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Daily Grind: "Choice for All" - More Than Rhetoric 

"Choice for All" - More Than Rhetoric
The objective is simply to expand the universe of parents who have a legitimate choice to make.

The Real Plot Against Conservative Speech
Liberals seek not to silence conservatives, they seek to marginalize them.

Too Hot Not To Note: Which Tax Hikes in Senate Health Bill Violate Obama's Tax Promise?
Americans for Tax Reform call on Barack Obama to keep his "no tax hike for the middle class" promise.



ALG - Did Missouri Engage in "Planned Deception" on MIAC Alert? 

"Unless it is revealed who, how, and why this report was developed…

political profiling by federal and state intelligence centers like DHS

and MIAC will continue and Americans will feel increasingly threatened

by domestic surveillance run amok."ALG President Bill Wilson.

October 22nd, 2009, Fairfax, VA—Americans for Limited Government President Bill Wilson today condemned the Missouri Department of Public Safety for "talking out of both sides of its mouth" on the controversial "Modern Militia Movement" domestic threat advisory issued by the Missouri Information Analysis Center (MIAC) in February.

Documents obtained by the Liberty Restoration Project (LRP) through its own Sunshine Law requests in March reveal that MIAC may have deliberately deceived ALG in its response to the group's request for information on "all personnel involved in drafting the Report" was not fulfilled. 

According to the Missouri State Highway Patrol's response to ALG's Sunshine Law Request, "[b]ackground material was not retained by the author during drafting." And, in addition, "[t]here is no record listing the individual who wrote the report."

In fact, the only record the state of Missouri claims it has of the report was its single draft version.  And that, it told ALG, was written by an unknown source. 

However, one email revealed in LRP's Sunshine request clearly shows a criminal intelligence analyst, named Brandon Middleton, at MIAC sending a draft of the report to the Assistant Director of MIAC at the time, Greg Hug.

"Did the Missouri Department of Public Safety engage in planned deception on the MIAC militia report?" Wilson asked.

"Clearly, there is mounting evidence that the Missouri Information Analysis Center has attempted to stonewall the American people about its erroneous 'threat' alert," said Wilson, adding "There needs to be a full accounting of how and who put this report together."

On October 20th, in a letter to Department of Public Safety chief John Britt, ALG counsel Nathan Mehrens stated, "The response we received would lead a reasonable person to conclude that background materials did at one point exist but that they were destroyed."

In the "Militia Movement" advisory, police across Missouri were told to keep an eye out for Americans who were highly concerned about unemployment, taxes, illegal immigration, gangs, border security, abortion, high costs of living, gun restrictions, FEMA, the IRS, and the Federal Reserve.

The MIAC advisory also stated that potential domestic terrorists would be attracted to gun shows, shortwave radios, action movies, movies with white male heroes like Rambo, Tom Clancy novels, and presidential candidates Ron Paul, Bob Barr, and Chuck Baldwin.

According to the executive director of the Liberty Restoration Project, Catherine Bleish, "They do know who wrote it, they're just not telling you.  And they said at the first hearing that they weren't going to say who it was to protect his identity," referring to an ongoing inquiry by the Missouri House Interim Committee on State Intelligence Analysis Oversight into the MIAC memo, which Bleish testified in front of.

"We are looking forward to the findings of the House Intelligence Committee on the MIAC 'threat' advisory.  But the people of Missouri—and across the country—shouldn't have to wait for a long-drawn hearing to get the basic facts.  Somebody misled the public.  And we want the truth—now," said Wilson. 

"The people of Missouri and all Americans deserve to know why a federal-state intelligence center that is supposed to issuing actionable intelligence to law enforcement has not kept its sources intact, refuses to disclose who authored this report, and has sent contradictory responses to Sunshine Law requests," Wilson added.  "If records were destroyed, there must be accountability."

According to MIAC's website, "Missouri Information Analysis Center (MIAC) provides a public safety partnership consisting of local, state and federal agencies, as well as the public sector and private entities that will collect, evaluate, analyze, and disseminate information and intelligence to the agencies tasked with Homeland Security responsibilities in a timely, effective, and secure manner."

"Law enforcement must not be profiling individuals based upon political ideology alone.  There needs to be a credible threat, but MIAC's alert was so broad as to encompass potentially a majority of the population," said Wilson. 

"And unless it is revealed who, how, and why this report was developed, its sources not retained, and what coordination there was if any with outside groups to develop its original findings, these incidences of political profiling by federal and state intelligence centers like DHS and MIAC will continue," Wilson concluded.

Enclosed Materials:
"The Modern Militia Movement," Missouri Information Analysis Center, February 20th, 2009.

Missouri Sunshine Law Request to the Missouri Highway Patrol, August 21st, 2009.

Missouri Highway Patrol Response to Sunshine Law Request, October 1st, 2009.

ALG Response to Missouri Department of Public Safety, October 20th, 2009.



AFP - Make a House Call on November 5th 

Dear Friend,

President Obama, Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Majority Leader Harry Reid - think you and I are tired and losing interest.  The New York Times and other media outlets are writing that the grassroots fire burned out in August and September.  

Talking to so many of you in recent weeks, I know that's not true.  But with the health care battle at a decisive juncture, I'm asking you to take a crucial step. 

We're asking you to make a "Congressional House Call" at noon on November 5 to tell your Senator or Congressman to vote NO on the Obama/Pelosi/Reid health care takeover.

As I travel the country on our Patients First bus tour and other events, folks ask me, "Tim, I've emailed and called my representatives, but what more can I do to get their attention?"  This is a big way for you to get their attention.  Join fellow freedom fighters in standing up one more time by going to their in-state offices on November 5 with a simple message -- "Keep your hands off my health care.  Vote NO." 

Please take 3 steps:

1.  CLICK here to let us know you're willing to stand up for your freedom by walking in to the district office of your Senator or Congressman on November 5. You can also CLICK HERE to go directly to a page that lists all of the local offices within your state.

2.  Please forward this information to at least 5 of your family and friends by
CLICKING here.  We need as many Americans as possible to take a stand, and you are the best recruiter because they know and trust you.

We see the hypocrisy and deal-cutting coming out of Washington.  You know there's $345 billion in brand new welfare spending via Medicaid expansion in the Senate health care takeover bill.  And the fact that Majority Leader Harry Reid is exempting his own state from having to pay the state share of the new welfare program. 

Just yesterday, Speaker Pelosi and her friends in the House came up with a new way to try and sell the so-called "public option," which in reality is the government destroying private health insurance.  They called it just another form of Medicare! 

We've got to show Team Obama/Pelosi/Reid that Americans like you are still in the fight, still focused, still willing to stand up and be counted.

Our goal is simple: on November 5 have activists like you show up at key Senate and Congressional offices in your state with your own message telling them to keep their "hands off your health care."  Patients First, our health care project, will provide a great resource for you to take on your "House Call."

November 5 is two weeks from today.  I need to know if you're willing to be a part of the Congressional House Call so please CLICK here if you are willing to consider being a part of this crucial project. 

To answer your questions about our Congressional House Call project, I will be hosting a live video chat on this Friday at 12 Noon ET. Please email questions you have about the Congressional House Call project or about our other efforts to You can also message me on Facebook with your questions by going here and clicking the "Send me a Message" tab.

You've sacrificed a lot already -- emailing and calling your members of Congress, attending tea parties and bus tour rallies, contacting your friends and family to get involved.

Now, I'm asking you to take another crucial step on November 5 to protect your freedoms. 

Tim Phillips

PS:  Again, send me any questions through Facebook by clicking here or by emailing me at, and join me on by clicking here.



Daily News from the Veterans Today Network 

Bin Laden Dead for Years
America Won War on Terror in 2001


by Gordon Duff and Raja Mujtaba, Staff Writers

PAKISTAN - Osama bin Laden died during or immediately after the Tora Bora attack in December 2001.  The cause is believed to have been wounds complicated by advanced Kidney disease.  This fact is universally accepted in Afghanistan, Pakistan and elsewhere in the Islamic world.

It has now reached the point in Pakistan that whenever an Osama bin Laden tape is on television, people roll around the floor laughing themselves to death.  This has been verified through the highest levels of Pakistan's military and intelligence services who have confirmed that, not only has Bin Laden been dead for years but the United States has known and accepted this fact, a fact well known to our political, intelligence and military leaders, since well before the invasion of Iraq.

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DSCC - Union Leader: Ayotte GOP Primary Opponent To Announce Next Week  

BINNIE RAMPING UP. Republican businessman Bill Binnie is expected to make an announcement about a likely run for the open U.S. Senate seat a week from today.

Binnie has brought on three staffers, according to his new spokesman, Bryan Lanza, a consultant formerly based in California.

Binnie has also been making lots of calls to Republicans about his expected candidacy and, we understand, has been telling people that he intends to begin advertising on television and possibly radio as early as January 2010.

"He's throwing out numbers on how much he's willing to spend," said a Republican, "and they're big numbers."

Ayotte will formally announce her Senate candidacy on Saturday afternoon at the Bicentennial Elementary School in Nashua.