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GSCAEG - Casino Backers Fess Up: License Money Will Not Fix Current Budget

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Casino Backers Fess Up: License Money Will Not Fix Current Budget

Lou D'Allesandro, the legislature's lead backer of predatory slot casinos, finally admitted last night that the $80 million in casino money in the Senate budget will not be available to support spending in the current budget.


The Concord Monitor reports this as follows: "D'Allesandro acknowledged during discussion of his gambling proposal that it would "not be wise" to spend gambling license money immediately, since that money would have to be refunded if a licensee were unable to go ahead with building a casino."


"Reliance on casino money makes the Senate's budget flagrantly smoke and mirrors," said Jim Rubens, GSCAEG Chair. "The House should listen carefully when the lead architect of gambling proliferation says it would be unwise to build a budget on casino money."


Maryland's experience confirms that New Hampshire budget-makers should count on zero slot casino license or tax revenue for at least two years. In a special report issued yesterday, "No jackpot for Maryland slots", The Pew Center on the States notes that, 18 months after legalization in November, 2008, "... not one quarter has yet flowed from the machines to the state treasury, which had expected to take in $90 million merely from awarding the licenses."


The Coalition is chalking up an uncanny record of exposing exaggerated casino tax revenue claims being made by the gambling industry. GSCEAG predicted two years ago that Millennium would welch on its promised 49 percent tax rate. The proposed rate is now 39 percent. The Coalition predicts this rate will drop to nearer the national average of 22 percent.


What Happens When Casino Money Is Less Than Promised?


Foxwoods Official Says State Should Consider Lowering Gambling Age
The Hartford Courant
May 13, 2010

MASHANTUCKET - Connecticut should consider lowering its legal gambling age from 21, perhaps to 18, and consider allowing alcohol sales until 4 a.m., the leader of the Indian tribe that owns Foxwoods Resort Casino said Wednesday.

Rodney Butler, chairman of the Mashantucket Pequot Tribal Council, said these changes and others might help Foxwoods (and presumably rival Mohegan Sun) better compete with gambling operations in more permissive states...




Questions Raised by Hildreth's Family Ties to FRM and Dubious Recusal Must be Addressed

CONCORD – Cornerstone-Action today formally requested that the Executive Branch Ethics Committee review Banking Commissioner Peter Hildreth’s handling of the Financial Resource Mortgage (FRM) scandal. Recent media reports have raised serious ethical questions about Commissioner Hildreth’s conduct due to his dubious recusal from the FRM investigation and his brother’s financial ties to the failed company.

“The FRM scandal has shattered public confidence in state government and Commissioner Hildreth’s conduct has raised serious ethical questions that must be addressed. It is extremely important for the Executive Branch Ethics Committee to review Commissioner Hildreth’s handling of the FRM investigation and his brother’s financial ties to the company to see if any ethical guidelines have been violated,” said Cornerstone Executive Director Kevin Smith.

According to a report in the Union Leader (5/17/2010), Commissioner Hildreth’s brother Jon was initially an investor in the alleged FRM Ponzi scheme. While many investors lost millions of dollars in the massive fraud, Jon Hildreth was able to reclaim his entire investment before the company failed in 2009.

Mr. Hildreth was first made aware of an alleged “Ponzi scheme” involving FRM in March, 2000 while serving as Director of the Bureau of Securities. He has repeatedly claimed that he removed himself from all matters regarding FRM, but a report released last week by Attorney General Michael Delaney failed to uncover any documentation of Commissioner Hildreth’s recusal.

Governor Lynch proposed the creation of an ethics commission to investigate the executive branch during his 2004 gubernatorial campaign. In 2006, he signed legislation establishing the Executive Branch Ethics Committee, claiming that it would ensure “the highest codes of conduct for public officials.”

“During his 2004 campaign for governor, John Lynch pledged to restore integrity to the corner office by establishing the Executive Branch Ethics Committee. Now that his administration has been saddled by a series of ethics scandals, it’s time for the Governor to support an investigation by the Committee into the ethically questionable behavior of some of his senior officials,” said Smith.

Cornerstone-Action is the legislative advocacy arm of Cornerstone Policy Research.  Cornerstone-Action is a non-partisan, non-profit education and advocacy organization dedicated to the preservation of strong families, limited government and free markets.



Souhegan Valley Republican Women would like to invite you to their ninth annual Flag Day Luncheon on June 15, 2010, at the Mile Away Restaurant in Milford, New Hampshire.  Honored guests will include Mrs. Nancy Sununu and the 2010 Republican Candidates.  Tickets are 30 dollars per person, and doors open at 11:30am, with the luncheon served at noon.  Come celebrate our national flag and all it means to us.  If you would like to attend or would like more information, please contact Verity Swayne by Friday, June 4th, at 672-0736 or by email at


NRN - Must Reads for May 17, 2010


freekeenenews - Video: Sheriff to Activists: "Stop being courteous." Opening Doors is "Impeding" and "Disorderly"!

This morning, activists gathered for a grand jury outreach event at the Cheshire superior court. The last time we had a confrontation by the armed men was the very first week almost two years ago where they merely asked what we were there doing. Now, all of a sudden, they have decided to threaten us over, of all things, opening the door for the people entering the building!

First a grumpy white-haired female bailiff came out and demanded we stop opening the door for people. When we indicated we had no intention of stopping, she said she’d get the sheriffs. I didn’t have enough time to get my broadcasting for this encounter, but I certainly had it ready for when four uniformed armed men came out and did their best to try to intimidate us.

More video from another angle to come, but for now, here’s the raw video as originally broadcast at According to the costumed men, it is apparently disorderly conduct and impeding traffic when we hold open the door. Clearly we should have known we were in the people’s way when they smile at us and thank us for getting the door for them!

Needless to say, we continued to open the door for folks, despite the threats.