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NHDP - Will GOP Insider Gingrich Endorse Fellow Establishment GOP'er Charlie Bass? 

Concord - As former Republican House Speaker and ultimate Washington GOP insider Newt Gingrich prepares to visit the Granite State tomorrow, one can't help but wonder if he'll find time to do what other Washington GOP insiders have done to date - endorse fellow insider Charlie Bass's re-run candidacy.


Gingrich is a longtime mentor to Bass:



  • Last month, Charlie Bass wrote an op-ed in a Washington newspaper with Gingrich's former "confidant and tax policy advisor" Grover Norquist, calling for a "U-turn" to the economic policies of Bush and Gingrich.



Meanwhile, this past fall Newt Gingrich waded into another Republican primary in the special election for NY-23, where he endorsed Washington establishment GOP candidate Dede Scozzafava over Tea Party activist Doug Hoffman.


Will he do the same for insider Bass against tea party activist Jennifer Horn, or will he snub his old friend and protégé?


"Considering virtually every other Washington Republican establishment figure has lined up behind Bass's candidacy, it wouldn't be much of a surprise if Gingrich gets in line as well," said Derek Richer, Press Secretary for the New Hampshire State Democratic Party. "Unfortunately, Republicans fail to understand that having these establishment types force Bass's re-run candidacy upon independent Granite State voters simply won't work."


"Granite Staters take pride in our independence and Republicans who don't get that are grossly out of touch.  Bass was sent packing once already because of his fiscally irresponsible record and regardless of how hard party bosses in Washington try, he shouldn't expect for that record to ever be embraced again."


NHDP - Rep. David Boutin Silent on Appearance of Scandal Plagued Republican Operative

Will Boutin attend Republican training or call on the invitation to be revoked given it is in his State Senate District?


Concord - Today the Union Leader is reporting that scandal plagued Republican operative, Andrew Breitbart, will be holding a strategy session in District 16.  Breitbart has come under intense scrutiny because of his association with videographer, James O'Keefe, who has been accused of illegally entering the office of Senator Marry Landrieu. 

Despite the charges, Rep. David Boutin has been silent on this strategy session being held in his senate district.


"Is Rep. Boutin going to attend the training?" asked Derek Richer, press secretary for the New Hampshire Democratic Party.  "Given the serious questions surrounding Breitbart and the fact that the strategy session is being held in his district, Rep. Boutin should call on the invitation to be revoked."


Rep. Boutin's role in the strategy session, and why conservatives are insisting on holding the meeting despite the scandals surrounding Beitbart, remains a mystery.


"What's Boutin's role in the strategy session anyway?" continued Richer.  "Does he support the decision to use such a scandal plagued operative to chart strategy? Is Beitbart setting strategy for Rep. Boutin's senate campaign?"


Statement of OFA-NH Director Tim Arsenault on Fourth Quarter GDP Growth 

Tim Arsenault, State Director of Organizing for America (OFA)-New Hampshire issued the following statement regarding the 5.7 percent growth in the nation’s economy in the fourth quarter of 2009 released by the United States Commerce Department today:

“The news today that the nation’s economy grew by 5.7 percent in the last quarter of 2009 is both welcome and encouraging. With two straight quarters of GDP growth this past year—and the last quarter growing at the fastest rate since 2003—it’s clear that the President’s policies are beginning to take effect.  We’re pleased to see signs of recovery, and we’re confident we will continue to make progress on behalf of the millions of families and communities still struggling through the global economic downturn.

“In the coming months, it is critical that we implement the President’s proposals to support middle-class families and businesses so we can spur the job creation necessary to move beyond recovery to broad economic prosperity.

“This is only the beginning. By putting into action the plan unveiled by the President earlier this week, we know we will keep our economy moving in the right direction.”


NHDP - Ayotte's Week: Out-raised, Out-Hustled, No Plans for Jobs, Deficit 

As New Hampshire's Middle Class Fights Unemployment, Kelly Ayotte Has Yet to Provide One New Idea for Creating Jobs or Paying Down the Deficit


CONCORD - Republican Senate candidate Kelly Ayotte spent another week silent on a plan to create jobs for New Hampshire's middle-class families. Despite steep unemployment numbers and skyrocketing health care costs, Ayotte has presented no new ideas to help the middle class recover, pushing only the failed economic policies of George Bush, from tax cuts for the wealthy to deregulation of Wall Street [Union Leader, 1/10/09].


Ayotte has also failed to come up with a plan to reduce the country's massive deficit. She came out against Sen. Judd Gregg's proposal which would have created a bipartisan panel to cut through Washington gridlock, rein in spending and reduce the deficit [Union Leader, 1/28/10].


"After being out-raised and out-hustled for another week on the campaign trial, Kelly Ayotte is still giving middle class families the silent treatment," said Emily Browne, Press Secretary for the New Hampshire Democratic Party. "She doesn't have a new idea to create a single job and she has no plan to cut the deficit, even opposing a bipartisan commission to solve the problem. It's obvious that Kelly Ayotte's only plan is to support the failed economic polices that have led to record deficits and high unemployment."


NH House Committee Recommends Study of Bill that Would Tax and Regulate Marijuana 

Criminal Justice and Public Safety Committee votes 16-2 to consider details of H.B. 1652 before moving bill forward

CONCORD, NEW HAMPSHIRE – Yesterday, the New Hampshire House of Representatives Criminal Justice and Public Safety Committee voted 16-2 to “refer for interim study” H.B. 1652, a bill that would tax and regulate marijuana in a manner similar to alcohol. If the House concurs with this recommendation, the 20-member committee will proceed with a comprehensive study of the proposal. This vote is a promising sign that New Hampshire’s lawmakers are willing to seriously discuss the possibility of ending marijuana prohibition in the Granite State.

Previously, a vote to recommend that the bill “ought to pass” failed 8-10. Four Democrats and four Republicans voted in favor. Rep. Shannon Chandley (D-Milford), who voted against the first motion, told her colleagues, “I believe we should decriminalize marijuana,” but said she felt the committee should take time to consider all the details of the bill before recommending it to the full House of Representatives.   

“This committee seems to understand that the prohibition of marijuana has been a terrible policy failure,” said Matt Simon, executive director of the NH Coalition for Common Sense Marijuana Policy. “We appreciate the fact that some members want to give this further study and make sure the details are correct before they move this bill forward.”

In 2009, an effort to override Gov. John Lynch’s (D) veto of a medical marijuana bill passed the NH House but fell two votes short in the NH Senate.

HB 1652 is sponsored by Rep. Calvin Pratt (R-Goffstown), Rep. Joel Winters (D-Manchester), Rep. Carla Skinder (D-Cornish), and Rep. Timothy Comerford (R-Fremont).