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Judge Andrew Napolitano keynote speaker at NH Liberty Forum

Nashua, NH – The Free State Project is pleased to announce Judge Andrew Napolitano will be the keynote speaker at the fourth annual NH Liberty Forum, being held March 18-21 at the Crowne Plaza in Nashua.

Judge Napolitano is the senior judicial analyst for Fox News and the Fox Business Network and hosts “Freedom Watch” on the Fox Strategy Room. He is the youngest life-tenured Superior Court judge in the history of New Jersey, serving for 12 years before going into private practice. For 11 years, he served as an adjunct professor of constitutional law at Seton Hall Law School. He lectures nationally on the constitution and human freedom. He has written several books, including “The Constitution in Exile”, “A Nation of Sheep”, “Dred Scott's Revenge” and his latest, “Lies the Government Told You”, which he will be signing on Friday.

The other headline speakers will be NH Representative Daniel Itse at the Saturday dinner, and Jacob Hornberger, president of the Future of Freedom Foundation, at Sunday's closing ceremonies.

Varrin Swearingen, FSP president, announced the theme of the 2010 Liberty Forum is “Liberty in Action”. He added “We're excited to share a great event that highlights how active the pro-liberty community has become, in New Hampshire and elsewhere. While many people enjoy discussing and debating the ideas of freedom, our focus this year is on turning those ideas into action. You'll hear from people all weekend who are doing just that.”

Chris Lawless, lead organizer of the Forum, said, “Liberty Forum has grown into the premier event in the northeast for pro-liberty speakers, authors and activists, both local and national, to gather and share ideas and learn more about the Granite State.”

Among the sponsors of the event is Campaign for Liberty. Their mission is to promote and defend the great American principles of individual liberty, constitutional government, sound money, free markets, and a non-interventionist foreign policy, by means of educational and political activity. Since its founding in 2008 at the end of the Ron Paul presidential campaign, C4L has grown to include more than 250,000 members from the U.S. and around the world.

Fast approaching 10,000 members, the Free State Project's mission is to attract pro-liberty activists to New Hampshire, where they will exert the fullest practical effort toward the creation of a society in which the maximum role of government is the protection of life, liberty, and property.

A full list of speakers and workshops, as well as registration is online at


Poetry Society of New Hampshire Reading at the Museum of Art, UNH 4/6

On April 6th at 7PM at the Museum of Art, Paul Creative Arts Center, University of NH, the Poetry Society of New Hampshire will host a reading from the anthology The Other Side of Sorrow, Poets Speak Out About Conflict War and Peace. The anthology, published by the Society in 2006, won the 2007 Independent Publishers Book Award bronze prize (IPPY) in the poetry category. Discussion and light refreshments will follow the reading, which is in a conjunction with an exhibit, War and Remembrance, currently on display at the museum. Museum doors will open one hour before the reading, at 6PM, so people can view the exhibit. Reading lineup includes: Marjorie Wentworth, Katie Towler, Martin Steingesser, Andrew Periale, Paul Nichols, Dudley Laufman, Annaliese Jakimides, Ethan Gilsdorf, Patricia Frisella, David Connolly, Mike Casey, Cicely Buckley, Pam Bernard, Barb Bald, and John-Michael Albert. (Bios below). Books will be available and poets will sign them. The event is free and open to the public.

The Museum is located at 30 Academic Way, Durham, NH. For more information on the exhibit visit

For more information on the Poetry Society visit


The Poetry Society of New Hampshire is a non profit, membership organization dedicated to the promotion of poetry. The society publishes the quarterly journal The Poets Touchstone, sponsors poetry contests and hosts poetry readings and workshops. The society also publishes anthologies, most recently The 2010 Poets Guide to NH and The Other Side of Sorrow, Poets Speak Out About Conflict, War and Peace (winner of the 2005 IPPY Bronze Award), and the occasional chapbook.


Daily News from the Veterans Today Network 

Gordon Duff
Is America the Victim of a War from Within?
Terror at Home
One day you read about a break-in at a Senator's office, the next day, you learn the Acorn "scandal" was a ruse.  None of these things get any follow-up in the MSM/Corporate news. 

Then you find the only magazine that will report on massive spy operations against America is Hustler, and their coverage of the national security scandal involving Sibel Edmonds testimony.

This is the biggest spy scandal, biggest scandal in America's history, best documented and most damaging and has been covered up for years.  When a huge story like this breaks, we hear nothing, read nothing.

Keep thinking, "If it isn't in the newspapers or on TV, it can't hurt me."  You couldn't be more wrong.

Read More >>>

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Ovide2010: OVIDE'S WEEKLY WRAP-UP: 3/5/10

"On the Road Again!"

It was a productive and enjoyable week of seeing old friends and meeting new friends on the campaign trail...
I was pleased to join with the New Hampshire Young Republicans in welcoming Congressman Paul Ryan, a thoughtful rising GOP star in the U.S. House. Congressman Ryan was the keynote speaker at the NHYR breakfast on

Saturday at the New Hampshire Institute of Politics at Saint Anselm College in my hometown, Manchester.

Congressman Ryan urged Granite Staters to elect the fiscally responsible leaders we need in Washington. I was interested to hear the solutions he presented from his "Roadmap for America's Future." You can check it out here.
Another highlight of the breakfast was the presentation by the YRs of the 10th annual Gipper Award. I would like to again congratulate Bob Burns, the NHYR National Committeeman, for winning the award for his commitment to activism for the NHYR Federation and the GOP. I am proud to have Bob as a  member of Team Ovide, and I look forward to our work together in the months ahead.
Special thanks to the Raymond Area Rotary Club and the Portsmouth Rotary Club for inviting me to speak this week. I received a number of good questions about creating jobs, growing our economy, and fixing the culture in Washington.
 Grassroots Activist of the Week
We are pleased to name Abby Sykas as our Grassroots Activist of the Week for her hard work organizing a fantastic Meet & Greet in Exeter this week. Abby is the founder and principal of Sykas Law Office, in Dover, NH. Among her many grassroots accomplishments, Abby is a member of the Seacoast Republican Women, serving as their legal counsel, and is a past Chair of the Vesta Roy Excellence in Public Service Series. Thank you, Abby--we are lucky to have you onboard! 
 In Case you Missed it
This week in Washington, Paul Hodes advised House Ways and Means Chair
Rep. Charlie Rangel to step down from his post after he blatantly violated
House ethics rules. What Hodes failed to mention was his intention to keep
upwards of $20k in campaign contributions from Rangel. See my statement here.

 Looking Ahead

·         Special Election Reminder!! New Hampshire Republicans are on a roll and we must help to keep the momentum going! Our team will be on the ground this weekend in Coos County to help Representative John Tholl recapture his seat in the New Hampshire House of Representatives. He needs all the help he can get, so let's do our part together to make sure supporters in Carroll, Dalton, Jefferson, Lancaster, Northumberland, Stark, Stratford, and Whitefield all get to the polls Tuesday, March 9!


·         Join me at the 13th Annual Sportsmen's Show this Saturday from 9am-3pm hosted by Lakes Region Chamber of Commerce at Franklin Middle School 200 Sanborn Street, Franklin NH!


·         Join me at the Rye Republican Candidates Meet & Greet this Sunday at 7pm at the Wentworth by the Sea Country Club, 80 Wentworth Road in Rye!


·         Listen live Monday @ 8am to my interview on the Peter Blute Show on AM 830 WCRN or online here


·         Catch me on the Charlie Sherman Show Tuesday morning at 8am on WGIR AM 930 and AM 610 or listen live here



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CEI Weekly: DOE Seeks Lobbyists to Sell Green Jobs 

CEI Weekly

March 5, 2010 

>>FOIA Requests Reveal the Department of Energy Turned to Lobbyists to Inflate Value of Wind Energy Proposals

CEI's Chris Horner on March 3rd revealed findings from a FOIA request to the Department of Energy on Pajamas Media. His findings suggest that the DOE turned to George Soros and other wind industry lobbyists to discredit studies suggesting that wind energy programs in Spain and Denmark were a bust. Read the article here.

>>This Land Ain't your Land - CEI Releases Eminent Domain Study

CEI's Marc Scribner published a study this week on eminent domain's adverse affects on entrepreneurship. Read about it here.

>>Bureaucrash Activists Protest Egyptian Government to Free Kareem

Activists from the Bureaucrash social network gathered in front of the Egyptian embassy here in DC to protest the imprisoning of Abdul Kareem, better known as Kareem Amer, over expressing his opinions on his own blog. Watch the footage here.

>>Shaping the Debate

The EU Searches for a Monopolist, Finds Google

Alberto Mingardi and Wayne Crews' article in the Wall Street Journal

Climategate: This Time it's NASA

Iain Murray and Roger Abbott's article in the American Spectator

Questions Swirl Around Wind-Jobs Studies

Chris Horner's citation in the Chicago Tribune

>>Best of the Blogs

Debunking the Smear Campaign Against the Murkowski Resolution

by Marlo Lewis

In recent weeks I have penned four columns debunking the smear campaign against Sen. Lisa Murkowski’s (R-AK) Congressional Review Act (CRA) resolution of disapproval to stop EPA from dealing itself into a position to make climate and energy policy for the nation — a power Congress never delegated to EPA when it enacted the Clean Air Act.

Regulation of the Day 123: Donating Blood

by Ryan Young

If you’re gay, you can’t donate blood. It’s illegal. The ban was put in place in 1983, during the early days of the HIV/AIDS scare. It may have made some sense in those days, when HIV testing was less than trustworthy. But it sure doesn’t now, with modern screening technology. 

Light it Up: Earth Hour 2010

by Michelle Minton

Last year the Competitive Enterprise Institute cheekily declared that anyone not sitting in the dark, naked in the woods was by default celebrating Human Achievement Hour–a holiday we created to highlight the innovations and discoveries made by human beings that improve the quality of our everyday lives and highlight the necessity of free thought. This year we’re doing it again! For the second annual celebration of Human Achievement Hour we are highlighting some of the best innovations, discoveries, and improvements humans have made.
>>LibertyWeek Podcast

Episode 82: Lessons from Chile

Richard Morrison, Jeremy Lott and Brooke Oberwetter unite to bring you episode 82. We cover lessons from Chile, healthcare legislation on life support, a perfect storm for the IPCC, underage iPod assemblers and Charlie Rangel’s fairy godmother.