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NRN - Must Reads for June 24, 2010

Americans for Limited Government President Bill Wilson's quote of the day in reference to the DISCLOSE Act: "The First Amendment is supposed to extend to all individuals and groups of individuals, but instead Congress continues with its curious interpretation of freedom of speech and of the press where certain, politically-favored groups, including media, are completely protected from regulation, and others are not. Why is the Los Angeles Times 'more free' than Exxon-Mobil?"



Ayotte For US Senate - I Need Your Help! 

I need your help!

Paul Hodes launched a negative misleading attack ad today on New Hampshire television.  After four years in Congress, Paul Hodes’ first ad doesn’t discuss one thing he has accomplished, or anything he would do in the United States Senate.  Instead, he’s taking his campaign to the gutter with false misleading attacks.

Please make a contribution immediately to help me set the record straight.  Whether you can contribute $10, $25, $100, or even $1,000, it would make a tremendous difference in helping me defend against these attacks.

Under Paul Hodes’ watch, our deficits continue to skyrocket, and Paul Hodes votes in lockstep with Nancy Pelosi for ever expanding government. Whether it’s bailouts, or a trillion dollar takeover of health care, Hodes just keeps spending.  He knows that New Hampshire voters don’t support his record. He knows I am the Republican who will beat him. I’m leading him in all 15 polls that have come out in our race. He is desperate and made the political calculation that attacking me will help him.

I have news for him. His attacks will not work. Thanks to supporters like you, our campaign has a strong foundation. We have signed up thousands of grassroots volunteers, put out hundreds of signs, and made thousands of phone calls.

You contribution today, will ensure we keep the momentum going.

Thank you for your support. I look forward to seeing you on the campaign trail soon.



Manchester Mayor Ted Gatsas Endorses Boutin for State Senate 

Manchester, NH – Sen. David Boutin announced today the endorsement of Manchester Mayor Ted Gatsas, in his bid for re-election to the Senate District 16 seat which includes Manchester's Wards 1, 2, and 12, and the towns of Candia, Hooksett, Bow and Dunbarton.

“Since Sen. Boutin’s election to this seat in February, he has been a leader in protecting the interests of Manchester as well as all taxpayers. In this legislative session he has continuously fought against more taxes and fees, as well as downshifting of state costs to property taxpayers including Manchester. It was also through David’s hard work and determination, that Manchester received $125,000 in state funding to be used to dredge Livingston Pond in front of the dam. This will go a long way towards mitigating the potential of downstream flooding in the West Clarke Street neighborhood. This is the kind of leadership we need in the state Senate,” said Mayor Gatsas.

“I am honored to have the support of Mayor Gatsas and will continue to work with him to protect our Manchester constituents. I knocked on over 5000 doors in the special election earlier this year so that I could listen to people's concerns. I heard over and over again that people were tired of the overspending in Concord and wanted a state senator who would protect their pocketbooks. That is exactly what I have done in the Senate. I plan on knocking on even more doors during this campaign because we must restore our New Hampshire values of low taxes, less spending and smaller government,” said Boutin.

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Jim Bender calls out Democrats on their tax-pledge flip-flopping as they try to raise taxes on more Americans 

Jim Bender - US Senate 2010

HOLLIS, NH – Jim Bender, Republican candidate for U.S. Senate released the following statement regarding the Democrats assertion that the tax cuts passed in 2001 and 2003 may no longer be sustainable as the U.S. tries to reduce its growing debt. 

“This is a flip flop; raising taxes on families who are already struggling in this economy is unimaginable, said Bender.  "The Democrats were happy to stand with the President when he said he would not raise taxes on the middle class, but now the Democrat leadership is changing their tune. They are blaming these tax increases on the huge debt and deficit.  They need to understand we have to cut spending first before we go back to the American people for more of their hard earned money.  This is an issue of trust and accountability of our elected leaders.  I will go to Washington and fight for no new tax increases; fight for lower spending, call for reviews of all government programs to make sure it is good for the people of New Hampshire.  That is my word.” 


Horn For Congress - Listen to Jennifer on Sarah Palin Radio 

Jennifer Horn was a guest on Sarah Palin Radio earlier this week, joining the growing list of candidates that are being featured on their "Conversations with Conservative Candidates" series.

Other conservative candidates that have been featured on Sarah Palin Radio include Sue Lowden (NV-Sen.), Gov. Palin-endorsed Doug Hoffman (NY-23), Gov. Palin-endorsed Adam Kinzinger (IL-11), Danny Tarkanian, (NV-Sen.), Gov. Palin-endorsed Vaughn Ward (ID-1) and former FOX News commentator Angela McGlowan (MS-1).

Sarah Palin Radio is an independent, hour-long program on that supports Governor Palin and the ideals that she represents.

Other guests on Sarah Palin Radio include close friends and associates of Governor Palin's including the Hon. Newt Gingrich, Republican National Committee Chairman Michael Steele, "Joe the Plumber" and Chuck Heath, Gov. Palin's dad.

Listen to the interview here []


In Case You Missed It

Read Jennifer's quotes in The Hill story "Ousted lawmakers have another go and try to reclaim their former seats"

"Charlie Bass is the definition of a career politician and a Washington insider," Horn told The Hill.

Horn has criticized Bass for voting for budgets that contributed to the deficit, saying his calls for lower spending are hypocritical. "Career politicians and Washington insiders cannot fix what they have broken; in fact, they are the problem," Horn  wrote in a recent editorial in the Manchester Union Leader. "Some experience is just too expensive."

Read the full story here []


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