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Shea-Porter Secures $5 Million for New Hampshire Army National Guard 

WASHINGTON, DC — Today, Congresswoman Carol Shea-Porter announced that the FY 2010 Defense Appropriations Act, which has passed both the House and the Senate and is now headed to the President’s desk for signature, includes $5 million in funding for the New Hampshire Army National Guard.  This funding was requested and secured by Shea-Porter.

Our New Hampshire National Guard members and their families make enormous sacrifices on behalf of our country,” said Shea-Porter. “With many families facing multiple deployments, providing them with the proper support is more critical than ever.”

A full description of what funding will be used for is below.

Full Cycle Deployment Support Pilot Program $3.2 million

This funding extends and expands the New Hampshire National Guard’s Full Cycle Deployment Support Program, providing services to service members and their families for the full deployment cycle.

In 2008 and 2009, New Hampshire tested a full-cycle deployment pilot to improve support to all NH Reserve and Guard deploying to Iraq and Afghanistan prior to, during, and post deployment. More than 500 service members and their families from all Reserve components in NH accessed this comprehensive service coordination. Each service member/family was assigned a highly skilled care coordinator who functioned as a “quarterback” for the family, helping them plan for deployment and making sure they had access to needed help. Early results show that serious problems are eliminated or mitigated in areas of finances, employment, counseling, childcare, and access to mental health care.

When it is increasingly common for the military to deploy repeatedly, it is important to prevent serious problems and keep service members and families ready to support current and future deployments.  The strain on the service member and family caused by repeated deployments directly impacts service members’ ability to focus on and perform their duties. It can also reduce their desire to reenlist. Research shows that the burden placed on the spouse during mobilization is a key driver in retention decisions.

This program enables service members to focus on their important missions, knowing that their families are cared for.  Post-deployment, it helps service members better reintegrate with their families, civilian careers, and communities. As a pilot program, this program significantly improved readiness, retention rates, recruit quality, and overall reintegration success.

Joint Command Vehicle and Supporting C3 System $1.8 million

This funding will allow the New Hampshire National Guard to acquire a Joint Command Vehicle with an Interoperable Communications Suite. The National Guard lacks the incident awareness and assessment equipment to provide real-time situational awareness. The various natural disasters of the past several years—repeated severe floods, ice storms, and even a tornado—have highlighted the need for this capability.



Daily News from the Veterans Today Network 

Foreign Policy in 2010



By Jeff Gates, Staff Writer 

Be not deceived by Barack Hussein Obama's middle name or by the fact that he spent several childhood years in Indonesia. His political career is a product of a Westside Chicago Ashkenazi network with roots that trace directly back to organized crime of the 1920s.


Top fundraiser Penny Pritzker traces her family lineage to grandfather Abe and great-grandfather Nicholas who served as lawyers for organized crime. She declined a nomination as Secretary of Commerce in the Obama Cabinet, a post typically offered top fundraisers. Her confirmation hearings could have proved a political embarrassment by reminding us of the suspect origins of "our" latest president.

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CHQ - Tea Party Activists Already Influencing 2010 Elections 

Tea Party Movement Grows, Could Shake Up 2010 Elections - "Fueled by anger at politicians and distrust of the government, the rapidly growing tea party movement could upend the political establishment in the 2010 elections -- ultimately becoming a permanent, game-changing force in American politics.
"Danita Kilcullen, of Fort Lauderdale, co-leader of the tea party group that protests every Saturday afternoon at the intersection of Oakland Park Boulevard and Federal Highway, said she thinks a tea party 'third party' is a bad idea. 'I know that there's talk,' she said. 'I'm not for any third party that splits the [Republican] Party. I just want the Republican Party to get back on track.' "


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Tea Parties Bubbling Up in Georgia


Chattanooga Times Free Press - "There's a political movement percolating in North Georgia, and it's picking up steam. Catoosa, Gilmer and Walker counties have tea party groups, and new ones are forming in Dade and Whitfield counties. 'My desire is to go through all of the (Georgia's) 9th Congressional District and organize tea parties,' said James Groce, a leader with the Tea Party of Walker County."

Utah to Consider States' Rights Legislation

Tenth Amendment Center - "The State of Utah will be considering House Concurrent Resolution 2 (HCR2) in 2010. The resolution, sponsored by Julie Fisher, 'urges the federal government and United States Congress to repeal and prohibit regulations and laws infringing upon the rights of states under the Tenth Amendment to the United States Constitution.'

"While, non-binding, the resolution is an essential first step towards restoring state-sovereignty. It makes clear that the legislature stands in support of the Constitution of the Founders and paves the way for follow up legislation to nullify federal laws and regulations. If passed, Utah will join 7 other states who've done so since early 2009."

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NH DHHS Announces New Findings in Investigation of NH Anthrax Case

Concord, NH – The New Hampshire Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) Division of Public Health Services (DPHS) has confirmed a third sample has tested positive for anthrax. This third sample is an environmental sample collected from the United Campus Ministry building in Durham over the weekend. The building has been closed until further notice under an order from DHHS Commissioner Nicholas Toumpas.

Earlier test results confirmed that two separate drums stored at the Ministry building are contaminated with anthrax. The Public Health Labs have submitted samples from the drums and the patient to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to determine if they are the same.

“This new information indicates there is a low level of contamination in the drum room at the Ministry building,” said Dr. Elizabeth Talbot, Medical Advisor to DPHS. “This has prompted us to offer antibiotics and the anthrax vaccine to anyone who was at the drumming circle on December 4, 2009. We are contacting these individuals and discussing possible treatment options with them. Even though the risk of being infected remains low for these individuals, we’re taking these precautionary measures.” At this point public health officials believe the patient may have become infected at a drumming circle that took place in the Ministry building in Durham on December 4th.

Because of the possible link to the African drums, DHHS is asking anyone who brought their own drum to the drumming circle held at the United Campus Ministry on December 4th to call DPHS at 271-4496 to discuss the possibility of having their drum tested.

DPHS, along with the Department of Environmental Services, and the US Environmental Protection Agency are working closely with Durham public safety officials and officials at the University of New Hampshire on a location where residents can drop off their drums in the coming days and weeks for testing.

The patient from Strafford County was confirmed with gastrointestinal anthrax, which is very unusual. Of the three types of anthrax infections: inhalation, cutaneous, and gastrointestinal, it is the most rare. Anthrax is not an illness that you can catch from someone else.

For more information about anthrax, visit or Anyone with questions about anthrax can call DHHS’ Division of Public Health Services at 271-4496 or the Centers for Disease Control at 1-800-CDC-INFO.

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