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NHDP - Chair Ray Buckley in Response to NHGOP Statement on the JUA Decision

Concord - New Hampshire Democratic Party Chair Ray Buckley issued the following statement in response to the statement made by New Hampshire Republican Party Chair John H. Sununu about State Supreme Court's JUA decision.
"As the only governor in New Hampshire history to have a deficit two years running, John H. Sununu is in no position to lecture anyone about fiscal responsibility. As Governor, John H. Sununu increased spending by an average of 22.25% per biennium, raised taxes, and left the 1983 and 1984 budgets in deficit."
"In the worst recession since the Great Depression, Governor Lynch and legislative Democrats made the tough choices necessary to pass a responsible and balanced budget.  While we disagree with the State Supreme Court's ruling in the JUA case, it does nothing to change the fact that Democrats balanced the FY2009 budget and will do the same in FY2010 and FY2011."


NHDP - Ayotte Opposes Bipartisan Panel to Reduce Spending and Pay Down Deficit 

Abandons Political Mentor as She Races Right to Compete in Increasingly Active Republican Primary


CONCORD - Republican Senate candidate Kelly Ayotte came out today against Sen. Judd Gregg's bipartisan panel to cut Washington spending and reduce the deficit. The panel was rejected by the Senate on Tuesday by a vote of 53-46 [Vote 5, 1/26/10; Union Leader, 1/28/10] and is the latest step Ayotte has taken to move herself to the far-right, as she faces an increasingly competitive Republican primary.  


"Kelly Ayotte will always put politics before the people of New Hampshire," said Emily Browne, Press Secretary for the New Hampshire Democratic Party. "Whether it's sorely-needed health care reform, tax cuts for small businesses or regulations to keep Wall Street accountable to Main Street, Ayotte has consistently done what's politically expedient, rather than what's right.


"Granite State families need jobs - they need affordable health care and they need a fiscally responsible government. Kelly Ayotte is more concerned with scoring political points than she is with bringing jobs and health care to middle-class families and combating the deficit," added Browne.


Senator Gregg said that the defeat of the bipartisan deficit commission shows "that Congress is more concerned with the next election than the next generation." [Union Leader, 1/26/10]



Leadership to develop energy infrastructure and harness nation’s vast solar resources recognized
WASHINGTON, DC – The Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA) today announced Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar as recipient of a 2009 National Solar Energy Champion Award, citing his tireless leadership to spur clean energy infrastructure development, create jobs, combat climate change and harness our nation’s vast solar resources.
“In his role at the Department of the Interior, Secretary Salazar oversees the best solar resources in the world and understands that we need to put this clean, domestic resources to work for America,” said Rhone Resch, president of SEIA. “Throughout his first year in office, Secretary Salazar has worked with the industry, the environmental community and the general public to expedite the construction of these cutting-edge power plants that will not only bring clean energy to the Southwest, but will also create tens of thousands of jobs.  We are proud to name him SEIA’s 2009 Solar Energy Champion of the Year. As we declared in the Solar Bill of Rights, the solar industry has the right to equal access to public lands and the right to interconnect. We look forward to working with Secretary Salazar on these important policies in 2010.”
Last March, Secretary Salazar signed an order to make the production, development and delivery of renewable energy a top priority for the Interior Department. This order also created a task force that will prioritize transmission rights-of-way applications necessary to deliver clean energy generated in the solar-rich American Southwest to population centers around the country to meet growing energy demands.
In June, Secretary Salazar joined Senator Harry Reid to announce “fast track” initiatives that bring federal agencies together with leaders in Western states to designate U.S. public lands in the West as key areas for utility-scale solar development, fund environmental studies, open new renewable energy coordination offices and speed reviews of industry proposals. These policies will play an important role in encouraging development of utility-scale solar power in America’s Southwest, which has some of the best solar resources in the world.
Since taking office, Secretary Salazar has set aside 1,000 square miles of public lands in 24 “Solar Study Areas” that have the potential to generate nearly 100,000 megawatts of clean, reliable solar energy. The secretary also announced, with Bureau of Land Management Director Abbey, a new program to fast-track review of specific solar energy projects in advanced stages of the permitting process. This effort applies to 14 solar projects representing 6,521 megawatts of capacity which is enough electricity to power 1.6 million homes.  In addition, these solar projects are estimated to create more than 20,000 jobs.
These solar projects would be the first on BLM land and would occupy 67,00 acres. To put this into perspective, oil and gas companies now lease 45 million acres of federal land – an area the equivalent of Washington state.

SEIA - Solar Job Creation Takes Center Stage at Senate Hearing

SEIA member companies testify on job growth, 10 Million Roofs bill

WASHINGTON, DC – Today, representatives of three Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA) member companies testified before a joint meeting of the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee and its Green Jobs Subcommittee. The hearing was convened by full Committee Chairman Barbara Boxer (D-CA) and Subcommittee Chairman Bernie Sanders (I-VT) It focused on Senator Sanders’ 10 Million Solar Roofs and 10 Million Gallons of Solar Hot Water Act of 2010. This bill, modeled on California’s Million Solar Roofs initiative, would deploy solar on 10 million rooftops nationwide and increase the capacity of solar hot water by 10 million gallons over the course of the next 10 years.
"We applaud Senator Sanders for his leadership and for holding this hearing," said SEIA President and CEO Rhone Resch.  "The 10 Million Solar Roofs Act would provide key incentives to adopting both photovoltaic solar and solar hot water.  From plumbers and electricians to installers, manufacturers and construction workers, we're getting more people back to work at the jobs that are the backbone of this country.”
"For every megawatt of photovoltaic solar we add to America's energy portfolio, we create 24 jobs here in the United States. We look forward to working with Senator Sanders and the EPW Committee to improve and pass this important legislation," added Resch.
“The 10 Million Solar Roofs bill, recently introduced by Chairman Sanders, would help homeowners and small businesses stabilize their energy costs by defraying enough of the cost of a solar electric or solar hot water system,” said Jeff Wolfe, co-founder and CEO of solar distributor, installer, and integrator groSolar and Chairman of SEIA’s Photovoltaic (PV) Division. “This type of program has been proven in California with their Million Solar Roof program. Rolling it out nationwide will create jobs in every congressional district, and secure, reliable and clean distributed energy.”
“Today, our growing Ohio operations directly employ over 1,000 associates and remain a nucleus for research and technology innovation,” said Robert Gillette, CEO of thin film manufacturer First Solar. “In a state with over 10 percent unemployment, our operations continue to expand and offer high-tech jobs.”
“Last summer eSolar launched its first commercialscale solar facility, a 5megawatt power plant in Lancaster, California in the heart of the Antelope Valley region. The project created more than 300 jobs at the peak of construction,” said Robert Rogan, Senior Vice President, Americas for utility-scale solar developer eSolar.
If enacted, the 10 Million Solar Roofs Act would provide rebates to residential and commercial property owners to install photovoltaic and solar hot water heating systems. These rebates would help overcome initial cost barriers that have slowed widespread solar adoption, despite 92 percent of the American public agreeing that it is important for the nation to develop and use solar energy.
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Daily News from the Veterans Today Network 

Politics and Empathy for Veterans 

The Vast Majority of Americans do NOT have a Loved One in the Military

by Bob Hanafin, Staff Writer
Majority Do Not Have Loved Ones in Military
As supplement to Mike Leon's take on Obama's State of the Union in his article "Obama Bring the Troops Home"  Veterans Today has also received this call to action from Military Families Speak Out (MFSO).

Despite the patronizing of America's veterans and military families and attempts to placate us by sending forth Michelle Obama (for what the second time) and Joe Biden, military families are beginning to take note of just how   superficial Obama's reference to the wars really were.

Mike touched on an aspect of this. We believe the media is NOW more interested in hearing from troops and military families willing to speak out after Obama's State of the Union than before it.

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