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WNO - Video: Sen. David Vitter Says Health Care Bill Will Create Rationing  



Video: Sen. David Vitter Says Health Care Bill Will Create Rationing


"I'm concerned about what you see in other countries like Canada and England which essentially is rationing, which is folks having to wait forever or actually be denied care because some government bureaucrat decides it doesn't fit into their plan."


Who: Sen. David Vitter (R-LA)

What: Exclusive interview regarding health care.

When: July 29th, 2009


Vitter Soundbite #1: Government Option Will Become The Only Option.



"That government option in a couple of years would be the only option because unions, companies, etc. would dump their employees in the government option because it would be the cheapest thing to do and would be subsidized by the taxpayer."


Vitter Soundbite #2: Don't Vote Now And Read The Bill Later.



"We're supposed to rush through this in a few weeks? That's exactly what led to such a debacle with the stimulus. Vote for it now, read it later. We can't repeat that mistake."


Length of Full Interview: 3:23

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WNO - Video: Rep. Bilbray Says Congress Has A Responsibility To Read And Study Legislation 



Video: Rep. Bilbray Says Congress Has A Responsibility To


Read And Study Legislation



"We're talking about a program that means life and death to our constituency. We don't only have a right, we have a responsibility to read it, study it, and know it before we're asked to vote for it."


Who: Rep. Brian Bilbray (R-CA)

What: Exclusive interview regarding Immigration.

When: July 29th, 2009


Bilbray Soundbite #1 (:50 sec): Obama Exploiting The Health Care Crisis.


"I sense this is another one of those situations, as stated by the Presidents Chief of Staff, that they are looking to exploit a crisis. The great battle cry of the Administration has now become let no crisis go unexploited."


Length of Full Interview: 4:54

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CEI - Justice Dept. Should Leave the Microsoft-Yahoo Search Deal Alone 

Statements of Ryan Young and Wayne Crews


Washington, D.C., July 29, 2009—Today, Microsoft and Yahoo announced a ten-year partnership of their search businesses in order to better compete against Google. The Department of Justice, citing antitrust concerns, is likely to investigate the deal before allowing it to go through. Competitive Enterprise Institute technology policy experts Wayne Crews and Ryan Young argue that regulators can best serve consumer interests by leaving well enough alone.


Ryan Young, Fellow in Regulatory Studies:


“What is there to investigate? Microsoft and Yahoo are trying to outcompete Google. To succeed, they will need to put together the best search engine they can. The firms believe their announced partnership will help them achieve that goal. They should be allowed to try – their own money is at stake if they fail. Either way, Internet users stand to benefit. Bing and Yahoo Search should improve from the proposed partnership, which will also force Google to make its own search engine better, lest it be left behind. This is how a competitive, contestable market works. The goal of antitrust policy is to benefit consumer welfare, but there is nothing regulators can do to make an already fiercely competitive market even more so.”


Wayne Crews, Vice President for Policy and Director of Technology Studies:


“This administration is already suspicious of allegedly ‘dominant’ firms in the high tech sector – but consumers are better off when regulators let markets evolve naturally, rather than guiding them from above.The Microsoft-Yahoo alliance has the potential to offer great value to consumers. The dangers of arbitrarily blocking such voluntary business arrangements, or needlessly delaying them, are severe.Regulatory intervention in the high-tech sector thwarts the natural evolution of the market. Worse, it distorts the response of competitors.Antitrust investigations steer the market in unnatural directions, creating instabilities in entire industry sectors.


“Consumers have more to fear from government bureaucracies that have the power to stop progress cold than they do from free enterprise looking to create the next big thing. Should the Microsoft-Yahoo partnership not pan out, rivals, partners, consumers, investors, advertisers, and even global competitors are perfectly capable of dealing with any challenges to competition. Consumers stand to lose if Washington gets involved.”




NH DOC - Donated Clothing Eases Release of State Prison Inmates

(Concord, NH) Inmates finishing their prison sentences at the New Hampshire State Prison for Men no longer leave in their prison uniforms thanks to a new cooperative program with the Catholic Diocese of New Hampshire and spearheaded by Unit Manager Kathleen Anderson. Corrections Commissioner William L. Wrenn announced that several Catholic parishes are donating all sizes of clothing that can be provided to inmates who reach their maximum release date.


“This initiative saves taxpayer dollars, promotes public safety, and assists inmates returning to the community. We are truly grateful to the Catholic Diocese and all who support this program for their assistance,” Commissioner Wrenn said.


It saves tax dollars because each time an inmate leaves with his prison uniform there is a cost to the Department. It promotes public safety because New Hampshire citizens can respond in unpredictable ways if they see an unsupervised individual wearing a prison uniform in their communities. The inmate receives a more positive response when he goes on a job interview or apartment hunting than he might while wearing a prison uniform.


Inmates who exit from a transitional housing unit normally wear street clothes but inmates that reach the maximum release date of their sentence do not have that opportunity.


Approximately two hundred inmates leave prison annually upon reaching their maximum release date.



NRSC - Health Care Questions For Paul Hodes' Tele-Town Hall Tonight 

WASHINGTON – As U.S. Representative Paul Hodes (D-NH) prepares for tonight’s health care tele-town hall, the National Republican Senatorial Committee (NRSC) posed the following questions for the Granite State’s Democrat Senate candidate:


  • Will Paul Hodes vote against any health care legislation that is not revenue neutral?


  • Some House Democrat leaders have proposed to pay for this massive legislation by passing a surtax that would disproportionately affect small businesses. At a time when unemployment is rising and small businesses are struggling, will Paul Hodes vote against any health care bill that would raise taxes on small businesses?


  • Does Congressman Hodes support a public option – also known as government-run health care – which is a key a priority for the President and Democrat leaders in Congress?


  • Does Paul Hodes support the House health care reform bill’s provision to expand Medicare and Medicaid programs without reform, ignoring the pending insolvency of programs that millions of seniors and families rely upon and resulting in benefit cuts and premium increases for Americans who depend on these programs?


  • Does Paul Hodes support a smaller, more focused approach that would insure those who are uninsured and lower health care costs for those who cannot afford their current plans?


To ask Congressman Hodes these questions and others, dial into his tele-town hall meeting tonight at 7:40 PM by calling 877-229-8493; 14631#