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What You Need to Know Before Leaving Active Duty

If you're active duty there is a program called the Pre-Discharge Program. This is a joint Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) and Department of Defense (DoD) program that affords service members the opportunity to file claims for disability compensation ( up to 180 days prior to separation or retirement from active duty or full time National Guard or Reserve duty (Titles 10 and 32).


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CHQ - "Turn In" a Democrat to Obamacare's Big Brother 

Dear conservative friend,

In one of the White House's creepiest acts yet, it has posted a blog, which amounts to asking citizens to turn in those opposing Obamacare.

They even set up an email address so citizens may tell the White House who is spreading "disinformation" (wink, wink) about Obamacare.

Can you believe it? President Obama and his radical community organizers at the White House want literally to "keep track" of those who disagree with the government-run, potentially bankrupting health care bill, with its rationing of medical procedures to control costs, which Obama and Democrats in Congress are trying to ram through the system and into law.

They want information passed through "emails or even casual conversation." How Orwellian is that?

Totalitarian regimes, such as Nazi Germany or the Soviet Union, used similar tactics (without email, of course) to keep tabs on dissidents and other critics of those regimes.

Well, we say, let's help them.

Let's turn in the biggest spreaders of "disinformation" about Obamacare: Democrats.

We've prepared an email (below) for you featuring some of the biggest spreaders of disinformation about government-run Obamacare, including President Obama himself, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reed, Secretary of Health and Human Services Kathleen Sebelius, and Democratic National Committee Chairman Tim Kaine. You can copy and paste it, and send it to the White House's "catch a dissident" email address, which is:

Simply go to message below the line of this email, left click and scroll down to the end of the message, right click and hit copy, then click on, paste the message, and send the "Turn-in-a-Democrat" email.

Or . . . even send your own email to the White House to complain about its creepy, totalitarian tactics to get citizens to turn against fellow citizens who disagree with Obamacare.

Oh, and don't forget to send this to family, friends, colleagues, fellow church members, etc. and encourage them to "Turn in a Democrat."



State Court Filings Admit Budget “Uncertainty” Threatens Bond Rating, Lynch And Democrat Leadership Still Won’t Consider “Plan B”


CONCORD – As Governor Lynch, Senate President Larsen (D-Concord) and Speaker Norelli (D-Portsmouth) continue to ignore the JUA budget crisis, the State admitted in court papers filed today that the “uncertainty” created by their refusal to develop a “Plan B’ is threatening New Hampshire’s bond rating. According to a motion for an expedited appeal filed with the State Supreme Court, the chaos created by Governor Lynch’s inaction is causing “bond rating agencies that regularly evaluate the State’s finances,” to lose confidence in New Hampshire.


“Governor Lynch, Senate President Larsen and Speaker Norelli need to take their heads out of the sand and finally admit that the State is facing another fiscal crisis created by their irresponsible budget,” said NHGOP Communications Director Ryan Williams. “Their inaction and failure to provide leadership during this crisis is creating uncertainty that threatens New Hampshire’s bond rating and the State’s long-term fiscal stability.”


The State’s court motion also admits that "the Legislature needs as much time as possible... to consider alternative budget reductions and funding options." Despite calls from the Union Leader (8/3), Concord Monitor (8/3), Nashua Telegraph (8/2) and Foster’s Daily Democrat (8/2) to develop a “Plan B,” Lynch and the Democrat Leadership are currently refusing to address the budget crisis. They are even refusing to acknowledge the Superior Court’s recent ruling that blocked their attempted theft of $110 million in private funds from the JUA.


“We have no crisis,” claimed House Finance Chairperson Marjorie Smith (D-Durham) yesterday in an interview with NHPR’s The Exchange. “There is no talk at all that I am aware of [about a ‘Plan B’] because the people who made the decision that this was a legitimate way to proceed continue to believe that it is a legitimate way to proceed...There is no ‘Plan B.’”


Republican leaders in the House and Senate repeatedly warned Governor Lynch that his attempt to steal private money to balance the state budget was unconstitutional and would likely be overturned by the courts. After the Superior Court initially froze the JUA money on June 29, 2009, Republican senate minority leader Peter Bragdon immediately called on the Governor to veto the budget and work on a new plan that excluded the disputed funds. Lynch ignored Bragdon’s warning and signed the Democrats’ irresponsible budget on June 30 – knowing full well that it would be out of balance on day one. Senate President Larsen has also brushed off calls for a special session to address the crisis, saying that she sees “no immediate need,” for it (Larsen Statement, 7/31).









NRCC - Will Carol Shea-Porter Vote to 'Destroy Medicare?' 

Dem Lawmaker Says Healthcare Takeover Devastating for Medicare; Will Shea-Porter Follow Suit or Turn Her Back on New Hampshire Seniors?


Washington- As Democrat leaders use the August recess to resuscitate their failing healthcare agenda, Carol Shea-Porter has a choice to make when she gets back to Washington: she can side with New Hampshire seniors or she can side with her party bosses by casting a vote for a government healthcare takeover that, in the words of one Democrat lawmaker, will ‘destroy medicare.’ Given Shea-Porter's history of choosing Nancy Pelosi’s priorities over her district’s, Colorado seniors have reason to be concerned. Hopefully for Shea-Porter's constituents, she will heed the words of fellow Democrat Eric Massa:


“Rep. Eric Massa said Tuesday he opposes the health care reform bill being considered by the House of Representatives because he's concerned it will ruin Medicare or that it could force tens of millions of Americans to buy supplemental insurance they don't need.


“‘I will not vote for something that I perceive will destroy Medicare,’ Massa, a Democrat from Corning, said in an afternoon meeting with the editorial board of the Star-Gazette.” (Roger Neumann, “Health Plan Would Hurt Medicare, Massa Says,” Elmira Star-Gazette, 8/5/09)


“New Hampshire seniors can only hope that Carol Shea-Porter will take a hint from fellow Democrats who are lining up to oppose Nancy Pelosi’s disastrous healthcare agenda,” said NRCC Communications Director Ken Spain. “Unfortunately, Shea-Porter's history of marching in lock-step with her party leaders does not bode well for those seniors that actually want to keep the healthcare plans that they have. With millions of Americans concerned about losing their current coverage, Carol Shea-Porter seems poised to once again turn her back on the people she claims to represent in order to deliver a vote for Nancy Pelosi and the rest of her party bosses.”


As Shea-Porter's constituents and her Democrat comrades alike voice their disapproval of Nancy Pelosi’s healthcare agenda, will Shea-Porter finally make the right call? New Hampshire seniors are still waiting for an answer.



DNC Launches Web Ad Highlighting GOP Mob Rule 

Click Here to View "Enough of the Mob":  


Washington -- The Democratic National Committee today released a new web ad "Enough of the Mob" highlighting the angry mobs of a small number of GOP and special interest backedrabid right wing extremists who are disrupting thoughtful discussions about the future of health care in America taking place in Congressional Districts across the country.


"It's become clear that Republican leaders, having lost every major legislative battle on Capitol Hill, the confidence of the American people and two consecutive national elections, would rather incite angry, special interest funded mobs and disrupt and drown out legitimate discussion of the issues instead of working for real solutions for the American people,” said DNC Communications Director Brad Woodhouse.


“This activity is reminiscent of the manufactured, Republican Congressional staff protests during the Florida election dispute in 2000 and the more recent displays of right wing extremism at McCain-Palin rallies in last year’s election. These acts of mob rule are a direct result of and are being encouraged by Republican leaders who have vowed to ‘break’ the President for political gain and who have said that they hope that the President fails. This is the very type of anger and extremism that cost Republicans dearly in 2008 – and it is bound to back fire again.”



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VO: The right wing extremist Republican base is back

VIDEO: Clip from right-wing protest in Texas, August 1, 2009

CHYRON: They're back


WOMAN AT EVENT: "He's not an American citizen" Source: Mike Castle Town Hall, July 2009

VO: They lost the election - they lost on the recovery act, the budget and children's health care.


CHYRON: They lost the election. The battle over the Recovery Act / The Budget / Children's Health Care

VO: They've lost the confidence of the American people after eight years of failed policies that ruined our economy and cost millions of jobs.


CHYRON: They lost the confidence of Americans. After 8 years of failed policies that ruined our economy and cost millions of American jobs.


VO: Now, desperate Republicans and their well funded allies are organizing angry mobs - just like they did during the election.

VIDEO: Clip from right-wing protest in Texas, August 1, 2009

VO: Their goal? Destroy President Obama

IMAGE: Image from right-wing protest in Texas, August 1, 2009


VO: ... and stop the change Americans voted for overwhelmingly in November.

IMAGE: Photo of protestor outside Congressman Frank Kratovil's district office in Maryland

AUDIO CLIP: "It will break him" Sen. Jim Demint, 7/17/09

AUDIO CLIP: "I hope he fails" Rush Limbaugh, 1/2009


VIDEO: Clip from right-wing protestors in Philadelphia, PA Town Hall meeting with Secretary Sebelius and Sen. Specter, August 2, 2009


VO: This mob activity is straight from the play book of high level Republican political operatives.

IMAGE: Memo from FreedomWorks, Posted on Think Progress 7/31/09

CHYRON: opportunity to yell out / intermittent shout outs

VO: They have no plan for moving our country forward, so they've called out the mob.

IMAGES: John Boehner, Mitch McConnell, Rush Limbaugh, and Michael Steele

VIDEO: Clip from right-wing protest in Texas, August 1, 2009

WOMAN AT EVENT: "I want to know, why are you people ignoring his birth certificate?" Source: Mike Castle Town Hall, July 2009

VO: Call the Republican p arty. Tell them you've had enough of the mob.

TEXT ON-SCREEN: Call the GOP. 202-863-8500. Tell them you've had enough of the mob.

VO: The Democratic National Committee is responsible for the content of this advertising.

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