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NRCC - Will Carol Shea-Porter Back Small Business Tax to Pay for Government Healthcare Takeover? 

Party Bosses Come Calling Again to Pay for Another Budget-Busting Job Killer


Washington- After refusing to face reality for weeks, Democrat leaders will finally have to admit that there is only one way to fund their massive government healthcare takeover: more taxes. After the non-partisan Congressional Budget Office scored the proposal at a whopping $1.5 trillion, top Democrats in Washington have begun to wheel out plans for new taxes as they scramble to come up with a way to pay for a bill that will raise costs and eliminate patients’ available health care options. As party bosses prepare to come calling once again, Carol Shea-Porter will feel the heat to back another massive tax hike.


“Carol Shea-Porter must answer a very simple question: Will she support a tax on small businesses to pay for the Democrats’ government takeover of the healthcare industry?” said NRCC Communications Director Ken Spain. “Shea-Porter simply cannot have it both ways – she can choose to stand with middle-class New Hampshire families or she will cave to her party bosses with a vote to raise taxes on small business, force millions of Americans off of their current coverage, and potentially destroy five million American jobs. “


After Democrats unveiled their reckless health care plan last month, they remained tight-lipped about plans to pay for it. But now, Shea-Porter's party bosses have begun to leak their plans to pay for a government healthcare takeover. Unsurprisingly, they feature tax hikes as the centerpiece:


“As House Democrats work to finalize their healthcare overhaul discussion draft, sources say CBO has individually scored provisions of the legislation that together approach a total of $1.5 trillion.


“Sources also said House Ways and Means Democrats plan to help pay for the bill by raising taxes on people earning $250,000 or more and taxing sugary beverages.


“The tax on sugary drinks is expected to raise about $50 billion. A previous Ways and Means paper revealed Democrats were considering raising taxes on the wealthy through a 2 percent surtax that would raise $256 billion.” (Anna Edney, “Sources Say House Bill At $1.5 Trillion,” CongressDaily, 7/7/09)


With her party bosses breathing down her neck to fund their $1.5 trillion bill with another tax hike, will Carol Shea-Porter stand up for New Hampshire families or cave under pressure?



Manchester Mayor Guinta releases Order of Notice regarding spending cap

Mayor Guinta releases Order of Notice regarding spending cap;

reaffirms opposition to action that denies public vote


MANCHESTER (July 9, 2009) – Mayor Frank Guinta released to the public the Order of Notice that was filed by the Hillsborough (North) Superior Court regarding the spending cap. This Order was sent by the City Solicitor despite no vote being taken by the Board of Aldermen to authorize him to move forward, no prior public input, and a decision that was made behind closed doors. Following this, the Board of Aldermen voted, 7-5, to reject a request to withdraw a court case that could potentially throw the spending cap off the 2009 municipal ballot. The initial hearing on this issue will be held at 10:30 a.m., on Tuesday, July 14, 2009, at Hillsborough County (North) Superior Court.


“It is important that the public understand that painstaking actions that concerned citizens took in getting more than 4,000 signatures on petitions so that the spending cap could appear on the ballot,” Guinta said.“In addition, three top-ranking state officials – Attorney General Kelly Ayotte, Secretary of State William Gardner, and Department of Revenue Administration Commissioner G. Philip Blastos – deemed the referendum language legal. However, instead of fulfilling their promise to hold public hearings and information sessions on the spending cap, some aldermen have worked with special interests to get this thrown off the ballot.”


“I can assure the public that, despite this action by the Board of Aldermen, I still support the rights of voters to decide on this important issue – regardless of whether they support or oppose a spending cap,” Guinta said. “I also want to thank Aldermen Gatsas, Sullivan, Osborne, Pinard and Garrity, and former Aldermen Murphy, who have stood up for the voters throughout this process.”


Note: The Order of Notice is available on the City Web site at:




Says Lynch needs to stop wasting time and money on the gay marriage issue



Concord -Yesterday it was reported that Massachusetts Attorney General, Martha Coakley, filed a lawsuit in federal court challenging the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA). When asked (by whether or not New Hampshire would sign on to the pending suit,Lynch spokesman, Colin Manning, implied they may be considering it bystating, "Unfortunately, the federal government does not extend the same rights and protections that New Hampshire provides same-sex families, and that should change."


Reacting to this was Cornerstone Director, Kevin Smith, "It is our sincere hope that Governor Lynch does not waste any more of the taxpayer's time and money on the issue of gay marriage. It would seem to me thatwith the Governoralready facing a looming budget deficit hewould not want to shift his priorities to the gay marriage issue againas he did earlier this year."


Smith added, "It is quite amazing though how this Governor went from publically opposing gay marriage asrecently as April and now continues to support the repeal of DOMA. Perhaps this is another reason why his poll numbers have plummeted in the last few months - his wordsimply cannot be trusted."


To read the entire story from nhpoliticalreport.comon the Governor's reaction to the DOMA lawsuit filed in MA, click HERE.



Daily Grind: The G8 Suicide Pact 

A Suicide Pact
Yesterday, the world's leaders agreed to reduce human activity by 50 percent by 2050.


Affirmative Action for Felons?
D.C. may be ready to try to prohibit background checks by employers .


Forgotten Founding Wisdom
How can we reverse the damage our nation has done to itself by ignoring its founding wisdom?


NetRight Daily: ACORN, Health Care and More!

Say No to Robert Groves and ACORN Corruption!: Barack Obama -- the former attorney for the corrupt Association of Community Organization and Reform Now (ACORN) -- has now nominated for Census Bureau czar a man who (perhaps not surprisingly) refuses to rule out paying ACORN lieutenants tens of millions of tax dollars to, of all things, count the number of Americans who should receive federally funded hand-outs and be allowed to vote.


Moving Forward With medical Technology: Rep. Erik Paulsen writes, "Minnesota ranks fourth in the nation in the number of jobs provided through the medical technology industry, with over 18,000. These are high-paying jobs that strengthen the economy in the Third District and the state as a whole. Moreover, the innovation and research performed by these companies often lead to new, better and sometimes life-saving health care technologies for those in need."


The Myth of A "Bipartisan" Health Care Compromise?: This week, as Congress reconvenes, the pressure from the White House is building to put the final touches on health care reform. While news outlets describe the Congressional debates as "wrestling" and emphasize the inevitable "compromises" that will be reached, any opposing opinion is being ignored.


Affirmative Action for Felons: Time and time again the District of Columbia's council member Marion Berry has tried to pass a bill that is called "Human Rights for Ex-Offenders Amendment Act." And this year is no different.


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