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CHQ - Unions Win Big Under Obama Administration 

Unions See Big Gains and Americans Suffer as a Result
CHQ News - While the Teamsters, American Steel, and Big Labor have all seen gains during the Obama administration, Americans will suffer once trade wars escalate and jobs begin to disappear. Can worker-freedom survive an Obama administration? [read and comment here] [news archive]


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ALG Demands President Obama and Members of Congress Return AIG Campaign Kickbacks 

“The 2008 money received by the President and members of Congress should clearly be returned, but more than that, the honorable thing would be for any politician who has ever received a penny from AIG to return it to the American taxpayers who are now paying to keep the company afloat.”—ALG President Bill Wilson.

ALG Demands President Obama and Members of Congress Return AIG Bonuses from their Campaign Coffers

March 19th, 2009, Fairfax, VA—Americans for Limited Government President Bill Wilson today in a letter urged President Barack Obama and members of Congress to “return the $4.37 million they received in campaign contributions from AIG since 1989, including the $644,218 they received in 2008.”


“If the American people are to believe all the angry words and threats coming from the White House, President Obama must return the $104,332 he received from AIG during the 2008 campaign cycle,” declared Wilson in a statement.


According to, AIG gave some $644,218 to candidates for federal office in 2008. According to Wilson's letter, “[I]n return, it received from the Federal Reserve some $173 billion in taxpayer-guaranteed loans. That represents nearly a 27 million percent return on their 2008 'investment' into politicians' loyalty.”


“The 2008 money received by the President and members of Congress should clearly be returned, but more than that, the honorable thing would be for any politician who has ever received a penny from AIG to return it to the American taxpayers who are now paying to keep the company afloat,” Wilson said.


“These campaign kickbacks must be returned,” Wilson added.


President Obama received $104,332 from AIG in 2008 of the $110,332 in contributions he has ever received from the company. “President Obama received 94.56 percent of the money he has ever gotten from AIG, and yet he has not returned it since the bailouts began in September,” said Wilson.


Senator Chris Dodd (D-CT) in 2008 received $103,900 of the $281,038 he has ever received from AIG. According to the letter, “in the 2009 'stimulus' legislation, [Dodd] inserted the amendment that guaranteed that bonuses would be paid by adding language to a spending cap that specifically excluded executive bonuses included in contracts.”


“Only 11 of the 314 members of the Democratic Congressional majority voted against the 'stimulus' and protecting the AIG bonuses, and now they act shocked as they pretend to have never read the 1100-page bill that they are responsible for that cost $787 billion,” Wilson said.


Wilson believes that campaign contributions from AIG and other bailout firms represent “a clear case of pay-to-play corruption.”


“The corrupt cesspool in Washington needs to be drained where 'too big to fail' firms get taxpayer-guaranteed bailouts from 'too compromised to resist' politicians,” Wilson concluded.



Total AIG campaign contributions, 2008,

Total AIG campaign contributions, 1989-2008,

ALG President Bill Wilson's Letter to Congress



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Shea-Porter Statement on AIG Legislation 

Washington, D.C. – Congresswoman Carol Shea-Porter today voted in favor of legislation (HR.1586) that will hold companies, including American International Group (AIG), accountable for the excessive compensation packages that have been paid to executives on the American taxpayer’s dime. The legislation will tax these bonuses at a rate of 90 percent.


“It is outrageous that failed AIG executives are lining their pockets at the taxpayers’ expense,” said Congresswoman Shea-Porter. “I voted against TARP funding twice because it was clear that there was no oversight or accountability, and this is the result. The Wall Street executives who caused our financial crisis must be held accountable and this legislation will ensure that the bulk of the AIG bonuses are recovered immediately.”


HR 1586


  • The bill would apply a separate income tax rate of 90 percent to bonuses received by individuals from companies which have received at least $5 billion from TARP. It would also apply to bonuses paid by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.


  • For this purpose, bonuses will be defined as any retention payment, incentive payment, or other bonus which is in addition to regular employee compensation payable on a periodic basis.


  • The special tax rate only would apply to individuals and families with overall income (including income other than bonuses) in excess of $250,000.


  • The bill applies to payments received after December 31, 2008.


Congresswoman Shea-Porter has a strong record of standing up against excessive executive compensation. Last year, Shea-Porter voted twice against the Wall Street Bailout, stating “Wall Street executives will still be able to receive staggering salaries while struggling American taxpayers are paying for their mistakes.”


CAACP - Please DO NOT Support HB 383 Seat Belts for All 

Dear NH House & Senate Members,

I am writing you this letter to express my opinion and urge you to not to support HB 383 An Act relative to passenger restraints.

Freedom of choice is New Hampshire's way! Common sense tells me to wear my seat belt. I do not need the Legislature to tell be to be responsible. Law enforcement people have better things to do than monitor my personal choices.


Richard H. (Dick) Olson
Jaffrey, NH 03452-6165


SEIU - 10,000 Take Part in Coast-to Coast Protests at Major US Banks 

Granite Staters Protest at Bank of America Locations Across the State,

Call on Congress to Help Build an Economy That Works for Everyone


CONCORD, NH - Today, more than 10,000 working people in cities nationwide held protests outside the offices of major banks across the country to express growing frustration with an economy weakened by years of corporate excess at the expense of broader prosperity.


In cities across New Hampshire, over 100 people participated in a dozen “It’s GREED, Not Luck” protests at Bank of America locations across the state. They held signs and handed out gold chocolate coins to passersby with a message for Congress: we need an economy that works for everyone, not just the CEOs.


“Bank of America and these other Big Banks are especially responsible for the economic mess we’re in,” said protester Wayne Alterisio. “Their corporate greed has enriched the CEOs and driven workers and consumers further into debt. It’s time for Congress to step in and get the economy working for all of us again.”


Since last fall, Bank of America has taken $45 billion in taxpayer bailout funds, but plans to layoff 30,000 to 35,000 workers, has awarded $5.2 million in corporate bonuses, and continues to charge consumers some of the highest fees in the industry. The bank’s CEO, Ken Lewis, makes $4,800 an hour while paying his workers $10.50 an hour, and leaving taxpayers with a $50 million a year tab for employee health care costs.


Protesters challenged Congress to take immediate steps to rebuild an economy that works for everyone by passing:

\241P The Employee Free Choice Act so workers have the freedom to form unions for a voice to share in the economic progress they help create.

\241P President Obama’s Budget to invest in making quality, affordable health care for all a reality.

\241P Strong banking reform to make sure the financial services industry can never again bring our economy down by prioritizing huge profits and executive pay over responsible lending, or by preying on consumers, gambling with families’ hard-earned money, and hiding their dealings.


For more information on actions happening across the country, please visit


Change That Works is a new state-by-state effort by the two-million member Service Employees International Union to bring economic relief to millions across the country, help fix the nation's broken health care system and guarantee workers can freely decide whether to join with their coworkers in a union. For more information, please visit