won with a wave of last-minute support from conservative activists.  With your help, Ovide can do the same.

Please, if you can contribute to Ovide, go to his campaign website:

And, if you happen to live in New Hampshire, your volunteer efforts between now and Election Day in your neighborhood and in your workplace will be extremely helpful.

However, whether you live in New Hampshire or not, you can help by forwarding this message to your organization's members and supporters, and to relatives, friends, neighbors, co-workers, and other acquaintances.  Forward this message to them.  Follow up with a phone call to talk to them about this race.

The primary is this coming Tuesday, September 14, so there's not much time. 

We want to be sure to do all we can to get Ovide Lamontagne nominated and elected so that he can cast the conservative votes in the U.S. Senate that will affect all of us, regardless of where we live .

New Hampshire is a state in which conservative candidates can and should win, especially in this crucial election.

Thanks for taking immediate action on this crucial matter.


Richard A. Viguerie

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Suite 400
Manassas, Virginia 20110

Not authorized by any candidate or candidate committee

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Bender for Senate - Eagle-Tribune and Derry News Both Endorse Jim Bender

Jim Bender - US Senate 2010

Today, Jim Bender for US Senate was endorsed by both the Eagle-Tribune and the Derry News.

The editorial says, “The best choice for Granite State Republicans and independents is Jim Bender.”

Consistent with Jim’s slogan, “Jim for Jobs,” the Eagle-Tribune also says of Jim, “Bender knows that the biggest concern among business leaders today is uncertainty. When business owners don't know what the government will do next, when they don't know what onerous policy is coming next, they become hesitant and won't take the risks needed to grow and produce jobs.”

The endorsement concludes, “Bender is a solid choice for Republicans and independents who support conservative values and constitutional policies. He will offer a vigorous challenge to Paul Hodes in the general election.”

The Jim Bender for US Senate campaign is pleased to have the support of the Derry News and the Eagle-Tribune, as well as the Laconia Citizen and the Foster’s Daily Democrat.

Read the endorsement from the Eagle-Tribune in its entirety here: Eagle-Tribune Endorses Jim Bender

Read the endorsement from the Derry News in its entirety here: Derry News Endorses Jim Bender


Bender for Senate - "Real People, Real Words, Real Jobs" series that speaks to Jim Bender's character 

Jim Bender - US Senate 2010

Jim for Jobs
Bender Campaign Launches “Real People, Real Words, Real Jobs” series featuring former employees of Jim Bender


Hollis, NH- Today, the Jim Bender campaign released the first in a series of extended commercials by former employees speaking about Jim Bender. 

This commercial features Jennifer Tyrrell.

“Jim is very good at keeping an eye on the budget; he is very good at building consensus.”

“Jim is extremely honest. “

“Jim is a straight shooter.  There are a lot of people that talk about something but they never deliver.  Jim will not only talk about ideas that he has, he will also come up with a solution.”

“If Jim becomes Senator for the state of New Hampshire, he will represent the views of the people of New Hampshire even when he does go to D. C.  I truly believe that he will listen to those people’s views and represent them accurately.  We need people like Jim who have strong morals and sound ethics.”

Click here to view the ad


Bender for Senate campaign demanding retraction from Ovide LaMontagne campaign

Jim Bender - US Senate 2010

Christine Baratta, Communications Director for Jim Bender for U.S. Senate released the following statement regarding Ovide for Senate campaign advisor Jim Merrill's statement about "misleading and negative attacks" on Ovide LaMontagne.  

“The Bender for Senate campaign is demanding an immediate retraction from the Ovide LaMontagne campaign regarding their accusation that our campaign has been making voter calls "targeting Ovide and actively trying to dissuade voters from supporting him."  This is false and we demand an immediate retraction.   While it may be true that Kelly Ayotte and Bill Binnie are engaging in false and negative campaign tactics, if Ovide does not immediately retract this false and negative claim against Jim Bender, then he will have joined Kelly and Bill in the mudslinging." 



Manchester, N.H.—Jim Merrill, Senior Advisor to the Ovide for Senate campaign, issued the following statement this evening after the campaign learned that voters are being targeted by negative and misleading attacks against Ovide by calls paid for by the Bill Binnie for Senate campaign.

"In recent days, we have become aware of phone efforts by all of our opponents, targeting Ovide and actively trying to dissuade voters from supporting him. Tonight we learned of a new round of negative and misleading attacks against Ovide by callers working for Bill Binnie's Senate campaign. This is disappointing, but comes as no surprise. First, it is clear that Ovide's campaign for Senate is surging, while the others are losing ground or standing still. Second, over the past month the primary campaign for U.S. Senate has devolved into a mud slinging contest, particularly between the Ayotte and Binnie campaigns. I urge voters who have received negative calls about Ovide to contact our headquarters at 627.0035 or visit our website at to learn the truth," said Merrill.

Merrill concluded, "It was inevitable that our opponents would try to drag us into the mud with them as Ovide's campaign continues to gain momentum in the polls and on the ground. But we're not going to let that happen. We have focused on running a positive, optimistic campaign based on the issues and based on the truth that Ovide is the authentic conservative in the race for U.S. Senate, and we're going to continue doing just that. We're saying 'enough' to our opponents - the voters of New Hampshire deserve better than mud slinging and cheap campaign tricks. Today's Union Leader editorial - 'It's Ovide: There is no better choice' - speaks volumes about the kind of campaign we are running, and the kind of campaign that we will continue to run.

From the Union Leader today, September 8th -- It's Ovide: There is no better choice "...As happens every time, the campaign season is getting dirtier as the election draws closer. Just as predictably, one candidate has stood out amid all the mudslinging, dishonesty, trickery and, as politicians say, 'lapses in judgment' ...Lamontagne is doing what people always say they want candidates to do: He's running a positive campaign. Instead of tearing down his opponents, he's selling voters on his ideas. He's talking about issues and explaining how he would vote if elected. Heck, he's even signed a 15-point pledge, a sort of contract with the voters, so they can hold him accountable down in Washington and he can't say he never agreed to do exactly what he agreed to do."