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Democrats' Budget Hits Taxpayers Hard; Republican Efforts to Help Taxpayers Blocked 

Concord, NH – Over $250 million in new taxes will by paid by New Hampshire citizens, following today’s vote in the state senate. The vote was on HB 1 and HB 2, the proposed state budget, which increased general fund spending by 8.8%.


“The big-spending Democrats are passing hundreds of millions of dollars onto New Hampshire taxpayers. Rather than increase spending 8.8%, Senate Democrats should hold the line on spending and thus hold the line on taxes,” said Senate Minority Leader Peter Bragdon (R-Milford).


Republicans made several attempts to remove new taxes on businesses and individuals, but these efforts were rejected. The Republican proposals included eliminating $80 million in new business taxes, $40 million in taxes on the tourist and hospitality industry, $50 million in local property tax increases caused by the loss of revenue sharing and $75 million in new tobacco taxes.


“The only solution Democrats offer is higher spending of nearly $1.2 billion and unfortunately supported by higher taxes. This is exactly the wrong time to tax New Hampshire citizens and discourage our businesses from creating jobs,” said Senator Jeb Bradley (R-Wolfeboro).


“Higher spending and increased taxes in a recessed economy are part of the Democrats’ liberal agenda, showing they are out touch with New Hampshire voters. If Governor Lynch signs this budget as passed today, our budget will look like Massachusetts’s in the next biennium,” said Senator Sharon Carson (R-Londonderry).




City of Manchester to hold Accessible Parking Awareness meeting at Manchester Library 

MANCHESTER (June 3, 2009) – Parking Director Brandy Stanley, a representative from the Mayor’s Office and other city staff will be part of the second Accessible Parking Awareness meeting, which will discuss all issues related to accessible parking in Manchester. The meeting will be held at 4:00 p.m. on Thursday, June 11, 2009, at the Manchester Library; 405 Pine St.; Manchester. (Room 405 – Winchell Room)


“As the Mayor of the largest city in Northern New England, accessible parking is an important issue that is of concern to many people,” Mayor Guinta said. “Since that time, there have been many updates to the laws that dictate use and misuse of handicapped placards. I urge anyone with a placard, or someone interested in obtaining one, to come to the meeting.”


The event will provide a general overview on the following topics, and other questions participants may have:


Who should have accessible parking privileges and how to get them

An overview of how placards and plates can legally be used

How to report abuse of accessible placards and plates

State and local legislation in process


“We had a meeting last November to go over issues that some people have in regards to parking, as well as inform people how to obtain parking placard and plates, to explain handicapped parking laws in the city and how to best utilize their permit,” Guinta said. “The City of Manchester believes that everyone who has a legitimate disability have access to parking, but to also make sure that parking fraud is combated and make people aware on how to report it.”


Along with Mayor Guinta’s Office, Parking Manager Brandy Stanley; a representative from the Governor’s Commission on Disabilities and the National MS Society representative will be in attendance.


This is the second of biannual series of accessible parking awareness events, which will be held throughout the city. The event is free and open to the public of all ages.


For more information, please contact Parking Manager Brandy Stanley at (603) 624-6580.


Agenda for June 11, 2009

· Comments from Mayor’s Office

· Governor’s Commission on Disabilities representative comments

· National MS Society representative comments

· Presentation of new fraudulent use of walking disability placards/plate ordinance

· Update on current legislation in process

· Q&A Session




CONCORD – Today, former New Hampshire Governor and Republican State Committee Chairman John H. Sununu released the following statement on Governor Lynch breaking his word and legalizing same-sex marriage:


“Up until the very last minute I had hoped that Governor Lynch would keep his word and veto the same-sex marriage bill. Unfortunately the Governor has let down the people of New Hampshire by making a calculated political decision and failing to honor his commitment.


“What makes this situation even more disappointing is that the Senate had to break their rules to get this bill to the Governor’s desk. This makes it tainted legislation all around.”



Daily Grind: Equal Justice--or Hypocrisy as Usual?

Editorial: Equal Justice—Or Hypocrisy as Usual
Tom Coburn thinks that if tobacco is to be regulated by the FDA, so should medical marijuana.


Full Faith and Credit?
When Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner told Chinese students at Peking University that "Chinese assets are very safe," they had the common sense to laugh in his face.


The Same Old Game
Michael Steele might be able to learn a thing or two from former Senator Fred Thompson.


American capitalism gone with a whimper
When the Russians start noting your nation's descent into Marxism, you know you're in trouble.



ALG Urges Congress to Reject $108 Billion IMF Expansion 

"Why are American taxpayers paying to help China

and Russia improve their global monetary positions?

This is an insane use of American taxpayers' money.

It has no place in a war supplemental appropriation.

It is an insult to America's fighting men and women."

—ALG President Bill Wilson.


June 3rd, 2009, Fairfax, VA—Americans for Limited Government President Bill Wilson today called upon all members of Congress to reject a proposed $108 billion in assistance to the International Monetary Fund (IMF).


Wilson termed it "a move that simply throws welfare at developing nations, only helps China along in transitioning away from the dollar, and does absolutely nothing to bolster America's economic standing in the world."


"Right now, the U.S. financial system is sinking, the national debt has exploded to over $11.3 trillion and the deficit to over $1.84 trillion, and the Obama Administration has no plan to get the nation out from under $104 trillion of unfunded liabilities. It is absolutely sickening that Barack Obama and his meek, toady Congress think it's a good time to send another $100 billion to a failed international institution. This is nothing more than international welfare checks," said Wilson.


Last month at the G-20 summit, Barack Obama pledged a $100 billion line of credit to the International Monetary Fund (IMF) as part of a $550 billion global effort to bolster the international bank. The G-20 then approved a new $250 billion general allocation of Special Drawing Rights (SDR)—the bank's reserve asset.


The Congressional proposal also expands U.S. holdings in the IMF by $8 billion.


Senator Jim DeMint (R-SC) offered an amendment to remove from the Iraq and Afghanistan war supplemental both the $100 billion line of credit to the IMF and the $8 billion increase the nation's Special Drawing Rights (SDR) holdings. In the Senate the amendment to remove the provisions failed by a vote of 30-64.


"The Senate had a golden opportunity to kill this thing and they blew it. Now it's on the fast track, and the American people need to know what is happening," Wilson said.


Overall, the legislation has passed the House with at a cost of $96.7 billion and the Senate at $91.3 billion. The final version of the bill still has not been presented from conference, and the IMF provisions were not originally included in the bill as passed in the House. Since then, House and Senate Democrats have agreed to the $100 billion line of credit to the IMF and $8 billion expansion of U.S. SDR holdings.


The bill, HR 2346, now proceeds to the House and Senate for final approval. Today, Americans for Limited Government released a backgrounder on the issue.


"Russia, China, India, and Brazil are currently buying interest-bearing IMF bonds denominated in the IMF's Special Drawing Rights, and meanwhile Congress is voting to pay for it with a $100 billion line of credit extension and $8 billion expansion to the IMF," said Wilson.


Currently, Russia, India, China, and Brazil are already prepared to purchase their first round of IMF bonds—denominated in SDR. According to the Wall Street Journal, "The IMF is preparing its first bond offering, potentially tailored to Brazil, Russia, India and China. Russia's [$10 billion] offering would equal that of India and would be about a quarter of the $40 billion China is expected to contribute to boost the IMF's resources."


Combined, Russia ($2.261 trillion), Brazil ($1.981 trillion), India ($3.288 trillion), China ($7.916 trillion) have GDP (PPP) of $15.446 trillion compared to the U.S GDP (PPP) of $14.264trillion.


"Why are American taxpayers paying to help China and Russia improve their global monetary positions? This is an insane use of American taxpayers' money," Wilson said, adding, "It has no place in a war supplemental appropriation. It is an insult to America's fighting men and women."


Wilson promised to remind constituents how each member of Congress votes on the supplemental. "This is not $108 billion for the IMF that was attached to a $90 billion war supplemental, it is a $90 billion war supplemental attached to $108 billion for the IMF."


"The American people have a right to know which of their representatives vote to crumble up the dollar on the floor of Congress, and Americans for Limited Government will not let constituents forget," Wilson concluded.




"Dollar in Danger: $100 Billion Line of Credit to IMF Backgrounder," Americans for Limited Government, June 2009.