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by Gordon Duff, Staff Writer

This week, House Minority Leader Republican Steve Boehner demanded that President Obama send thousands more troops to Afghanistan immediately with no debate.  Majority Leader, Democrat Steny Honer reminder Boehner;

"My Republican colleagues abandoned their focus on Afghanistan for seven years, seven years, and let it drift, and did not resource it properly, and did not succeed. 
We were under-resourced in Iraq for at least five-and-a-half years. Where were the Republicans? They were in charge. Where were they?" 

Was the "step aside" that allowed 9/11, the phony intel starting the Iraq War and the dismal failure in Afghanistan Bush incompetence or was it part of a plan to occupy Central Asia for its oil, gas and opium under the guise of a phony war, investing dead soldiers and reaping massive profits?

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Daily News from the Veterans Today Network 


by Carol Ware Duff, Staff Writer MSN, BA, RN

The first study to examine the effects of posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) on mortality after surgery shows that veterans with PTSD are twice as likely to die following surgery as their counterparts without PTSD. The researchers found a startling 25% increase in 1-year mortality, even if surgery occurred years after the patients completed military service.

The study was presented October 17 at the American Society of Anesthesiologists 2009 Annual Meeting by lead author Marek Brzezinski, MD, PhD, from the San Francisco Veterans Affairs Medical Center and the University of California-San Francisco.

"We were stunned by the findings regarding the 1-year mortality. They are groundbreaking. This is the first time that PTSD, a psychiatric diagnosis, has been shown as a risk factor for increased mortality after surgery," Dr. Brzezinski told Medscape Psychiatry.

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Free Keene Blogger Helps Keene Police Bust Armed Robber 

When the police are doing the right thing and pursuing real criminals who have victims, Free Keeniacs like our blogger JJ (and the editor of the Free Keene Press), are happy to help. Here's his story about how his efforts were instrumental in catching the dangerous crook who robbed the Apothecary at knifepoint:

Afternoon Justice
By James B Schlessinger Jr

I was about to sit down and eat my freshly prepared meal when I heard a lady outside yell, “he has a knife.” I turned to the door and a moment later a woman was standing at the entrance announcing, “don’t come outside there is a guy with a knife.”

I exited the Subway and noticed crowd gathered somewhat semi-circle around the entrance of the next door shop, The Apothecary. I started to walk toward the door and a man in a mask burst out of the door. He was carrying a large kitchen knife and what looked like a tan wastebasket or bag. He ran straight to the alleyway next to the shop, I followed him down the length of the alley and into a parking lot. He had dropped his mask mid-way through the alley and his face was clearly visible bearing a distinct grey facial hair pattern. I saw him heading for a waiting vehicle and watched him climb in the front passenger seat of the SUV which contained a driver and perhaps one more in the back. I memorized the license plate and headed back to the shop.

At the shop I talked with the shop keeper and the witnesses inside and found that everyone was essentially unharmed and that the only damage was of property. Specifically the man was after Oxycontin. The shop keeper informed me that the police were on the way and that she had passed on the license plate number. I decided to go back to Subway and eat some of my sandwich.

Roughly five minutes later I returned to the store to check on the status of the police response. The shop keeper stated that the police had already captured the guy and were coming to the store. A few minutes later I went outside and a Keene Police Sergeant James Cemorelis arrived and started taking down names and phone numbers of the witnesses. I provided my information and was asked if I could identify the man if he was brought to the scene. A short while later a squad car pulled up containing the suspect who I positively identified as the robber.

I was carrying a firearm and at no time did I feel it was necessary to draw it. I don’t think anything I did was especially brave. I just ran after him and got the license plate number and the Keene police did the rest of the work. I do think that things went well, in that no one that I know of got hurt during the robbery or the arrest.

I want to thank the Keene Police Department for pursuing and capturing this violent criminal. This man’s victims undoubtedly extend the same gratitude.


Daily Grind: Financial Protection Agency Misses the Mark 

Consumer Financial Protection Agency Misses the Mark
The House is attempting to create yet more labyrinthine regulations, treating the symptoms of very loose money by punishing the private sector for the policies that the government is completely responsible for creating.

When you Shake Hands with the Devil, Healthcare Style
When they cut their deal with the Administration the insurance companies rolled the dice and came up snake eyes.

ALG Research Appointment Watch
In this week's edition of Appointment Watch, ALG Research takes a look at the Associate Administrator for Policy at the EPA and Administrator at the Small Business Administration.

Too Hot Not To Note: Congressman Steve King (R-IA) on Kevin Jennings
The latest Washington News Observer video highlights what many find wrong with the Safe School Czar.



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