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Daily Grind: Turning States into Welfare Wards 

Turning States into Welfare Wards
Having effectively seized control of the banks, the auto industry, executive pay grades, and every stone that's turned in the nation's infrastructure, the Obama Administration has now turned its avaricious attention on state's rights.

Following the Irish Example
While American politicians continue to indulge the unsustainable excesses of a federal government already littered with unnecessary functions, other nations have wisely begun to read the handwriting on the wall.

Too Hot Not To Note: Obama should put health care talks on C-SPAN, as promised
The New York Daily News calls upon Barack Obama to keep his promise and put health care talks on prime time.



ALG Blasts Dr. Jill Biden for Ignoring Elimination of D.C. School Choice Program

"It is simply inexcusable that Dr. Biden, a prominent education policy spokesperson

for the White House, is completely ignorant of the elimination of the D.C. school choice

program.  It was her boss who scuttled the program — while sending his own children to

private schools, of course." – ALG President Bill Wilson

January 7th, 2010, Fairfax, VA—Americans for Limited Government President Bill Wilson today denounced Second Lady Dr. Jill Biden for "ignoring the elimination of the D.C. school choice program from which thousands of disadvantaged D.C. students greatly benefited."

In an ALG News exclusive video, Dr. Biden, while promoting a national education initiative on behalf of the Obama Administration at Benjamin Banneker Senior High School in Washington, D.C., said she had not "followed" the elimination of the popular program in 2009.

When asked if she supported the program's elimination, Dr. Biden said, "You know, I really haven't followed it."

"I've been really busy," she added.
Dr. Biden, a public school teacher and professor for more than 28 years and an adjunct professor of English at Northern Virginia Community College, has been a top spokesperson for the Obama Administration on education policy.  It was the Obama Administration that abandoned the youth education program, despite polls showing that 75 percent of District residents supported it.

Wilson said it is "simply inexcusable that Dr. Biden, a prominent education policy spokesperson for the White House, is completely ignorant of the elimination of the D.C. school choice program.  It was her boss who scuttled the program — while sending his own children to private schools, of course."

Congress voted to eliminate funding for the program in 2009 in "The Omnibus Appropriations Act of 2009", which was passed by the House on February 25th and by the Senate on March 10th, as reported by the Brookings Institution.  Barack Obama actively supported the program's elimination.

National Public Radio Senior Correspondent and Fox News commentator Juan Williams has called the elimination of the Opportunity Scholarship Program an "outrageous sin against our kids."

"If there is one goal that deserves to be held above day-to-day partisanship and pettiness of ordinary politics it is the effort to end the scandalous poor level of academic achievement and abysmally high drop-out rates for America's black and Hispanic students," Williams wrote.

"By going along with Secretary Duncan's plan to hollow out the D.C. voucher program this president, who has spoken so passionately about the importance of education, is playing rank politics with the education of poor children.  It is an outrage," Williams added.

The Opportunity Scholarship Program (OSP) was established by the U.S. Congress in 2003 with the "D.C. School Choice Incentive Act." According to the OSP website, the five year pilot program provided "genuine school choice for low-income families in the form of scholarships for children to attend K-12 non-public schools within the District's boundaries. The maximum annual scholarship amount of $7,500 per child is available for families at or below 185% of the federal poverty level ($39,220 for a family of four)."

Wilson said that D.C. students, who attend some of the lowest-ranked public schools in the nation, "have been cheated out of the opportunity to receive a better education simply because the public education unions demanded the elimination of a very popular program, and they donate almost exclusively to Democrats."

According to a Braun Research poll, 75 percent of District residents support the city's federally funded school voucher program.

"Parents have a right to choose which school they want to send their children to, and Dr. Biden, a prominent education policy spokesperson for the White House, has not even taken the time to follow the elimination of a program that helped needy D.C. students to get a better education," Wilson concluded.



CHQ - Texas Tea Partiers Launch Principled Conservative Challengers to Big Government Republicans 

Hopefuls with Tea Party Ties Take on Texas Incumbents  

Dallas Morning News - "Texas has one of the most conservative delegations in Congress, yet more than half of the state's Republicans in the U.S. House face challengers from the right - most inspired by the anti-tax Tea Party movement. 'We have been encouraging people to get involved and ... to seriously consider running for office' against politicians whose views of government don't match their own, said Dallas attorney Ken Emanuelson, a leader in the local Tea Party movement. 'That's a good thing.'

"In Texas, 11 of 20 Republicans have drawn challengers. In nearly every case, Tea Party connections are apparent."

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Getting Control of Congress  

American Thinker (John Armor) - "In various ways, the people are strongly indicating that they think Congress is out of control and needs adult supervision. Particularly galling is the revelation that Senate leaders bought critical votes on the health care bill by dumping hundreds of millions in special benefits into states whose senators had withheld support -- until they got their bribe.

"Perhaps it's time to look to the states, where more tools are available to rein in profligate legislators. If similar constitutional restraints were imposed on Congress, many if not all of the recent abuses would be prevented permanently."

Karl Rove's Hypocritical Call for Fiscal Rectitude  

Cato@Liberty - "Even though I've been in Washington for almost 25 years, I still get shocked by the deceit and double-talk that characterizes this town. A perfect example can be found in today's Wall Street Journal, which features a column by Karl Rove attacking President Obama for fiscal incontinence. I'm a big fan of condemning Obama's big-government schemes, but Rove is the last person in the world who should be complaining about too much wasteful spending."

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Shea-Porter Announces Names of Students Nominated for Service Academies

WASHINGTON — Congresswoman Carol Shea-Porter today announced the names of the students that she nominated to enter the U.S. Service Academies. 

Shea-Porter nominated Matthew Anderson, Matthew Bayne, Jeffery Bintz, John Brennan, Jacob Hawkins, James Lydiard, Nolan Maynard, Alexander Smith, Morgan Sutherland, Craig Wojtkiewicz, Jie Zhou, and Brett Ruggles to the Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs; Aaron Beyea, Michael Burns, Abigail Davis, Jacqueline Derocher, Jacob Lademan, Ari Larson, Joseph Nyhan, Garrett Rose, Kenneth Webber, and Nicholas Sauvan for the Military Academy at West Point; Nicholas Nalette and Christopher Knizewski for the Merchant Marine Academy in Kings Point, NY; and Louis Caraglia, Katherine Dawley, Alyson DeLeeuw, Nicholas Fortin, Eric Lamoureux, Ryley Paquette, Nicholas Sauvan, Igor Vladimirov, Daniel Whelton, and Jacob Hawkins for the Naval Academy in Annapolis, MD. 

The young men and women I nominated this year are some of the most talented young people I have seen,” said Congresswoman Shea-Porter.  “They have a wide variety of interests and skills, but share the same dedication to our country.”

Selection is based on a number of factors, including academic and athletic achievement, community service, interviews, and recommendations. 

Mr. Louis Caraglia – Plaistow

Ms. Katherine Dawley – Dover

Ms. Alyson DeLeeuw -   New Castle

Mr. Nicholas Fortin -   Manchester

Mr. Eric Lamoureux – Dover

Mr. Ryley Paquette – Hooksett

Mr. Nicholas Sauvan – Merrimack

Mr. Igor Vladimirov – Hampton

Mr. Daniel Whelton – Londonderry

Mr. Jacob Hawkins – Hampstead

Mr. Aaron Beyea – Londonderry

Mr. Michael Burns – Strafford

Ms. Abigail Davis – Moultonborough

Ms. Jacqueline Derocher – Northwood

Mr. Jacob Lademan – Bedford

Mr. Ari Larson – Londonderry

Mr. Joseph Nyhan – North Hampton

Mr. Garrett Rose – Portsmouth

Mr. Kenneth Webber – Gilford

Mr. Nicholas Nalette – Goffstown

Mr. Christopher Knizewski – Dover

Mr. Matthew Anderson – Nottingham

Mr. Matthew Bayne – Bedford

Mr. Jeffrey Bintz – Londonderry

Mr. John Brennan – Hooksett

Mr. Jacob Hawkins – Hampstead

Mr. James Lydiard – Bedford

Mr. Nolan Maynard – Hampton Falls

Mr. Alexander Smith - Plaistow

Mr. Morgan Sutherland – Derry

Mr. Craig Wojtkiewicz – Bedford

Ms. Jie (pronounced Jay) Zhou – Dover

Mr. Brett Ruggles – North Hampton



Daily News from the Veterans Today Network 

Internal Affairs

WhiteHouse Investigating Rogue US Intel Group in Domestic Terror Attack
White House Probes Mole Network  
Behind Flt 595 Terror - Report

By Webster G. Tarpley

WASHINGTON, DC -- Officials in the Obama White House are considering the possibility that the Christmas day attempt by Nigerian terrorist Umar Farouk Mutallab to blow up an airliner about to land in Detroit was deliberately and intentionally facilitated by unnamed networks inside the US intelligence community. This was the gist of a report by Richard Wolf delivered in this evening's edition of cable network MSNBC's Countdown program, hosted by Keith Olbermann. This report comes on the eve of a special White House interagency conference convoked by Obama to deal with the massive systemic failure of US intelligence in allowing the Yemen alumnus Mutallab to board the Amsterdam to Detroit flight while allegedly carrying a PETN explosive device on his person.  

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