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NetRight Daily: Tea Party Poll Sends Shockwaves

"Stunning" Tea Party Poll:  The stunning Rasmussen Poll showing the Republican Party finishing a decided third to a hypothetical 'Tea Party' candidate should send shock waves through the GOP. It demonstrates once again that the timid, tepid Republican leadership is leading its party to the brink of disaster.

Insiders Asking of McConnell: What's the Strategy?:  Since coming to Capitol Hill, current Minority Leader Mitch McConnell has been recognized by some in the media as a master strategist when it comes to playing the legislative rules for all they're worth. But, with amendments to the Obama government health care takeover sailing through the Senate almost as quickly as they're read, some conservative insiders are wondering why the GOP is not taking advantage of Senate rules to slow down the votes and delay the final vote until after Christmas.

GOP Seeks Principle After Scozzafava Controversy:  A group of eleven party officials introduced a resolution for the upcoming Republican National Committee winter meeting to verify candidates conform to at least eight of ten basic party principles in order to receive party funding for their races. It's their answer to the controversy aroused earlier this fall when it was revealed the RNC had donated heavily to the campaign of New York 23rd Congressional District candidate Dede Scozzafava, a candidate whose viewpoint and New York State Assembly voting record on several issues differed greatly from Republican orthodoxy.

Pulling Back a Bloodied PAW:  The viperish ogres at People for the (Anti)American Way have picked the wrong target for their latest their fundraising screed. Accustomed to watching their quarry turn tail and run while they greedily fleeced their dwindling gaggle of gullible loons, they decided to turn their guns on the gang at Americans for Limited Government.

The "Public Option" Malaise:  Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) still does not have the 60 votes he needs to pass the so-called "public option" this year, which Senate Republicans say will cost some $2.5 trillion over ten years once fully implemented.

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Daily Grind: Valerie Jarrett's Grove Parc Fiasco

The Jarrett Chronicles Part I: Valerie Jarrett's Grove Parc Fiasco
The story on how the rich got richer and Grove Parc became inhospitable.

The "Public Option" Malaise
Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (still does not have the 60 votes he needs to pass the so-called "public option" this year.

The WIRE: Now at
The new website that will bring the top news, in an instant, all the time, to you.

ALG in the News: Health Care Reform's Hidden $10 Billion Union Payoff
The Washington Examiner featured Americans for Limited Government's research on the health care bill and the unions.


ALG, NetRight Nation Launch News Portal: 

The WIRE promises to be a single source, turn-to site for the nation's media to get their hands on political news from all parts of the political spectrum—directly from the newsmakers, without any filters."– ALG President Bill Wilson

December 7th, 2009, Fairfax, VA—Americans for Limited Government (ALG) President Bill Wilson today announced the launch of, an online news wire and aggregation service provided for media outlets to instantly access the top news in the nation's capital.

Dubbed The WIRE (Washington Insider's REport), the news portal updates itself via RSS and Twitter feeds from Washington's top news sites, leading national bloggers, and newsmakers.  It also features a classic news wire service: publishing traditional, Congressional and organization news releases, opeds, and "other news of vital importance to the nation's press," said Wilson.

"The WIRE is for political reporters, opinion leaders, bloggers, and editors in and around Washington, to keep them up to date with the headlines and what the capital's leading newsmakers are saying, up-to-the-minute," Wilson said.

Wilson also reached out to elected officials, news outlets, bloggers, activists and organizations nationwide to send breaking news tips and headlines to Newsmaker Tweeters should contact Adam Bitely at about adding their Twitter feed to the system. Director and WIRE News Editor Adam Bitely touted the RSS and Twitter feeds, which are run through a program called Yahoo! Pipes.  "Today's new media technologies allow websites to communicate through 'feeds' all across the Internet.  So, for example, when the New York Times updates their political section, it automatically communicates with the WIRE, and is published automatically," Bitely explained.

Wilson noted that in the Breaking News & Commentary section, "The WIRE is constantly being fed with releases, commentary, statements, speeches, and multimedia.  We publish media from both Democrats and Republicans on the Hill." 

"We're non-partisan," WIRE News Editor Robert Romano explained.  "My staff's job is to sift through hundreds of releases we receive a day and feature those most vital to the top headlines, or the stories behind those headlines.  Whether the stories are left or right, the WIRE is right down the middle."

According to Bitely, the National News section includes top national, DC news outlets Politico, Washington Examiner, Congressional Quarterly, and others.

The WIRE contains four prominent features: 

  • the WIRE Twitter feed of top DC tweeters;
  • the National News feed of the latest headlines from the Washington Post, Washington Examiner, Politico, Congressional Quarterly, and other DC news outlets;
  • the blog feed from top political bloggers; and
  • the Breaking News & Commentary feed, which will include Congressional and not-for-profit releases, statements, opeds, etc. as well as "breaking news that ALG-NRN News identifies throughout the day, and up-to-the-minute," said Romano.

Wilson concluded, "The WIRE promises to be a single source, turn-to site for the nation's media to get their hands on political news from the all parts of the political spectrum—directly from the newsmakers, without any filters."



State Representative Jeff Goley (D-Hill08) Files Paperwork to Become the Next Senator of District 16

Representative Goley (D-Hills08) promises to continue to work to create jobs and fight for working families in the Senate

Concord - Today, State Representative Jeff Goley (D-Hills08) filed paperwork to become the next senator of district 16.   Representative Goley is a lifelong resident of New Hampshire and third generation firefighter who has dedicated his life to public service. 

"As the next senator from district 16, I will work with Governor Lynch to move this state forward and put people back to work," said Representative Goley.  "People are struggling, but I have the experience to address the difficult challenges facing New Hampshire and the people of district 16."
As chair of the Labor Committee, Representative Goley has supported a number of initiatives to help improve the economy, create jobs, and protect working families.
He voted to pass tax credits designed to encourage innovation and promote job growth and supported putting federal economic stimulus dollars to work -- investing in the state's infrastructure to create jobs and improve New Hampshire's roads and bridges.  Representative Goley was also intimately involved in passing the first increase in the minimum wage in over a decade.  
And with job loss on the rise, Representative Goley was instrumental in expanding unemployment benefits -- bringing in an additional $21 million dollars of federal money into New Hampshire's unemployment trust fund.  He also played a central role in passing the state W.A.R.N. Act to provide employees with advanced notice of impending plant closings and mass layoffs. 
"I believe the people of Bow, Candia, Dunbarton, Hooksett and Wards 1, 2 and 12 in my home city of Manchester, want a new direction," added Goley.



CHQ - Tea Party Tops GOP on Three-Way Generic Ballot

Running under the Tea Party brand may be better in congressional races than being a Republican

Rasmussen Reports - "Running under the Tea Party brand may be better in congressional races than being a Republican. In a three-way Generic Ballot test, the latest Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey finds Democrats attracting 36% of the vote. The Tea Party candidate picks up 23%, and Republicans finish third at 18%. Another 22% are undecided."

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Tea Partiers Tussle with Commissioners Over Ethics Watchdog

Broward-Palm Beach New Times - "There's at least one reason to applaud the grassroots conservative group, one of whose central missions is 'restoring trust in government' this week. Both the South Florida Tea Party and 9-12 groups, along with other activists, played a big role in whipping the [Broward] County Commission into line on the question of who would hire and fire an inspector general dedicated to ferreting out corruption in county government."

VA-CD5 Tea Parties to Sponsor GOP Debates; Call for Convention Rather than Primary

Lynchburg Tea Party - "The three major Tea Party organizations in the 5th Congressional District will sponsor three debates for candidates seeking the Republication nomination to run against U.S. Rep. Thomas Perriello, D-Ivy. The tea party leaders are also calling for the GOP to hold a district convention to elect the party's nominee, rather than a primary election."

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