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Boutin For NH Senate D16 - Boutin Recieves Key Endorsements Leading Into Election Weekend

Hooksett, NH – David Boutin, a candidate for the State Senate District 16 seat, announced today the endorsement of the New Hampshire Republican Liberty PAC and State Senator Bob Letourneau.  These endorsements come just days after receiving the endorsement of the New Hampshire Liberty Alliance and leading into the final weekend before the election.

“I am grateful for the outpouring of support I have received over the last several weeks of my campaign to be the next state senator from District 16.  As I have been knocking on doors and talking to voters one thing is clear – people are fed up.  They are sick and tired of the Democratic led majority sticking their hands into our wallets time and time again.  The Democrats have amassed a budget deficit of hundreds of millions of dollars and are spending us into bankruptcy. I am the only candidate in this race that has the proven record of being a tax fighter to get things done in Concord and get our state’s economy back on track,” said Boutin.

These endorsements are the most recent in a series of high profile endorsements from the New Hampshire Liberty Alliance, the Coalition of New Hampshire Taxpayers, Executive Councilor Ray Wieczorek, former Congressman Chuck Douglas, and former Congressman and current State Senator Jeb Bradley and the support of over 120 Republican State Legislators and local elected officials.

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Manchester, NH -- Following a conference call among 100 democratic house members, Carol Shea-Porter finally acknowledged the health care bill under consideration would be bad for New Hampshire families. Referencing a provision of the bill that would tax certain health insurance plans Shea-Porter said, “I have serious concerns about the excise tax proposal and the effect that it could have on middle class families in New Hampshire and across the country.” NY Times, January 7, 2010, House Democrats Push Back on Cadillac Tax, By David M. Herszenhorn

 “Now that Carol Shea-Porter has acknowledged what most of us already knew--this bill will hurt her constituents--I’d like to see her commit to voting against this legislation and any bill that will increase costs to New Hampshire families,” said 1st District Congressional Candidate Frank Guinta. “This entire process was begun under the premise of making health care more affordable and reducing the financial burden on struggling families. A bill that raises taxes, increases the cost of insurance for businesses and individuals, cuts Medicare by 500 billion, and costs a trillion dollars, certainly does not achieve the goal.”

During the democrat-only call, Carol Shea-Porter reportedly did not support a provision in the current bill creating a 40% excise tax for more expensive health insurance plans.  The tax on insurance companies would be passed on to businesses and individuals through increased premiums and/or reduced benefits.

“This tax on insurance plans is a horrible idea that will increase the cost of health care for insurance purchasers across the board and I agree with the Congresswoman’s opposition.  However, I’d like to see her new found concern for increasing the financial burden on families apply to the rest of her agenda, otherwise one would have to assume this is nothing more than an election year tactic to pretend she is not one of the biggest taxers in Washington,” Guinta said.

Just in the past year, Shea-Porter has voted for: Cap and Trade, the largest tax increase in American history; a trillion dollar stimulus bill; spending that put the national debt at over 12 trillion; and to increase the amount of deficit spending Congress can approve. Shea-Porter stood by Nancy Pelosi’s side as she announced the House’s Health Care legislation that would increase taxes, the cost of insurance for businesses and families and cost another trillion.

“Whether it is this generation or the next, the deficit we are accumulating will have to be paid back. Congress needs to rein in spending and come up with real solutions that provides tax relief to families and to businesses struggling in this economy,” said Guinta.

Frank Guinta has proposed a plan for real health care reform that includes TORT reform, allowing the purchasing of insurance across state lines to increase competition, and letting small businesses pool together to get the same rates as bigger ones.  His entire plan can be seen at



NetRight Daily: Today's Top News on NRN 

Why Is the State Department Getting a Pass?:  As I mentioned yesterday, my syndicated column today spotlights the abysmally lax visa issuance policies at Hillary Clinton's State Department -- a problem that festered before 9/11 under GOP and Democrat administrations alike and continues now (hello, James Riady).

The ObamaCare Albatross:  Fueled by voter dissatisfaction over the government takeover of the nation's health system and the unbridled expansion of government as a whole, 2010 is already shaping up to be a plus-year for Republicans. A growing consensus in Washington suggests that Republicans stand to pick up a windfall of seats in both houses of Congress..

VIDEO:  Jill Biden Clueless on DC School Voucher Program.

Book Review - Colossus by Niall Ferguson:  When most Americans hear the word empire, they think of the Romans or the British. They do not think of their own nation, the United States. So it was no shock when Niall Ferguson published "Colossus: The Rise and Fall of the American Empire" in 2005, he received lots of criticism from both the left and the right. But to read this book, the reader must open his or her mind to big ideas that are truly outside of the box.

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Daily Grind: The ObamaCare Albatross 

The ObamaCare Albatross
As opposition to ObamaCare has intensified, Republicans' lead in polls has expanded.

Ideological Profiling: Is it Ethnic Profiling?
The sort of ideological filtering that occurs in screening for terrorists is not racial or ethnic profiling at all.

Literati Mike the Centipede Man
Michael Steele never ceases to vindicate those who believe that "faux pas" is actually French for "politician."

Too Hot Not To Note: Graham says he is ready to make a deal on climate change legislation
The Charleston Business Journal reports that Senator Lindsey Graham is ready to be the 60th vote for cap-and-tax, which will surely put a burden on the business community across America.


NRN - A Serious Trust Issue 


The "T" in TSA doesn't stand for "Trust." But it might as well.

If we can't trust the Transportation Security Administration or its chief, how can we trust the agency to keep us safe in the air?

Matt Lauer of the Today show seemed to be miffed at South Carolina Sen. Jim DeMint this week for singlehandedly holding up confirmation of President Obama's nominee to head the TSA, Errol Southers. Referring to the Christmas Day attempted airliner bombing in Detroit, Lauer pointedly asked DeMint, "In light of Flight 253, are you still gonna hold out on that nomination, or are you maybe gonna come around?"

So in Lauer's world, we're supposed to drop all questions about the nominee because of the Christmas Day attack and just blindly "come around."

Never mind the fact that the Democrat-led Senate didn't try to confirm Southers prior to Christmas. Or that Obama waited eight months to nominate him.

But now DeMint is the problem? Yeah, right.

Nor does it bother Lauer at all that Southers won't answer simple questions about whether he'll support unionization of airport security screeners -- a very significant concern. Many of us believe the inflexible union mentality would make us less safe in such a setting. As Americans for Limited Government notes, unionization of security screeners "weakens security and has already been rejected by the CIA, the FBI, the Secret Service, the Coast Guard, and by every previous TSA administrator."

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