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Shea-Porter For Congress - Guinta Denounces Federal Funding for Autism and Mental Health Research

NEW HAMPSHIRE -- Today, it is estimated that one in every 110 children is diagnosed with autism.  In Tuesday’s debate, Frank Guinta declared his opposition to federal funding for scientific research on autism and mental health [1].  Guinta said that this scientific research should be funded through charitable giving.    

“It’s shocking that Mr. Guinta denounced federal funding for this scientific research for children with developmental disorders,” said Shea-Porter spokeswoman Jamie Radice.  “Frank Guinta believes that this scientific research should be funded by neighborhood bake sales and lemonade stands.  Mr. Guinta’s views are dangerous for New Hampshire families and are completely outside the mainstream.”

Last year, Congresswoman Carol Shea-Porter voted to provide critical funding for scientific research for autism.  According to the National Institutes of Health, these funds might lead to prevention techniques, better treatments, and personalized approaches to interventions.  In addition, the stimulus package provided funding to improve the lives of those with mental illness through better access and increased federal Medicaid reimbursement rates for mental health treatment.  Congresswoman Shea-Porter is a member of the Congressional Mental Health Caucus.  She helped lead the effort in the 110th Congress to pass mental health parity legislation.


 [1] Concord Monitor, 10/20/10,


NRSC - ICYMI AP: NH GOP file new push-polling complaint


NH GOP file new push-polling complaint

Associated Press

By Holly Ramer

October 21, 2010

CONCORD, N.H.—The New Hampshire Republican Party has filed a complaint accusing Democrats of conducting a push poll against Senate candidate Kelly Ayotte that does not contain the required disclosures.

GOP spokesman Ryan Williams filed a complaint Thursday with the attorney general's office against the state Democratic Party and Ayotte's opponent, Democrat Paul Hodes. Several voters have complained that they got calls aimed at spreading negative information about Ayotte and weren't told who was paying for them.

Both Hodes' campaign and the Democratic Party say the survey included the proper disclosure.

Last week, a pollster working for Hodes agreed to pay a $20,000 fine for conducting an illegal push poll against Ayotte in July.



1.  Guinta continues to hide the origin of the $500,000 slush fund that he is using to finance his campaign.  A recent NHPR investigative report highlighted the inconsistencies in Guinta’s story, and according to WMUR Political Scoop, “Guinta has called the mystery bank account a clerical error, but he has refused to show bank records to prove it's not a new account, which would be an illegal campaign donation.”  Guinta also continues to change his story, raising even more speculation and doubt.  Prominent Republican and conservative activists have called on him to reveal the source of this hidden account.  Guinta’s old boss and mentor, former Congressman Jeb Bradley, even called on Guinta to “drop out” of the race if he did not have a satisfactory explanation for the hidden bank account.


2.  Guinta lied in his first debate with Carol Shea-Porter.  Guinta claimed that he never had student loans, but his own financial disclosure forms reveal that he still does have student loans valued between $15,000 and $50,000.


3.  Guinta won’t give voters a straight answer about his plans for Social Security.  His statements on Social Security range from:  “let me take my own money and deal with my own investments for retirement” to Social Security is “no longer consistent with current pay scales and lifestyles."  Guinta has advocated for privatization and raising the retirement age.  He’s even refused to rule out means testing, which would turn Social Security into a welfare program.  During last week’s AARP debate, Guinta refused to answer how he would keep Social Security solvent.


4. Guinta was dishonest about his presence at a violent bar brawl that left a man’s leg broken in seven places.  Guinta claimed he didn’t see the altercation, but according to the police report, he was sitting only a few feet away.  Instead of calling the police, Guinta, who was Mayor of Manchester at the time, left the scene of the crime before any help arrived for the victim.  According to the Huffington Post, “Guinta was present for the entire event but claims he was too engrossed with his BlackBerry to look up. He left before the ambulance arrived, reportedly stepping over the victim's body on his way out the door.” Guinta then went on “vacation” and claimed that the questions surrounding his involvement were politically motivated. 


5.  Guinta claims that he was a successful mayor, but during his tenure, Manchester’s unemployment rose, violent crime shot up, and the list of failing schools nearly tripled. [Bureau of Labor Statistics, State and Local Unemployment, Historical Data], [Manchester Police Department, "Crime Data," accessed 1/21/10], [New Hampshire Department of Education, Assessment,]  


6.  Guinta claims that he is standing up for the middle class, but he supports borrowing from Communist China to extend the Bush tax breaks for the wealthiest 1%, which will add $700 billion to the national debt.


7.  Guinta has spoken about the need to support manufacturing and our small businesses, but he has taken a pledge to protect tax breaks for companies that ship our jobs overseas.


8.  Guinta claims to be a moderate voice for New Hampshire, but is really an extreme partisan who has pledged to join the Tea Party Caucus if elected to Congress. Guinta wants to ban abortion, even in the cases of rape and incest or to save the life of a mother, mandate the teaching of creationism in public schools throughout the US, and eliminate the Departments of Energy and Education, and the Corporation for Public Broadcasting. 


9. Guinta’s a flip-flopper; he says he’s for limited government, but he tried to increase his staff while implementing a hiring freeze on the city. During his first month in office, Guinta tried to hire an additional staff member for his mayoral office.  The hire was rejected by the City Council, who questioned whether it was fair for Guinta to hire more staff at a time he was pushing a partial hiring freeze for other departments. [Union Leader, 1/2/06]

10. Guinta’s lack of oversight and management capabilities allowed a city employee to steal $22,000. In a report about the theft, auditor Kevin Buckley said a "severe breakdown" in oversight allowed Hebert to get away with the thefts for more than a year. The report said city officials in the Mayor's Office and other departments missed key warning signs and failed to demand proof that reimbursement claims were legitimate. [Union Leader, 8/5/08]


NRSC - NH Taxpayers Continue To Foot Bill For Hodes' Extreme Agenda In Washington

Hodes’ Broken Promise On Health Care Costs, Failure To Regulate Fannie, Freddie, Slams Granite State Taxpayers

WASHINGTON – Two new reports reveal that New Hampshire’s families and job creators continue to pay a massive price for embattled U.S. Representative Paul Hodes’ (D-NH) extreme partisan agenda in Washington—including “sharply higher” health care costs and hundreds of billions of dollars in new bailouts.

Yet again, voters are reminded of Hodes’ broken promise that his costly, unpopular health care overhaul would lower costs as CNN reports that “Employees' share of premiums for a family plan is up an average 14%, to $3,997, vs. just a 3% rise in the total bill, according to the Kaiser Family Foundation. And it's not just premiums that are spiraling higher. You're also likely to be hit with higher deductibles and out-of-pocket maximums as well as bigger bills for doctor's visits and drugs.”

And Granite State families and small businesses will once again be forced to pay for massive bailouts in the wake of Hodes’ politically-motivated decision not to include government-run mortgage giants Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac in his financial regulation bill.  The Washington Post reports that “The federal bailout for Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac could more than double in size during the next three years, according to projections from the companies' federal regulator. Fannie and Freddie… will likely need at least another $73 billion and perhaps as much $215 billion from taxpayers in the next three years to meet their financial obligations, the Federal Housing Finance Agency said.”

“Hodes promised his massive health care overhaul would lower costs, but today New Hampshire families are being slammed with huge 14 percent premium hikes.  And because Hodes and his party bosses played partisan politics with financial regulations, Granite State taxpayers are now on the hook for billions more in bailouts,” said National Republican Senatorial Committee (NRSC) Press Secretary Amber Marchand.  “Today’s reports prove once again that New Hampshire simply cannot afford more of Paul Hodes’ extreme partisan agenda in Washington.”


CEI DAILY - Annie Leonard, Poker Games, and the Ethanol Tax Credit 


Annie Leonard


Annie Leonard, creator of the popular anti-capitalist video "The Story of Stuff," is receiving funding from the EPA.


Communications Coordinator Lee Doren explains why people should be concerned that Leonard's new pro-recycling television show is being funded by taxpayer dollars.


"I’ve heard some people ask me why we shouldn’t teach kids to recycle. The answer is because we are not running out of landfill space, we are not running out of resources and recycling is not always the right thing to do. Just read the Eight Great Myths of Recycling to understand why tax dollars should not be used to indoctrinate kids to fear their juice boxes.  Kids should be able to enjoy their childhoods without being bombarded with Malthusian propaganda."



Poker Games


In South Carolina, five men are still dealing with the legal ramifications of getting caught playing Texas Hold'em in a private residence once a week. 


Policy Analyst Michelle Minton argues that the a recent statement by an Assistant State Attorney General seems to foreclose the possibility of arrests for private poker games; yet the power is still in the hands of law enforcement.


"While the statement seems promising for the right to play poker, leaving the definition vague and for cops to determine on the seem leaves the legality of individual behavior within his or her own home that much more opaque. It does, however, get to the heart of the issue under debate with this case. When does one’s private residence become 'public' because of the activities they choose to engage in within the privacy of their own home?"



Ethanol Tax Credit


Statutory authority for the domestic ethanol tax credit and imported ethanol tariff will expire at the end of this year.


Senior Fellow Marlo Lewis argues that Congress should let it expire.


"For economic, humanitarian, and environmental reasons, Congress should sit back and let the grim policy reaper sweep these special-interest giveaways into history’s dustbin, as I explain this week on National Journal’s Energy Blog. Tomorrow, at the National Press Club, Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack will discuss the Obama Administration’s “strategy” to grow the biofuel industry. I’ve seen no inside info on what Vilsack will say. However, the corn ethanol lobby is pushing for “reforms” that would not only reauthorize the tariff and tax credit but also mandate the production and sale of ethanol-fueled vehicles and provide new subsidies to build a gigantic ethanol pipeline network and install 200,000 ethanol fuel pumps at service stations."