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freekeenenews - Liberty Activists Walk Out of Live Free or Die Court Hearing


Keene area liberty activists turned out heavily to support Jean Coutu’s Live Free or Die Rally in the face of an assault from the Jaffrey gangsters in their “superior” court. There were so many liberty activists, it was standing room only in the meager just- over-20 seat 2nd courtroom. An angry-looking bailiff approached the standing activists and told them they had to sit or leave. As the seats were already filled with news reporters, liberty activists, and Coutu supporters, some activists offered to sit on the ground, as there would be no way to experience the trial on CCTV outside the court. Bailiffs returned and the activists chose to leave rather than be arrested.


First up was a woman accused of “Violation of Probation”. (The probation system is one of the sick ways they keep poor people poor, and in the system. It’s so easy to VOP.) The bailiffs enter and the “all rise” is uttered. Several activists on the right side of the room remain seated. A bailiff glares at us and utters “all rise” again. The situation doesn’t change, and the robed man comes in. After the trial, the robed man takes a “recess”, and “all rise” is uttered. Bailiffs again take issue with those staying seated, and Free Keene blogger Sam Dodson is sitting closest to the bailiff. Sam steadfastly refuses to rise, noting his Quaker religion. Bailiffs back down again.


Moments later, a white haired man seen earlier conversing with Coutu, approaches Sam and requests that we “behave”. This is confusing, as on the forum thread, in which Coutu participates, it seems clear that he doesn’t mind that people are planning to remain seated for the robed man. Perhaps Coutu’s associates were not aware that this was to occur. Regardless, activists prepared to leave the court rather than stand up for the robed man and inquired with Coutu as to whether we should go or stay. Coutu seemed confused and said he wanted us to stay, but on the other hand his associate most definitely didn’t want us there unless we’d obey. Rather than continue to be the possible source of strife between Coutu (who wanted us there) and his associate (who didn’t), we chose to leave the court. At least five liberty activists joined in the walkout.


Rep Ulery (R-Hills 27) Attends Human Trafficking Signing 

Representative Jordan Ulery (R-Hudson, Litchfield, Pelham) attended the signing of the Anti-Human Trafficking law for New Hampshire this past Wednesday. In his first term as a State Representative, Ulery introduced legislation regarding this abuse of humans. When he introduced his bill before Criminal Justice and Public Safety Committee Ulery said, “This is a bill designed to stop the Coyotes, and I don’t mean the grey kind, from benefiting from human suffering.” It took repeated efforts to get legislation through both houses of the New Hampshire General Court.


Prime Sponsor, Suzanne Harvey (D-Nashua), took over a study committee after the State Senator who formed it took no effective action. Representative Harvey introduced information regarding sex slave trade right here in New Hampshire. Ulery was motivated to introduce his legislation and the accompanying peonage bill because of the active slave trade in labor that took place in Litchfield several years ago. Ulery stated “Human Trafficking legislation at the state level gives state law enforcement the means to actively investigate and prosecute those who would prey on the poor in our midst.”


Ulery also had previously sponsored with Representative Andy Renzullo legislation to train law enforcement in the complexities of immigration law through a Memorandum of Understanding with the Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency. That legislation did not pass the muster of the Democrat controlled house. It would have trained law enforcement in the levels of protection offered for those that are found bound to a pimp or slave holder. The Coalition Against Domestic and Sexual Violence is supporting on-going training for New Hampshire Law Enforcement personnel to identify labor and sexual trafficking cases. According to Representative Ulery, additional legislative efforts remain to be undertaken to give law enforcement the tools and training needed to effectively protect those who have been abused by Human Trafficking.



NRCC - Who gets access to Rep. Carol Shea-Porter? 

Included below is a story that shows who has access to Rep. Carol Shea-Porter and who doesn’t. It’s clear: labor unions and liberal activists in Pennsylvania, not the people of New Hampshire who are frustrated with plans for a government takeover of health care and want to voice their concerns to their Representative in Congress. Unfortunately, Rep. Carol Shea-Porter is spending her time elsewhere.


“This is yet another example demonstrating just how radically left Rep. Carol Shea-Porter really is. With powerful labor unions and leftist groups pulling the strings, it should really be no surprise that she’d rather spend time promoting big government policies instead of hearing the serious concerns her constituents have with a government takeover of health care.” – Tory Mazzola, Spokesman for the NRCC


Shea-Porter to Speak at Liberal Blog Forum; No Town Halls Scheduled

August 14, 2009

A second member of New Hampshire’s congressional delegation is opting to meet with liberal bloggers instead of holding town hall meetings with constituents on the issue of health reform.


Rep. Carol Shea-Porter (NH-01) will speak in Pittsburg, PA today at Netroots Nation, an enclave of liberal bloggers intended to promote liberal public policy, educate activists on internet communication techniques and even enjoy “everything from massages to beer tastings to author signings.”


Netroots Nation is sponsored by several politically powerful unions as well as the influential liberal blog Daily Kos.


Shea-Porter has not held any town hall meetings with constituents this August recess and has no such publicly scheduled events for the balance of the month. Her office did not respond to our request for comment.


Though she appears unwilling to discuss health care with her constituents, Shea-Porter touts her support for “a robust public option” in an e-mail distributed by Netroots Nation.


Shea-Porter will also speak at a second liberal blogger party on August 24th in Concord. Yesterday, reported that Rep. Paul Hodes (NH-02), who is the Democrats’ candidate for the U.S. Senate seat being vacated by Judd Gregg, will speak at the so-called Blue Hampshire Bash instead of holding town hall meetings with constituents.


Shea-Porter has made a series of questionable statements in recent weeks. Last month she claimed that many of her constituents “would love to wait in line for medical care.”



Daily Grind: The Blue Dog "Forlorn Hope Brigade" 

The Blue Dog "Forlorn Hope Brigade"
The Democrats do not care if the passage of ObamaCare costs her seats in the House come 2010.


Auto & Health Insurance: A Just Government Would Mandate Neither
There is a comparison between mandating auto insurance vs. health insurance, it is that they are both morally wrong.


The Overnights from NetRightNation
The blogosphere visits Pittsburgh for the RightOnline Conference.


ALG in the News: President Bill Wilson on the Fred Thompson Show
Americans for Limited Government President appeared on the Fred Thompson show talking about the sources that were used in the DHS "Right-Wing Extremism" Report.



CEI Weekly: Berlau on "Government Motors" 

>>[VIDEO]John Berlau Talks About the Future of GM on Fox Business

This week John Berlau, Director of the Center for Investors and Entrepreneurs, discusses GM and Fritz Henderson's recent press conference on the future of GM.



>>Shaping the Debate

Global Warming Policiesare the Real National Security Threat

Iain Murray Op-Edin the National Review


Health Bill Could Allow Government Access to Personal Financial Records

Wayne Crews Quoted in the Washington Examiner


Trustbusters Should Call Off Fishing Expedition in Microsoft-Yahoo Deal

Ryan Radia and Jonathan Hillel Op-edin the Seattle Times


What Caused the Chino Riot

Eli Lehrer Op-ed in the National Review


Insurance Against Terrorism

Eli Lehrer Op-ed in the Weekly Standard


Political Climate for Energy Policy Cools

Myron Ebell Quoted in the Las Vegas Review Journal


Obama Science Czar Considered Forced Abortions

William Yeatman Quoted in



>>Best of the Blogs

Fact Checkers: Obama is Lying About Health Care

by Hans Bader

USA Today caught Obama telling three fibs about health care, such as falsely claiming that “under the reform we’re proposing, if you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor. If you like your health care plan, you can keep your health care plan.”


NCAA V. Delaware Sports Gambling

by Michelle Minton

Over the past few months the NCAA, along with the four major pro-sports leagues, has been a vocal opponent of Delaware’s attempts to legalize per-game sports gambling in the State. They were among the group of sports leagues that petitioned a federal judge to issue an injunction to stop the state. Like the pro-sports leagues, the NCAA believes that allowing gambling in the state will damage the reputation of college athletics and increase the temptation for players to cheat.


UBS-IRS deal — U.S. Constitutional liberties, privacy rights at risk after Obama bullies the Swiss

by John Berlau

Lawyers for the U.S. government and the Swiss bank UBS AG have announced that they have reached a deal on releasing to the US the names of UBS account holders.. . As Fred Smith and I had explained in a Washington Times op-ed, after UBS, with the Swiss government’s full cooperation, turned over the names of 250 customers suspected of violating U.S. tax laws, the U.S. government turned around and asked for a whopping 52,000 names.


Neutering the Net

by Jack O' Connor

The net neutrality movement is an unfortunate departure from the “keep your hands off my Internet” attitude long held by many on the Web. Advocates of neutrality legislation are asking Congress to write into law what they see as an Internet that treats everyone equally. They are concerned that new technologies and business models might give big players an advantage over the little guy, or worse, that ISPs might use their market power to force a crippled Internet on their customers. Both fears rest on significant misconceptions.



>>LibertyWeek podcast

Episode 55: The Health Care Mob is Coming

Your host Richard Morrison welcomes back returning guest co-host Jeremy Lott and distinguished special guest David Mark of the Politico for Episode 55 of the LibertyWeek podcast. We start with reports of unrest over health care in the provinces, the U.S. Postal Service’s death spiral and the globe trotting ways of members of Congress. We continue with some sadly familiar antitrust murmurs regarding Apple and Google, a classic union corruption scandal out of New York City and some inspiring and heroic Paralympic News.



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