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CEI Weekly: The Future of Capitalism 

>>New Study

Black Box Panic--How the FDA’s Bad Science Leads to More Teen Suicides

by Greg Conko and Jerome Arnett

"When regulators are pushed to err on the side of safety, they often make society less safe, not more. A good example is the FDA’s recent crackdown on prescription antidepressants, which has led to a drop in their use and a corresponding increase in suicides among teenagers and young adults.


>>Shaping the Debate

[VIDEO] The Future of Capitalism

Fred Smithat CPAC 2009 answering the question "Are we all socialist now?"

O'Malley's Hot Air

Jeremy Lott and William Yeatman featured in The American Spectator


Greening America – At What Cost?

Iain Murray featured in The DC Examiner


States Broke the Insurance Regulatory System

Eli Lehrer featured in The New Majority



>>Best of the Blogs

George McGovern on Card Check

by Ivan Osorio

"George McGovern continues to speak out against the so-called Employee Free Choice Act, which he has described as an effort to undermine workplace democracy, because it would replace secret ballot elections with a process known as “card check,” whereby union organizers ask employees to sign union cards out in the open."


Your Interests Are My Interests

by Cord Blomquist

"Long story short: the [newspaper] industry needs all the help it can get. This is where Google comes in. Along with being a giant in the search industry, Google is empowering a network of publishers to the tune of $4.2 billion in revenue passed to them in 2007—according to members of Google’s DC office, the 2008 numbers are even larger."


Sen. Richard Shelby, LOL*

by Richard Morrison

"For his honesty and disregard of the self-interested Wall Street types who simply want more government money, Sen. Shelby wins this week’s coveted *Least Objectionable Legislator award from Keep up the good work, senator!"

Land Grab Bill on House Floor Today

by Richard Morrison

"Myron reports - 'House narrowly defeats omnibus land grab bill under suspension. 282 yes to 144 no. Two thirds needed under suspension. Two votes short.' Huzzah!"


The deep social meaning of couture fashion in Paris

by Fran Smith

"I thought at first it was a parody – Robin Givran’s Washington Post review of the fall fashion collections in Paris. But no. Givran’s take on the designer Rei Kawakubo’s new collection inspired by the “disenfranchised” was earnest and solemn."



>>CEI in the News

ABC News -- Greg Conko


Wasington Post -- Myron Ebell


The National Post -- Myron Ebell


USA Online Casinos -- Michelle Minton


Rational Review Online -- Michelle Minton


The -- Eli Lehrer and Michelle Minton




Episode 33: Drinking Our Way to Economic Health

we get a fresh recap from Ryan Young on the events of the Free State Project’s recent Liberty Forum in Nashua, New Hampshire (photos). Google’s CEO spurns Twitter (transcript via TechCrunch) in Technology News, John McCain and Richard Shelby say that the government should end the bailouts and let poorly-managed banks go bankrupt, and brewers pin their hopes on robust St. Patrick’s Day sales in this week’s edition of Beer News. Next, we go abroad for Scandal Watch where the Chinese government is cracking down on sub-optimal milk quality and finally back home to America for Olympic News, where the head of the U.S. Olympic Committee is calling it quits. The honor of Tweet of the WeekTM goes toDan Hayesof!



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NetRight Daily: Pelosi Lied, Tax Revolution and More!

Pelosi Lied: Did Pelosi ask for a larger plane? This is no longer a question, but rather a fact. She did. Now the Speaker must explain why she lied.

A Taxpayer Revolution: When New Hampshire became the 9th state to ratify the proposed U.S. Constitution, the nation's most important founding document was finally brought into full effect. Now, 221 years later, the state may again surge to the forefront of history as its newly enacted local spending caps portend a revolt of the populace against the out-of-control spending so prevalent in today's political “bailout” culture.

Chris Dodd's Irish 'Cottage': The Senate Ethics Committee has been looking into possible conflicts of interest in Connecticut Senator Chris Dodd's 2003 mortgages. Now questions about another Dodd real-estate adventure, this one in Ireland, should keep the Ethicists even busier. All the more because Mr. Dodd's "cottage" purchase involves a crooked stock trader for whom the Senator once did a very big political favor.

New Blog: Freedom Watch with the Judge: Fox News's Judge Napolitano has started a blog where he will archive episodes of his show, Freedom Watch.

Beating Back Judicial Activism in Missouri: When the Founding Fathers drafted the Constitution, careful attention was given to prevent the encroachment of one particular government body over another. As a result, surgical precision was dedicated to sculpting an intricate, three-branch system of government that kept tabs on itself by design.

FBI Raid on Obama Appointee Office: Federal agents this morning are searching the Judiciary Square office of Washington, D.C.'s Chief Technology Officer.

Trading Places: For years, the Communist Chinese have been the butt of American jokes for their Maoist principles and centralized government planning.

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CHQ Poll: Who is the GOP's Leader? 

Vote in Our CHQ Poll and Help Name the GOP's Leader
CHQ Polls - Democrats say Rush Limbaugh is the head of the GOP. Michael Steele says he is. But does anybody know who is leading the Republican Party? Vote in this online poll to voice your opinion on who should be leading conservatives in the GOP. [vote here]


Daily Lickskillet: Does Maggie's club really downplay the effect of white privilege? Find out by clicking here to read today's edition!

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  • Omnibus Passes with Republican Earmarxists' Help
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  • Why Rush Limbaugh is Good for Republicans
  • The Administration's Threat to Philanthropy

Shea-Porter Announces Nearly $50,000,000 Grant for Energy Efficiency Programs and Weatherization Funding 

Washington, DC – Congresswoman Carol Shea-Porter today announced that New Hampshire will receive a $25,827,000 grant for the State Energy Program and a $23,218,594 grant for weatherization projects. These funds, totaling $49,045,594, are through the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act.


“This is positive news for New Hampshire’s economy and environment,” said Congresswoman Carol Shea-Porter. “These funds will create new jobs, save families hundreds of dollars a year on energy bills, and help lead us on a path towards energy independence.”



DontGo Movement Launches Political Strategy Department 

Tea Parties and Now What??
DontGo Movement Launches Political Strategy Department


First came the Nationwide Tea Parties and now DontGo is gaining even more momentum with the launch of the Political Strategy Department. Even though they are in the middle of planning over 140 Tea Parties in states all over the country, they have found the time to now help local leaders. The Political Strategy Department will provide pro bono political consulting and PR to candidates running for local office.

Communications Director Juliana Johnson says, "We just keep taking on more and more because the demand has gotten so high. DontGo was formed to be a grassroots organization and so, with the launch of the Political Strategy Department, we are holding true to our values in helping out candidates who are running in hyper-local races such as school board or trustee seats."

The Political Strategy Department will be overseen by Andrew Kretschmar and will have various political professionals in every state ready to lend a hand. Any free-market, conservative candidate can apply for DontGo help by emailing


For more information on the DontGo Movement, please go to
For more information on the Tax Day Tea Parties, please go to