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AFP - Need your advice now before November 

Yesterday in Jonesboro, Arkansas an 84 year old lady named Eunice attended our Spending Revolt event. Afterward she told me that instead of walking around her block each day for exercise she drives to different neighborhoods to walk while knocking on doors and handing out our AFP citizen education brochures detailing the voting records of elected officials and asking citizens to persuade these politicians on the issues.
Eunice is truly committed to the cause.
After our rally in Little Rock the night before, at least 40 grassroots activists joined us to go door-to-door.  Together, we knocked on almost 1,000 doors.  Those folks gave up an entire Wednesday evening for the cause.  Afterward, we did take them to Larry's Pizza for the best buffet in town!
Today, I'm in Illinois and I see the same passion and commitment. Right now, we've got literally thousands of activists calling fellow citizens using our "Freedom Phone" program, an at home phone banking system that is easy to use, and quick to learn.  CLICK HERE to join and get started today!
If you have not joined our November is Coming effort, please do so right now.  CLICK HERE. People ask me how to make a difference for our principles, how to return our nation to its founding principles.  This is the way to do it.
You may never have another opportunity this big.  The stakes may never be higher for our nation and our economic freedoms.
Obama and his allies on the Left seem dead-set on forcing a massive tax hike at the end of this year, even though nearly all economists agree this is a terrible time to raise taxes.  Even Obama's own former budget director has said any tax hikes should be delayed for at least two years.

Now is the time to get out there and start making a difference. To paraphrase the late great President Ronald Reagan, "If not now, when.  If not us, then who?"
That's why I'm making this direct appeal to you -- join our November is Coming effort.  Sign up to be an at-home "freedom phoner."  Go knock on doors.  Be a Neighborhood Leader.  CLICK HERE
We're winning but we've got to keep fighting.

 Tim's Signature

Tim Phillips
President, Americans for Prosperity

PS:  AFP wants to hear from you!  We need your feedback to help make us a more effective grassroots organization.  Please click here to complete our brief survey.


CHQ - Conservative stalwart Tom Pauken: 'Insiders have lost control' 

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Conservative stalwart Tom Pauken:  'Insiders have lost control'
Washington Times -- "All of a sudden, the Washington political insiders have lost control of the Republican Party's machinery  . . . There is a more powerful grass-roots movement out there on the conservative side than at any time in American history - stronger than the 1964 Goldwater movement, the 1976 Reagan movement, and grass-roots-led takeover of Congress in 1994."

California congressional candidate Mattie Fein blows the whistle on the GOP Old Guard (blog) - Friend of CHQ Mattie Fein writes, "Karl Rove's recent rant on Christine O'Donnell's Senatorial primary win proves the Old Guard of the GOP needs to wake up."  Mattie faces Jane Harman in California's 36th District. Go to Mattie's campaign website to donate:

Conservative America is ready to take over -- American Thinker

Constitution Day:  The Constitution should inspire 'We the People' -- Allentown Morning Call

Ohio Tea Party wins fight to mark Constitution Day in the public square -- FOX News

A Constitution Day call for nullification --

The Revolution has arrived and the elites are on their way out -- Daily Beast

Damage control:  Rove swears he's not the 'establishment,' but who believes him? -- Hot Air

The Constitution Still Matters -- Virginia Tea Party Convention, Oct. 8 & 9
Join top small government, constitutional conservative, tea party leaders, activists and personalities Herman Cain, Ginni Thomas, Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell, Congressman Ron Paul, Dick Morris, Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinnelli, JennyBeth Martin, Congressman Steve King, Gary Aldrich, Craig Shirley, Chris Horner, Bishop E.W. Jackson and tea partiers from around the country at the 2010 Virginia Tea Party Patriots Convention, October 8 & 9, the Richmond Convention Center.  CHQ's own Mark Fitzgibbons will be speaking on the legal requirements for starting -- and fundraising for -- your own Tea Party.  Click here to register

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Richard A. Viguerie


Cooler Heads Digest 17 September 2010 

In the News

Fixing the Global Warming Establishment with New Lipstick
Shikha Dalmia,, 17 September 2010

Journalist’s Truthful Climate Reporting Gets Him Fired
Paul Chesser, American Spectator, 17 September 2010

Coal Miners Rally in Washington
Stephen Power, Wall Street Journal, 16 September 2010

Tragedy of the Commons Redux
Sterling Burnett, Planet Gore, 16 September 2010

Inconvenient Truths
Bjorn Lomborg, Wall Street Journal, 15 September 2010

Stand up to the EPA Power Grab
Phil Kerpen, Fox Forum, 14 September 2010

Wind Power on the Firing Line
Jon Boone,, 13 September 2010

News You Can Use
Ineffective Stimulus

According to an audit issued Thursday by Los Angeles Controller Wendy Greuel, the city has created just 55 jobs with $111 million from the 2009 stimulus.

Inside the Beltway
Myron Ebell

EPA Climate Regulations under Assault  

There was a fair amount of maneuvering this week on delaying the implementation of EPA’s regulations to limit greenhouse gas emissions.

On Capitol Hill, Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.), the chairwoman of the Interior and Environment Subcommittee of the Appropriations Committee, cancelled a full committee vote on her subcommittee’s appropriations bill because of the threat that an amendment to delay implementation of EPA’s regulation of stationary sources would pass.  Feinstein said that the committee may not vote on the bill at all this year.  Instead, Interior and EPA appropriations would be rolled into an omnibus spending bill.

Feinstein’s move was quickly countered by Senator Christopher Bond (R-Mo.), whose office let it be known that he might try to attach an amendment to a Defense appropriations bill.  Politico’s Morning Energy quotesan e-mail from a Bond staffer: “Bond believes the Defense authorization bill is the wrong place for a campaign wish list, but we'll have to see whether Democrats go through with plans to load on extra issues and whether that opens the door to other things.”

Senator Jay Rockefeller (D-WV) chimed in that he was still expecting a vote on the Senate floor before the end of the 111th Congress on his bill to delay EPA greenhouse gas regulations for two years.  Rockefeller told Environment and Energy News that he has 53 votes and expects to get to the 60 required by the time of the vote.  If there is a vote, it will likely occur in a lame duck session after the November 2 congressional elections. 

Ohio Governor Ted Strickland sent a letter this week to his state’s congressional delegation urging them to support a two-year delay.  This would be quite a surprise were not the liberal Democrat trailing in his campaign for re-election.  The Business Roundtable also sent a letter asking for a two-year delay.  This is significant because many companies that belong to the big business lobbying association support cap-and-trade.

Finally, three separate motions were filed in the federal D. C. Circuit Court of Appeals asking the court to delay implementation of EPA’s greenhouse gas regulations until the court rules on the lawsuit seeking to overturn the Endangerment Finding upon which the regulations are based. 

One motion was filed by the State of Texas; another was filed by several non-profit policy and legal groups; and the third was filed by three industry trade associations.

Across the States

By a 4 to 1 vote, the Riverside County Board of Supervisors approved a resolution supporting Proposition 23, the California ballot initiative to suspend AB 32, the State’s global warming law, until unemployment decreases to 5.5 %. Supervisor John Benoit, who authored the resolution, told the Desert Sun, “AB 32 is a very open law that's left to the bureaucracy to make the rules. I don't think we need to be the greenest Third World economy in the world. I'm afraid of where this leads us.” On August 18th, the Regional Council of Rural Counties, a coalition of supervisors from northern California counties, voted 21 to 0 to support Proposition 23.

In Sunday’s San Francisco Chronicle, James Kellogg, a prominent union leader, wrote a stirring endorsement of Proposition 23, titled “Like Having a Job? You’ll Love Prop 23.”

Around the World

In order to meet a pledge to reduce energy use per unit of economic output by 20 per cent over the five years ending this December, the Chinese government has ordered energy rationing, resulting in rolling blackouts across the country. More than 2,000 energy-intensive industries have been ordered to close. Yet even with these extreme measures, China is unlikely to meet the target.

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CEI - In the News: FDA Legal Challenges, Obama's Broken Pledge and Stimulus Roundup 


FDA Legal Challenges


The FDA ban on promoting so-called off-label uses for drugs and medical devices is now being challenged in federal court as an unconstitutional restriction on commercial free speech.  This coming term, the U.S. Second Circuit Court of Appeals will hear the case, which could over-turn the ban and make it easier for doctors and patients to learn about beneficial new uses of approved medical products.


In a forthcoming study for the publication Health Matrix: Journal of Law-Medicine [], CEI Senior Fellow Gregory Conko explains why the FDA policy violates the First Amendment and why freeing up manufacturer speech would have important benefits for American patients.


“Doctors and their patients reap tremendous benefits from the distribution of truthful and non-misleading information about effective off-label uses.  But the FDA’s ban on manufacturer promotion compromises the ability of doctors to learn about important treatment options.  Given the recognized value of open discourse on scientific and health matters, as well as the importance of off-label prescribing in patient care, it is far from clear that the blanket restriction on off-label promotion actually advance the government’s broader interest in promoting public health.  It is clear, however, that the ban is an unconstitutional restriction on commercial speech.”




Obama's Broken Pledge


The Cato Institute's full-page advertisement in the Washington Post identifies $525 billion Barack Obama could cut annually from the federal budget by eliminating unnecessary or harmful programs.


CEI’s Counsel for Special Projects Hans Bader outlines other harmful programs and failed government policies.


"The Obama administration’s housing spending is particularly wasteful.  It is now using regulations and billions in tax dollars to promote more of the risky lending that led to the financial crisis.  It is ratcheting up affordable-housing mandates that created markets for junk sub-prime mortgages (thus spawning the mortgage meltdown, as even the liberal Village Voice has conceded), and it is increasing regulatory pressure on banks to make risky loans."




Stimulus Roundup


Politicians and pundits have debated whether the stimulus has worked over the last few months.  However, it is often overlooked where all the money went.


CEI's Warren T. Brooks Journalism Fellow Ryan Young highlights some of the more absurd ways our stimulus money has been spent.


"Most people doubt Congress’ ability to spend money wisely. The stimulus has given them some proof."


CEI Weekly: Regulations Discourage Small Businesses from Hiring



Op-ed: CEI Vice President for Policy Wayne Crews this week began listing federal regulations that apply to small businesses. He concludes that regulations have made it impractical for businesses to hire. 




CEI's Wayne Crews wrote on Big Government this week about the burdens placed on small businesses in America. He points to the trend that as businesses increase in size, so do the number of regulations. These regulations, concludes Crews, discourage small business hiring in a time when we need it the most. Read his article here.





Clearing the Way for High-Tech Jobs

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Don't Blame BPA on Lobster Decline

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Al Gore, Iain Murray and the 'Tea Party'

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Greens Wants Their McCain Back

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