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The Baggage of American Extremism


by Gordon Duff, Senior Editor

When General Petraeus asked for the "surge" in Iraq, he also opened negotiations with top Sunni and Shiite militia leaders, opened not only "negotiations" but started passing out cash. 

This combined with the "hammer" of a powerful new military force was the temporary military solution he had been tasked with, one that was, within limits, successful. 

The lack of real diplomatic negotiations after that has bogged the US down in Iraq where it now looks like we may spend years.

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NRCC - Carol Shea-Porter Votes for 'Son of Stimulus'

More Taxpayer Money Wasted on the Democrats’ Latest Spending Spree

Washington- Carol Shea-Porter continued her ongoing quest to waste taxpayer funds at every possible turn today when she voted for round two of her party’s failed ‘stimulus’ plan. The Democrats’ $154 billion ‘Son of Stimulus’ is paid for with borrowed tax dollars from the Troubled Asset Relief Program – money that American taxpayers would no doubt prefer to be used to pay down a ballooning debt that is burdening future generations:

 “The jobs bill, to be filed tonight, would include as much as $75 billion in unspent Troubled Asset Relief Program infrastructure projects, as well as assistance to states and localities to help avoid layoffs of police officers, firefighters, teachers and other government workers.

 “In addition, the measure will include as much as $79 billion for a six-month extension of unemployment benefits, COBRA health benefits and other emergency safety net programs.” (Billy House, “House Jobs Bill on Tap in Year-End Push,” National Journal’s Congress Daily, 12/15/09)

Even though a mere quarter of the first round of stimulus funds has been spent, Democrats are eager to reach deep into taxpayer pockets again.

 “Unspent stimulus funds: As of late September, only one-quarter of the $787 billion in stimulus funds have been spent. Some lawmakers say even that unspent money is on the table.” (Jill Jackson, “Democrats Turn Their Attention to Jobs,” 12/02/2009)

 “Carol Shea-Porter's spending crusade is burying middle-class New Hampshire families under mountains of debt with little to show for it,” said NRCC Communications Director Ken Spain. “After her party's first failed attempt at a ‘stimulus,’ Carol Shea-Porter and the master minds behind their disastrous spending spree are at it again. Instead of throwing away unused bailout money on the Democrats’ latest big-government experiment, Shea-Porter should tell her party leaders to do the right thing and use those funds to pay down the exploding debt they have piled on American taxpayers.”

As New Hampshire families struggle to pay the mounds of debt Shea-Porter and her party bosses have laid out for them, will she throw another billion on to the pile?



Shea-Porter Statement on Jobs for Main Street Act

Congresswoman Shea-Porter released the following statement after voting in favor of the Jobs for Main Street Act:

“I voted against every Wall Street bailout.  I voted to use these funds to ease the pain on Main Street by creating jobs.  While Wall Street did not deserve the help, the people of New Hampshire do.”


Shea-Porter Secures $10 Million for New Hampshire Air National Guard 

WASHINGTON, DC — Today, Congresswoman Carol Shea-Porter announced that the FY 2010 Consolidated Appropriations Act (H.R. 3288), which has passed both the House and the Senate and is now headed to the President’s desk for signature, includes $10,000,000 in funding for the New Hampshire Air National Guard at Pease Air National Guard Base in Portsmouth.  This funding was requested and secured by Shea-Porter and will go to constructing a single headquarters facility for operations that will improve communications and efficiency. The Consolidated Appropriations Act passed the House 221 to 202. 

“The New Hampshire Air Guard at Pease will operate more efficiently because of this funding,” said Congresswoman Shea-Porter.  “Our local Guard members are essential and we must provide them with the facilities they need.”

A full description of what funding will be used for is below.

Air National Guard - NH  Pease International Tradeport: 10,000,000

This funding request will enable the 157 Operations Group to consolidate its components into a single building, thus improving its command communications and overall efficiency of operations. The fact that not all Operations Group components are co-located in a single facility impacts the efficiency of command communications and operational coordination. The need for consolidation has become acute due to the 24/7 operations tempo required by the unit mission and the impending arrival of an active-duty Wing.


NHDP - Statement from the NHDP Chair on Governor Tim Pawlenty Fundraising for the NH Republican State Senate PAC

Concord - Ray Buckley, chair of the New Hampshire Democratic Party, released the following statement on Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty attending the New Hampshire Senate Republican fundraiser.
"It's odd that a failed Governor from Minnesota is coming to raise money for the republican state senate minority in New Hampshire that has failed to do anything positive for the people of the Granite State.
"While President Obama and Governor Lynch are working hard to move our state and country forward, Governor Tim Pawlenty and the New Hampshire Republican Party have been pandering to their most fringe members.
"And Governor Pawlenty's visit to New Hampshire is just the latest example of him putting his own political ambition ahead of his state.  Instead of fundraising for the state senate maybe the unpopular Governor should sit the most popular governor in the country, Governor Lynch, to learn how to better serve the people of Minnesota?