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NRCC - Dems Hijack Legislative Process, Hold Backroom Talks on Shea-Porter-Approved Healthcare Bill

With Democrats Hiding Behind Closed Doors, Voters Wonder: What Are They Trying to Hide?

Washington- In an attempt to bypass the legislative process and hijack the healthcare system, Carol Shea-Porter's party bosses have resorted to shady backroom dealings in order to force their unpopular healthcare agenda through Congress. Rather than hammering out details between the Senate and House versions of the healthcare bill before the watchful eye of the American public, Democrats have resorted to meeting in secrecy. While Nancy Pelosi and her Democrat foot soldiers are avoiding transparency and accountability at all costs, their closed-door negotiations could allow Democrats to include radical abortion language, a public option, earmarks, and unchecked runaway spending in the bill’s final version – with no input from Republicans or their own constituents. As House Democrats continue their backroom dealings in an effort to hurry along the process, taxpayers have every right to question: What are Carol Shea-Porter and her party bosses hiding?

 “Rather than convening a conference committee, Democrats will look to ‘pingpong’ the legislation between the two chambers — a regular practice for Democrats on major bills… Republicans have noted that Democrats have avoided conferences with regularity in order to avoid conference committees. Among the advantages for Democrats in the House is that the process usually prevents the minority from offering an alternative through a motion to recommit. Additionally, House rules that prohibit earmarks from being airdropped into conference reports would not apply.” (Emily Pierce and Steven T. Dennis, “Democrats Look to Scrap Conference to Ease Passage of Health Care Bill,” Roll Call, 1/04/2010)

No wonder Democrats are in such a hurry to push through healthcare legislation: national polling proves that the big-government healthcare agenda rubber-stamped by Carol Shea-Porter is a losing issue with voters.

 “Fifty-nine percent (59%) of voters believe passage of the plan will increase the cost of health care, and 51% think it will hurt the quality of care.

 “Seventy-eight percent (78%) expect the plan to cost more than projected. As a result, voters overwhelmingly believe passage of the plan will increase the federal deficit and lead to middle class tax hikes.”


“Most voters favor the ban on abortion coverage for insurance plans that receive federal subsidies, and 47% believe each state should have the right to opt out of the federal plan if it passes. On a related topic, 34% favor a single-payer national health insurance system.” (“Health Care Reform,” Rasmussen Reports, 1/04/2010)

 “Despite her party’s empty promises for transparency, Carol Shea-Porter and Democrat leaders have repeatedly hidden behind closed doors as they push their reckless agenda through Congress and onto the American public,” said NRCC Communications Director Ken Spain. “These shady backroom dealings are yet another reason that New Hampshirites simply don’t trust Carol Shea-Porter's healthcare sales pitch. By shutting out bipartisan negotiations and excluding taxpayers from the legislative process, Democrats are aiming to push through a healthcare agenda that will raise taxes, slash Medicare, and put small businesses and middle-class New Hampshire families in an even bigger bind.”



NHDP - Frank Guinta's Abysmal Tenure as Mayor of Manchester Finally Comes to an End 

After 4 years of failed leadership, Manchester breathes a sigh of relief as Guinta leaves the mayor's office

Concord - Today is Frank Guinta's last day as mayor of Manchester, and as he leaves his post the city is breathing a long sigh of relief.
Before Frank Guinta took office Manchester was thriving.  But under his tenure, the city has spiraled downward in virtually every measurable way.  When Guinta first ran for mayor, he promised to cut taxes, improve education, and reduce crime.  Today, Manchester schools are in shambles, crime is through the roof, and taxes under Guinta have gone up, not down.
And Frank Guinta's lack of leadership and poor fiscal management have most recently led to the Verizon Wireless Arena's bonds being downgraded to junk status, a possibility that Guinta was warned about in 2008.
"Frank Guinta's tenure as mayor was a disaster for the people of Manchester," said Derek Richer, press secretary for the New Hampshire Democratic Party.  "Despite rising taxes, Manchester schools are worse than they have ever been and the streets are less safe."  
"The only thing the people of Manchester and Mayor Guinta can agree on is that it's time for him to go," continued Richer.  
Guinta is now trying to parlay his time as mayor of Manchester into a congressional seat, but the candidate has faced increasing pressure for a campaign that, like his time as mayor, has consistently failed to live up to expectations.  
Despite the hype surrounding Frank Guinta's candidacy for Congress, he has struggled to raise money, and his poor fundraising results have raised serious questions about the viability of his campaign for Congress.   This has led to a number of Republican challengers jumping into the Republican primary including Bob Bestani and Rich Ashooh, a Vice President of BAE Systems.
"After his abysmal tenure as mayor of Manchester it's astounding that Frank Guinta is asking for a promotion to Congress," added Richer.  "And between his poor fundraising performance and the increasingly crowded Republican primary, it's clear the people of New Hampshire don't think he deserves one either."




Maverick businessman and politician latest in liberty caucus series to promote new thinking in government

CONCORD, N.H. ― Maverick New Mexico Gov. Gary Johnson, who is also known for building a multi-million dollar construction firm from scratch, will speak this month in Concord as part of a series of educational forums on innovative and principled governance sponsored by the Republican Liberty Caucus of New Hampshire.

The unusually popular, maverick politician and businessman will speak at the Grappone Center in Concord on Saturday, January 23, 2010 at 4:30 p.m. about his experience bringing a common sense, liberty approach to the governor’s mansion in his Southwestern state.

 “Our forums, which are geared toward educating the public on a liberty-oriented approach to government, are open to everyone,” said Jim Forsythe, chairman of the Republican Liberty Caucus of New Hampshire. “While Johnson is the latest speaker advocating for personal responsibility and smaller, more efficient state governments, we will continue to showcase thinkers from politics, academia, the media and elsewhere who advocate innovative and principled thinking in government and politics.”

The appearance by Johnson follows a previous RLCNH forum that drew a large, enthusiastic crowd to hear speeches from best-selling author Thomas Woods Jr. and nationally known investment advisor Larry Lepard. This month’s forum promises to be just as educational and engaging.

Back in the 1970s, Johnson built his business as a door-to-door handyman into a multi-million dollar construction firm called Big J Enterprises that employed about 1,000 people by the time he sold it in 1994. That same year, Johnson, running as a Republican, defeated New Mexico’s incumbent governor by a 10-point margin. Vastly popular for his common-sense business approach to governing, Johnson was reelected in 1998 and was only limited in 2002 by the state’s term-limit law from serving four more years.

During his tenure as governor, Johnson cut the growth of state government in half, eliminated the state’s budget deficit and created a budget surplus without raising taxes. He privatized half of the state’s prisons and reformed the state’s Medicaid system. He vetoed more bills passed by the state Legislature than all other U.S. governors combined. He also advocated for the legalization of marijuana, calling the War on Drugs “an expensive bust.”

Today, Johnson serves as the honorary chairman of the Our America Initiative, a Salt Lake City, Utah-based Political Action Committee that seeks to increase the amount of discussion of and involvement in current topics of national importance. In that role, he has been a strong advocate for efficient government, lower taxes, civil liberties, economic revitalization, entrepreneurship and privatization.

Tickets to hear Gov. Johnson speak at the RLCNH Forum on January 23 cost $35 for individuals and $50 for couples. They can be purchased online by visiting the RLCNH Web site at or by contacting the RLCNH at  

About The Republican Liberty Caucus of New Hampshire

RLCNH, a state chapter of the national Republican Liberty Caucus, was launched in December 2004 to promote and advance traditional Republican Party values, such as small government, low taxes and spending, individual liberty, personal responsibility, free market capitalism and loyalty to the Constitution.



NH DHHS Celebrates National Folic Acid Awareness Week

Concord, NH - The New Hampshire Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) Folic Acid Education and Awareness Program is joining with the National Council on Folic Acid in promoting National Folic Acid Awareness Week, January 4–10, 2010.

Up to 70% of neural tube birth defects could be prevented if all women received enough folic acid every day starting before they become pregnant. Birth defects of the brain and spine happen in the first few weeks of pregnancy, often before a woman finds out she is pregnant. By the time she realizes she is pregnant, it might be too late to prevent those birth defects, because 50% of all pregnancies in the United States are unplanned. Although the number of live births affected by a neural tube defect is low in NH, it is still important for the Folic Acid Program to partner with health professionals and to help educate the community. Constant effort toward prevention of birth defects is best done as a community.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommend that all women of childbearing age consume 400 micrograms of folic acid every day by taking a daily multivitamin and eating a diet rich in folate/ folic acid.

“For folic acid to work, a woman needs to start taking it every day before she becomes pregnant,” said Dr. José Montero, Director of Public Health at DHHS. “By adopting this healthy habit today, women may help prevent a child from being affected by a neural tube birth defect.”

The New Hampshire Women, Infants, and Children (WIC) Nutrition Program and Maternal and Child Health agencies across the state are participating in this national campaign to help promote public awareness, by educating women and distributing free multivitamins to women of childbearing age. Since 2006, the NH Folic Acid Education Program has handed out almost 8,000 bottles of multivitamins to women. These multivitamins were purchased through a March of Dimes grant. Women receiving health and nutrition services at local WIC agencies or any of the participating 22 locations across the State may receive a 90-day supply of multivitamins containing the recommended dose of 400 micrograms of folic acid. Education and counseling are also provided to ensure the very best health outcomes for women and babies.

The New Hampshire WIC Nutrition Program provides participants with many folic acid–enriched and naturally occurring folate-rich foods in the new WIC food package. These foods include cold breakfast cereals, hot cereals, peanut butter, beans, orange juice, and fresh, frozen or canned green leafy vegetables.

For free resources and more information about National Folic Acid Awareness Week, visit the National Council on Folic Acid at or the New Hampshire Folic Acid Program at You can also contact the Folic Acid Program at 1-800-852-3310 ext 0571.


National Coalition of Mental Health Consumers - January 8: Last day to submit comments to the FDA on ECT!! 

Oppose FDA Declaration of Electroshock Safety
Deadline is THIS FRIDAY, January 8, 2010

The FDA Wants to Declare Electroshock Machines
Safe Without a Safety Investigation. 

The Food and Drug Administration is in charge of regulating medical devices just as it does drugs, including the machines used to give Electroshock. But it's not doing its job. It has allowed these machines to be used on millions of patients over the past generation without requiring any evidence whatsoever that shock treatment is safe or effective. This is so even though shock machines are Class III -- high risk -- devices, which by law are required to be subjected to thorough clinical trials as thoroughly as new drugs and devices just coming onto the market. But because of intense lobbying by the American Psychiatric Association -- which claims the devices are safe but opposes an investigation -- the FDA has disregarded its own law. (For the full story of how shock survivors and other advocates have fought for a scientific safety investigation of Electroshock for the past 25 years, see Linda Andre's new book, Doctors of Deception: What They Don't Want You to Know About Shock Treatment.)

In April 2009 -- 30 years after it first ruled the devices high-risk and named brain damage and memory loss as risks of the treatment -- the FDA belatedly announced it would call on the manufacturers of the devices to provide evidence of safety and efficacy. The deadline for submissions has passed, but the manufacturers have not conducted any clinical trials, claiming they cannot afford them. They simply point to the opinions of shock doctors (including those who have financial interests in companies making Electroshock machines) as evidence that shock is safe.

 [To submit your electronic comment to the FDA, click here.]

For more information and sample letters, please visit our website: