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Kucinich For Congress - Focus on the Economy  

Hi, Dennis here,

We should pay careful attention to the message of the Massachusetts election. And that message is to focus on the economy. To make sure that we have jobs programs that can put millions of people back to work. To make sure that we have programs to help those one-out-of-every-three Americans, who is upside down on their mortgages, to save their homes. To make sure we protect people's investments, their savings and their retirement security.

The verdict in Massachusetts was a verdict on the overall economy. But it was also a commentary on how the entire health care debate was flipped upside down by insurance interests who were able to intervene so that the final product that was offered out of the Senate was nothing more than a sell-out to the insurance industry.

We can still have health care reform in America. We need to take a short-term and a longer-term view. On the short-term: We need to take away the antitrust exemption that insurance companies have. We need to make sure, on the short-term, that we can see everyone with a pre-existing condition have access to insurance. There are things that we can do with single-initiatives to help regain the momentum on health care.

And for the longer-term: The answer is "Medicare for All." The answer was never to continue to give the insurance companies one out of every three dollars in our health care system. We'll talk more about that later. But what we need to do is regain the initiative in our nation to create millions of jobs putting America back to work rebuilding our roads, our bridges, our water systems, our sewer systems - millions of jobs with an initiative called the Works Green Administration that will help with the design, engineering, manufacture, installation and maintenance of tens of millions in wind and solar micro technologies. We have so many different ways that we can get our economy moving again.

But we have to challenge Wall Street. We have to challenge the banks. We cannot let the banks continue to hoard capital while businesses on Main Street are starving for investment. We cannot let the banks continue to pay huge bonuses while at the same time the American people are struggling to make ends meet. And those bonuses were financed with tax-free money and interest-free money that the banks were able to get access to.

We got to get a grip on things in Washington and start remembering who sent us to Washington and why. We were sent there to try to make the reality of government of the people, instead it's been a government of the corporations, by the corporations and for the corporations. And this is a problem that affects people in both parties.

So let's regain the initiative. Let's take the tremendous wellspring of support, which we received from the American people a year ago, and use it to help repair the economic lives of our people. And when we do that, and we have time to do that, we will see that the people, finally, will again show confidence in the political process.

Thank you, very much.


Hillsborough Co GOP Lincoln-Reagan Event in March with Congressman Mike Pence

Bedford, New Hampshire - February 4, 2010 - In his first visit to the Granite state, Congressman Mike Pence (R-Indiana) will be the keynote speaker for The Hillsborough County Republican Committee’s 2010 Lincoln-Reagan Gala Reception and Dinner.  Tickets went on sale today for the event to be held at CR Sparks in Bedford on Friday, March 19th.  The event will begin with a cocktail reception at 5:30 p.m. followed by a dinner at 7:00 p.m.

“We are very excited to be hosting Congressman Pence on his first visit to New Hampshire.  This will be a great opportunity for Granite Staters to hear from Congressman Pence who holds the third ranking position in House Republican leadership in Washington DC,” said Hillsborough County GOP Chairman Stephen Stepanek. 

The event is expected to sell out quickly as ticket availability will be limited for both the reception and the dinner.  “We look for a tremendous turnout for this event.  I think the people of New Hampshire are eager to hear the Congressman’s message of common sense and real American values that will turn this tide of big government back,” Stepanek said.

For more information about the event and ticket purchases, visit the Hillsborough GOP website at



Liz Christoffersen

Event Chairman

Hillsborough County Republican Committee



MEDO Spurs Economic Development and Job Creation in Manchester

Manchester Economic Development Office spurs economic growth in city by investing over $100,000 into three local small businesses

Revolving Loan Fund and Energy Efficiency Loan Program spur economic growth and job creation in Manchester

Manchester, NH – Three locally-owned small businesses have recently received a total of $100,000 in loans through the Manchester Economic Development Office’s Revolving Loan Fund (RLF) and Energy Efficiency Revolving Loan Fund (EERLF).  The purpose of the RLF is to help encourage new business, expand companies already in business and create new jobs in Manchester.  The EERFL is a new program aimed at providing incentives to business owners to invest in energy efficiency upgrades to their current buildings and facilities.  The three recipients were Circa 1906, a deli and neighborhood convenience store located at 1362 River Rd, Margie’s Dream, a local restaurant specializing in home cooking located at 172 Hayward St and Delisle Hillsborough Market, a local neighborhood corner store located at 519 Lincoln St.

Delisle Hillsborough Market received $40,000 through the RLF and $20,000 through the EERLF. “The RLF loan will allow me to refill my inventory with the items the community in this neighborhood need and the EERLF loan provides me with the opportunity to replace a fridge and freezer that are more than 30 years old”, stated owner Betty Delisle when asked how the loans would help her business.  The new energy efficient appliances are estimated to save her business more than $3,500 a year in utilities.  Delisle went on to say she hopes to hire one part time worker in the short term and add another full-time worker next year.  This will be in addition to adding workman’s compensation and the WIC program, two programs she was unable to afford before receiving financial help through the Manchester Economic Development Office (MEDO).

 “This was my dream and it could not have happened without the cities help” stated Michael Lewko, owner of Circa 1906, a recipient of a $10,000 RLF loan.   George Kokkinos, owner of Margie’s Dream used a portion of the $30,000 RLF loan to finish a complete renovation of the restaurant.  Margie’s Dream is scheduled to open later this month and George hopes to hire 3-5 full-time employees within the next year.  “It’s a wonderful program to offer small business owners.  It gives us the ability to concentrate on running our business and making it successful” stated Betty Delisle, highlighting the benefit of these programs and the partnership that exists between Manchester and the small business community.

 “We view the Revolving Loan Fund as an invaluable tool to encourage the growth of new and existing business and the creation of new jobs in Manchester,” said Jay Minkarah, Director of Economic Development for the City of Manchester. “The Economic Development Office has had a record quarter with increased interest in incentive programs offered by the city.  The Revolving Loan Fund not only creates jobs directly by providing small business owners with the capital necessary to hire additional employees but stimulates the economy even further by providing work to local contractors, suppliers, and vendors with the additional construction work, equipment and inventory purchases that follow a RLF loan.  The RLF is Manchester’s own Jobs Program”.

For more information about the Revolving Loan Fund, the Energy Efficiency RLF, or any of the business incentives and programs offered by MEDO visit our website at and click on Grow Your Business and then Incentives or call 603.624.6505.



Ayotte Announces Endorsement of State Representatives 

Over 100 New Hampshire State Representatives Endorse Ayotte

Majority of Republican State Legislators support Former Attorney General for Senate

Concord, NH – Kelly Ayotte was joined by Minority Leader Sherm Packard and State Representatives from across New Hampshire today in announcing she has the endorsement of more than 100 of New Hampshire’s Republican State Representatives from across the state.

“I believe Kelly Ayotte is the best candidate to represent our state in the United States Senate, said Minority Leader Sherm Packard. “As our Attorney General, Kelly Ayotte showed the type of strong leadership that is missing in Washington today, and I am proud to support her campaign.”

“Spending is out of control in Washington, DC. Kelly Ayotte is exactly what New Hampshire needs and will bring fiscal sanity and some much needed common sense back to Washington,” said Representative Neal Kurk 

“As Attorney General, Kelly fought for her principles and as her outstanding record clearly shows, she has the integrity and proven leadership to continue that fight on behalf of all Granite Staters as our next Senator,” said Representative Beverly Rodeschin.

“Kelly Ayotte understands the important issues that uniquely impact the North Country,” said Representative Eric Stohl. “Kelly will fight to ensure our voices are heard in Washington.”

“Kelly is an independent thinker who has proven she has the initiative and good judgment to do what’s right for the people of New Hampshire,” said Representative Andy Peterson. “I am excited to support her candidacy.”

Ayotte’s campaign continues to build strong support throughout New Hampshire. Six of the nine Republican State Senators have endorsed her campaign. Additionally, her campaign is chaired by former Governor Steve Merrill and Former Speaker of the House Donna Sytek. Last week Ayotte announced she had raised more money from donors for her campaign than three of her primary opponents combined. 

The 101 Representatives who have endorsed her campaign are:

The Honorable:

Christopher Ahlgren, Carroll County -District 4

Mary Allen, Rockingham County - District 11

Eric Anderson, Merrimack County – District 13

Clinton Bailey, Rockingham County - District 3

Alfred Baldasaro, Rockingham County – District 3

Peter Batula, Hillsborough County – District 19

William Belvin, Hillsborough County – District 6

Franklin Bishop, Rockingham County – District 2

Lynne Blankenbeker, Merrimack County – District 11

Ralph Boehm, Hillsborough County – District 27

Peter Bolster, Belknap County – District 5

Russell Bridle, Rockingham County – District 15

Julie Brown, Strafford County – District 1

Frank Case, Rockingham County – District 1

John Cebrowski, Hillsborough County – District 18

Gene Charron, Rockingham County – District 7

Margaret Crisler, Rockingham County – District 4

Steven Cunningham, Sullivan County – District 2

Gary Daniels, Hillsborough County – District 6

Russell Day, Hillsborough County – District 7

Debra DeSimone, Rockingham County – District 6

James Devine, Rockingham County – District 7

Patricia Dowling, Rockingham County – District 5

Richard Drisko, Hillsborough County – District 5

Robert Elliott, Rockingham County – District 4

Susan Emerson, Cheshire County – District 7

Larry Emerton, Hillsborough County – District 7

Dennis Fields, Belknap County – District 2

John Flanders, Rockingham County – District 8     

Larry Gagne, Hillsborough County – District 13

Marilinda Garcia, Rockingham County – District 4

Carolyn Gargasz, Hillsborough County – District 5

Kenneth Gould, Rockingham County – District 5

John Graham, Hillsborough County – District 18               

Mary Griffin, Rockingham County – District 4

Ken Hawkins, Hillsborough County – District 18

James Headd, Rockingham County – District 3

David Hess, Merrimack County – District 9

John Hikel, Hillsborough County – District 7

Richard Hinch, Hillsborough County – District 19

Peyton Hinkle, Hillsborough County – District 19

Kathleen Hoelzel, Rockingham County – District 2

Thomas Howard, Sullivan County – District 2

William Infantine, Hillsborough County – District 13

Robert Introne, Rockingham County – District 3

Jane Johnson, Cheshire County – District 6

Mike Kappler, Rockingham County – District 2

Phyllis Katsakiores, Rockingham County – District 5

David Kidder, Merrimack County – District 1

David Knox, Carroll County – District 4

Walter Kolodziej, Rockingham County – District 4

Frank Kotowski, Merrimack County – District 9                 

Neal Kurk, Hillsborough County – District 7

Rick Ladd, Grafton County – District 5

Robert L'Heureux, Hillsborough County – District 19

Norman Major, Rockingham County – District 8

Margie Maybeck, Grafton County – District 8

Michael McCarthy, Hillsborough County – District 21

Irene Messier, Hillsborough County – District 17

Alida Millham, Belknap County – District 5

Stephen Nedeau, Belknap County – District 3

Chris Nevins, Rockingham County – District 15

Joe Osgood, Sullivan County – District 4

Sherman Packard, Rockingham County – District 3

Stephen Palmer, Hillsborough County – District 6

Betsey Patten, Carroll County – District 4

Tony Pellegrino, Hillsborough County – District 19

Andrew Peterson, Hillsborough County – District 3           

James Pilliod, Belknap County – District 5   

Calvin Pratt, Hillsborough County – District 7

Pamela Price, Hillsborough County – District 26 

Anne Priestley, Rockingham County – District 4

Laurence Rappaport, Coos County – District 1

John Reagan, Rockingham County – District 1

Dennis Reed, Merrimack County – District 2

William Remick, Coos County – District 2

Andrew Renzullo, Hillsborough County – District 27

Herbert Richardson, Coos County – District 2

Beverly Rodeschin, Sullivan County – District 2

Robert Rowe, Hillsborough County – District 6

Donald Ryder, Hillsborough County – District 5

Dino Scala, Carroll County – District 5

John Sedensky, Rockingham County – District 8

Carl Seidel, Hillsborough County – District 20

Peter Silva, Hillsborough County – District 26

Todd Smith, Merrimack County – District 9

Connie Soucy, Hillsborough County – District 17

Jayne Spaulding, Hillsborough County – District 18

Jeffrey St. Cyr, Belknap County – District 5

Franklin Sterling, Cheshire County – District 7

Stanley Stevens, Carroll County – District 4

Eric Stohl, Coos County – District 1

Elaine Swinford, Belknap County – District 5

Jordan Ulery, Hillsborough County – District 27

John Veazey, Belknap County – District 4

Moe Villeneuve, Hillsborough County – District 18

Carol Vita, Strafford County – District 3

Brien Ward, Grafton County – District 1

David Welch, Rockingham County – District 8

Robert Willette, Hillsborough County – District 6

Burton Williams, Grafton County – District 8


NetRight Daily: Lobbying, Scott Brown and More 

Obama Makes a Mockery Of His Own Lobbyist Ban:  More than 40 former lobbyists work in senior positions in the Obama administration, including three Cabinet secretaries and the CIA director. Yet in his State of the Union address, Obama claimed, "We've excluded lobbyists from policymaking jobs."

Scott Brown Should Be Seated Immediately:  Scott Brown was elected to the open Massachusetts Senate seat on January 19th, but has yet to be seated. This, despite the fact that he won by over 109,000 votes. The Democrat Massachusetts Secretary of State has yet to certify the results. And until then, the Democrat Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid has refused to seat the Republican Senator-elect.

Objections to Controversial Labor Nominee Ignored:  A controversial nominee to the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) with strong ties to union leaders told U.S. Senators Tuesday that he would not use his position to force major legal changes opposed by business groups.

Absence of Republican Obstructionism Should Be News Story:  U.S. Senate Republicans have been called out for supposedly blocking President Obama's top domestic priorities throughout 2009. The Obama White House and liberal news organs have been quick to fix the "obstructionist" label on the opposition party in light of where the president's legislative agenda currently sits.  And there's history here.

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