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SEIU Calls On Congress to Move Forward With Broader Effort to Fix Health Care; As Obama Signs SCHIP Bill

Important Step Forward Made Possible Through Groundwork by

Senator Shaheen, Representative Hodes, and Representative Shea-Porter


CONCORD, NH – President Obama's approval today of a bipartisan bill to strengthen the State Children's Health Insurance Program couldn't have happened without groundwork by Senator Jeanne Shaheen, Representative Paul Hodes, Representative Carol Shea-Porter, and their Congressional colleagues –paving the way for a broader effort to finally fix our broken health care system.


"Senator Shaheen, Representative Hodes, and Representative Shea-Porter stood up for New Hampshire's children by voting to ensure they have access to the health care they need," said John Thyng, State Director of New Hampshire for Health Care and SEIU Change That Works. "Too many families were forced to choose between caring for their sick child and paying the bills. We'll never get our economy back on track unless we fix our broken health care system. We look forward to working with our senators and representatives to rebuild our economy and bring about true reform that guarantees all Americans access to quality, affordable health care."


In 2007, 22,000 New Hampshire children did not have health insurance. This legislation ensures that 12,000 New Hampshire children who rely on SCHIP to stay healthy will continue to have access to quality, affordable health care.


"This is wonderful," said Amy Williams, one of the many Granite Staters whose child is enrolled in Healthy Kids, New Hampshire's SCHIP program. "When I lost my job and my health insurance, Healthy Kids made it possible for me to take care of my daughter. Without SCHIP, our family would have been financially devastated. I'm glad Senator Shaheen, Representative Hodes and Representative Shea-Porter are on the side of working families like mine."


Comprised of 80,000 Health Care Voters, New Hampshire for Health Care is part of the "Change that Works" campaign, an new state-by-state effort by the two million-member Service Employees International Union (SEIU) to bring economic relief to millions across the country, help fix the nation's broken health care system and guarantee workers can freely decide whether to join with their coworkers in a union.

The "Change That Works" campaign builds on the successful work that helped elect an unprecedented number of pro-working family candidates in November. More on "Change That Works" can be found at


Feb052009 Launches

Americans: “Use Your Voice!”


Washington, D.C. February 4, 2009 - (ASO) announces today the launch of a nation-wide online and grassroots Movement of Americans committed to basic freedoms. invites all Americans to get up, get involved, use their voice, and speak their minds. America, this is your place to use your voice, tell a friend, and speak on whatever issues matter most. Join the conversation. Together we can make this Nation a better place. believes that ours is not a nation of red and blue states, but rather a nation of free Americans seeking to engage and let our voices be heard.


This site will provide a forum for all Americans to connect, share opinions on the news and important issues, and become part of a national dialogue to exercise American freedoms. Members of this Movement will debate freedoms such as freedom of speech, freedom from debt and excessive taxation, freedom to vote without intimidation, freedom to raise a family and pursue the American Dream, freedom from socialized banks/healthcare/auto industry, freedom of unions to vote privately, freedom from compounding debt currently being contemplated by Congress.


“This Nation is facing critical decisions that will shape not only our futures but the futures of our children and grandchildren. Without the participation of all Americans, others will speak on our behalf.” -- Megan McGreal, ASO spokesperson.


This site will feature interactive and video blogs, instant polling, video contests, and web events, a source for news headlines and opinion pieces, and grow the Movement through all of the major social networking tools. It will provide a forum for users to speak their minds, debate, share ideas, inject humor into politics, grow future leaders, promote the ideals of a freeAmerica, and get involved in their communities.


In addition to tying the country together for debate and dialogue online, will be traveling to all 50 states to grow the Movement. Concerts, rallies, neighborhood gatherings, town-hall meetings all will be featured as part of this effort. will call on Americans to get involved in their communities, become leaders, and be a voice for freedom.


America, this Movement is yours. Join the conversation, share links, upload videos, become a local leader, get involved, speak up, speak out, and most importantly, AmericaSpeakOn! is a 501(c)(4) national grassroots movement dedicated to promoting public policies that protect the right of Americans to engage in free speech and vigorous public debate.


Stop Internet Predators Praises Manchester

Stop Internet Predators Praises Manchester, New Hampshire for Elevating Issue of Child Safety in Internet Age


Mayor proclaims the city’s dedication to protecting children from online predators


Manchester, NH – Yesterday, the Mayor Manchester, N.H., Frank C. Guinta, issued a proclamation urging that City of Manchester and local law enforcement is committed to protecting children from sexual abuse and exploitation, and declared that February 3, 2009 should be Stop Internet Predators Awareness Day.


“I am happy that Manchester is the first New England community and the second nationwide to recognize the efforts of Stacie Rumenap and the Stop Internet Predator national organization in playing an important role for the protection of our youth online. Mayor Guinta said. “Protection from online predators is an important facet of an overall public safety effort to make our society safe for children, and the hard work by Stop Internet Predators does that.”


“It is encouraging to see cities such as Manchester adopting the mission of Stop Internet Predators to increase awareness about the possible dangers of new online applications and not to passively accept them as non-threatening,” said Stacie Rumenap, Executive Director of Stop Child Predators. “We hope that Stop Internet Predators Awareness day will encourage the community to be proactive in protecting the safety and security of children.”


The following is an excerpt from the Proclamation: “the City of Manchester and local law enforcement is committed to protecting children from sexual abuse and exploitation...the national campaign Stop Internet Predators seeks to increase awareness and educate these audiences with safeguards to protect their children...I, Frank C. Guinta, Mayor of Manchester, N.H., do hereby proclaim February 3, 2009 to be Stop Internet Predators Awareness Day, and urge all citizens and community organizations to join in the observance.”


Stop Internet Predators, a project of Stop Child Predators, has a special focus on new Internet technologies that pose a risk to children’s safety. New applications allow users to view high resolution images of homes, schools, playgrounds, and other places where children gather. In some instances, pictures of children are captured, memorializing minors’ images with physical addresses online.


Stop Internet Predators seeks to limit the potential for child predators to abuse emerging technologies to prey on children by recommending that safeguards be put in place. This would include removing all images of children and places where children gather, as well as the promise to not capture such images during future deployment. Technologies that provide an opt-out policy put the burden on parents and upload images of minors without prior parental consent.


By empowering families with education and resources, parents can take an active role in their children’s safety and privacy. For more information and to view the Proclamation in its entirety, please visit


About Stop Internet Predators


Stop Internet Predators is a project of Stop Child Predators, launched to educate parents and communities on emerging online child safety issues and empower them to protect their children’s privacy and safety. Stop Internet Predators has a special focus on new internet technologies that pose a risk to their children’s safety.



Daily Grind: Kicking Daschle While He's Down

Kicking Daschle While He's Down
Tom Daschle quite possibly cost the lives of three good, decent doctors in a 1994 mercy-mission plane crash.


Even President Obama is beginning to question his own judgment: “I take responsibility for this mistake...”


Six Degrees of Separation to Stop the “Stimulus”
It is up to the American people convince the Senate to reject the “National Bankruptcy Act.”


Bad News in Philadelphia
The Wall Street Journal notes the bailouts never seem to end; now it's newspapers.


NH Commonsense - Medical Marijuana Documentary "Waiting to Inhale" Screening, Discussion Planned Feb. 9

MANCHESTER, N.H. — A free screening of the medical marijuana documentary, "Waiting to Inhale," takes place Feb. 9 at Keene State College, followed by a panel discussion featuring medical marijuana advocates.


The film has particular relevance for Granite Staters this year; New Hampshire lawmakers are considering HB 648, a bill to protect seriously ill patients from the threat of arrest and jail if their doctors recommend marijuana.


  • - WHAT: Free screening of medical marijuana documentary "Waiting to Inhale," followed by Q&A and discussion


  • - WHO: Scheduled panelists include:


  • - State Rep. Charles Weed (D-Keene)


  • - Executive Director for the NH Coalition for Common Sense Marijuana Policy Matt Simon


  • - Cancer survivor and patient advocate Barbara Filleul


  • - WHEN: Monday, Feb. 9, 7 p.m. to 9 p.m.


  • - WHERE: Mountain View Room, 3rd floor of the LP Young Student Center, Keene State College


Winner of several awards, including the CINE Golden Eagle award, Worldfest Houston 2005 Gold Special Jury Award, Best Documentary 2005 New Jersey International Film Festival and winner of the Eureka! International Film Festival, "Waiting to Inhale" examines the debate over marijuana's use as medicine in the United States. The film includes interviews with patients, leading medical marijuana researchers, and experts.