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NH Department of Corrections Director of Division of Community Corrections Sworn-in

(Concord, NH)  New Hampshire Department of Corrections Commissioner William L. Wrenn announced that Joseph Diament of Newfields was sworn in as the Director of the Division of Community Corrections.  He was sworn in by Justice of the Peace Margaret Defosses.  He will begin his duties on November 6, 2009.

Community Wrenn said, “Director Diament brings a wide array of experience to his new position, which will oversee transitional and community-based programs and support for adult offenders who leave the state’s prisons under probation or parole.”

Since 2004 Director Diament has been Director of Programs and Administration for New Futures.  Prior to this he served as Director of the New Hampshire Division for Juvenile Justice Services as well as CEO of Odyssey House, Inc., of Hampton.  He was also Executive Assistant to the Governor for Children and Youth, while serving as Director of the New Hampshire Office of Alcohol and Drug Abuse Prevention.

The goals of the Division of Community Corrections are to apply these transitional and community-based services in such a manner as to reduce recidivism, eventually reverse growth trends within the prisons, to contain corrections costs, and promote public safety.



Granite State High School Inmate Graduation Ceremony Recognizes Seven

(Concord, N.H.)  The New Hampshire Department of Corrections announces that seven inmates at the New Hampshire State Prison for Men in Concord received their diplomas today during the 2009 graduation ceremony.  Commissioner William L. Wrenn congratulated the offenders and Director of Education Daniel Tanguay awarded them their diplomas.

The Corrections Special School District is a fully functioning high school that is run at the Concord facility through the Bureau of Programs. The inmates receive their diplomas from Granite State High School after completing the required number of classes and credits like in any New Hampshire public high school.

“Obtaining a high school diploma is a significant accomplishment for each of these men and one that will play an important part in helping them to be successful when they are released from prison,” Commissioner Wrenn said.

Department of Education Commissioner Virginia Barry was also a guest speaker. Inmates were permitted to wear black gowns for the ceremony and the inmate band performed “Pomp and Circumstance.” The graduates were allowed to invite members of their family to attend the event.



Shea-Porter to Attend Signing Ceremony Tomorrow  

Tomorrow, Congresswoman Carol Shea-Porter will attend the signing of H.R. 2647, the National Defense Authorization Act, in the Rose Garden.

The signing ceremony will take place at 2:30 p.m.


NRCC - NRCC Announces Frank Guinta Reaches 'Contender' Status

New Hampshire Republican Takes Next Step Toward ‘Young Gun’ Status

The National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC) announced today that Frank Guinta (NH-01) has reached ‘Contender’ status as part of its Young Guns recruitment program. ‘Contender’ status is the second step in the three-level program, with Guinta now facing a new set of benchmarks to reach ‘Young Gun’ status. 

Founded in the 2007-2008 election cycle by Reps. Eric Cantor (R-VA), Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) and Paul Ryan (R-WI), the Young Guns program is a member-driven organization dedicated to electing open-seat and challenger candidates nationwide. By achieving ‘Contender’ status, Guinta has already proven his ability to build a successful campaign structure and achieve important fundraising goals.

 “Frank Guinta has already proven that he will be a formidable candidate by meeting the rigorous goals laid out by the Young Guns program and putting in place the pieces for a winning campaign,” said NRCC Chairman Pete Sessions. “Frank is part of a strong and growing candidate pool that is further proof that Republicans are ready to play offense over the course of this election cycle. His campaign is one of many putting Democrats on notice that their reckless big-government policies will not go unchallenged at the polls. Frank Guinta has proven once again that he is ready to hold this Democrat majority accountable for their runaway spending sprees and put our country back on the right track.” 

After serving Manchester for the better part of a decade – first as a member of the state legislature and then as mayor – Guinta is well qualified to tap into the First District’s political base. Guinta’s reputation for delivering on his promises provides instant credibility on issues that matter most to New Hampshire families.

While already completing certain steps to place him on the road to victory, Guinta now faces a new set of rigorous benchmarks that will help him advance to the top level of the Young Guns program and help him build a competitive, effective, and winning campaign.


NetRight Daily: Fred Thompson, Term Limits and More 

Fred Thompson Speaks Out About NY 23:  Specifically, Fred addresses Newt Gingrich.  Listen now!

Why We Need Term Limits in Congress:  Last week, we broke a story about Senator Jim DeMint introducing a Constitutional Amendment that would create Term Limits for members of the House of Representatives and the Senate. Senator DeMint followed up today with a blog post explaining why we need this amendment. Please read and spread to your friends.

Dismantling America:  Just one year ago, would you have believed that an unelected government official, not even a Cabinet member confirmed by the Senate but simply one of the many "czars" appointed by the President, could arbitrarily cut the pay of executives in private businesses by 50 percent or 90 percent?

Obama Appointment Watch:  The mainstream media continue to ignore President Obama's appointment of bizarre personnel to run the government. Personnel is policy. That being the case the American people need to know about these appointments. This week we look another couple of Obama appointees. These are not isolated incidents or an occasional bad apple. These folks are representative of the appointments he is making with little or no push back from the Senate during the confirmation process.

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