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Johnny Punish
The Tillman Story Sets Record Straight

Military Cover-Up Finally Exposed for the Record as former NFLer and U.S. Army Soldier Pat Tillman's Story is Told by His Family
Pat Tillman, the Arizona Cardinals safety who enlisted in the Army Rangers eight months after September 11, read Emerson, Chomsky, and, though an atheist, the Bible.  Resembling a beefier Seann William Scott, he shunned cell phones, cars, and professional-athlete megalomania. A fiercely private (and principled) person, his death in Afghanistan on April 22, 2004, during his second tour of duty, was spun by the Bush II administration into a recruiting tool.

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Manchester-Nashua, NH (Press Release) August 9th, 2010 – Yoga Balance Yoga Studio (www


New Ad Highlights Binnie's Record of Moving Jobs to Mexico; Deplorable Conditions at Mexican Plant

MANCHESTER – Today, Cornerstone Action launched a new radio ad, "Terriblemente Liberal," which highlights reports in the Union Leader that US Senate candidate Bill Binnie shipped US jobs to a plant in Mexico.  The ad also talks about the deplorable working conditions at Binnie's Mexican factory.

Commenting on the new ad was Cornerstone's Executive Director, Kevin Smith:

"At a time when families in NH continue to struggle to find work or stay employed, we thought it was important that voters know about Mr. Binnie's record of shipping good US jobs to foreign countries.  Additionally, we were very disturbed about reports of the  poor working conditions for pregnant women at Mr. Binnie's Mexican factory, as was noted by the international Human Rights Watch."

The new ad will run statewide on NH radio for one week beginning Friday.  To hear the new ad, Terribemente Liberal, visit:


The script for "Terriblemente Liberal" is as follows:

Woman: Honey, is that today’s Union Leader?

Man: It is - and you’ll never guess what they are reporting about Bill Binnie now.

Woman: Let me guess – his shockingly liberal positions?

Man: Not this time. Its about his disturbing business record.

Woman: Really? But Binnie’s flashy ads talk about the jobs he created.

Man: Yes – but he doesn’t say where. Turns out he has a history of moving good American jobs to Mexico.

Woman:  Mexico?

Man: Yes. Bill Binnie shut down his US factory and moved it to Tijuana, Mexico - costing hundreds of American jobs. While Binnie made millions, his Mexican plant employees worked in deplorable conditions.  One woman even reported having a miscarriage after working on her feet for too long. 

Woman:  That’s terrible! How can he defend that?

Man: Well, according to the Union Leader, Binnie is “denying the facts.”

Woman: Well apparently Bill Binnie is untrustworthy and shockingly liberal.

Man: (chuckle) Yeah, or as his employee’s might say, ‘terriblemente liberal’!.


Cornerstone-Action is the legislative and political advocacy arm of Cornerstone Policy Research. 

Cornerstone Policy Research is a non-partisan, non-profit education and research organization dedicated to the preservation of strong families, limited government and free markets.



2010 LFOD Rally Battle Video Link 

Captain Morrill's Artillery Co. spectator participant battle at Silver Ranch August 28, 2010 as part of the NH annual Live Free or Die Rally 4 day events.
Battle video link:
Battle photo album:


Bender for Senate - Minuteman founder says "New Hampshire is a border state, becoming a destination for illegal immigrants"

Jim Bender - US Senate 2010

Bender and Gilchrist both agree “Every State is a Border State” 

Nashua, NH- Jim Gilchrist, Founder of the Minuteman Project told a crowd of Granite State residents that “Every state in the union is now a border state” at an informational breakfast forum this morning at Bickford’s family restaurant in Nashua.  The forum was sponsored by Jim Bender, Republican candidate for U.S. Senate.  Dr. Bruce Reeves, CEO of Manchester-based ID authentication firm, Assure Tec Systems also served as a panelist.  The forum’s intent was to discuss information and solutions to tackle illegal immigration. 

When asked why border security should matter to New Hampshire, Gilchrist explained even though New Hampshire is a not on the southern border, it is still a border state.  He says that “previously untouched states are now the destination points of an endless stream of illegal aliens from around the world.   California, Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas have become overwhelmed by a massive inflow of illegal aliens and are infiltrated by the Mexican criminal drug cartels.”

Dr. Reeves said technology exists to identify those who are in the country illegally, “We need to smoke out how bad this problem is, and develop the statistics of how many fake and false identities there are.  Those are the keys to the kingdom to every piece of our infrastructure, whether it is transportation, housing, medical, you name it; that is the key to this whole thing.”

Jim Bender, who was endorsed by Jim Gilchrist yesterday for his strong commitment to securing the borders and his common sense approach to illegal immigration added, “I believe that everyone must play by the same rules and amnesty is wrong. Those who are illegal cannot apply for citizenship without getting in line behind those that have followed the laws of our nation.”


Bass For Congress - Do You Have The Best "Bass For Congress" Sign Location?


Have you noticed the Bass for Congress yard signs popping up all over the district? If you don't have one in your yard yet, REQUEST A SIGN TODAY - and the campaign will deliver it in the next 24-72 hours!

>From Pittsburg to Nashua and Concord to Keene, New Hampshire residents have been showing their support for Charlie and the Bass Campaign by placing small and large yard signs on their property. But the campaign wants to know if you think you have the best sign location in the district!

Scott Mason of North Stratford submitted the below picture, which might be hard to beat!

Submit a picture of a Bass sign on your property via email or on the Bass Campaign's Facebook Page and you will be invited to a supporter lunch hosted by Charlie the week of September 7-10. The winner of the contest will receive a special gift from the Bass Campaign at the lunch - and it won't be another yard sign! Make your submission today by emailing a picture of the sign to!

Contact the campaign today to request a yard sign by calling (603) 226-6000 or by emailing We look forward to seeing your yard sign!

The Bass Campaign



Please click on the CONTRIBUTE, VOLUNTEER, or TELL A FRIEND buttons on this page to support my campaign. With your help, we can fix the mess in Washington together! Please contact my campaign if you have any questions, comments or would like to get involved at (603) 226-6000 or by emailing