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Shea-Porter Announces More Than $300,000 for Easter Seals  

WASHINGTON, DC — Congresswoman Carol Shea-Porter today announced that Easter Seals New Hampshire, Inc. will receive $307,521.  Funding will be used for the Seniors Count Coordination Initiative, which seeks to raise awareness and coordinate services that support the independence and well-being of seniors.  This grant is provided by the Administration on Aging of the United States Department of Health and Human Services.



Daily Grind: The Case of Patient Dumping in Chicago 

Away Goes Trouble Down the Drain
A controversial program at UCMC that Michelle Obama and Valerie Jarret helped to implement has resulted in numerous poor people having been denied care.

The Barstool Economist: The Disincentive to Work
When a recession hits, the first number everyone keeps a close eye on is the unemployment rate, but what the government does to try to combat this invariably fails on every level.

Too Hot Not To Note: Clunkers in Practice
The latest Wall Street Journal editorial shows why the "Cash for Clunkers" was one of the worst ideas ever from Washington.




CONCORD – Former New Hampshire Governor and Republican State Committee Chairman John H. Sununu released the following statement on Ken Merrifield’s victory in today’s Franklin mayoral race:

 “I want to congratulate Mayor Ken Merrifield and the city of Franklin. Ken’s re-election ensures that fiscally conservative policies will continue to promote economic growth and development in the city.

 “Ken’s commitment to the sound Republican principles of lower taxes and fiscal responsibility made the difference in this race.”



GMU - New Podcast: How's Business? Find Out Where Your State Ranks 

This week on the Inside State and Local Policy Podcast: How's Business? Find Out Where Your State Ranks we talk with Dr. Kail Padgitt of the Tax Foundation, author of the "2010 State Business Tax Climate Index."  The index measures the competitiveness of the 50 states' tax systems and ranks them according to the taxes that matter to business (corporate, income, sales, property, and unemployment insurance taxes).

Tune in to find out which states come out on top and which states come out on bottom and why.

To learn more and listen to other episodes, visit our website at:



NetRight Daily: Chicago, The Home of Corruption 

Southside Chicago, The Home of Corruption:  Patient Dumping is the practice of dumping those that cannot afford medical services or those that would burden the system onto other medical care providers. At the University of Chicago Medical Center, patient dumping appears to be a routine practice.

Welcome to OPEC-Care:  What if the government taxed people just because they were living and breathing? Taxation already touches almost all aspects of life, from paychecks to cable bills.

ObamaCare, The Great Tragedy:  Today, the Senate Finance Committee is expected to vote on the mark-up of the Senate version of ObamaCare, which would create the equivalent of a public-private partnership like Fannie Mae, the Federal Reserve, or Amtrak to "compete" with private sector health insurance.

Please check out this week's edition of Obama Appointment Watch featuring Mark Lloyd.

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