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NH DHHS Offers Halloween Tips To Keep Children Healthy, Safe

Concord, NH – The New Hampshire Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) offered tips for parents to help enjoy Halloween festivities and keep their children healthy and safe. Many communities will celebrate this weekend and through Sunday night. Some communities hold trick-or-treating during the daylight hours, while others do so during the evening.

“Every child in New Hampshire looks forward to Halloween and the chance to dress up and go trick-or-treating,” said Dr. José Montero, Director of Public Health at DHHS. “It’s a great annual tradition that both parents and kids look forward to each year. We are asking parents to follow some basic tips in order to ensure that everyone stays healthy and safe.”

In order to protect children’s health, DHHS offers the following tips to parents regarding treats: Children shouldn't snack while they're out trick-or-treating. They should wait until they get home and parents have had a chance to inspect the goodies. To help prevent children from munching, give them a snack or light meal before they go—don't send them out on an empty stomach.

Tell children not to accept, and especially not to eat, anything that isn't commercially wrapped. When children bring their treats home, discard any home-made candy or baked goods. Parents of young children should also remove any choking hazards such as gum, peanuts, hard candies, small toys, or coins.

Inspect commercially wrapped treats for signs of tampering, such as an unusual appearance or discoloration, tiny pinholes, or tears in wrappers. Throw away anything that looks suspicious.

If juice or cider is served to children at Halloween parties, make sure it is pasteurized or otherwise treated to destroy harmful bacteria. Juice or cider that has not been treated will say so on the label.

Additionally, DHHS offers the following safety tips for Halloween:
Purchase or make costumes that are light and bright enough to be clearly visible to motorists.
For greater visibility during dusk and darkness, decorate or trim costumes with reflective tape that will glow in the beam of a car's headlights. Bags or sacks should also be light colored or decorated with reflective tape. Reflective tape is usually available in hardware, bicycle, and sporting goods stores.
To easily see and be seen, parents or children should also carry flashlights.
Costumes should be short enough to prevent children from tripping and falling.
Children should wear well-fitting, sturdy shoes. High heels are not a good idea for safe walking.
Hats and scarves should be tied securely to prevent them from slipping over children's eyes.
Apply a natural mask of cosmetics rather than have a child wear a loose-fitting mask that might restrict breathing or obscure vision.
If a mask is used, however, make sure it fits securely and has eyeholes large enough to allow full vision.
When purchasing a costume, masks, beards, and wigs, look for the label Flame Resistant. Although this label does not mean these items won't catch fire, it does indicate the items will resist burning and should extinguish quickly once removed from the ignition source.
 To minimize the risk of contact with candles or other sources of ignition, avoid costumes made with flimsy materials and outfits with big, baggy sleeves or billowing skirts.
Swords, knives, and similar costume accessories should be of soft and flexible material.
When using makeup, follow all directions carefully.
Don't decorate your face with things that aren't intended for your skin.
Like soap, some things are OK on your skin, but not in your eyes.
Some face paint or other makeup may say on the label that it is not for use near the eyes.
If you're decorating your skin with something you've never used before, you might try a dab of it on your arm for a couple of days to check for an allergic reaction BEFORE you put it on your face. This is an especially smart thing to do if you tend to have allergies.


AFP - Tea Party Express comes to Concord 


 The election is only days away.  Americans for Prosperity needs your help over the next few days to change the direction of the country.  Below are some great opportunities for you to participate in over the last weekend. 

Americans for Prosperity is joining with the National Rifle Association (NRA) to seek volunteers for literature drops in Rochester and Manchester this Saturday. 

We are asking individuals from across the state to help educate voters on the issues that will impact our elections on November 2nd.

All participants will receive a free November is Coming Tee-Shirt, AND an NRA Tee-shirt.  The top three performers will receive prizes for most doors or phone calls for the NRA-ILA.  Prizes are as follows:  

1st Place; $100 Gift Certificate to Riley’s Sport Shop in Hooksett, NH 

2nd Place: $50 Gift Certificate to Manchester Firing Line, Manchester, NH  

3rd Place: $25 Dollar Gift Certificate to the NRA’s Online Store

When: Saturday October 30th; 9:30am
Where: Rochester, NH
Parking Lot of Home Depot
280 N. Main St., Rochester, NH

When: Saturday October 30th ; 9:30 am
Where: Manchester, NH
Home of Rick Olson, 544 Laurel St., Manchester, NH


AMERICANS FOR PROSPERITY – AFP-NH is proud to host the Tea Party Express Welcoming Rally immediately preceding the Tea Party Express “Liberty At The Ballot Box” Rally on the State House Lawn on Monday, November 1st.  Concord will be the Tea Party Express’ last stop on its national tour and promises to be an exciting and well attended event.

During the day, AFP-NH will host events in Eagle Square in Concord and a volunteer phone bank and door to door staging center on November 1st from 11 AM to 9 PM at Tandy’s Top Shelf at One Eagle Square (directly across from the State House) in Concord, NH.  A lunch and dinner buffet will be provided by AFP for volunteers throughout the day.  AFP Tea Party events will also be held from noon until 5 PM in Eagle Square.  Attendees to all of these events will be encouraged to come over to Tandy’s to volunteer, warm up, and grab a snack throughout the day’s program.  AFP t-shirts will be given out to the first 50 volunteers.  107.7 FM The Pulse talk-show host Brian Tilton will be on live at Tandy’s from 1 PM to 3 PM.



11AM to 9PM – AFP’s Freedom Phone Bank Call Center.
· We are going to make 2010 calls at this phone bank!
· Free AFP T-Shirts for the first 50 volunteers
· Lunch and dinner buffet provided for all volunteers
· Special guests will swing by throughout the day to thank our volunteers

1 PM to 3 PM – Brian “The Bulldog” Tilton will host his show live
· Special guests will appear on Brian’s show throughout the day.  Stop on by to say hello to “The Bulldog.”

EAGLE SQUARE, CONCORD (Behind the Bell Clock across from the State House)

Noon to 5 PM
· Eagle Square Rally Kick Off with Jeff Chidester of WGIR AM 610 and 96.7 The Wave, Corey Lewandowski, AFP-NH State Director, and Tom Thomson, AFP Honorary Chairman and son of former Governor “Ax The Tax” Mel Thomson. 
· See AFP’s “Smart Car!”
· Local 9-12 group, Tea Party, and other freedom and liberty-minded speakers.
· Official Tea Party Express Vendors and Merchandise


5 PM to 6 PM - AFP-NH November is Coming and Tea Party Express Welcome Rally
· A partial list of speakers include:  Morning Talk Radio Host Todd Feinburg, WRKO AM 680 Boston, Jennifer Horn, Ovide Lamontagne, Jack Kimball, Kevin Smith of Cornerstone Policy Research, Corey Lewandowski of Americans for Prosperity and many more!

6 PM to 9 PM – Tea Party Express “Liberty At The Ballot Box Tour Rally”

· A partial list of speakers include: Conservative Radio Talk Show Host and former CEO of Godfathers Pizza, Herman “The Hermanator” Cain, Singer and Entertainer Lloyd Marcus, Tea Party Express Founder Amy Kremer, Fox News Commentator and NY Times Best Selling Author Tammy Bruce and many more!
· Expect a special additional guest or two!

To RSVP for this event, please call 894-5881

Hope to see you this weekend!

Corey R. Lewandowski
State Director
Americans for Prosperity New Hampshire


Bass For Congress - Anit-tax Leader Tom Thomson Endorses Charlie Bass for Congress 

Conservative Leader Points to Bass’ Strong Record of Cutting Taxes

Concord, NH- The Bass for Congress campaign has announced the endorsement of renowned anti-tax advocate and conservative leader Tom Thomson of Orford, New Hampshire. Thomson, the son of late New Hampshire Governor Meldrim Thomson (R), has led the fight against new and higher taxes across the state. Bass joined Thomson at the family’s tree farm in Orford this weekend to accept the endorsement (see attached photo).

“I am honored to have the support of fiscally conservative leaders in New Hampshire like Tom Thomson and I look forward to working together to restore New Hampshire values and Yankee frugality in Washington,” said Republican Charlie Bass.  “Our state and country cannot afford to send Annie Kuster, an unabashed supporter of Barack Obama and Nancy Pelosi, to Congress.  Kuster has vowed to support their failed agenda of out-of-control spending, Obamacare, jobless stimulus bills and record deficits. New Hampshire voters are calling for change, now.”

Thomson cited the fact that Bass was one of the first candidates for Congress in the 2nd District to sign an Anti-Tax Pledge. Thomson also noted his support for Bass was due to Bass’ pledge that if elected he will: 1. Work to cut federal taxes and fees 2. Immediately reduce federal spending 3. Reduce the size of the federal government and 4. Uphold the constitutions of both New Hampshire and the United States. 

Thomson stated, “For voters in the Second District who are concerned with the direction in which Congress is taking us, including higher taxes, more spending, and bigger government, I implore them to support Charlie Bass on November 2nd. Charlie is the only candidate in this race that has an actual record of voting more than seventy times to cut taxes and reduce spending.   Bass should be the only choice for conservatives in this election.”

Thomson noted that Bass’ opponent, Democratic attorney and lobbyist Ann McLane Kuster, refused to even accept a copy of the pledge via certified letter that was personally mailed to her campaign. To this day, Kuster has never signed the anti-tax pledge. Thomson said, "that says an awful lot about a person, certainly one that I would not want representing me in Washington, DC!” Thomson encourages all New Hampshire conservatives to join him on Nov. 2nd and vote for Charlie Bass.  


NHDP - Party Chair's Statement on the WMUR Gubernatorial Debate

Concord - New Hampshire Democratic Party Chair Ray Buckley released the following statement after Governor John Lynch highlighted the numerous positive effects of his steady and responsible leadership for New Hampshire during the past few years at tonight's WMUR debate.


"John Lynch showed once again why he will be elected to an historic fourth term next week.  His steady and responsible leadership has continued New Hampshire's tradition of excellence, making it one of the healthiest, lowest taxes, and best educated states in the nation.  He has a solid and consistent record of accomplishment for Granite Staters.


"In a painful contrast is John Stephen.  At the debate tonight, he continually dodged questions and gave vague answers.  His antics were so bad, one of the moderators had to interrupt him and remind him to actually address the question that was asked.


"John Stephen was a terrible government bureaucrat, raising hundreds of taxes and fees, while facing criticisms from members of both parties because of his questionable ethics and lack of honesty.  His plans for the future are no better.  He failed to propose even one concrete way to create jobs in New Hampshire and dodged questions about his plan to raise property taxes."


Daily News from the Veterans Today Network 

Robert L. Hanafin
Veterans Seek to Undo Political Endorsements

Grassroots Base Revolts Against VFW PAC's Candidate Picks

Ambreen Ali reported in the Veterans Issues section of that "the Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW) took an unusual step this week after its grassroots base revolted. The advocacy group of 1.2 million has asked its political action committee, which operates independently, to rescind all candidate endorsements for this election cycle. The reason is that VFW has received a flood of angry calls from its members over the PAC's endorsement of two Democratic incumbents - Sen. Barbara Boxer over Republican Carly Fiorina in California and Rep. Ron Klein over Republican and war veteran Allen West in Florida.

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