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Senate Republicans Vote Down Transgender Bill 

Concord, NH –Today, the New Hampshire Senate voted 24-0 to kill HB 415, which would have given special legal status to transgenders.


“Today was an important victory in stopping the radical San Francisco agenda by the liberal left,” said Senate Minority Leader Peter Bragdon. “The position of the Senate Republicans is the same as that of Governor Lynch, who says concerns raised by advocates of the bill are already addressed in current law.”


HB 415 would allow a person to enter any restroom, regardless of his or her sex at birth, based on how he or she behaves, sounds or appears.



Senate Republicans Stand for Traditional Meaning of Marriage 

Concord, NH – Today the state Senate passed HB 436, which redefines “marriage” to include same-sex couples.


“The civil union legislation enacted two years ago provides same-sex couples the same rights, benefits, privileges and responsibilities as marriage does for heterosexual couples," said Senate Minority Leader Peter Bragdon (R-Milford). "Senate Republicans believe the word ‘marriage’ should not be co-opted to mean something other than its traditional meaning, which is between one man and one woman. We know Governor Lynch feels the same way and we urge him to veto this bill when it reaches his desk."


“I went door to door visiting the voters of Senate district 3, and the overwhelming feeling was that citizens want the Legislature to focus on the economy not these divisive social issues,” stated Senator Jeb Bradley (Wolfeboro-R). “I look forward to standing with Governor Lynch as he vetoes this legislation.”




“[Ray Buckley] is calling in every chit he can to win the vote later today. He metfor over eight hours on Tuesdaywith the Senate Democratic Caucus trying to get the votes needed to

pass the marriage bill.”


Human Rights Campaign Field Director Marty Rouse (, 4/29/09)



A Radical Out-Of-State Special Interest Group Credits Democrat Chairman Ray Buckley With Passing The Democrats’ Radical Agenda:


  • Buckley has been “working hard behind the scenes” to pass the Democrats’ radical agenda: “New Hampshire Democratic Party Chair Ray Buckley has been working hard behind the scenes to secure the votes neededto pass the bill.HRC worked closely with Buckley, legislators, community groups and local leaders....” (Human Rights Campaign website, 4/29/09)


  • Buckley has been “working closely” with radical out-of-state advocacy groups: “National Field Director Marty Rouse has been working closely with Ray Buckley and other leaders in New Hampshire over the years, including on the marriage bill the Senate will vote on today.” (Human Rights Campaign website, 4/29/09)


  • Rouse: Buckley engaged in backroom political deals and called in “every chit” he had: “[Ray Buckley] is calling in every chit he can to win the vote later today.” (Human Rights Campaign website, 4/29/09)


  • Rouse: Buckley pressured lawmakers for “over eight hours on Tuesday” to pass the Democrats radical agenda: “He metfor over eight hours on Tuesdaywith the Senate Democratic Caucus trying to get the votes needed to pass the marriage bill.” (Human Rights Campaign website, 4/29/09)





But Democrats Have Been Misleading The Public, Claiming That Ray Buckley Isn’t Involved In The “Legislative Battle” Over The Democrats’ Radical Agenda:


  • NH Democrat Party Spokeswoman Victoria Bonney told the Concord Monitor that “Party staffers stay out of legislative battles:” “I asked Democratic spokeswoman Victoria Bonney, and she noted, rightly, that party staffers stay out of legislative battles.” (Concord Monitor, 4/26/09)


  • Senior Democrat Party Advisor Kathy Sullivan said that Ray Buckley's job is “not to be a spokesperson on policy”: “There are a Democratic governor, a Democratic state [senate] president and a Democratic speaker, other Democratic officeholders elected by the voters to make policy or issues decisions. [Ray Buckley’s] job is to get Democrats elected, not to be a spokesperson on policy when there are elected Democratic officials who are making decisions on those policy issues.” (BlueHampshire, 4/13/09)



Why Is Ray Buckley Secretly Undermining Governor John Lynch?



Buckley Is Advocating For Same-Sex Marriage Despite Opposition From His Party’s Governor:


  • Concord Monitor: “Gov. John Lynch, a centrist Democrat, has said he opposes same-sex marriage...” (4/24/09)


  • Governor Lynch: “I think the word marriage is reserved for a marriage between a man and a woman.." (Union Leader, 4/16/09)


CONCORD – Today, former New Hampshire Governor and Republican State Committee Chairman John H. Sununu released the following statement on the radical Democrat State Senate supporting same-sex marriage:


“It’s clear that there was a lot of arm-twisting that took place yesterday in the Senate Democrat Caucus. The real test of course, will be whether Governor Lynch is strong enough to support his own statements of opposition to same-sex marriage and have the courage to veto this legislation. I certainly cannot believe the rumors that he is going to allow it become law without his signature because that, of course, would make it clear to the voters of New Hampshire that there is no capacity for leadership or accountability in the Governor’s office today.”


Swine Flu News for New Hampshire Churches 


Influenza A (H1N1) Virus of Swine Origins

New Hampshire:No probable case as of April 29, 2009, 2 PM
New England States:Two confirmed cases as of April 29, 2009, 2 PM
National Report:CDC at

International Report:

WHO at



Church Activity:


· For a copy of the 28 page booklet "Pandemic Influenza Planning for Parishes" (created for Episcopal parishes and the Avian Flu but applies for all houses of worship and the swine flu) go to:


New Hampshire Department of Health and Human Services:


Human cases of an influenza A (H1N1) virus infection that has a swine component have been identified in the United States. Human cases of swine influenza A (H1N1) virus infection also have been identified internationally. An investigation and response effort surrounding the outbreak of swine flu is ongoing on the national level and here in New Hampshire. The symptoms of swine flu in people are similar to the symptoms of seasonal flu in humans and may include:

Fever (greater than 100°F)

Sore throat


Stuffy nose


Headache and body aches


Some of the people who have become ill with swine flu reported diarrhea and vomiting as well. Severe illness (pneumonia and respiratory failure) and deaths have been reported as well.

The New Hampshire Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) is working very closely with all our State partners as well as with health officials in at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and officials in other states to monitor and respond to this outbreak of illness. The DHHS Division of Public Health Services (DPHS) is performing active surveillance for any potential cases.DHHS will keep the public updated with information as it becomes available because this is a constantly changing situation.

This illness is spread from person to person and there is no risk of contracting this flu virus by eating pork. There are, however, some basic precautions that everyone should be taking to prevent becoming ill or spreading illnesses, not just swine flu are:


DHHS Swine Flu line open during business hours for questions:

Public Inquiry Line
8:00AM-8:00 PM


Common questions from callers:

Pets: It does not appear that Influenza A (H1N1) Swine Flu puts our household pets at risk.


Vaccine: There is not a vaccine for Influenza A (H1N1) Swine Flu, however, its in development.



For further information go to

NH Dept. of Health & Human services at


There you will find additional resources, up-to-date information, and links to other sources of information.

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