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DNC announces key staff for Organizing for America

Mitch Stewart named Director

WASHINGTON, DC – In a video announcement sent to supporters and DNC activists today, Obama for America campaign manager David Plouffe introduced Mitch Stewart, who will serve as Director of Organizing for America.


Announced last week, Organizing for America will work in partnership with the DNC to continue to build, engage and strengthen the unprecedented organization that was built during the campaign and the grassroots network built over the past four years at the DNC. The joint partnership signifies the ongoing commitment to both building and strengthening the grassroots movement, and reaching out to people in all 50 states to engage Americans in this movement for change.


“I’m extremely pleased that Organizing for America will be housed here at the DNC. Working in partnership, we will seek to engage people in new ways, and to broaden what President Obama calls the ‘Coalition for Change’ in America,” said Governor Tim Kaine. “I know first-hand how important it is to reach out and engage the grassroots all across a state and all across our country.”


“As the election of President Obama has shown, the strength of our country comes from the grassroots -- but we can’t stop now,” said DNC Executive Director Jen O’Malley Dillon. “It’s more critical than ever that people across the country continue to be involved and engaged in their communities and helping to bring change to Washington.”


“The message we heard loud and clear from people across the country is that this movement must continue as we actively support President Obama’s agenda and continue to fight for the change our country needs,” said Organizing for America Director Mitch Stewart. “I’m deeply honored to be a part it of this next phase as the volunteers, grassroots leaders and ordinary citizens continue to drive our organization.”


In addition to Mitch Stewart, the DNC also announced that Jeremy Bird will serve as Deputy Director.


Mitch Stewart served as Iowa Caucus director, Indiana state director and Virginia state director for the Obama campaign. Before joining Obama's campaign, Stewart was the coordinated campaign manager for the Democratic Farm Labor party in Minnesota in 2006, when Sen. Amy Klobuchar (D) won her race. In 2004, Stewart served as former South Dakota senator Tom Daschle's field director. He was also a regional field director in Iowa for former senator John Edwards' during his presidential bid in 2004.


Jeremy Bird served as Obama campaign field director in South Carolina during the primaries and general election director in Ohio.



Newsmax - Obama Backs 'Right to Choose' on Abortion Anniv.

"On the 36th anniversary of Roe v. Wade, we are reminded that this decision not only protects women's health and reproductive freedom, but stands for a broader principle: that government should not intrude on our most private family matters," Obama said.

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Part ONE
It's a President Obama...It's a President Obama....It's a President Obama (inauguration and all that jazz)
Bishop Gene Robinson is funny...did you see his schtick on The Daily Show?????
The first 48 hours: closing Gitmo, calling Abbas, tightening ethics, increasing transparency, capping salaries
The short political career of Caroline Kennedy
Clinton confirmed
John Sununu says Treasury doesn't have to answer questions about TARP 1

Dem Chair Ray TOP CHAIR
Rail gets more attention ... but, some complain, it is not even on the 10 year transportation!?!
NH economy looking worse
Making the death penalty even more inhumane...some Reps want to up the ante.

Part TWO
Gambling...E-Z cash

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The round table

NHBR editor Jeff Feingold
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NH Young Republican Chair Kerry Marsh
NH State Rep. Steve Shurtleff (Chair Criminal Justice and Public Safety)

Gambling Dreams

State Senator Ted Gatsas
Former State Senator Jim Rubens

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NetRight Daily: The Pork-Fest Continues

The Pork-Fest Continues: “The time has come,” President Barack Obama told us in his inaugural address, “to set aside childish things.” He borrowed the line from Corinithians. With the Beltway bread-and-circus show over, President Obama will now get to work on borrowing hundreds of billions of dollars from you, your children, and your grandchildren for a doomed fiscal stimulus.


5 Heroes: There were only 5 heroes today in the hearing confirmation vote for Timothy Geithner to become the next Secretary of the Treasury. Unfortunately, everyone else voted for a tax cheat to take charge of the bailout money. Next week, the Senate will vote to confirm or deny Geithner for Sec. Treasury. Our 5 heroes were...


Priorities: Great video on the employee "forced" choice act!


Give Geithner the Hook: As President Barack Obama lines up his cabinet team and marches them up to the Senate, many onlookers have praised the group of “experts” he has assembled. But all is not as it seems. Under the guise of fresh faces and new looks come failed policies and worn retreads.


Today's cartoon is from this week's Capitol South


TOWNHALL.COM: Steele Releases GOP Tech Plan

Exclusive: Steele Releases GOP Tech Plan
by Amanda Carpenter


If President Obama’s election taught the GOP anything it’s this: Republicans must compete with Democrats in the online arena of social networking, fundraising and communication.


Improving the GOP’s technology capabilities has been a hot topic in the race for Republican National Committee Chairman and candidate Michael Steele gave Townhall an exclusive copy of the plan he’s pitching to RNC members to do just this.


“The Democrats are light years ahead of us,” Steele wrote in the 4-page memo which will be delivered to RNC members Thursday morning. “If we don’t act now, we may never have the chance to catch up.”


In it, he outlines a number of new hires and programs he’d oversee as chairman.


First off, Steele would hire a Chief Information Officer on a six month contract “just as private entities do,” as he wrote in the plan. He’d also create an e-campaign devoted to developing a stronger online presence for state parties and bring on more staff for blogger outreach. He’d bring together a Working Group to identify best practices to give to state and local party organizations as well.


Florida Republican Party Chairman Jim Greer, who endorsed Steele for chair in early January after ruling out a bid of his own, praised the plan. Greer told Townhall that Steele “has been progressive in his thinking about technology. One of the things I think he’s done that’s been very good is that he’s listened to state leaders around the country about what we need for our state parties and grassroots.”


“Most importantly, I think he’s taken a look at if from the standpoint of a user, not the distributor,” Greer said.


Greer, and the rest of the RNC’s 167 members, will be holding the election for RNC chair later this month at the party’s Winter Meeting in Washington, D.C.


The other men running for the RNC Chairman are Michigan GOP Party Chairman Saul Anuzis, former Ohio Secretary of State Ken Blackwell, South Carolina GOP Party Chairman Katon Dawson, current RNC Chairman Robert “Mike” Duncan and Mike Huckabee’s presidential Campaign Manager Chip Saltsman.