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CHQ - Richard Viguerie: Obamacare is Restarting the Conservative Movement 

Manassas, Virginia -  The following is a statement by Richard A. Viguerie, Chairman of, regarding President Obama's speech on health care legislation:

"Tonight, President Obama reconfirmed his far-left agenda by re-launching an effort for government-run health care.

"But at the same time, Obama is re-launching the conservative movement.

"Because President George W. Bush's administration and the Republicans in Congress abandoned conservative principles and massively expanded government, many grassroots conservatives and activists dropped out of politics.

"However, thanks to President Obama's and Nancy Pelosi's massive political overreach, which has frightened and angered conservatives and many independents, they've launched a thousand Tea Parties and town hall meetings and put new life in the conservative movement.

"Obama and Pelosi have become major fundraisers for conservative organizations, candidates, and Tea Parties.  New members and supporters are flooding conservative organizations.

"In anticipation of a strong tide in 2010 against Obama Democrats, conservative leaders are making plans to challenge in primaries those Democratic and Republican politicians who support government-run health care.

"The President's policies, especially his effort to turn America's health care into a massive government-run program, are putting a strong wind into conservative sails.

"Obama would have been able to sign his government-run health care plan by the 4th of July if it were not for a combination of a real people's rebellion at Tea Parties and town halls, plus conservatives' using new and alternative media, including talk radio, cable TV, the internet, and direct mail.

"And as usual, Republican politicians are mostly on the sidelines and absent from the biggest political battle of the 21st Century. 


CHQ - Update: 9/12 March on Washington 

March on D.C. Event Update
FreedomWorks - "With thousands registered online at and many more expected from all corners of the country, the 912 Taxpayer March on Washington is going to be a huge, historic event. There is a lot going on both that Saturday and the two days prior so please read the ensure you don't miss out on anything." [Find This Story at News From the Front]


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Daily Grind: Bus-ting Free - Time to Take Back America 

Editorial: Bus-ting Free—Time to Take Back America
ALG's Adam Bitely, Director of, will be on the American Liberty Tour, urging Americans to take back their country—one community at a time.


Kennedy's Final Partisan Ploy
When the Massachusetts legislature next convenes it's possible that their very first order of business will be to complete the final chapter in the late Senator Ted Kennedy's legacy.


How Washington Politicians View The World From Carter Clews
ALG Director of Communications previews something special that Americans for Limited Government will be doing while Congress is back.


Too Hot Not Too Note: Listening to a Liar
Townhall's Thomas Sowell discusses the real credibility of Barack Obama's words.



ALG Condemns Senate for Invoking Cloture on Sunstein as "Regulatory Czar," Calls Senate "Radical"

"Every senator who voted to end the filibuster on Sunstein has

necessarily associated him or herself with his extremist designs. 

This is now a radical Senate.  Every American wants

to have the right to choose what to eat and purchase at the

grocery store or at the farm stand, and the vote in favor of Sunstein

was a vote against that right."—ALG President Bill Wilson.


ALG Condemns Senate for Invoking Cloture on Sunstein as "Regulatory Czar," Calls Senate "Radical"


September 9th, 2009, Fairfax, VA—Americans for Limited Government President Bill Wilson today condemned the Senate for invoking cloture on Cass Sunstein to be the White House's "Regulatory Czar," calling him "a radical litigation menace with more than one axe to grind."


"Despite the extensive revelations of Cass Sunstein's extreme views on animal rights, hunting, and scientific testing of animals, the Senate has chosen to simply take Mr. Sunstein's word for it that he will not issue regulations that match his own views," Sunstein said.


"Meanwhile, there has been no confirmation from the Obama Administration that it will not direct Mr. Sunstein to issue regulations that would harm cattle production, hunting, and the safe testing of drugs and products," Wilson added.  "Senators are now going to have to explain to their constituents just why they are throwing hunters, cattlemen, and consumers in their home states under the bus."


In April, Barack Obama nominated Cass Sunstein to be Administrator of the Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs in the White House Office of Management and Budget. This post is also known as the "Regulatory Czar," since all major regulatory actions by the federal government are subject to review by this office.


In August, Senate Republicans had blocked a unanimous consent resolution to approve Sunstein without any roll call that had been attempted by Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid.  "Those who forced Reid to subject Sunstein to a roll call deserve recognition," said Wilson, "because at least the American people know that Senators voting 'yes' had no problem with Sunstein's radical views."


Today, the Senate voted 63-35 to pave the way for a final vote on Sunstein later this week that Wilson called "a critical vote," urging the Senate to reject the nomination.


In a speech at Harvard in 2007, Sunstein told an audience, "We ought to ban hunting, I suggest, if there isn't a purpose other than sport and fun. That should be against the law. It's time now."


Sunstein favors granting legal rights to animals.  In 2002 he wrote in "The Rights of Animals: A Very Short Primer," "We could even grant animals a right to bring suit without insisting that animals are persons, or that they are not property."


Sunstein also supported "further regulation" against hunting, animal testing and farming.  "We should focus attention not only on the 'enforcement gap,' but on the areas where current law offers little or no protection.  In short, the law should impose further regulation on hunting, scientific experiments, entertainment, and (above all) farming to ensure against unnecessary animal suffering."


In a letter to farm bureaus nationwide sent in August, Americans for Limited Government alerted farmers and cattlemen of Sunstein's views on animal rights.  Days later, the American Farm Bureau announced their endorsement of Sunstein.


"The regulatory czar is an extremely powerful position, and if his views become standing regulation, the cattle industry in America could be destroyed, unsafe products could on their way to markets, and forests overpopulated with animals that can no longer be hunted who will starve instead," Wilson said.


"Every senator who voted to end the filibuster on Sunstein has necessarily associated him or herself with his extremist designs.  This is now a radical Senate.  Every American wants to have the right to choose what to eat and purchase at the grocery store or at the farm stand, and the vote in favor of Sunstein was a vote against that right," Wilson concluded.



Bill Wilson Letter to Farm Bureaus Nationwide, August 27th, 2009 



ALG Hand-Delivers Protest Posters to Members of Congress Message is Clear: Your World View is Warped 

"We have never had a gang of political hacks so outrageously

out of touch with the American people. They have decided they

are a world unto themselves – and we're telling them they're not."

Bill Wilson, President Americans for Limited Government.


Fairfax, VA, September 9th, 2009--Tomorrow morning (9/10) beginning at 10:00 AM, Americans for Limited Government (ALG) will  begin delivering an unusually graphic message to every member of the Senate and House – and it will come in the form of a 26" by 30" inch poster. The message: your world view is warped.


The poster, by award-winning cartoonist William Warren, is captioned "How Washington Politicians See the World." It shows an overblown view of Washington, with the Capitol, the White House, and various government buildings dominating the foreground. In the far distance, only inches wide is the rest of the United States peopled by "Angry Mobs," "Uninformed Masses," and "Un-American Malcontents."


"The poster is clearly a take-off on the old New Yorker cover 'How New Yorkers See the World,'" said cartoonist Warren. "But in this case, its message is far more accurate, and ominous."


Warren pointed out that each of the labels affixed to the American people is drawn from an actual description by members of Congress.


"The truth is," Warren said, "I had to soften it some. 'UnAmerican,' of course, came from Pelosi and Hoyer, and 'uninformed' is how many of the politicians described those who have protested the Obama health care takeover. But, I purposely refrained from using Harry Reid's depiction of Americans as 'evilmongers,' or Rep. Baird's labeling them 'brownshirts.'"


ALG president Bill Wilson wasn't as sparing of the politicians' feelings in his comments on the poster delivery.


"We're shoving their own attitude right in their faces," said Wilson. "In the long history of this country, we have never had a gang of career politicians so outrageously out of touch with the American people as we have in Washington today. They have decided they are a world unto themselves – and we're telling them they're not."


Throughout the country, Americans for Limited Government has taken the lead in helping grassroots leaders organize protests against the Obama health care plan and other incidents of what it terms "Big Government power grabs." The poster is being offered to the organization's 400,000 members nationwide.


"The problem the politicians have is that the poster doesn't merely reflect how they see the American people," Wilson said, "it also reflects how the American people see the politicians."