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CHQ - The GOP's Real Women Problem 

The GOP's Real Women Problem
The Palination - Ah, the leftist media and liberals in Congress think the GOP has a "women problem."  We think, however, the true women problem the GOP has is best explained by The Palination:  "Women like Governor Palin and Congresswoman Bachmann, as well as Congresswoman Marsha Blackburn of Tennessee, have more cajones than most of the males in the Republican party. They are the only ones standing firmly for the fiscally conservative, even somewhat libertarian, principles . . ."  [Find this Story at News From the Front]

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Even Some on Left 'Get It' About Power of Grassroots - While the GOP Establishment appears to be totally clueless about what's happening all around them, this left-winger notes: "It is not surprising that both major parties are facing either backlashes or major groups within their constituencies who are raging and leaning towards operating as independents, or even towards starting third parties. Already, there's a 'Tea' party being discussed and there are more people who identify themselves as independents than as either Democrats or Republicans. The fact is, the web and the media have changed the basic rules."

South Carolina Republicans Censure Sen. Lindsey Graham for Big Government Positions and Votes
FITS News - In another blow for Big Government Republicans in office, Republicans from Charleston, SC crafted a resolution censuring Lindsey Graham, saying the Senator "continues to weaken the Republican brand and tarnish the ideals of freedom, rule of law, and fiscal conservatism."  The resolution takes issue with Graham's track record of Big Government votes and his persistent collusion with Democrats in order to pass legislation that undermines limited government values. 

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Daily Lickskillet: Who is the special guest BD-PAN's book program? 


NRCC - UL: Shea-Porter Betrayed New Hampshire 

In addition to today’s Washington Times piece, here’s another item where Carol Shea-Porter’s New Hampshire disconnect is cited. 

Betraying NH: Pelosi’s Poodle Turns Tail

New Hampshire Union Leader


November 10, 2009

Nancy Pelosi's New Hampshire poodles, Reps. Carol Shea-Pelosi and Paul Hodes-Pelosi, betrayed their home state on Saturday. Their master told them to vote for her mind-bogglingly complex and unfathomably costly health care "reform" bill, and they dutifully did as ordered. We hope Pelosi gave them a nice treat for so obediently rolling over.

Pelosi trained her poodles well. She said, "Speak!" and they yipped about the glories of her bill while ignoring its costs and flaws. She said, "Lie down!" and they dismissed the warnings of those who noted correctly that the bill would impose a massive unfunded mandate on New Hampshire. That mandate -- coming in the form of expanded Medicaid coverage -- could cost Granite State taxpayers more than $1 billion in the next decade.

Hello, income tax.

No one seriously expected them to do anything else. They have been Pelosi's loyal pets all along. But Gov. John Lynch has been a disappointment.

The governor sees the looming financial disaster this bill would bring to the state. He has publicly expressed concerns about it. But that's not enough. His office says he has "been in close contact" with our representatives and Pelosi. But he has not openly held Pelosi's poodles to account for what their votes would do to the state budget.

Maybe the reason he didn't loudly oppose this downshifting of costs to the states is because he did the same thing to local governments this year. The governor balanced the state budget in part by making local governments pay more for employee retirement costs and by withholding revenue-sharing money that had always gone to municipalities. Calling out Pelosi's downshifting would bring attention to his own.

New Hampshire is being let down by its elected Democratic leaders. Two have betrayed us, and one stayed largely quiet as they did so. If New Hampshire passes an income tax so Nancy Pelosi and Barack Obama can live out their New Deal fantasies, at least we'll know whom to blame.



NRN - Pressure Builds on Jarrett as Rep. King Questions "Gangster Government" in White House 

"In Chicago, you have gangster government.  Valerie Jarrett's been

in the middle of that—she's been brokering power for a long time—and

the links she has with William Ayers and other nefarious characters

in Chicago tell us what we've got in the White House itself."

—Congressman Steve King (R-IA).

November 10th, 2009, Fairfax, VA—Pressure on the White House to fully disclose the role played by top Obama advisor Valerie Jarrett is continuing to build as Congressman Steve King (R-IA) became the first member of Congress to openly question Jarrett and Obama's role in the notoriously corrupt Chicago politics.

"In Chicago, you have gangster government.  Valerie Jarrett's been in the middle of that—she's been brokering power for a long time—and the links she has with William Ayers and other nefarious characters in Chicago tell us what we've got in the White House itself," said King in an exclusive interview with the Washington News Observer. Director Adam Bitely said King's comments "reflect a growing trend of scrutiny being focused on the controversial role Valerie Jarrett has played in the Obama Administration—and her backroom wheeling and dealing as a Chicago power broker."

King said that Jarrett was "the one that actually hired Michelle Obama and put her into that link, which may well have been the link which tied Barack Obama into that machine—the Chicago machine.  We know what it is."

Michelle Obama, engaged at the time to Barack Obama, was hired in 1991 by then Deputy Chief of Staff Mayor Richard Daley—Jarrett.

According to a posting by Bitely on, Jarrett said at the recent World Economic Forum in Switzerland that, "I think knowing Chicago is essential to knowing America and our new President."

Bitely agreed in his posting, writing that Chicago is "infamous for its widespread culture of political corruption… in the past 30 years 79 local officials have been convicted of corruption."

Jarrett said in Switzerland that "In so many ways, he [Obama] embodies those timeless values that sum up the spirit of the city."

Bitely again agreed, writing that some of those values include, "the persistent tradition of machine and thug politics (mostly extinct elsewhere in the country) in the midst of which the President got his start in politics, evident in his electoral tactics: prior to the 2008 presidential election, the only election in which his opponents were not either thrown off the ballot because Obama's campaign challenged their required  signatures, or  hit by scandals from sealed divorce records, was his 2000 primary challenge against Democrat Bobby Rush (which resulted in a resounding defeat for the President)."

Bitely said that Congress should take a closer look at Jarrett.  "Jarrett's role in the pay-to-play Chicago 2016 Olympics bid and the NEA propaganda scandals warrant more scrutiny be paid," said Bitely, calling on new and old media outlets to continue publishing investigative reports about the top Obama advisor.

"The public has a right to know the truth.  Was the White House planning to shower Chicago machine politicians and interest groups with taxpayer subsidies once the Olympics were to come to the Windy City? How much of a role did the White House have in asking taxpayer-funded artists to create political propaganda? These questions need to be answered," Bitely said.

"Had Karl Rove been involved in such hijinks, it would have led the network news morning, noon, and night," Bitely concluded.


DSCC - Roll Call: Club For Growth Meeting with NH Senate Candidates  

Club spokesman Mike Connolly confirmed that the organization has met with Ayotte, is scheduled to meet with Binnie and is in the process of scheduling a meeting with Lamontagne.

Roll Call: New Hampshire: Lamontagne Gets In, as Club Eyes Senate Race

Shira Toeplitz

November 10, 2009

The Club for Growth formally waded into the Florida Senate race on Monday, and the conservative anti-tax group may be looking to play in New Hampshire as well, where a fourth Republican just entered the race for retiring Sen. Judd Gregg’s (R) seat.

Ovide Lamontagne, a former GOP gubernatorial nominee, filed Monday to enter the 2010 Senate race, adding to an already crowded GOP primary field that features former state Attorney General Kelly Ayotte and businessmen William Binnie and Jim Bender. Republican National Committeeman Sean Mahoney is considering a bid as well. […]

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Statement from the NHDP Chair Following the Republican Party Press Conference on Health Insurance Reform

Concord - Today, the Chairman of the New Hampshire Democratic Party, Ray Buckley, issued a statement on the press conference held by John Stephen, Jeb Bradley, and state Republicans.
"Once again, the Republican Party has proven they will say anything to derail meaningful health insurance reform.  Throughout this process, they have continually spread misinformation about the proposals in Congress in an effort to obstruct progress on this very important issue.  
"Now, they have even raised the specter of an income tax in an effort to scare the people of New Hampshire and prevent the passage of this important legislation.  What is really scary is that 143,000 Granite Staters do not have health insurance and thousands more are struggling with costs that are spiraling out of control.
"The historic legislation passed by Congress this weekend is an important step forward.  Almost all of the costs to states are covered in the House bill, and we are confident that a final bill will not lead to an increased burden on states. 

"Jeb Bradley, John Stephen, and the Republican party should be ashamed for deliberately trying to mislead the people of New Hampshire. They should apologize to the 143,000 Granite Staters who leave every day with the fear their families will be decimated by the enormous cost of healthcare. One would think that at some point the Republican party would stop being the party of no and start participating in addressing the concerns of the people.