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CEI Weekly: Cuomo's Anti-Trust Witch Hunt 

>>CEI Blasts Antitrust Lawsuit Against Intel

CEI's Ryan Radia criticized New York Attorney General Andrew Cuomo and his groundless antitrust case again Intel. Radia accuses Cuomo of "using his authority to make headlines at consumers’ expense," and "[delaying] innovation in the computer chip market." Read the full news release here.

>>Wayne Crews and Ryan Radia's analysis of the lawsuit is cited in articles in Reuters, PC WorldPC Mag, and PC Advisor. Crews' complete analysis is available on

>>CEI Decries Sen. Boxer's Disregard in Passing Cap-and-Trade Bill Through Committee

Refusing to wait for a complete analysis of the economic impacts of S. 1733 (the Clean Energy Jobs and American Security Act), Committee Chairman Barbara Boxer rammed the bill through the Environment and Public Works Committee. CEI discusses what may have caused Boxer to disregard the Senate committee rule that requires at least two members of the minority party to be present.

>>CEI's Myron Ebell was quoted in USA Today on a survey of economists' opinions on climate agreements to limit global warming.

>>Shaping the Debate

New Report: Cap-and-trade is a Bust in Europe

Iain Murray's quote in the Washington Examiner

Yes, Virginia Fox

Wayne Crews and Ryan Young's op-ed in the American Spectator 

Eliminating Antitrust Exemption Will Kill Health Care Competition

Greg Conko and Kevin Hilferty's op-ed in the Investor's Business Daily

'Amazon Taxes' Fad Harmful to States, Consumers, Business

Ryan Young's op-ed in the Heartland Institute

>>Best of the Blogs

Cap-and-Trade Global Warming Bill is a Scam, Experts Reveal

by Hans Bader

Two EPA lawyers criticized the cap-and-trade energy bill passed by the House as a scam, noting in The Washington Post that it will be manipulated to profit politically connected corporations and reward certain kinds of pollution, while not cutting greenhouse gas emissions.  A similar scheme enacted in Europe in the name of fighting global warming enriched polluters, while not reducing emissions, which actually rose faster in most of Europe than in the U.S.

MPAA: Net Neutrality Will Kill Film Industry

by Elizabeth Jacobson

The Motion Picture Association of America has come out against net neutrality… sort of. In its filing with the FCC late last week, the MPAA reminded the commission of the importance of content companies in driving new infrastructure technologies, and claims that protecting these content companies (i.e. forcing ISPs to filter out file-sharers) is vital for the future health of the internet.

>>Liberty Week Podcast

Episode 67: Cash for Kids in Court

We start with the looming off-year elections, the unexpected lack of tropical storms and a cash for kids scandal in Pennsylvania. We finish with the fall of a spam king and the swine that didn’t squeal.

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Daily News from the Veterans Today Network 

Is Fox News Working for Israel Against the United States of America?

FOX / Murdoch / Israeli Policy to Keep us in Afghanistan NOT very pro-American
by Gordon Duff, Staff Writer - Fox News is using retired military officers surrounded by uniformed active duty troops in an attempt to derail debate on disengagement in Afghanistan.  After 8 years, the US is heading the same way Russia did, the more troops we send, the more die.  Absolutely nothing has been accomplished in 8 years in Afghanistan other than to start a major war in Pakistan too.  I understand Fox News.  They are controlled by the powerful Israeli spokeman, Rupert Murdoch.  Israel wants this war to go on forever.  Though Murdoch now is an American citizen, it doesn't seem to have "taken."
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Once again we can see the insanity of it all. When we will learn?


AUFC - Thank you, Representatives Hodes and Shea-Porter 

“Thank You Representatives Paul Hodes and Carol Shea-Porter for Standing Up to the Big Health Insurance Companies and Fighting for Affordable Health Care for All New Hampshire Families”

Washington D.C. – Americans United for Change applauded U.S. Reps. Paul Hodes and Carol Shea-Porter for helping pass the Affordable Health Care Act for America in the U.S. House late Saturday – sweeping health insurance reform legislation that will cover 96 percent of the American people, make coverage more affordable for all Americans, strengthen Medicare, and finally put an end to the indefensible health insurance industry practices of denying coverage based on “pre-existing conditions” and rescinding policies when Americans get sick and need it most.

Tom McMahon, Acting Executive Director, Americans United for Change: “A year ago this week, President Obama and Congressional Democrats won an overwhelming election victory with the promise of a new direction in America, especially when it came to spiraling health care costs, the thousands of Americans each day joining the millions without health insurance – and the thousands dying each year because of it. Today, New Hampshire families are closer than ever to realizing long-overdue health insurance reform thanks to Representatives like Paul Hodes and Carol Shea-Porter who stood up to the big health insurance industry and said ‘yes’ to guaranteeing all Americans access to quality and affordable health care.  With the passage of the Affordable Health Care for America Act, we are a giant step closer to ensuring that “pre-existing conditions” becomes a phrase of the past and that health insurance companies finally face real competition with a public option, driving costs down and quality up for all. 

 “It’s amazing to think that many of our government’s most popular success stories like Medicare and Social Security were born out of the same political struggles that health care reform faces today.  We need only look at history to know which side of history Paul Hodes and Carol Shea-Porter will be on: the right one.

 “Meanwhile, Congressional Republicans are oddly patting themselves on the back for flatly rejecting the wishes of the clear majority of the American people as well as the AARP, the American Cancer Society, the American Medical Association and many others by standing shoulder-to-shoulder in opposition.  The Party of NO seem to think there’s political points to be scored by putting the profits of the big insurance companies ahead of the American families watching their premiums go up four times faster than wages.  The Party of NO prefers the status quo where health insurance companies reward their CEO tens of millions of dollars for doing unscrupulous things to maximize profits, like rescinding policies when people get seriously sick.  The Party of NO chose to play games, offering a joke of an alternative bill that covers almost no one and lets insurers keep denying Americans with such “pre-existing conditions” as being a victim of domestic abuse or once having had a C-sectionThe only thing Republicans seem to be serious about is guaranteeing more big checks from the big health insurance industry by proposing no real reform at all.” 

Click Here to View Americans United for Change TV ad “After the Storm” Which Aired in the Nation’s Capital This Week Reminding Congress a Vote for Health Insurance Reform Will Be a Vote on the Right Side of History


Americans United for Change is a 501c4 issue-advocacy organization founded in 2005 to help defeat President Bush’s effort to privatize Social Security.  Since then, Americans United has waged numerous media campaigns to move forward a progressive agenda in Congress, from expanding children’s health care to millions of kids in need, to ending the war in Iraq, to investing in the clean energy jobs of the future, to passing major health insurance reform including a public option.


NHDP - Statement from NHDP Chair Ray Buckley Praising the House of Representative's Historic Vote to Pass Health Insurance Reform 

Concord - Ray Buckley, chair of the New Hampshire Democratic Party, released the following statement after the House of Representative's historic vote to pass health insurance reform.  Yesterday, the Affordable Health Care for America Act was passed by the House of Representatives.  This legislation reins in the insurance companies' worst practices while extending coverage to 36 million Americans and cutting the deficit by $104 billion in the next ten years.  The bill was supported by a wide range of groups including doctors, patients, seniors, consumers and Americans across the country.  All but one Republican voted against the bill.
"The passage of the Affordable Health Care for America act is an important step towards ensuring every American has access to quality, affordable health care coverage.
 "In the Granite State alone, 143,000 people are uninsured, with thousands more struggling to pay costs that are spiraling out of control.
"Thanks to the hard work of Congresswoman Carol Shea-Porter and Congressman Paul Hodes we have taken a significant step towards enactment of the comprehensive health insurance reform we need to address these growing challenges.


DSCC - Union Leader: Lamontagne says he's entering Senate race 

Four days after national Republicans announced they would not financially back their recruited candidates, New Hampshire Republican Ovide Lamontagne announced he will challenge Kelly Ayotte for the nomination for Senate. Lamontagne upset established-backed Congressman Bill Zeliff to become the Party's nominee for Governor in 1996.

Lamontagne says he's entering Senate race

Union Leader <>


Senior Political Reporter
November 8, 2009

MANCHESTER - Ovide Lamontagne has made his long-awaited decision. Tomorrow, he'll officially become a candidate for the U.S. Senate seat being vacated next year by Sen. Judd Gregg.

The 52-year-old Manchester attorney, 1996 Republican gubernatorial nominee and long-time conservative activist has been weighing whether to run since March, talking to GOP and other grassroots groups.

He told the New Hampshire Sunday News on Friday that despite being far behind former Attorney General Kelly Ayotte in fund-raising, and despite a pledge to his wife, Elizabeth, not to spend any personal money on a campaign, he will seek the seat.

Tomorrow's Lamontagne filings with the Federal Election Commission will be a statement of candidacy and the necessary campaign finance committee paperwork. He'll also unveil a new, "" Web site and embark on what he described as an anti-establishment campaign.

"Not only is Washington broken, but Washington is in desperate need of changing fundamentally how it operates," Lamontagne said in an interview at the Devine Millimet and Branch law firm, where he has practiced since 1986.

Lamontagne will become the fourth candidate officially in the race, joining Ayotte and businessmen James Bender of Hollis and William Binnie of Rye. Sean Mahoney of Portsmouth, publisher of BusinessNH magazine and a New Hampshire GOP representative on the Republican National Committee, is still considering whether to run.

The lone Democrat so far in the Senate race is 2nd District U.S. Rep. Paul Hodes.