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CHQ - DeMint Leading The Charge For Conservatives 

DeMint Leading The Charge For Conservatives

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DeMint Leading The Charge For Conservatives
Washington Post - Mark Thiessen writes of Sen. Jim DeMint's efforts to shake up the U.S. Senate by not only electing more Republicans, but more conservatives. 

McConnell Backs Grayson Over Paul in KY
Hotline On Call -- Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell rushes to support Trey Grayson after Politico reveals that the GOP member who lied to Dr. James Dobson about Rand Paul's pro-life beliefs was none other than McConnell himself.

Tea Partiers: Neither Racist Nor Extremists
World Net Daily - Black conservative Mychal Massie writes that it is ludicrous and irresponsible for liberal leaders (such as Bill Clinton, Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson) to claim that Tea Partiers are driven by race, because skin-color has absolutely nothing to do with the movement's motives. 

The Problem Is More Than Just Government
American Thinker - Bruce Walker writes of the toxic influence of factions (or Parties) on society, which become truly dangerous when they're able to infect and takeover government.  Contrary to the major Parties of today, Walker argues, the Tea Parties are successful because they champion ordered liberty instead of interest group politics - the elevation of the individual above the whims of factions.

Republicans Bow To The American Oligarchy
Weekly Standard - It's a widely circulated myth that the Republican Party is the Party of the super-rich, because a quick look at the statistics proves that the wealthy almost exclusively contribute to the Democrats.  Despite the discrepancy, Republicans have shown little appetite for reforming the 'crony capitalism' that's taking place on Wall Street (and Washington) today - which means Republicans have given tacit approval to America's financial oligarchy.

Anti-Incumbent Fervor May Claim Burton in Indiana
Washington Times - Rep. Dan Burton is just the type of politician that you'd expect in a normal year to cruise to re-election - after all, he's accumulated a reasonable voting record and represented a district that's overwhelmingly Republican.  2010 is no 'ordinary' year, however, as Tea Party activists in his home state of Indiana feel it's time to bring in new blood to represent them, putting Burton's political future in jeopardy.

GOP Constitutes Task Force On The 10th Amendment
Roll Call - A group of House conservatives will announce the formation of a task force this week to study ways the 10th Amendment can be used to return more power and influence to the states.  The rapid growth of the federal government over the past two decades along with the refocus on the Constitution brought about by the Tea Parties has finally forced some in Congress to look into returning some power back to the states - and to the people.

All Elections - Even School Board Races - Have Consequences
American Thinker (blog) - Judging by the voting numbers, the vast majority of Americans seem to pay attention only to the highest profile election contests, but here's an example of how a local school board official's election made quite a difference (in a bad way) for her community - and why it's imperative for conservatives to get involved in elections at every level.


freekeenenews - Topless Tuesdays Launched in Keene 

Rich Paul called Porc 411 yesterday to announce something different would be seen at the 420 – turns out it was what has been dubbed, Topless Tuesdays. Qik video from the scene:


MEDO - Manchester ranked at the 7th Most Livable City by Forbes Magazine

Manchester, NH -  The Manchester- Nashua MSA was just named by Forbes Magazine as the 7th Most Livable City in the US.  Forbes noted that Manchester had the second-lowest crime rate of all the metros that were surveyed.  They also noted that incomes have grown by 3% in five years and at 7.7% Manchester’s unemployment rate is well below the national average.  

Mayor Ted Gatsas was not surprised by the ranking, “Manchester has long been recognized as one of the safest cities in the country thanks to our dedicated police force and the involvement of our many active neighborhood and community groups.”  Gatsas went on to add, “ Due to our diversified business base and dynamic workforce we have been able to avoid the double-digit unemployment rates most cities of our size have had to struggle with over the past couple of years”.

In addition to low employment and crime rates, Forbes suggested that another factor that contributes to a cities livability is the presence of students. “Many people do not realize that Manchester is home to 11 colleges and universities making the city the largest college town north of Boston.  Our cities college and university systems educate more than 15,000 students each year which strengthens our economy by contributing to the development of  a highly skilled and educated workforce”, stated Jay Minkarah from Manchester’s Economic Development Office.

To learn more about what makes Manchester one of the most livable cities in the US visit



CEI - General Motors Deceptive Advertising Challenged in FTC Filing

GM Ad Falsely Claimed Taxpayer Bailout Loans Were Repaid
Washington, D.C., May 4, 2010 –The Competitive Enterprise Institute today filed a formal complaint with the Federal Trade Commission, arguing that General Motors misleadingly claimed in a national TV ad that the company has paid back taxpayer bailout loans.
In the complaint, CEI urges the FTC to investigate the GM ad campaign entitled "GM Repaid Government Loan Ahead of Schedule.”  The ad features GM’s Chairman and CEO, Ed Whitacre, who declares that “we have repaid our government loan in full, with interest, five years ahead of the original schedule."
That claim, CEI explains in the complaint, “gives the false impression that GM has used its own funds to pay back all the bailout money that it received from the federal government.  In fact, GM has only repaid a fraction of those funds—barely ten percent.  Moreover, GM apparently repaid its loan by using other federal funds.”
To add insult to injury, GM’s misleading ad could unfairly dupe consumers into a false, renewed confidence in the company, the complaint explains. “Consumer purchasing decisions can easily be affected by such considerations, as the FTC has long recognized in prohibiting false claims that products are ‘Made in the U.S.A.’”
Sam Kazman, CEI General Counsel, points out the real-world absurdity of GM’s claim.  "If I applied for a car loan using GM's financially misleading approach, I’d be tossed out of the dealership on my ear."
“GM might argue that its ad is literally accurate, but the fact is it’s completely misleading,” said Hans Bader, CEI Senior Attorney.
CEI urges the FTC to promptly investigate, to “serve the American public on this issue of major consumer and taxpayer importance [and] “discourage other beneficiaries of government bailouts from falsely misrepresenting their status.”
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Sam Adams Alliance - Engaging Democracy: The Opportunity of Primaries

Primary season gets into full swing today with elections in North Carolina, Ohio and Indiana.  When voters in those states go to the polls, they will participate in a voting tradition that has been extremely favorable to Congressional incumbents in recent years, despite the growing unpopularity of those same representatives. The numbers are staggering. U.S. Congressional incumbents are just as likely to die in office as lose a primary election.

In the latest Engaging Democracy podcast, Eric O'Keefe explains why it doesn't have to be this way, and why primaries, not general elections, offer voters the best opportunity to throw out unpopular and unrepresentative incumbents from either party.  Listen to the podcast.

Listen to more Engaging Democracy.