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Good afternoon.  Coming to you from CEI Studios today: Tales From the Spin Zone


When Americans rebelled against cap-and-trade mandates and taxes, politicians didn’t listen; they just started coming up with new names for cap-and-trade. “Pollution limits,” “linked fees,” “pollutions reduction targets” – all different ways of saying the same thing.  As CEI Senior Fellow Marlo Lewis says, “An energy tax by any other name is just as foul.”

CEI studios has created this short YouTube video imagining how Senators Kerry, Lieberman, and Graham came up with new names for their upcoming global warming cap-and-trade scheme.




NetRight Daily: Video Contest, Bailouts, and More 

Harmful Regulation Video Contest:  The EPA has decided to start a video contest, seeking to gather films promoting government regulations. The prize is $2,500 of stolen cash from the taxpayer. But we have launched our own contest, with a $2,500 prize. Be sure to enter!

The War on Cigarettes:  Add another chapter to the long and voluminous history of government's failed "Vice Wars." Just like Prohibition and the so-called "War on Drugs," the ongoing cigarette crackdown in both the United States and Canada has not only failed to achieve its objective, but it is creating bureaucracies that threaten liberty and prosperity as well as spawning a violent subculture that puts lives at risk on both sides of the border.

They Dare Not Call It a Bailout:  Last week, defending his latest attempt for the government to take over the nation's financial system, Senator Chris Dodd said, "This bill has been written specifically to end any notion of any kind of a bailout by the American taxpayer again."

Liberal Media's Racial Obsession Obfuscates Tea Party Libertarian Appeal:  If you are to believe a front page report in The New York Times that explores recent poll results, the dominant force in Tea Party rallies in opposition to government run health care and other spending schemes are racially insensitive white males according to poll results.

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VIDEO:  Budget Bullies in California try to get their way with the budget via Big Labor.

How Public Unions Broke California:  Pensions we can't afford, silly rules, and waste.  Public sector unions must be reined in.

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ALG Demands that Dodd Bill Be Scrapped, "Start Over with Real Reform" of Fannie, Freddie, Fed, FHA 

"Putting Chris Dodd in charge of writing the financial 'reform' bill is like calling in Don Corleone to write an anti-crime bill."—Bill Wilson, President of ALG.

April 20th, 2010, Fairfax, VA—Americans for Limited Government President Bill Wilson today demanded that the Senate "scrap the Dodd financial takeover bill and start over with real reform of the government institutions that caused the crisis to begin with."

"In short, the Dodd bill does nothing at all to prevent another crisis from occurring, and Senators should be wary about following Dodd off the cliff," Wilson said, adding, "Dodd is asking many of his colleagues to stand for election defending his legislation following the same recipe that caused his own career to go down in flames."

"Meanwhile, Dodd himself is not willing to run on this nonsense.  The voters of Connecticut have rejected Dodd's corruption.  He's not representing them.  To this day, he is representing Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.  He is representing the ill-conceived social policy of pushing loans on those who cannot afford them despite unacceptable rates of default."

Wilson continued, "In sum, he is representing government control of the entire financial system under the false premise that tighter control will better manage the unintended consequences of foolish government policies."

Wilson said Dodd bears a "great deal of responsibility" for causing the financial crisis.  "Dodd has no business leading the Senate's effort to 'reform' the financial system.  He is the most corrupt Senator in U.S. history who protected Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac from being reined in while the housing bubble was inflated, and who personally benefited for being a shill for banks with VIP treatment in his loan from Countrywide."

In a recent oped, Wilson wrote that "Putting Chris Dodd in charge of writing the financial 'reform' bill is like calling in Don Corleone to write an anti-crime bill. To expect anything but a whitewash that protects the real criminals is naïve at best."

Wilson said the legislation itself proves it: "The Dodd bill does not even mention Fannie or Freddie, government entities that misrepresented the quality of mortgage-backed securities to investors." 

"Instead, it leaves the government in charge of the GSE's, expands the powers of the Federal Reserve which printed the money that fueled the housing bubble, does nothing to rein in the Federal Housing Administration that degraded credit quality by lowering down payments, and leaves in place the Community Investment Act regulations that strong-armed banks to give out loans to lower income Americans who could not pay them back in the first place," Wilson explained.

"The only right thing to do in this instance is to scrap Dodd's plan and to start over with a plan to sell of Fannie and Freddie piece by piece, to bring transparency to the Federal Reserve and to restrict their easy money policy, restore prudent lending standards, and repeal the Community Reinvestment act once and for all," Wilson concluded.




CONCORD - As she refuses to stand up for Wall Street reform, Republican senate candidate Kelly Ayotte's campaign took in over $150,000 last quarter from the US Senate Victory committee - a joint fundraising committee whose funds rely largely on Paul Singer, the billionaire Wall Street founder of the hedge fund Elliot Management, and his Elliot Associates [CQ, 4/19/10; FEC Report, accessed 4/19/10 ]. The money represents over 20 percent of total funds raised by Ayotte in the first quarter of 2010.

The Wall Street-based Elliot Management is the largest "vulture fund" in the world. Vulture funds are predatory investors that seek to profit off the debts of the world's poorest countries. They buy a nation's debt for pennies on the dollar and then sue the indebted country to win repayment of the initial debt's full value. [The Guardian, 3/10/2007; Associated Press, 5/22/07]. According to the firm's press releases and trade publications, two of the firm's main arms, Elliot International and Kensington International, are based in the "tax havens" of the Cayman Islands.  [Elliot Associates release via BusinessWire, 6/4/2002; Banking Wire, 9/12/2006]

"With over $150,000 of her campaign's contributions this quarter coming from hedge fund managers on Wall Street busy making billions off the debts of the world's poorest countries, it's no wonder that Kelly Ayotte has refused to stand up for real financial reform," said Emily Browne, Press Secretary for the New Hampshire Democratic Party. "She's defending the reckless policies, lax regulations and tax loopholes that drove our economy into a ditch because the Wall Street firms that were in the driver's seat then are the very same ones bank-rolling her campaign now. It's why she won't stand up for serious reform and why she supports the corporate interests who want to ship jobs overseas."

"Wall Street bought and paid for Kelly Ayotte's campaign and now they're getting their dividends," added Browne


CHQ - GOP Bid to Reclaim Senate Fuels Fight for Party's Soul

GOP Bid to Reclaim Senate Fuels Fight for Party's Soul

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Sen Jim DeMint endorsed Marco Rubio last yr when Rubio was 30pt behind liberal Charlie Crist; that's principled conservative leadership #tcot

Apr 17 Romney endorses Rubio when he's 22 pts ahead and Crist is considering leaving GOP; profiles in political courage Romney is not #tcot

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GOP Bid to Reclaim Senate Fuels Fight for Party's Soul -- While Republican Senator John Cornyn is seeking out a politically pragmatic path towards a GOP victory in November, Senator Jim DeMint is fueling a number of conservative primary challengers nationwide, setting up a contest between pragmatists vs. principled conservatives within the Senate GOP.

Tea Parties a Delayed Bush Backlash
Los Angeles Times -- Jonah Goldberg argues the Tea Party Movement is a reaction against eight years of George W. Bush's record of government expansion, and activists refuse to be fooled again.

EPA Contest Seeks Videos Promoting Government Regulation
CNS News -- Are you unfettered from regulations designed to stifle free enterprise? Making too much money?  Get that feeling that government deregulation allows your business to prosper?  Worry no more -- the Environmental Protection Agency wants you to shackle yourself in 60 second video clips with ways government can regulate free enterprise. 

Poll: Nearly 80% of Americans Don't Trust Washington Under Obama Administration
Newsmax - A recent Pew Research Center survey found that Americans' confidence in Washington's ability to govern has reached a near all-time low, with nearly four in five saying they don't trust politicians from either Party to deal with the country's problems of today.

Rahm Emmanuel Predicts Big Fight Over Obama Supreme Court Pick
CQ Politics -- Emmanuel isn't seeing smooth sailing through the U.S. Senate for Obama's eventual nominee, and expresses Obama's desire to select a nominee "in the Justice Stevens model."

Crist Staying in FL Race
NROnline -- While Crist is committed to saying in the race, the embattled Florida governor is coy about saying whether or not he will do so as a Republican or an independent.

Pivotal Moment Propels Conservative Candidate
Lebanon Daily News (PA) - Amongst the Tea Party's many attributes is its ability to bring forth new people to take part in the political process, and here's a look at a former minister (Allen Griffith) from the Philadelphia area who's now running for Congress - his own personal crusade to restore America's Constitutional values and bring new leadership to our elected institutions.

57% Have More Trust In Those In Congress Who Voted Against Bailouts
Rasmussen Reports - Politicians tried to package the federal bailouts as 'saving' the U.S. economy, but American voters apparently don't see it that way -- with a recent poll showing 57% of respondents saying they have more trust in congressmen who voted against the government interventions.  Further, 56% of voters say they agree with Pres. Reagan's 1980 statement that "government is not the solution to our problem; government is the problem."

John McCain Is Now Diving Hard Right On Immigration
Politico - Signs are everywhere that Sen. John McCain is running scared in advance of this summer's Arizona GOP U.S. Senate primary, as he's tacking hard to the right on another of his signature 'maverick' issues, immigration.  McCain is notorious for bucking conservatives on immigration matters, but now he's favoring tough new state and federal measures to seal up the border.

Upset In The Making In Indiana GOP Senate Primary
Washington Examiner - Conservatives in Indiana are grasping the opportunity to send a message to the Republican Party establishment in Washington by rejecting former Sen. Dan Coats' bid to win the state's GOP U.S. Senate nomination.  33-year-old conservative Marlin Stutzman is gaining national attention for his consistent conservative record, and conservatives in the Hoosier state are beginning to take notice.

The Energetic Style of Texas Gov. Rick Perry
Human Events - Texas Gov. Rick Perry continues to be one of the most outspoken advocates for a state's Constitutional right to govern itself, and here's a look at how he thinks that proposed federal Cap and Tax legislation would hurt his state - and also how he vows to fight the recently passed Obamacare bill in the courts 'until the last man.'

Former Vice President Dan Quayle Emerges From The Political Shadows
American Spectator - Former Vice President Dan Quayle largely took the 2000s off from the political arena, but there are signs that he's starting to reemerge -- including supporting his son who's running for Congress in Arizona's 3rd congressional district.