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Fact checking, comments - NH Death Penalty Study Commission 

To: The Commission to Study the Death Penalty in New Hampshire and to others

Re: Fact checking, comments - Your Nov 6, 2009 meeting

From: Dudley Sharp

Dear Committee members:

Some corrections and clarifications. I have listed the speaker, the material and the page number from your minutes, below, with my reply.

1) Rep. Shurtleff: p 9 Finally, in 1972 -- excuse me -- the U.S. Supreme Court came down with the Furman v. Georgia ruling stating the death penalty was unconstitutional under the 8th Amendment.

Reply: The death penalty was never declared unconstitutional. The statutes and therefore the enforcement of the death penalty were seen as too arbitrary and, therefore, a violation of the 8th Amendment. As the death penalty is integral within the constitutional, it is unlikely it will ever be declared unconstitutional.  It is an important distinction.

2) Mr. Vogelman: p 19  " . . . the classic example that was all over the press was during President Clinton's first-- during the first primary. There was a man executed in Arkansas who when he was given his last meal when the warden gave him his dessert the evening before he was to be executed, he said no, I'll save this for tomorrow's breakfast. So there was some question. He eventually lost and was executed but there was some question as to whether or not he even understood that this was his last day on earth."

Reply:  According to an Arkansas Dept of Corrections spokesperson, there is no record of this ever occurring. A defense attorney for Rector, the subject inmate/double murderer,  had a story that Rector set his dessert aside, because Rector did know what execution meant.  There's nothing to support the story. Rector had mental problems, which were thoroughly vetted, repeatedly in court. The court found that he knew exactly what execution meant.  Otherwise, he could not have been executed.

3) Mr. Vogelman p 20 The law says that you cannot put on the jury somebody who under no circumstances would vote for death.

Reply: True. It would be unacceptable to seat any potential juror who could not vote for the range of punishments under consideration for any case, be that jay walking or more serious crimes.

4) Mr. Vogelman  p23  The Supreme Court of the United States decided that the gas chamber, for instance, you can't do that.

Reply: There is no SCOTUS ban on the gas chamber.

5) Mr. McLaughlin  p 29: I will tell you, I think the experience of whether you're defending or prosecuting as an attorney is that when you look in the mirror that night you simply hope that you have done your job as best you can because you realize that out there on the one hand you have a person who has just been sentenced to life without parole, and on the other hand you have the other participant who is not there at trial who is the victim who will never be heard in any circumstances for any reason. There is nothing about it that is anything other than sobering.

Reply: I couldn't agree more.



Daily News from the Veterans Today Network

FT. Hood Massacre


by Jeff Gates, Staff Writer


Soon after the mass murder of September 11, 2001, Senators Joe Lieberman and John McCain emerged as early advocates for the invasion of Iraq. In response to that provocation, both men routinely cited "intelligence" that has since been proven false, flawed or "fixed" around an agenda sought by Jewish nationalists in pursuit of an expansive Greater Israel.

With 24 hours of the mass murder at Fort Hood, Senator Lieberman called for hearings by the Senate Committee on Homeland Security to assess the military's role in this tragedy and why our military commanders did not do a better job protecting people on a U.S. military base. Senator Lieberman made no mention of the role of civilian authorities in creating the underlying conditions.
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Howard Wilson For NH CD-2 - Ron Paul: What If Americans Learn the Truth?

Ron Paul delivered this brilliant and courageous speech on the floor of the house. He asks a long list of searing questions that the regime and power elite will never answer truthfully. It's a 4 min. Must See video;

But, we are learning the truth in spite of them, aren't we?
Please pass this link onto others. Thank you very much,

Howard L.Wilson
57 Agony Hill Road
Andover, NH 03216
Libertarian for US House, 2nd district


NetRight Daily: ClimateGate, Unemployment and ACORN 

ClimateGate:  As world leaders prepare to meet in Denmark next month to discuss the implementation of the Copenhagen Protocol (the continuation of the Kyoto Protocol designed to cap carbon emissions in industrialized nations) one topic certain to be the buzz amongst attendees--at least unofficially--will be the growing "Climategate" scandal that currently rocking the United Kingdom.

Double-Digit Sobriety:  Earlier this month it was announced the unemployment rate hit 10.2 percent, reaching double-digits for the first time in 26 years. Though the rate had been expected to top 10 percent for some time due to our anemic economic recovery – and despite billions of dollars in stimulus money – the stark reality of having an unemployment rate usually associated with the socialist regimes of Europe still smacked casual observers in the face.

ACORN Dumped Sensitive Documents as Probe Began:  After ACORN staff left for the day, he says, he searched the trash bin and discovered more than 20,000 documents he believes point to illicit relationships between ACORN and a bank and a labor union — as well as confidential information that could put thousands at risk for identity theft.

Appointment Watch - Keinitz and Garrett:  The mainstream media continue to ignore President Obama's appointment of bizarre personnel to run the government. Personnel is policy. That being the case the American people need to know about these appointments. This week we look another couple of Obama appointees. These are not isolated incidents or an occasional bad apple. These folks are representative of the appointments he is making with little or no push back from the Senate during the confirmation process.

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In wake of ClimateGate, CEI takes legal action against government to force disclosure of public information

In the wake of the ClimateGate scandal that erupted last week, the Competitive Enterprise Institute took legal action against several government agencies to force disclosure of public documents.  In a post to, CEI Senior Fellow Christopher Horner, author of Red Hot Lies, explains:
The information sought is directly relevant to the exploding “Climategate” scandal revealing document destruction, coordinated efforts in the U.S. and UK to avoid complying with both countries’ freedom of information laws, and apparent and widespread intent to defraud at the highest levels of international climate science bodies. Numerous informed commenters had alleged such behavior for years, all of which appears to be affirmed by leaked emails, computer code, and other data from the Climatic Research Unit of the UK’s East Anglia University. > Read all about the legal action on