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Daily Grind: Obama's Soylent Green Rationing Rooms 

Barack Obama's Soylent Green Rationing Rooms
American senior citizens have realized that the prescription being offered is socialized medicine and the side effects will only be deadly.


Small Business Squarely in the Government's Crosshairs
The Obama Administration and its policies have the business community squarely in its cross hairs and is moving in for the kill.


CHQ - MoveOn.Org Gets Swamped by Tea Partiers! 

Tea Partiers Unite!
American Conservative - It's time to Move Over, MoveOn! When a group of liberal activists from showed up to protest outside Senator John Cornyn's Dallas office, they got a very unpleasant surprise. [Find the Article at News From The Front]

In Case You Missed It Chairman Richard Viguerie's Puts "Obama" Candidates On Notice
Viguerie Blog - Chairman Richard Viguerie puts Democrats aligned with Obama (and Republicans who aren't against him) on notice in a strategy memo to conservatives about the 2010 primary. Viguerie, who is encouraging conservative Democrats to run in Democratic primaries, says "all House and Senate members who are associated with Obama (including Republicans and Democrats) should be prime targets. . ." Viguerie says this strategy will bleed Obama-associated candidates of campaign funds, making them easier to pick-off in the general election. "At a minimum, by challenging Democrats in primaries, they will have to spend money, time, and other resources to defend their votes for the agendas of Obama, Pelosi, and Reid," says Viguerie, noting "the 2010 election could dwarf the conservative successes in 1994." [read the memo here]

Daily Lickskillet: What will happen on Sally Python's expedition to find Big Foot? Click here to find out.


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WNO - Video Of Sen. David Vitter: Obama Refuses To Say ACORN Not Involved In Census 



Video Of Sen. David Vitter: Obama Refuses To Say ACORN Not Involved In Census



"I asked the Obama Administration can you just confirm in writing, reassure us, that no group like ACORN that has these documented problems, which has criminal prosecutions around the country, is going to be used in the census. They would never confirm that.."


Who: Sen. David Vitter (R-LA)

What: Exclusive interview regarding health care and ACORN.

When: July 27th, 2009


Vitter Soundbite #1: ACORN As A Census Partner Is Scary.



"ACORN is now officially signed up as a census partner with the Bureau of the Census and presumably that means they could be used to be sent out across the country and collect census forms. That's really scary given that they fanned out across the country the last several elections and collected a lot of fraudulent voter registration forms."



Length of Full Interview: 3:23

Click for full video file:



Jul282009 - Urgent: Bachmann: DMV Healthcare 

Urgent: Congresswoman Bachmann: “Obama’s health insurance plan will cause 114 million Americans to lose their current health insurance.”

By: Congresswoman Bachmann


From what we’ve seen from the Democrats so far on health care reform legislation, it’s clear that they are more than willing to put a Washington bureaucrat between you and your doctor.

Earlier this week during the House Energy and Commerce Committee mark-up of the Democrat's proposed health care reform legislation, Congressman Phil Gingrey (R-GA), a former ob-gyn who practiced for 26 years before being elected to Congress and a member of the Committee, offered an amendment that would prevent government bureaucrats at the proposed Center for Quality Improvement from dictating to physicians what treatments they can or can't offer. It was defeated by an almost straight party-line vote, with only one Democrat voting with all the Republicans.

Democrats also rejected another amendment that would have allowed state governments to decide what kind of insurance coverage to offer public employees. So Americans don’t want their state to pay for abortion services for state or local employees? Republicans can respect that. Democrats, on the other hand, want DC to dictate the very specifics of all these health care plans – and if states refuse, they’d have their funding withheld.

As Congressman Henry Waxman, Chairman of the Committee, stated, ““We can’t tell states what to do directly. We have to use whatever leverage we have over them.”

This is the point to their health care proposal? Putting government right in the middle of the health decisions that should be made by you and your doctor?

Here’s the harsh reality of what’s facing our nation. Click here to read more.



Newsmax - Gates Reassures Israel on U.S.-Iran Strategy

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JERUSALEM -- U.S. Defense Secretary Robert Gates moved to reassure Israel on Monday that Washington's bid to talk Iran into giving up sensitive nuclear work was worth pursuing, despite the reticence so far from Tehran.


Obama has made fresh engagement with Iran a centerpiece of his foreign policy. Israel, which sees the possibility of a nuclear-armed Iran as a mortal threat, has hinted that it could resort to preemptive strikes if it deems diplomacy a dead end.


During a visit to Israel, Gates affirmed President Barack Obama's hope for an Iranian response to the American overtures in time for the U.N. General Assembly in late September.


"I think, based on the information that's available to us, that the timetable that the president has laid out still seems to be viable and does not significantly increase the risks to anybody," Gates told reporters at a press conference with his Israeli counterpart, Ehud Barak.


Iran says its uranium enrichment, which has bomb-making potential, is for energy needs and has rejected U.S.-led calls to curb the program. That, along with fiercely anti-Israel rhetoric from Tehran, has stirred fear of a regional war.


There is also a cost in terms of Obama's efforts to revive Israeli-Palestinian peacemaking, as Israel has demanded that the perceived threat from the Iranians be neutralized first.


Speaking after his meeting with Gates, Barak backed the U.S. diplomatic strategy on Iran but called for a tight schedule with readiness to impose tough U.N. Security Council sanctions.


"If there is an engagement, we believe it should be short in time, well-defined in objectives, followed by sanctions, preferably (United Nations Charter) Chapter 7-type of sanctions," Barak said, speaking in English.


He also kept open the possibility that Israel, which is widely assumed to have the Middle East's only atomic arsenal, could attack the Iranians pre-emptively -- a region-rattling scenario that finds little public favor in Washington.



"We clearly believe that no option should be removed from the table. This is our policy. We mean it. We recommend to others to take the same position but we cannot dictate it to anyone," Barak said.


"We are not blind to the fact that our operations or activity also affect neighbors and others, and we take this into account. But ultimately our obligation is to Israel's national security interest."


Gates' visit coincides with a trip to the region by Obama's Middle East envoy, George Mitchell, who is trying to reach a deal with Israel on a settlement freeze on land Palestinians want for a state.


Obama's demand, in accordance with a 2003 U.S.-backed peace "road map," to cease Jewish settlement expansion in the occupied West Bank and Arab East Jerusalem has met stiff resistance from Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.


Mitchell held talks in Israel on Sunday and was due to continue his discussions with Israeli and Palestinian leaders on Monday after a brief visit to Egypt.


Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas has said he would not resume peace talks with Israel, suspended for the past six months, until it halted all settlement activity in accordance with a 2003 U.S.-backed peace "road map."


Obama has given Iran until late September to accept an unconditional offer of talks aimed at curbing its nuclear ambitions, and until the end of the year to show progress on the issue. He has also warned Tehran that the United States would not abide endless talks that yield no result on the issue.


A senior U.S. defense official who briefed reporters ahead of Gates' trip to Israel said the United States was not even close to considering a military strike option against Iran.


On Wednesday, U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said the United States might cope with a nuclear Iran by buttressing its allies and spreading an unspecified "defense umbrella" over the


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