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iPark Manchester Program A Success – Just In Time For Snow

MANCHESTER, NH, Dec. 8, 2009 – Since November 1st, almost 250 people have taken advantage of the ease, convenience, and security of paying for parking with the push of a button – before leaving their cars.  Parking Manager Brandy Stanley states: “I’ve been waiting for the first snowstorm of the season – while I can’t exactly say I’m happy it’s here, I am very excited that we now offer an alternative to walking through and over ice and snow to pay for parking.   With a major snowstorm fast approaching, which would you choose?

  • Standing in the cold searching for coins or waiting for a receipt to print;
  • Climbing over snow banks; or
  • Pushing a button on a small device from inside your car to start and stop your parking sessions.


Also, as soon as a driver returns to the car, he or she presses a button to end the parking session, and the device only charges the exact amount due for the exact time parked.”

The smart, replenishable, parking device is lightweight and easily fits in the palm of your hand – it’s about the size of the popular EZ Pass® pre-paid toll transponders. With the push of a button you start a parking session, affix the iPark 2.0 to the windshield with the screen facing out, and that’s it.  While you’re away from your car, the screen displays a digital clock for Parking Control Officers to read.

The iPark sells for $25, and comes with $10 in complimentary parking funds.  They can be purchased online at, in person at the Parking Division office at 25 Vine Street or at the Ordinance Violations Bureau inside City Hall.


Manchester Economic Development Office to offer Energy Efficiency Revolving Loan Fund

MEDO offers Manchester businesses another program to help spur economic development and job creation

Manchester, NH – Manchester’s Economic Development Office (MEDO) is pleased to offer Manchester businesses the opportunity to apply for the Energy Efficiency Revolving Loan Fund (EERLF).  This new loan program is one of many programs and incentives offered by MEDO to help Manchester businesses grow and prosper. 

Energy efficiency, conservation, and renewable energy programs and projects are building blocks for increased economic vitality, energy security, and environmental quality within the city.  When asked about the EERLF program Jay Minkarah, Director of the Manchester Economic Development Office said, “We are pleased to offer this new program to Manchester businesses which not only provides assistance to new and existing businesses but also helps the city meet its community-oriented goal of increasing energy efficiency within the city and reducing our dependence on fossil fuels.” Jay went on to add that the EERLF program funds will have a maximum impact if the funds are invested in ways that create and/or retain jobs and stimulate the economy in the short term while laying the foundation for a long-term and sustainable clean energy economy

The EERLF program provides low interest loans of up to $20,000 to small businesses and commercial property owners to pay for the upfront costs of energy efficiency improvements to their facilities. The EERLF program encourages improvements that will have a rate of return on investment in three years or less through decreased energy usage or increased energy efficiency including improvements to heating and cooling system improvements, upgraded lighting, insulation, replacement windows and doors, energy efficient equipment and appliances and other similar improvements

The EERFL program is funded by the US Department of Energy.  EERLF funds are available on a first-come, first-serve basis for energy efficiency upgrades to business and commercial property owners. Loans can be awarded up to 80% of the cost of proposed improvements with a total maximum loan amount of $20,000 per applicant. Any projects that have started construction or made purchases prior to the City’s approval, will not qualify for the loan.  Since this program is funded through the US Department of Energy, certain requirements need to be met in order to receive assistance.  Generally, eligibility is based upon improvements resulting in the creation or retention of jobs but there are other methods to determine eligibility.

If you are interested in the EERFL program please contact the Manchester Economic Development Office at 603-624-6505.  Applications for the Energy Efficiency Revolving Loan Fund may be obtained online at by clicking on Grow Your Business and then Incentives.



NetRight Daily: Health Care, EPA and More! 

Our Health Care Mess is a Symptom Of a Much Bigger Problem:  From Senator Jim DeMint - Just in case you've missed it, there has been a lot of debate recently about reforming our nation's health care system. The president and his allies in Congress have told us they have just the ticket to fix our problems: a plan that creates a new federal government insurance company and pays for it by raising taxes on just about everyone and cutting nearly $500 billion from Medicare. Their plan takes an unsustainable mountain of government debt, bureaucracy and spending, then bulldozes a new mountain of bureaucracy and debt right on top of it.

Czar Obama Takes Aim at Congress:  There are so many deep flaws in the "Endangerment Ruling" announced Monday by President Obama's Environmental Protection Agency that it is quite possible the worst of them will escape notice.

Valerie Jarrett and Cecil Butler:  Partners in Slime:  Cecil Butler started managing the Lawndale Restoration, a low-income community in 1974. In 1995, Cecil Butler received a $51 million loan, backed by the state, to renovate Lawndale Restoration. In 1999, Valerie Jarrett's Habitat formed an LLC with Butler's Boulevard Management. In 2000, Cecil Butler hired the Habitat Company to manage Lawndale Restoration.

The Unsinkable "Public Option":  Late yesterday, there was a flurry of reports from Washington that Senate Democrats had reached agreement to abandon the highly unpopular "public option," caving in to public opposition and jettisoning the flotsam.

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NRCC - Government Lacks "Capacity" to Manage Shea-Porter's Government-Run Healthcare Plan

Democrats’ Healthcare Plan Destined for Failure as Dems Struggle to Find New Options in the Senate

Washington- As Democrats struggle to sell their so-called “public option,” it’s not yet clear that the government even has the capacity to handle this new bureaucratic monstrosity. Carol Shea-Porter helped Nancy Pelosi muscle through this government-run health plan, but a top expert has raised concerns that the proposal is simply too big and burdensome to be administered by an already-bloated federal government. The “public option” would be modeled after The Federal Employees Health Benefits Program (FEHBP), which provides insurance coverage to more than eight million federal workers, including members of Congress and their dependents.

Similar to the public option plan that Shea-Porter supports, the Democrats’ new proposal would be regulated by legislation and overseen by a federal agency, the same way the federal employees’ coverage plan serves federal workers.

However, it seems that the government may lack the capacity to manage Shea-Porter's government-run healthcare plan:

 “Former OPM Director Linda Springer told FederalNewsRadio it will literally take an act of Congress to pull that off. ‘I flat out think that OPM doesn't have the capacity to do this type of role,’ said Springer. ‘Furthermore, I don't believe that OPM has the statutory authority to do it as well. But on both those counts, I don't think it would be a good call….”’

 “Even with a mission change, there's the question of the ability of the agency to get the work done.

 “‘For anyone to think that OPM has the capacity, the staffing, or the mission to go beyond that, really, I think, shows a misunderstanding of the agency.’”  (Linda Springer, “OPM not up to task of running public option health program,” Federal News Radio 1500 AM, 12/08/2009)

 “As Democrats are scurrying to come up with new way to sell their government healthcare takeover, reports are confirming what we’ve known all along: Washington’s endless bureaucracy is incapable of managing a government-run healthcare program,” said NRCC Communications Director Ken Spain. “Shea-Porter continues to bow to her party leaders as they swindle their budget-busting healthcare takeover with the latest piece of Nancy Pelosi’s reckless agenda and now it turns out that she is backing a proposal that the government cannot even deliver.”



NRCC - Shea-Porter Heard from Commanders...And? Still Silent

“Shea-Porter, however, gave little response. Asked yesterday for her views on the speech, Shea-Porter, through spokeswoman Jamie Radice, responded, ‘I have not heard anything to change my mind. However, as a member of the Armed Services Committee, I look forward to hearing from (Defense) Secretary (Robert) Gates and Admiral (Michael) Mullen tomorrow, and General (Stanley) McChrystal and Ambassador (Karl) Eikenberry next week.’” (Shira Schoenberg, Shea-Porter Quiet on War, The Concord Monitor, 12/4/2009)

NRCC Comment: “If Shea-Porter’s silence is a political calculation, then she’s still hopelessly out-out-touch with New Hampshire voters who want to know one way or the other where she stands on Obama’s troop surge and July 2011 withdrawal deadline.  Either way, by once again avoiding her constituents, she’s establishing her own timetable for withdrawal from Congress – November 2010.” – Tory Mazzola, NRCC Spokesman