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NRCC - FOX: Shea-Porter Distancing Herself From White House 

NOTE: “Carol Shea Porter has finally admitted that the Stimulus Bill was poorly put together and hasn't been effective.  The real trouble is that there is no return policy for this trillion dollar boondoggle that has not put people back to work.  With Congress now debating a trillion dollar government-run health plan, New Hampshire residents can only hope that she'll put more thought into this vote, instead of blindly following Pelosi,” says Tory Mazzola, National Republican Congressional Committee Spokesman.


Democrat Distancing Herself From White House Before Tough 2010 Race

By Gretchen Gailey

FOX News White House View

October  26, 2009 5:30 PM


"I know it has created some jobs, but clearly not what we were anticipating," Representative Carol Shea Porter's (NH-D) words to WMUR-TV referring to the President Barack Obama's highly touted Stimulus Bill.

Just last week, the New Hampshire Office of Economic Recovery released a report indicating only 3,007 jobs had been created by the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, 19 % of the16,000 projected jobs promised to New Hampshire by the White House when the act was first signed. 

In February, Shea Porter voted for the Stimulus bill and told constituents that the Recovery Act was the key to getting people back to work.

"I am pleased that President Obama today signed the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act into law. This bill will create and save thousands of New Hampshire jobs, give 95% of working Americans an immediate tax cut, and invest in critical local infrastructure.  While this is not a perfect bill, it is a necessary bill that will help get our economy back on track."   

Now Shea Porter seems to be taking a step back from that bold support.

"I think that we should have put more money into the infrastructure so that there would be more projects that people could work on," says Shea Porter.

Shea Porter scored a big upset in 2006 when she unseated two-term Republican Representative Jeb Bradley by a 3 percentage-point margin. In a tough rematch in 2008 Shea Porter beat Bradley out by 6 points. She even ran about a point behind presidential nominee Barack Obama, who turned the 1st District Democratic blue after it favored Republican George W. Bush in 2000 and 2004.

Republican candidate Mayor Frank Guinta of Manchester, plans to take on Shea Porter in 2010. And the GOP will continue to push that Shea-Porter is too liberal for what is a closely divided district.

"Carol Shea Porter has finally admitted that the Stimulus Bill was poorly put together and hasn't been effective.  The real trouble is that there is no return policy for this trillion dollar boondoggle that has not put people back to work.  With Congress now debating a trillion dollar government-run health plan, New Hampshire residents can only hope that she'll put more thought into this vote, instead of blindly following Pelosi," says Tory Mazzola, National Republican Congressional Committee Spokesman.

Despite Shea Porter's comments to the local TV station, the White House is standing behind her and aren't concerned about her wavering support.

"Rep. Shea Porter has been a strong supporter of the Recovery Act, and a key advocate for its prompt and energetic implementation.  The Act has created or saved more than 1 million jobs nationwide, which is why a wide range of observers -- from independent economists to business leaders to governors in both parties -- have acknowledged its critical role in dealing with the tough economic times we face as a nation," says Liz Oxhorn, White House Spokesperson for the Recovery Act.



CHQ - Sign This Petition to Republican Leaders Calling on Them to Dump Dede 

Sign the Petition at That Calls on Republicans to Dump Liberal Dede Scozzafava in Favor of Conservative Doug Hoffman in New York Congressional Race - A new petition from calls on Republican leaders to withdraw their endorsements of liberal Republican Dede Hoffman, and support conservative Doug Hoffman in New York's 23rd District race. The NY-23 race is a bellwether for support of Barack Obama, and Scozzafava's continued presence in the race threatens to split the Republican and conservative vote, which could lead to the election of a Democrat and thwart the will of most voters in the district. All conservatives are encouraged to sign this petition to help elect a true conservative in this extremely pivotal race. [Sign the Petition]



National trade group committee proactively identifies issues and actions as industry grows

WASHINGTON – Today, leaders of the Solar Energy Industries Association’s Environment, Health and Safety (EHS) Committee announced their 2010 priority issues. The committee met today in Anaheim, Calif., in conjunction with the 2009 Solar Power International conference. Solar energy is acknowledged to be pollution-free and reduces the emissions that cause global warming. As part of a rapidly growing manufacturing industry, SEIA’s EHS Committee members have proactively identified areas of focus in environmental, health and safety to address as the industry expands.

 “We are an industry that seeks to solve environmental problems not create new ones, so we are committed to being ahead of the curve, anticipating long-term impacts and sharing best practices,” said SEIA’s EHS Committee Chair, Lisa Krueger, vice president for Sustainability at First Solar. “After assessing a variety of issues, we’ve trained our focus on five areas including solar panel recycling, fire safety, managing greenhouse gas emissions, life-cycle materials assessment across the supply-chain and communications of best practices to the industry.”

In March, SEIA established the board-level Environment, Health and Safety Committee tasked with assessing EHS industry issues, developing and issuing best practices and pursing industry solutions to ensure sustainable business practices.

 “As an industry, we would like to establish voluntary industry-wide sustainable business practices for manufacturing and recycling PV modules, similar to that of the European PV Cycle Association,” said SEIA’s EHS Committee Vice Chair, Julie Blunden, vice president for Public Policy and Corporate Communications at SunPower Corp. “Europe is ahead of the U.S. market today in terms of volume of installed solar, so we have the opportunity to learn from their experiences and plan ahead now.”

 “The American public overwhelmingly supports the development and use of solar energy to meet our nation’s energy needs with a clean, renewable source of fuel,” said SEIA President and CEO Rhone Resch. “And as the U.S. solar industry continues to grow, we need to make sure we manufacture, install and dispose of used equipment responsibly for decades to come. We will hold ourselves to higher ethical and environmental standards than the rest of the energy industry.”

The committee presented its slate of 2010 action items to the SEIA board on Oct. 9 and met today to develop 2010 work plans.

Specific priorities are:

Long-term Voluntary Solar Panel Recycling: Plan for long-term recycling of solar panels that are damaged or reach end-of-life after decades of use. Solar photovoltaic systems, solar thermal and concentrating solar power technologies have a life expectancy of 30 years. However, as the volume of solar installation grows in the U.S., the industry wants to plan ahead to responsibly recycle panels and other components.

Fire Safety: Collectively establish a national effort to track, collaborate and communicate on fire safety issues. While there have been only a few incidents of fires where the cause was suspected to be related to solar electric connections, the committee members determined that this issue should be tracked. Also, firefighters often must access rooftop space in the course of fighting a fire; the committee identified the need to work with the firefighter community to establish appropriate installation and firefighting training and techniques for buildings with solar energy equipment.

Managing Greenhouse Gases: Ensure industry is aware of and complies with recently released U.S. Environmental Protection Agency implementation rules for tracking and reporting of identified greenhouse gas emissions. While it appears that the vast majority of solar companies are well below EPA tracking thresholds, the committee identified the need to actively liaison with EPA, communicate the rule to the industry and provide best practices and support.

Lifecycle Materials Assessment: Review and assess materials handling and management across the supply-chain to share best practices, ensure worker safety and identify alternative materials with lower environmental impact.

Communications of EHS Issues and Best Practices: The committee will collect and share best practices on a range of EHS issues with the industry. For example, the committee developed and presented its first conference session, Keeping PV Clean, at SEIA’s PV America Conference on June 8. The session will be presented a second time in an expanded format tomorrow for the larger audience expected at Solar Power International.


“Developing and using solar energy is one of the fastest ways for the U.S. to reduce dangerous greenhouse gas emissions and address our climate change concerns,” said Krueger. “The solar industry is committed to being a leader in that effort.”

SEIA’s EHS Committee is composed of 15 representatives from 13 solar energy companies representing the full range of the industry’s supply-chain.


N.H. Patients Make Final Plea for Medical Marijuana Law in Tuesday Press Conference 

CONCORD— One day prior to the final vote on HB 648, patients and advocates will hold a Tuesday morning press conference urging legislators to end the uncertainty and pass this bill into law when they vote Oct. 28.

Additionally, half-page newspaper ads have been slated to run Tuesday in the Concord Monitor and the New Hampshire Union-Leader urging support for the override.

HB 648 passed the House and Senate June 24, but was subsequently vetoed by Gov. John Lynch.  If it becomes law, New Hampshire would become the 14th state to protect seriously ill patients from arrest for using medical marijuana if their doctor recommends it.


WHAT: Press conference urging legislators to pass the medical marijuana bill into law

WHO: Advocates scheduled to participate include:

Rep. Evalyn Merrick, prime sponsor of HB 648

Barbara Filleul, a cancer survivor from Concord

Dennis Acton, a cancer survivor from Fremont

Former state Sen. Burt Cohen, a survivor of Hepatitis-C

Matt Simon, executive director for the N.H. Coalition for Common Sense Marijuana Policy

WHEN: Tuesday, October 27, 10 a.m.

WHERE: Legislative Office Building lobby, Concord, N.H.




SBA Proposes Revision of Size Standards to Expand Small Business Opportunities 

WASHINGTON – The U.S. Small Business Administration is proposing increases in the size definitions for three broad commercial sectors.  The proposed increases cover size standards for 71 different types of businesses, two-thirds of them in retail trade sectors.  The rest are in accommodations and food services, and other services.

The changes, if adopted, will expand eligibility to small businesses and help them gain access to SBA’s financial assistance, contracting and other programs.

 “SBA has undertaken a comprehensive review of our size standards to ensure they are current and reflect changes in the economy and the marketplace,” SBA Administrator Karen Mills said. “SBA’s lending and government contracting programs provide effective opportunities for small businesses to help them expand and create jobs, especially during these tough economic times. This review and proposed changes will help make these critical programs available to more small businesses and ensure SBA is in a position to be a real partner in helping our nation’s entrepreneurs and small business owners succeed.”

SBA recognizes that in some industries, existing size standards have been affected by changes in industry structure, market conditions and business models.  SBA is therefore conducting a comprehensive review of all its small business size standards, and these three proposed rules are the first in the series.  SBA is examining every industry to ensure that existing size standards are based on current economic data and SBA will propose to revise those where it believes it is necessary.   The newly proposed rules give the public an opportunity to review and comment on SBA’s proposed standards as well as on the data and methodology that SBA uses to evaluate and revise size standards.

Before this comprehensive review, the last overall review of size standards occurred more than 25 years ago.  Since then, most reviews of size standards have been limited to in-depth analyses of specific industries requested by the public and federal agencies.   The SBA also makes periodic inflation adjustments to its dollar-denominated size standards.  The latest inflation adjustment to size standards was published in the Federal Register on July 18, 2008.

Comments can be submitted on this proposed rule on or before Dec. 21, 2009, to, where they will be posted, or mailed to Khem R. Sharma, chief, Size Standards Division, 409 3rd St. SW, Mail Code 6530, Washington, DC  20416, or via e-mail at:  For more information about SBA’s revisions to its small business size standards, visit and click on “What’s New.”