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Nov182010 - Our best parody video yet 


A Project of Public Notice

Good news! Profits are back, cash flow is good, and Steve’s dance moves are better than ever?! But before Frank, his girlfriend Karen and the rest of the gang can expand, hire and invest at their small business, they’ll have to convince the Boss Lady.

Watch the short comedy "Wait & See" by clicking the image below and see what’s stopping the quirky employees of this small biz from living a real American dream.
This video is a joke. It’s message is not. Washington's rhetoric and policies have been creating a damaging environment of uncertainty for businesses. When businesses lack clarity, they can't plan ahead -- choking expansion, investment and job creation.

STAY TUNED: later this week we’ll dig deeper with the launch of our documentary video series “The Story of Business.” The series will highlight the stories of inspiring small business owners and the consequences of Washington’s actions on their (and the country’s) livelihood.

So you’re getting a lot of emails from us this week. But if Washington is going to keep working against job creation (whether intentionally or not), then we’re not going to quit working with you until things change.

- The BA Team

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NH DHHS Announces Community Transportation Summit

Event to be held Thursday, November 18th, in Concord

Concord, NH – The New Hampshire Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) in partnership with the State Coordinating Council for Community Transportation is announcing the 2010 Community Transportation Summit. The Summit will feature speakers and presentations on the growing need for community transportation services in New Hampshire.

The Summit will also showcase the past year’s regional successes in community transportation by honoring various leaders, organizations and projects. This is an opportunity to learn more about New Hampshire’s progress in creating a system that will provide citizens with better access to transportation and services. The conference is being held at the Grappone Conference Center on Thursday, November 18th.

WHAT: 2010 Community Transportation Summit

WHEN: Thursday, November 18, 2010, from 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM

WHERE: Grappone Conference Center, 70 Constitution Avenue, Concord, NH



· 9:15 AM Community Transportation in New Hampshire: Looking Back and Moving Forward

· 12:15 Lunch Keynote: Legislative Issues and National Trends in Community Transportation

· 2:00 Community Transportation in Region 1

· 2:45 Breakout Discussions § Organizational Development:
 Sustaining a Coalition § Sustainable Communities:
Land Use and Transportation § Volunteer Driver Information and Networking


CEI Daily - Union Dues, New Jersey Gambling, and Social Security 


Union Dues


Union bosses claim to represent workers’ best interests, but their spending reports tell a different story.


CEI Studios' new video takes a closer look at the finanical reports of major unions.


Watch the video here. 



New Jersey Gambling


Proposed legislation in New Jersey would allow Atlantic City casinos to offer online versions of their games for the first time. 


Policy Analyst Michelle Minton commends legislators for moving forward on legalizing online gambling.


"While it shouldn’t have taken a budget crisis to move this forward and the state should not be subsidizing the horse racing industry, it is a step toward freedom for individuals who wish to gamble. If other states follow New Jersey’s lead and legalized Internet gambling within their borders, states could enter into agreements that allow residents to gamble online at each other’s online casinos. It isn’t perfect, but it is better than a blanket ban."




Social Security


George W. Bush recently said that he regrets not reforming Social Security.


Research Associate Alex Schibuola advocates privatizing Social Security.


"If Social Security were privatized, people would deposit their income with a bank. People actually save resources that businesses can invest. We, as true savers, get more resources in the future. [...]Remember, the purpose of actual saving is to allow you to consume more in the future — not today. Social Security retards this process, whereas privatized Social Security means actual saving. If people defer consuming some corn (GDP) today with a bank that lends it to someone to invest, then there will be more corn (GDP) tomorrow. This is the economics of Social Security."


Franklin Center - Million-dollar Jobs on the Taxpayers' Dime 


We wanted to pass along the below breaking news from Texas Watchdog:

Federal stimulus funds 38,000 jobs in Texas, but some of those jobs cost more than $1 million apiece. Some agencies received millions in federal stimulus and created no jobs.
Read the Texas Watchdog story here

HOUSTON, Texas, Nov. 17, 2010 --You might call it the Federal Stimulus' Million Dollar Jobs Club, except that in several instances you have millions of dollars, but no jobs.

There is the $4.4 million job through the block grant at the Texas Department of Rural Affairs. Or the $2.2 million job for the upkeep of National Guard property. The $23.1 million grants at the Texas Departments of Agriculture produced no jobs at all.

And for jobs that have been created there appear to be few contingency plans to keep them when the stimulus runs out.

See all of Texas Watchdog's exclusive reports by clicking here. See our daily reports by visiting our Watchdog Blog. Or go directly to the Texas Watchdog homepage.

Recent exclusive reports include:


Editor Trent Seibert at 832-316-4994

Deputy Editor Lee Ann O'Neal at 713-980-9777


ALG Demands Filibuster Against Judicial Nominees

"Senate Republicans are under no obligation to support nominees or provide political cover for the other side of the aisle."—ALG President Bill Wilson.

November 17th, 2010, Fairfax, VA—Americans for Limited Government (ALG) is encouraging Republicans in the Senate to filibuster the nomination of judicial nominees Goodwin Liu and Robert Chatigny, for the federal bench.  The full Senate is expected to vote on these judicial nominees tomorrow.

"Senate Republicans are under no obligation to support nominees or provide political cover for the other side of the aisle," explained Bill Wilson, president of Americans for Limited Government (ALG).

"Goodwin Liu is an extra-constitutional thinker who believes that the eligibility requirements for ObamaCare and other 'welfare rights' are perfectly within the scope of courts to interpret," Wilson noted.  "With him on the bench, a single-payer system could be just one court decision away.  The American people cannot take that chance."

"Liu also has an expansive view of the Commerce Clause, and does not even hold as an 'absolute requirement' that an activity even be economic in order for it to be regulated.  Guess what? That encapsulates all activity," Wilson explained.

"Robert Chatigny told the American people everything they needed to know when he did all in his power to prevent the execution of a convicted serial killer and rapist.  He even overturned Connecticut's sex offender registry law, only to later have his own decision reversed," Wilson explained.

Americans for Limited Government has run ads urging Senate Judiciary Committee members to oppose Chatigny.

Wilson concluded, "These radical judicial picks, re-nominated by Obama, remind the American people of why judges matter.  It is up to the Senate Republicans to put the brakes on nominees whose extralegal views warp and distort the Constitution and thus undermine the rule of law.  America does not need more ideologues on the bench."


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