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NH GOP - Open Letter to Governor Shaheen

CONCORD – New Hampshire Republican Party Chairman Fergus Cullen sent the following letter to Jeanne Shaheen today, urging her to stand up to the Senate Democrat Leadership who are standing in the way of comprehensive energy reform that will give us greater energy independence.

July 30, 2008

Governor Jeanne Shaheen

34 Fir Street , 2nd Floor

Manchester , NH 03101

Dear Governor Shaheen,

With the price of oil hovering at over $120 per barrel, New Hampshire families and small businesses are struggling with skyrocketing energy costs. To the detriment of every New Hampshire citizen, the out-of-touch politicians and liberal advocacy groups backing your campaign continue to block reasonable attempts to address the energy crisis facing our state and the nation.

Instead of working to increase domestic energy production and reduce our dependence on foreign sources of oil – as Senator John Sununu advocates – you and your liberal Washington allies remain opposed to passing into law the intelligent, common sense reforms needed to cut energy costs for Granite Staters.

Specifically, the Senate Democrat leadership last week demonstrated a complete unwillingness to provide a forum for open debate and consideration of the real energy solutions that will control rising fuel prices. In shameful fashion, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) put politics over principle, and blocked basic up-or-down votes on measures to increase energy conservation, provide incentives for alternative energy, and increase domestic production of oil and gas.

Sadly, Governor, you remained silent, and are complicit in this unprincipled scheme to stop progress towards energy independence – a scheme which keeps Granite Staters held hostage to the whims of foreign leaders whose last consideration is the wallets and household budgets of New Hampshire’s working families.

That was wrong for New Hampshire. In November voters will remember your silence, your inaction, and how you caved into pressure from the same radical environmental groups that have continually opposed all efforts to expand oil and gas production. Some of the amendments blocked by you and your liberal Senate allies included:

  • More offshore drilling and oil production in ANWR to help America become more energy independent;
  • Increased heating assistance for low-income families to help with winter heating bills;
  • Incentives for clean, renewable energy;
  • Efforts to strengthen research for alternative fuel automobiles.

Despite what is widely regarded as a failed record as Governor, you retain considerable clout with the prominent Washington liberals in your party – and you have been handpicked and groomed by some of the very same Washington insiders and Democrat leaders now stonewalling these critical energy proposals.

Given your unique position of influence, you have an opportunity to stand up for the vast majority of Granite Staters who are demanding to see comprehensive energy reforms passed into law. On behalf of all of our citizens – regardless of political party – I urge you to end your silence and publicly call on the Senate Democrat Leadership to drop its politically-motivated opposition to the energy independence measures New Hampshire needs and deserves.


Fergus Cullen

Chairman, New Hampshire Republican Party


NRSC - Ensign Challenges Colleagues; Pledges to Match DSCC Spending

Much has been made this cycle about the DSCC having more cash on hand than the NRSC, but today NRSC Chairman Ensign stated loudly and clearly (full text below) he will not allow Chuck Schumer and the DSCC to buy Senate seats. Ensign committed to matching dollar for dollar the money Schumer has pledged for states across the country, including:





New Hampshire

New Mexico

North Carolina


Any Where Else Needed

While Democrats currently have more money, they are sorely trailing in solutions (e.g. energy, lowering taxes, etc.), and now that these are campaigns of ideas, Democrats are on the defensive.

John Randall

Online Communications Manager

National Republican Senatorial Committee

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Statement From Senator John Ensign

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

NRSC Press Office

WASHINGTON,DC -- Senator John Ensign, Chairman of the National Republican Senatorial Committee, today made the following statement regarding the Committee's Independent Expenditure (IE)budget:

"While I am proud of the fact that the NRSC is in a better position than the past cycle -- $5 million better -- it is just not enough.

"Chuck Schumer and the Democrat Senatorial Campaign Committee (DSCC) have recently placed television buys totaling approximately $44.8 million in targeted Senate races across the country. I will not allow our Republican candidates to be outspent by the DSCC this cycle. Therefore, it is my intention to give the NRSC's IE Unit the total budget to match the DSCC dollar for dollar in every state they run ads.

"While I am aware we do not currently have the funds to match the DSCC, I am giving our IE Unit this budget on faith -- faith that my Republican colleagues will step up to the challenge and transfer the funds necessary to remain competitive with the Democrats. I have informed my colleagues that it is now up to them.

"I believe our Republican Senate candidates will ultimately be successful in November and my colleagues and I will do everything we can to give them that chance."


ONE - New Hampshire Voices Means Renewed Life for Millions

Bono – U.S. AIDS efforts “ paying dividends in lives saved, communities

stabilized and America’s reputation in the world growing a little bit brighter”

Manchester, NH -- The new U.S. global AIDS plan will be the difference between life and death for millions of people around the world, the ONE Campaign said on Wednesday.

The “Tom Lantos and Henry J. Hyde United States Leadership Against HIV/AIDS, Tuberculosis, and Malaria Reauthorization Act of 2008,” signed into law by President Bush on Wednesday, was the culmination of many months of work by Congressional leaders, and the voices of thousands of New Hampshire ONE members from the campaign trail and traditional grassroots advocacy. New Hampshire Senator John E. Sununu, joined the President for the historic signing ceremony.

The legislation is an enhanced and expanded program that is aptly named after the original bi-partisan authors in 2003, the late Rep. Henry Hyde, and the late Rep. Tom Lantos, father of New Hampshire Democratic activist Katrina Swett and the only holocaust survivor to ever serve in the US House of Representatives.

The ONE Campaign, a nonpartisan advocacy organization dedicated to eliminating extreme poverty and preventable global diseases, has been working with leading Republicans and Democrats to craft the new U.S. AIDS strategy, and has mobilized countless ONE members in New Hampshire throughout the first in the nation primaries, and will continue efforts in the battle ground state.

Group co-founder Bono applauded the new strategy.

“Americans, whether they know it or not, are literally saving the lives of millions of people in the poorest places on the planet. In the last five years, America has prevented 1 million women from passing on HIV to their babies … funded care for 3 millions AIDS orphans … and provided desperately needed medicine to more than 1.4 million people suffering from HIV/AIDS. You are my heroes and not just for what you’ve done, but for what this new law promises,” Bono said. “This has more to do with hard heads than soft hearts. America’s global AIDS plan has proved to be a smart investment, paying dividends in lives saved, communities stabilized and America’s reputation in the world growing a little bit brighter. This stuff works and leaders from left and right -- leaders like Senators Biden and Lugar, Representatives Berman and Ros-Lehtinen, President Bush, Speaker Pelosi and Senator Reid – put aside their differences and agreed to do more.”

Last week, ONE applauded New Hampshire Senator John E. Sununu for his leadership as an original co-sponsor of the legislation in the US Senate. While the legislation authorizes levels of funding, Congress must still approve the investments each year. ONE will press House and Senate members to follow-through on the promised funding starting this fall.

Matthew Bartlett, ONE Campaign Regional Organizer and New Hampshire native, recently returned from a trip to Mozambique, Zambia, and Botswana to witness firsthand where recent American aid programs are saving lives in desperately impoverished communities across the continent.

“From the port city of Maputo, Mozambique, to the land locked capitol of Lusaka, Zambia, I saw where America is literally helping to save millions of lives, and lift millions more out of extreme – less than a dollar a day – poverty. I spoke with, and looked into the eyes of mothers and children at US funded health clinics who are alive today because of extraordinary American leadership. These are responsible and accountable programs that are demonstrating tangible results in each and every life saved,” Bartlett said. “The people of America and the people of New Hampshire should realize and celebrate the new and fresh partnership between America and the world’s poorest people. In today’s world, fighting extreme poverty and saving lives is not only the morally right thing to do, but in an increasingly small and some times dangerous world, it is also a very wise thing to do.”

The new “U.S. Global Leadership Against HIV/AIDS, Tuberculosis, and Malaria Act” builds on the success of the initial strategy, the President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR). Because of the U.S. commitments in PEPFAR, more than 2.1 million people in sub-Saharan Africa are on antiretroviral AIDS treatments, up from just 50,000 people in 2002. Yet, the AIDS emergency continues to grow. Globally, for every two people who start taking antiretroviral drugs, another five people become infected.

The new law authorizes nearly $50 billion to combat HIV/AIDS, malaria and tuberculosis during the next five years. It provides funding for treatment for at least three million AIDS patients, care for five million AIDS orphans, and training and support for 140,000 new health care professionals.

The ONE Campaign is a global organization uniting millions of people to press government leaders to fight extreme poverty and preventable disease around the world. For more information, visit


Bradley For Congress - Bradley Comments onCongress’s Decision to Take a Break Without Finishing Job

Manchester, NH –The US House of Representative today decided by a vote of 213 to 212 to break for vacation.. Jeb Bradley released the following statement regarding the August recess.

“Gas prices are soaring, the economy is in dire straits, Congress hasn’t voted on domestic drilling as the public has demanded, and has done nothing to help working families in America. But what has Congress decided to take action on? A five week vacation. This is an absolute disgrace. While Congress takes a break for more than a month, working families will be working more to try to pay their bills and fill their gas tanks. Somewhere along the way the members of Congress have forgotten their responsibility to the people of this country.

“This recess passed by only one vote 213-212. Carol Shea-Porter was the deciding vote. She had the opportunity to vote to stay in Washington and work for the American people and lower gas prices. Instead Shea-Porter voted with her pal, Speaker Nancy Pelosi, to go on vacation. When November comes New Hampshire voters will have the opportunity to send Shea-Porter on a permanent vacation.”


Horn For Congress - Congressman Hodes Continues to Disappoint NH Families

Horn Calls on Freshman Class President to Act on High Fuel Prices before 5 week Vacation

NASHUA – Paul Hodes has once again let down the people of New Hampshire.   Today, in a close 213-212 vote, the U.S. House voted to adjourn until Sept 8th before bringing up needed relief to reduce the high price of fuel.  Paul Hodes could have changed the vote single-handedly and kept Congress in session so they could work to reduce energy prices.

“Paul Hodes continues to disappoint the people of New Hampshire.  His vote today to go on a 5 week vacation without finishing the business that we sent him to Congress to do, once again reminds us that Paul Hodes will choose his political party over the people of New Hampshire every time,” stated Jennifer Horn.  “I guess he thought no one would notice that he failed to represent the people.  I hope Paul Hodes decides to spend some time in the district during his 5 week vacation so he can see first-hand how his neglect causes New Hampshire families to struggle.” 

Horn continued: “In a sad irony, Paul Hodes voted to go on a 5 week vacation just as families are starting to receive their pre-paid home heating oil bills.  In just a few months snow will be falling and families across the 2nd District will be paying close to double for home heating oil compared to when Paul Hodes entered Congress.  The time to act is now and Paul Hodes should have put partisanship aside and fought to bring relief to New Hampshire by addressing the biggest issue of the day: The high cost of fuel.”

 “We must do everything possible to relieve the budget-crippling pain American families are feeling every day at the gas pump and right now Paul Hodes is standing in the way.  Paul Hodes is an absentee Congressman.  While prices have gone up over 38% in the last 2 years, Paul Hodes offers no solutions, only partisan rhetoric, glossy mailers and photo-ops.  It’s no wonder that his approval rating is under 50% according to recent polling,” Horn concluded.