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NHDP - Ayotte Runs Away from JUA 

As Attorney General Ayotte Heaped Praise on JUA Decision - In Senate Race She's Quickly Backing Away


CONCORD - Republican senate candidate Kelly Ayotte is still refusing to take responsibility for green-lighting the use of $110 million from New Hampshire's Joint Underwriting Association to balance the state budget, despite offering heavy praise for the decision at the time [Nashua Telegraph, 2/7/10].


Governor Lynch's decision to use the funds occurred last year after then-Attorney General Ayotte's Office issued an opinion saying it was legally permissible. At the time, Ayotte praised her Office's legal opinion and the Assistant Attorney General in charge of it, saying "Your research and advocacy for the state in the JUA matter reflects your exceptional legal talent and commitment to the important work of the office." [Nashua Telegraph, 2/7/10]


"Kelly Ayotte is still running away from a decision she clearly made," said Emily Browne, Press Secretary for the New Hampshire Democratic Party. "After praising the opinion as Attorney General, Kelly the senate candidate is now trying to pretend she was against it all along - and not fooling anyone."


Ayotte began backing away from the JUA decision last week, when she said that she "didn't weigh in one way or another," and "only gave a legal opinion." Ayotte said she was actually opposed to the decision and would have voted against it were she a legislator [Union Leader, 2/4/10] The Governor's Office was quick to contradict her comments, saying: "The Governor worked closely with the Attorney General's office on the development of the JUA policy. Former Attorney General Kelly Ayotte never once raised an objection during the process." [WMUR, 2/3/10]


MEDO - Under the Veil, Manchester's Only Bridal Shop Opens

A locally owned and operated business, Under Veil Bridal, offers unparallel individualized service catering to a bride’s every need

Manchester, NH – Manchester’s only Bridal Store, Under the Veil, is now open at 135 Hooksett Rd.  Independently owned and operated by local residents Kevin and Maribeth McCue, Under the Veil offers affordable yet elegant dresses and specializes in unmatched personal attention and service that you can not find at the larger bridal shops in the area.  Under the Veil also provides a wide selection of bridesmaid dresses, prom dresses, christening dresses, and tuxes.

Ariel McBride, 18, was one of Under the Veil’s first customers. “I could not imagine a better experience”, stated Ariel. “Maribeth’s only concern was helping me find the perfect dress.  She was not pushy and offered tremendous selection at affordable prices”.  Ariel is hoping to get married in June to her fiancée who is currently attending boot camp in North Carolina.  “Once Maribeth found out I was marrying someone in the armed forces she offered me a 10% discount and helped me select the proper colors to match the Marine Dress Blues my fiancée will wear, something that would not have happened if I went to one of the larger bridal outlets”.

“I want my customers to have a perfect experience from the time they walk in the door to the time they leave with that perfect dress.  There is nothing better than seeing the look on a bride-to-be’s face when they find their dream dress and try it on for the first time”, stated owner Maribeth McCue.  Although name brands can be found at Under the Veil, they cater to those in the community that want elegant dresses at an affordable price.  Wedding dresses typically range from $200-$800 in sizes 2-30.  The entire stock of formal dresses seen on the floor can be ordered in any color.

With prom season right around the corner Under the Veil offers name-brand tuxes for less, ranging in price from $59.95-$104.95.  Maribeth also has a personal guarantee that she will not sell the same prom dress to anyone from the same high school to ensure prom night truly is a special once-in-a-life-time experience.  “No girl wants to go to a prom and see their dress on another girl, by keeping track of the information I can do part to make sure this doesn’t happen”, stated Maribeth.

For more information about Under the Veil, please visit the website at


Freekeenenews - "Robin Hood" Rescues 270 in Keene from Parking Tickets in First Year!

Robin Hood's "Ticketless Tuesdays" marks its first year! Robin Hood and her Merry Men have rescued over 270 Keeniacs from a parking ticket! Here's the detail from Lauren Canario:

"Let it be known that in the course of one year the outlaw Robin Hood has deposited $54 in expired meters, denying approximately $1350 to the crown, and allowing about 270 people to relax and smile. He also accepted $273 in donations, and spent $248 on expenses."

If you have questions for Robin Hood, please send them to me and I will get the answers for you.

Ian Freeman


CHQ - Tea Party Training Conference to be Webcast by Viguerie Marketing Institute

(Manassas, VA)The recent training conference of the Leadership Tea Party will be webcast by the Viguerie Marketing Institute on Saturday, February 13, from 8 AM to 8 PM Eastern time. The conference, held in Dallas, Texas on January 29-31, consisted of 10 sessions, including the keynote address by Richard A. Viguerie, Chairman of  

Among the points Viguerie made were:

   1) The Tea Party movement should avoid the temptation of forming a third party. It would be a disaster for the cause of freedom and limited government.

   2) Tea Party leaders should work to be a third force in politics in order to push Republican and Democratic politicians to the right.

   3) For now, all Tea Party activities should be focused on the 2010 primaries challenging every establishment Republican Democrat.

   Other topics in the Webcast conference include community organizing, dealing with the media, defeating powerful political machines, and protecting members and groups from legal pitfalls.

     Nationally renowned presenters include American Liberty Alliance founder Eric Odom; Zen Conservatism author and co-founder of the St. Louis Tea Party Bill Hennessy; attorney Mark Fitzgibbons; Dallas Tea Party leader Lorie Medina; and St. Louis-based radio talk show host Dana Loesch.

    The Webcast will be hosted live by Nationwide Tea Party Coalition co-founder Michael Patrick Leahy, author of Rules for Conservative Radicals.  Leahy will be joined by other presenters to respond on camera during the Webcast to viewers' emailed questions.  

     Registration is $19.95 for the live event.  A complete schedule of the February 13 Webcast and registration information is online at .


Daily News from the Veterans Today Network 

Jeff Gates

Crotch Bomber's "Radical Cleric" Anwar Al-Awlaki Worked for FBI

by Jeff Gates, Staff Writer

Crotch Bomber's "Radical Cleric" Anwar Al-Awlaki Worked for FBI"Agent Butler paid rent and cashed checks for the two hijackers while they were being advised by Al-Awlaki. What did Butler want to know? Was Ghazal funding Mel Rockefeller with whom he had traveled to Iraq in 1997. While in Baghdad they confirmed that Saddam Hussein had mothballed his WMD program after the 1991 Gulf War and that he was prepared to negotiate his departure-without this war. The FBI has yet to speak with Mel Rockefeller."

The Christmas Day "underwear bomber" is the latest ruse to create support for The Clash of Civilizations and for more spending on "the war on terrorism." The story does not hold together. Not even a little bit.

How did a young Nigerian Muslim without a passport "slip through" security at Amsterdam's Schiphol airport? Not only did his itinerary feature an illogical travel route, he bought a high-priced last-minute ticket paying cash and traveled without checked baggage. It gets better..

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