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NH Commonsense - Medical Marijuana Documentary "Waiting to Inhale" Screening, Discussion Planned April 27 

Free Screening to Be Followed by Panel Discussion with Patient, Advocate, Lawmaker


DURHAM, N.H. — A free screening of the medical marijuana documentary, "Waiting to Inhale," takes place April 27, at University of New Hampshire here, followed by a panel discussion with a Fremont cancer survivor and a state representative.


Thursday the New Hampshire Senate Health and Human Services Committee passed a bill 4-1 that would protect seriously ill patients from the threat of arrest and jail if their doctors recommend marijuana. The bill, which passed in the House 234-138 last month, is expected to get a vote from the full Senate soon.


  • - WHAT: Free screening of medical marijuana documentary "Waiting to Inhale," followed by panel discussion
  • - WHO: Advocates scheduled to participate include:

• New Hampshire Rep. Trinka Russell (D-Stratham)

• Dennis Acton, a cancer survivor from Fremont

• Matt Simon, executive director for the NH Coalition for Common Sense Marijuana Policy


  • - WHEN: Monday, April 27, 7 p.m. to 9 p.m.
  • - WHERE: University of New Hampshire campus, Memorial Union Building Theater 1


Winner of several awards, including the CINE Golden Eagle award, Worldfest Houston 2005 Gold Special Jury Award, Best Documentary 2005 New Jersey International Film Festival and winner of the Eureka! International Film Festival, "Waiting to Inhale" examines the debate over marijuana's use as medicine in the United States. The film includes interviews with patients, leading medical marijuana researchers, and experts.




DHHS Announces Temporary Closing of Environmental Camp in Madison

Concord, NH – The New Hampshire Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) announced this afternoon the temporary closing of the Stone Environmental Camp in Madison due to cases of Salmonella linked to the camp. Facility managers and officials with the Stone Environmental Camp are voluntarily suspending operations at the site until at least the middle of next week as health officials continue to investigate how the Salmonella is being transmitted. The decision to close the camp came after the camp reported illness in approximately 20 of 80 students who stayed at the facility this week.


The DHHS Division of Public Health Services (DPHS) has been involved in investigating an outbreak of Salmonella among camp attendees since last week when approximately 70 of 98 students and staff from a different group became ill after spending time at the camp. The Bureau of Food Protection completed an inspection of the facility on Monday, April 20. The new illnesses have not yet been confirmed as Salmonella infections. “It has been very difficult in this case to trace the exact source of the Salmonella bacteria,” said Dr. José Montero, Director of Public Health at DHHS. “An investigation of this type involves interviewing school-age children and their parents about activities and what they ate days earlier, collecting samples for testing, inspecting the kitchen, testing potentially contaminated food items, and interviewing camp staff.”


Salmonella is a bacteria that causes diarrheal (gastrointestinal) illness in humans. Symptoms include diarrhea, fever, and stomach pain that start 1 to 3 days after someone is infected. These symptoms usually go away after about a week. Sometimes people have to see a doctor or go to the hospital because the diarrhea is severe or the infection has affected other organs.


“Because it has been difficult to pinpoint the source of the -,” continued Montero, “it is not possible at this time to explain how the children became infected. It could be a food preparation issue or a contaminated item or a previously existing illness in one of the food handlers. We will continue to with camp officials, who have been very cooperative on this investigation, as we try to find the source of this outbreak.”



“[T]he N.H. Democratic Party, led by Ray Buckley, outspent the State Republican Committee.... Apparent financial mismanagement and weak support for Martin from the state party certainly didn’t help his cause, and you can’t help but wonder where the majority of the Dems’ campaign expenditures went—likely to pay Buckley and campaign staffers.”



The Granite State News On The NH DEMS Botched State Senate Campaign (4/23/09)




A Strong Message

Granite State News/Carroll County Independent

April 23, 2009


We were not at all surprised by the outcome of this week’s special election for the District 3 State Senate seat vacated by Bill Denley. As we warned in these pages last week, the unwillingness of Democrats to deal responsibly with the state’s fiscal crisis while devoting precious time and political capital to social causes most voters don’t support or see a need for would provoke a backlash. Bud Martin’s defeat by Jeb Bradley by a much greater margin than his November loss to Denley should send a strong and immediate message to the Democratic leadership to get back to basics and stop steamrolling social legislation.


By supporting Bradley, the voters across the 17 communities of District 3 rejected efforts by the most liberal wing of the House of Representatives to address social issues like gay marriage, transgender rights, mandatory seatbelt use and the death penalty as our state’s finances crumble. They said no to increased spending, which the House this month voted to fund with a $200 million tax package—including higher taxes on gas, tobacco and rooms and meals, which will no doubt have a negative effect on District 3’s towns, particularly the tourism hubs of Conway and Wolfeboro.


And while Bradley’s name recognition and 20-year record of public service led to higher campaign contributions, his victory can’t be attributed to resources. According to state receipt and expenditure records, Bradley had spent roughly $50,500 to Martin’s $30,000 as of April 15.


But records show that the N.H. Democratic Party, led by Ray Buckley, outspent the State Republican Committee $177,000 to $15,000, all the while maintaining less visibility in the press, where the GOP repeatedly hammered Martin for hiding a “radical” social agenda. Apparent financial mismanagement and weak support for Martin from the state party certainly didn’t help his cause, and you can’t help but wonder where the majority of the Dems’ campaign expenditures went—likely to pay Buckley and campaign staffers. The GOP wanted this seat more, and so did District 3’s Republican base.


Even without the District 3 seat, Democrats are still in the majority in the State Senate, so they can still rubber stamp the bills already pushed through the house. We hope they do not, but instead review the proposed legislation carefully and consider whether they are truly needed or simply “trophy” laws that demonstrate what can be done in a single-party state. We also hope they’re able to run our state more effectively than they run their State Senate campaigns.


Otherwise in 2010 the Democrat majority may turn out to be the shortest-lived in New Hampshire history.



Bradley For State Senate - Join Jeb for his official Swearing in on Monday April 27th 

With your help Jeb Bradley won the Senate District 3 seat in an overwhelming victory, please join him in Concord for his official swearing in on


Monday, April 27th at 2:00pm

Executive Council chambers State House,

Room 207,

107 North Main St,

Concord NH, 03301.


This event is open to the public and all are welcome to attend and join Jeb in his efforts to oppose the outrageous taxing and spending spree that the Democrats have put us on.


Daily Grind: Getting the Memo 

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The Obama Administration appears more intent on finding favor with America's enemies than with its own citizens.


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Contrary to what so many history textbooks state, FDR's approach to the Great Depression reveals the utter emptiness of Big Government economics.

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Senator Ben Cardin (D-MD) speaks out against the DHS's "right-wing extremism" memo.