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Manchester Mayor and other city officials to announce grant to combat gang violence 

MANCHESTER (July 23, 2009) – Mayor Frank Guinta, Police Captain Richard Reilly, Office of Youth Services Director Marty Boldin and Weed and Seed Coordinator for the City of Manchester Nicole Rodler, will announce that the city has received a grant to participate in the 2009 Juvenile Reentry Crime Prevention Initiative.


This grant, which is issued by the U. S. Department of Justice Community Capacity Development Office, is made available to Weed and Seed programs nationwide. However, only nine programs were awarded the grant in 2009 and only two in New England (the Boston neighborhood of Dorchester being the other).


In addition to the above speakers, Mark Long, Law Enforcement Coordinator, U.S. Attorney’s Office for the District of New Hampshire; Tim Soucy, head of the Manchester Health Department; and various community stakeholders will be in attendance for the announcement.


Details about the grant and how these funds will be used will be discussed at the press conference. A press kit with information about the grant will also be available on Monday.



NetRight Daily: Blue Dogs, Waiting in Lines and Socialized Health Care 

Fellow Bloggers,

Harry Reid announced earlier today that he would not consider any Health Care legislation until the Senate returns from the August recess. This means that we need to ramp up coverage between now and then to make sure that they do not bring the bill back in the fall. We have won the first fight but now we need to fight even harder on this go around. We did this last year with energy and were successful. We can do it again. Here are today's top stories on NetRight Nation and other relevant information:


Rep. Akin (R-MO): Opposed to Socialized Health Care: President Obama and Speaker Pelosi are demanding that Congress immediately pass a sweeping government takeover of America's healthcare system and the nearly twenty percent of the nation's economy it represents. They demand this be done without a proper accounting of the program and what it means when it comes to rationed care and placing bureaucrats between patients and their doctors.


Rep. Carol Shea-Porter (D-NH): My Constituents Would Love to Wait in Line: In what can only be a false statement, Rep. Shea-Porter claims that her constituents would "love" to wait in line to receive medical care. With news that the Senate will not be considering Health Care legislation until after the August recess, Shea-Porter will now be able to spend a nice month in New Hampshire where she will surely be getting the good treatment that she deserves for making comments like this in the video...


Mayo Clinic Fights the Cancer of Government Intervention: When looking for ways to make health care less expensive, Congress would do well not to overlook the Mayo Clinic. Not that they could. The acclaimed medical group appears to have launched a major offensive against Obamacare, citing their own experience trying to provide coverage despite limitations placed on them by the current system.


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NRCC - Carol Shea-Porter Green-Lights Massive Tax Hikes 

New Hampshire Dem Endorses Job-Killing Agenda with Support of Paygo Sham


Washington- Carol Shea-Porter handed Nancy Pelosi and her Democrat leaders a free pass to tax New Hampshire businesses and families to the hilt today. By voting for the Democrats’ so-called Paygo bill, Shea-Porter gave the go-ahead for her party leaders to spend all the taxpayer money they want – and virtually ensured that they would have to raise taxes to do so.


Though Democrats have tried to sell their Paygo sham as a step toward fiscal responsibility, the ugly truth is that the bill is a free pass to spend taxpayers’ money and stick them with the bill:


“[T]he President is trying to give Democrats in Congress political cover for the health-care blowout and tax-increase votes that he knows are coming... The other goal of this new paygo campaign is to make it easier to raise taxes in 2011, and impossible to cut taxes for years after that.” (“The ‘Paygo’ Coverup,” Wall Street Journal, 6/12/09)


“Carol Shea-Porter likes to play the ‘fiscal responsibility’ game, but the dirty truth is that she just gave her party leaders a blank check signed by New Hampshire taxpayers,” said NRCC Communications Director Ken Spain. “As Shea-Porter and her Democrat friends attempt to push an agenda that is bankrupting the middle class, the last thing New Hampshire families want to see is a free pass for Nancy Pelosi to squeeze as much money out of them as she pleases.”




Senate Dems and policy experts think the House Paygo plan is empty: “House Democrats’ pay-as-you-go bill does not impress its Senate counterparts or various budget experts, who argue the legislation isn't as strong as the rules now in place... [S]enior Democrats in the upper chamber aren't eager to take up the legislation, arguing that it will do little to rein in deficits.” (Walter Alarkon, “House Dems Not Winning Over Critics with Pay-As-You-Go Legislation,” The Hill, 7/21/09)


Democrats are using Paygo as a building block for their tax-hiking, big-government agenda: “Paygo also can be used to justify all kinds of new taxes — from a Euro-style value-added tax to cap-and-trade levies. Since entitlements — the fastest-growing part of the budget — are excluded from Paygo, it won't stop the inexorable growth of government. It won't even slow it down much.” (“The President’s Paygo Schtick,” Investor’s Business Daily, 6/10/09)


Even liberal allies see through the Paygo sham: “‘Concerned that a slew of early PAYGO waivers would undermine the law's long-term effectiveness, Robert Greenstein, executive director of the liberal-oriented Center on Budget and Policy Priorities, told the [House Budget] committee: ‘It makes no sense to put in place a pay-as-you-go rule that says these extensions must be paid for when everyone knows they will not be.’” (David Dickson, “White House Pushes Pay-As-You-Go Bill,” Washington Times, 6/26/09)




Daily Grind: Beware of the Blue Dogs! 

Beware of the Blue Dogs
Barack Obama set his sights on the Blue Dog Democrats and they seem to already be rolling over.


Community Organizer-in-Chief
Barack Obama's true "Community Organizer" skills are coming out in his administrations policies.


Rangel Surtax Debate Exposes "Class Warfare" Myth
If America wants to remain competitive, its leaders must realize that they cannot continue to spend us into fiscal oblivion while throwing a monkey wrench into our nation's job creation engine.


Too Hot Not To Note: What's Next, Mr. President -- Cardigans?
We've seen this show before, but will Obama sport a Cardigan to continue to match former President Jimmy Carter?




DNC’s New Television Ad “No Plan At All” Calls Senator DeMint And The 'Party Of NO' On Their Strategy To Play Politics With Health Insurance Reform While Families And Small Businesses Across The Country Suffer Under The Burden Of Skyrocketing Health Care Costs





Washington Post’s The Fix: “Morning Fix: DNC Goes After DeMint”: The Democratic National Committee is up with ads in South Carolina hitting homestate Sen. Jim DeMint (R) for his much-publicized comment that a defeat of President Obama's health care plan would amount to a "Waterloo" for the chief executive. "Senator DeMint is playing politics with our health care," says the ad's narrator. "The only plan Jim DeMint supports is no plan at all." The ad will run on cable stations in the Greenville and Columbia media markets as well as in Washington, D.C. ... The goal, however, isn't to defeat DeMint -- after all, he isn't up for reelection to a third term until 2014. Rather, the White House wants to send a message that opposition to its legislative plans will not be taken lying down, and is putting a marker down for future fights.

CNN: “First on the CNN Ticker: DNC blast senator in new ad”: The Democratic National Committee is blasting Sen. Jim DeMint for his comments about President Obama’s health care plan in a new television ad that will begin airing Thursday here in the nation’s capital and in South Carolina. Speaking on the issue of health care, the South Carolina Republican recently said "if we're able to stop Obama on this, it will be his Waterloo.” DeMint immediately came under fire from the president’s supporters and now the DNC has cut a 30 second TV ad against the South Carolina Republican.


Politico: “DNC: ‘No Plan At All’”: The DNC says it's going up in South Carolina and Washington, D.C. with yet another shot at DeMint's threat to "break" Obama and cause his "Waterloo," a battle the White House loves. "The only people Jim DeMint will break are South Carolina families and business owners," says the narrator. "The only health care plan Jim DeMint supports is no plan at all."


ABC’s The Note: From the other side: Democrats are launching a new Web ad, “Playing Politics,” highlighting the Republican strategy to “ ‘kill’ health care reform and ‘break’ the president while millions of Americans struggle under the burden of sky-rocketing health care costs,” per a DNC official. (Featuring Rush Limbaugh, Michael Steele, and senators Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., and Jim DeMint, R-S.C.)


The State: “DeMint Targeted by Democrats in TV Ad”: U.S. Sen. Jim DeMint has been targeted by the Democratic National Committee over his opposition to President Obama's call for Congress to mandate health insurance for all Americans. DeMint said a failed bid by Obama to get a health care reform plan through Congress would be Obama's "Waterloo." DeMint opposes the plans going through Congress that would mandate health coverage for all Americans and would pose new fees on businesses and new taxes on the wealthy to help pay for universal coverage. (Video)


National Journal’s Hotline On Call: “DNC’s ‘No Plan At All’”: (Video) The DNC has released a new TV ad in SC knocking Sen. Jim DeMint (R-SC) for trying to "kill" health care reform. The ad, titled "No Plan at All," will air on cable news stations in Greenville (DeMint's hometown) and Columbia, as well as in DC. The ad highlights GOP efforts to thwart passage of a package. DeMint suggested, and affirmed again today, that he believes health care will be Pres. Obama's "Waterloo." "The politicization of health care reform by Senator Jim DeMint and Republicans is a desperate and shameful ploy by the 'Party of NO' to score a political win on the backs of struggling American families and small businesses," said the DNC's Brad Woodhouse. "What's worse is that this strategy originates from the same Republican Party who ignored health care reform for the past eight years, letting costs spiral out of control while protecting their special interest friends."


Real Clear Politics: “DNC: GOP 'Playing Politics' With Health Care”: The Democratic National Committee released a web video today accusing Republicans of "playing politics" with health care reform. The video highlights a oft-cited quote by Sen. Jim DeMint, who said recently that health care reform could be President Obama's "waterloo" if the GOP "is able to stop him on this." Obama has responded to the DeMint quote, which has also been cited today by House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer and Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee Chairman Chris Van Hollen. "While President Obama and House Democrats are offering solutions to fix America's broken health care system, Congressional Republicans are offering nothing more than the same old Washington finger-pointing and their just-say-no defense of the status quo," Van Hollen said in a press release that called out Republicans for "playing politics."


Huffington Post: “DNC Targets DeMint In TV Ad As Health Care Fights Heat Up (VIDEO)”: The Democratic National Committee is releasing a new television advertisement accusing DeMint of politicizing health care reform and symbolizing the "Party of No" characteristic of the GOP. "Jim DeMint and congressional Republicans are trying to kill health care reform," the ad reads. "Senator DeMint is playing politics with our health care, putting the special interests in Washington ahead of South Carolina families and business. The only health care plan Jim DeMint supports is no plan at all." The ad titled, "No Plan at All," is the latest effort by Democrats to make GOP opposition to health care the key and defining feature of the reform debate. Republicans have generally defended DeMint, saying that Democrats are making him a straw man. But there are others within the Republican ranks who also have begun saying that the South Carolinian's rhetoric was too aggressive. The spot, according to a DNC source, will air on cable news stations in Greenville (DeMint's hometown) and Columbia, S.C., as well as Washington D.C.

Christian Science Monitor: “How Jim DeMint did Obama a favor”: DeMint can be especially useful in keeping Obama’s left flank with him on health reform, as the president contemplates the inevitable compromises. The campaign wing of Obama’s operation, called Organizing for America – and based at the Democratic National Committee – has also leaped on the DeMint comment. On Tuesday, OFA director Mitch Stewart sent an e-mail to supporters, citing DeMint’s “Waterloo” comment and asking them to sign a “declaration of support” for Obama. The DNC itself released a Web ad, also riffing on DeMint’s remarks – throwing in conservative talker Rush Limbaugh and South Carolina’s other Republican senator, Lindsey Graham, for good measure. “Tell Republicans: Stop rooting for failure and start fighting for the American people,” the ad concludes.

Daily Kos: “New DNC Ad Blasts GOP”: Sen. Jim DeMint on Vow to "Break" Obama on Health Care”: The Democratic National Committee has a devastatingly effective ad up in South Carolina highlighting remarks from that state's Senator, Jim DeMint, to make health care President Obama's Waterloo. "It will break him."


The Plum Line: The DNC, keeping up its health care offensive, goes up on the air in South Carolina with a new spot hammering Jim DeMint’s claim that health care failure will be Obama’s “Waterloo”: ...The spot, which links DeMint’s efforts to broader Republican efforts to “kill” health care reform, is also running in D.C., which is to say, it’s targeting an insider audience.


New York Daily News: The DNC's new Web ad accuses the Republicans of "playing politics" with health care reform.