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NH DHHS - Chlamydia Rates Increased 28% in Five Years

Concord, NH – The New Hampshire Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS), Division of Public Health Services is continually monitoring the rates of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). According to recent data, the number of chlamydia cases reported in New Hampshire increased from 1,611 in 2003 to 2,055 in 2007. The numbers for 2008 are still being compiled, but the total number of reported cases is 2,096, which also represents an increase.


“We never like to see an increase in disease,” said Dr. José Montero, Director of Public Health at DHHS. “This is a preventable and treatable illness, so more education should go a long way toward reducing these numbers. Regular testing is also recommended to make sure people do not have the disease but don’t know it. Some of the increase, however, may actually be due to more awareness and therefore more testing. It takes a while for the numbers to decrease once awareness is raised.”


Chlamydia is caused by the bacterium Chlamydia trachomatis. It can be treated with antibiotics, but if left untreated it may compromise a woman’s fertility. Chlamydia is known as a "silent" disease because about three quarters of infected women and about half of infected men have no symptoms.


If symptoms do occur, they usually appear within 1 to 3 weeks after exposure. Many women have no signs, but symptoms can include burning upon urination, lower abdominal pain, low back pain, nausea, fever, and bleeding. Among men symptoms can include discharge or pain upon urination.


In New Hampshire, individuals age 15-24 were most affected as this group represented 73% of cases in 2007. The highest incidence was in persons age 20-24 years. In 2007 approximately three times as many females were reported with chlamydia as males.


STDs and chlamydia are two of the topics DHHS is focusing on this week in recognition of National Public Health Week. For more information on chlamydia or other STDs, visit the DHHS Sexually Transmitted Disease Prevention Program at, call the Division of Public Health Services at 603-271-4496, or go to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention website at


NetRight Blog Alert: Kerikowske's Deadly Decision 

Fellow Bloggers,


Gil Kerikowske, the Obama appointee to become the next Drug Czar, has a very checkered past. It is our job as bloggers to report the news that the old media refuses to cover. We have been handed an opportunity to report on a story that the MSM is passing over. Please read the report below from NetRight Nation on Gil Kerikowske's involvement in the Seattle Mardi Gras riots.


Kerikowske's Deadly Decision:


In 2001, a riot broke out on Mardi Gras at Seattle's Pioneer Square. Rather than send his officers in to break up the riot, Kerlikowske ordered them to stand by. So police officers stood at the edge of the crowd while the victims pleaded for help. Scores were injured, several women were sexually assaulted, and Kris Kime died amid the violence. Kris Kime, a 20-year-old college student and construction worker, was violently attacked after attempting to aid a woman who had been knocked to the ground.


Kime's family sued, and Seattle settled out of court for $1,750,000 and acknowledged that its police strategy had presented a public safety threat.


Kerlikowske, however, felt that he had made the right decision. "I think we moved in at the proper time given the size of that crowd, the mob mentality that existed and what I saw. And I take responsibility, and I stand by that decision. Every police decision, especially in this particular situation, is that we are damned if we do and damned if we don't." He added, “The criticism has been just unbelievable.”


Apparently his officers felt otherwise. Officer Ken Saucier, a member of the Seattle Police Guild board, said that if it's a damned-if-you-do, damned-if-you-don't situation, "our contention is ... you might as well be damned if you do. We're paid to do. That's why most of the people get into [police work]."


"Police officers are sworn to do a duty, and they want to do that," he said. "When they`re held back, they're not able to do what they got into the job to do,” said Mike Edwards, Seattle Police Guild president.


Get the rest of the story and photos.


DHHS Warns New Hampshire Residents Not to Eat Recalled Sprouts

Concord, NH – The New Hampshire Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) today is warning residents not to eat any of the sprout products (such as alfalfa sprouts) recalled by Amalgamated Produce Inc. of Bridgeport, Connecticut due to listeria contamination. The company has confirmed that some of these products were distributed in New Hampshire.


The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is investigating. Listeriosis is a serious infection caused by eating food contaminated with the bacterium Listeria monocytogenes. It can cause death in some patients, and those most at risk include pregnant women, people with weakened immune systems, and seniors. Symptoms include fever and muscle aches and sometimes nausea and vomiting. If the infection spreads to the nervous system, symptoms can include headache, stiff neck, confusion, loss of balance, or convulsions. Pregnant women who become infected may experience only a mild flu-like illness; however, infections during pregnancy can lead to miscarriage or stillbirth, premature delivery, or infection of the newborn.


“Listeriosis can be a very serious illness,” said Dr. José Montero, Director of Public Health at DHHS, “and we want to make sure that this alert goes out as some people are at increased risk, especially pregnant women. We are urging the public to check labels and not to consume any of the recalled products.”


The company voluntarily recalled these products after laboratory analysis in a finished product sample tested positive. No cases of illness have been confirmed at this time. All of the recalled items include have a sell by date from 3/31/09 through 4/27/09 and are in 4-oz. plastic containers, with the noted exceptions of the 8-oz. Nature’s Promise Organic Alfalfa and the five pound bag of bulk alfalfa sprouts.


A full list of the recalled items can be found at For more information on this recall, visit For specific questions about listeriosis, call the DHHS Division of Public Health Services at 603-271-4496.


(Attached: Fact Sheet on Listeriosis)


DontGo Movement - Message from Tea Party Sponsor 

Is the Tea Party tied to the GOP? Of course not.

In fact, that couldn't be further from the truth. The reality is, the RNC has been about as effective as a lead balloon in actually engaging the free-market minded grassroots with regards to political action. The RNC, as well as all but two Republican members of Congress, have been eerily silent over the past few weeks.

RNC Chairman Steele's office did reach out to me on Tuesday (although rumor has it that he is now denying such a conversation took place) morning and the person I spoke with asked if we would be interested in having him speak at the Chicago Tea Party. This request was, of course, at the last minute and only after national media eyes became involved.

But that was the first time the RNC had really injected itself at the national level into any part of the Tea Party Movement.

Why do we use "Silent Majority" as our national brand?

Because the vast majority of those involved in the Tea Party effort are people who have sat at home yelling at their TV's for the past few years. This is a group of folks who have gone on with their lives in attempt at the American dream, only to be shell shocked by a sudden and bold surge towards full scale socialism... and we've had enough!

Most of those involved in the Tea Party Movement do not wish to see something with RNC or DNC involvement. We do not want the failed two party structure injecting itself into this movement for political gain.

That's not to say that there aren't Republicans or Democrats involved, because we have people identify themselves as both involved all across the country.

But there is certainly no evidence whatsoever that the Tea Party Movement is some kind of orchestrated GOP effort disguising itself as non-partisan. In fact, the evidence suggests quite the opposite.

Take Chicago, for example. A hand full of local young Republicans have been trolling and following me all over the web in an attempt to attack me at every opportunity. They hunt me down on Twitter and Facebook, lashing out at me because I refused to promote their REPUBLICAN sponsored event happening later in the day on April 15th.

Indeed, the FUNDED organizations and media outlets of the left are swinging at this movement from all angles, attempting to paint this as a GOP backed effort. But the reality is that thousands of free-market minded Americans don't see it that way.

The DontGo Movement was attacked last year by these same groups who claimed that we were taking oil money (still waiting on those magical checks, BTW), and now they claim we're under the spell of the Republican Party.

What part of "we're just Americans and we're mad as hell" do they not understand?

Apr112009 - Judiciary Contact Information 

Here are the members of the Senate Judiciary:



Representatives' Hall


Sen. Reynolds (C), Sen. Lasky (VC), Sen. Houde, Sen. Roberge, Sen. Letourneau


9:00 a.m. HB 436-FN-L, relative to civil marriage and civil unions.


EXECUTIVE SESSION MAY FOLLOW ( it may be a long day for marriage)

Contact Information:

Sheila Roberge ( Republican- for traditional marriage, please call and support her stand)

83 Olde Lantern Road

Bedford, NH 03110-4816 (H) (603)472-8391

(O) None Specified



Deborah Reynolds ( Democrat - position not known)

5 Chaddarin Lane

Plymouth, NH 03264 (H) (603)536-5553

(O) (603)271-3042


Matthew Houde ( Democrat, genderless marriage supporter)

P.O. Box 66

Meriden, NH 03770 (H) (603)504-2744

(O) (603)271-2104

Bette Lasky ( Democrat, supporter of genderless marriage)

15 Masefield Road

Nashua, NH 03062 (H) (603)888-5557

(O) (603)271-2735



Robert Letourneau

30 South Avenue

Derry, NH 03038 (H) None Specified

(O) (603)271-2118

Please contact them and tell them you do not want marriage redefined.