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NetRight Daily: The New Deal is No Model for Recovery 

New Deal No Model for Current Binge:  From a political standpoint it makes little difference whether the trillions of dollars in "stimulus" spending and big-business bailouts approved by Washington in the past year have a significant effect on the economy.

McCain-Feingold on the Ropes?:  If you ask Americans about campaign finance reform, most likely they'll answer something about the need for it because "there's too much money in politics," not realizing that to many the freedom to donate to the political candidate of their choice is a right equated with everything else granted by the First Amendment. It's quite possible those free speech advocates will soon be pleased as a key part of the McCain-Feingold campaign finance reform package may be overturned by the Supreme Court.

The Kids Sing for Dear Leader:  Yet again, Dear Leader has the children singing for him.  Check out the video.

Snowe to Reid:  "What's the Rush?":  Harry Reid is once again threatening to invoke reconciliation, whereby only 51 instead of 60 votes would be needed to pass the government-run health care proposal, ObamaCare. Apparently, the democratic system is not working fast enough for Reid's taste.

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HCHR - Mark-up Session of the Senate Finance Committe Grew Tense After Tempers Flared

Developing Story: The continuing mark-up session of the Senate Finance Committe grew tense today after tempers flared between Republican Senator Jon Kyl and Chairman Max Baucus over an amendment offered by Republicans.  The mark-up process is expected to potentially delay the Senate Democrats' October 15th deadline for budget reconciliation after a barrage of amendments from both parties.   Read the developing story

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WNO - Video: Jim Martin, President Of The 60 Plus Association Calls Pelosi Shameful 


Video: Jim Martin, President Of The 60 Plus Association Calls Pelosi Shameful

"I've got a message for the highest elected Democrat in the House of Representatives. These seniors have served...And for her to say they're un-American, that is one of the most shameful statements I've ever heard coming out of an elected representative's mouth. And on the Nazism charge, my heavens, these folks fought Nazism!"


Who: Jim Martin, President of the 60 Plus Association

What: Exclusive interview regarding health care.

When: Thursday, September 24, 2009


Martin Soundbite #1: Senior Tsunami Is Coming To Congress.

"They would like to get this bill through now cause I'm telling you this right now, there is a senior citizen tsunami headed towards the halls of Congress. It's a veritable flood if you will and unless it subsides between now and 2010, there is going to be some intense paying at the polls."


Martin Soundbite 2: Start Over On Health Care Reform.

"Well, on the health care reform proposal that has been out there that everyone was talking about in August, senior citizens are saying very very clearly, they're saying deep-six it, start over. They don't like what they see. they've looked under the hood if you will, they've kicked the tires, they've looked at that thousand page document monstrosity and they say I'm not buying."


Length of Full Interview: 3:56

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CHQ - WANTED: Republican Leaders AWOL from Fight Against Obamacare!

WANTED: Republican Leaders AWOL from Fight Against Obamacare! - A new wanted poster from puts Republican Leaders Mitch McConnell, John Boehner, and Michael Steele on notice that they're wanted for being "Absent Without Leave" for "desertion during the debate on Obama's government take-over of medicine." [see and comment]

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Manchester Economic Development Office Loans $100,000 to Support New Restaurant On Elm Street Manchester 

Manchester, NH – One of downtown Manchester’s seasoned restaurateurs has received a loan from the Manchester Economic Development Office (MEDO) in preparation for the grand opening of what is soon to become one of downtown’s staple eateries.

Rosa Paolini will open XO on Elm at 815 Elm Street on October 5th 2009. The new restaurant will be serving fresh New England cuisine with a touch of international fusion. XO will offer moderately-priced family dining, business catering, takeout services and a separate function hall for larger parties and events that will be available 365 days a year. The restaurant will also be providing free parking behind the building.

"I believe in downtown Manchester and the wonderful entertainment, nightlife, family and fine dining options we offer. I’m thrilled to again be part of the dynamic downtown scene and to offer a new dining option for families coming downtown for a game or show," said Paolini. "I want to be part of making downtown Manchester a dining destination."

The $100,000 loan was made via the city’s Revolving Loan Fund (RLF), which is aimed at helping to create new businesses, grow companies already in business and create new jobs in Manchester. The Manchester Development Corporation (MDC) significantly recapitalized the Revolving Loan Fund this year, contributing to the strength of the program. In Paolini’s case, the RLF loan, which was funded with MDC dollars, supplements a loan from St. Mary’s Bank. Paolini expects the opening of XO on Elm to create at least 15 new jobs over the next two years; job creation is a stipulation associated with using RLF funds.

"We view the Revolving Loan Fund as an invaluable tool to encourage the growth of new and existing business and the creation of jobs in Manchester," said Jay Minkarah, director of economic development for the City of Manchester. "The Economic Development Office is here to provide resources, assistance and guidance for local businesses and the RLF is one of the most effective tools we have to do so."

Paolini has remodeled the dining area and exterior of the restaurant, and has created a new façade for the space. She has also received $3,500 in grant monies through the Facade Improvement Program which is also administered through the City’s Economic Development Office.

"We believe in customer service. We want XO to be casual and affordable with every single dish that is made to order. We will be offering a selection of vegetarian and vegan options along with a kids menu. Overall we want this to be a destination restaurant where everyone feels welcome to gather and celebrate," said Rosa Paolini

For more information about the RLF and the facade improvement program please visit MEDO online at and click on Grow Your Business and then Incentives or call 603.624.6505.