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DNC - President-Elect Obama Announces Virginia Governor Tim Kaine as DNC Chair

Jennifer O'Malley Dillon to Serve As Executive Director


WASHINGTON, DC – In a press conference at the Democratic National Committee (DNC) today, President-elect Barack Obama announced his selection of Virginia Governor Tim Kaine to succeed Governor Dean as Chairman of the DNC. Jennifer O'Malley Dillon will serve as Executive Director.


"Governor Kaine is uniquely qualified to expand the coalition for change we built over the past two years," said President-elect Obama. "In a state as diverse as Virginia, Tim has been a successful governor not by appealing to our divisions, but by appealing to our common hopes; not by pursuing policies that advance any ideology, but by pursuing policies that work for the people of Virginia."


In a statement, President-elect Obama added: "Jen O'Malley Dillon is a tireless organizer, a beloved manager, and has served me as a trusted advisor. She will ensure that state parties, DNC members, elected officials, and candidates have the full attention of the DNC over the next four years, and that we will continue to build our grassroots movement from the ground up in all 50 states."


"In Virginia, we've treated politics as a way to advance policy and get things done for people," said Governor Kaine. "That's why we've not only won elections, but our state has been ranked as the best managed, and we’ve made meaningful differences in people's lives. President-elect Obama is giving me the opportunity to take that approach nationwide, and I'm honored to be here."


As Governor, Kaine has promoted smart growth reforms to help traffic move better and improve the quality of life in our communities, ramped up the number of children getting health care and a pre-K education, and invested in schools while holding them more accountable. Since Governor Kaine's election Virginia has been named the best managed state by Governing magazine and the best state for a child to achieve lifelong success by Education Week.


Kaine's term as Governor ends in January 2010.


Governor Kaine served four terms on the Richmond City Council, including two spent as Richmond's Mayor. He was elected Lieutenant Governor of Virginia in 2001 and Governor in 2006.


Jennifer O'Malley Dillon is a veteran organizer and manager who served as the Obama campaign's Battleground States Director, where she oversaw the campaign's state operations. She has previously served as Deputy National Campaign Manager and Iowa State Director for the 2008 presidential campaign of Senator John Edwards, Campaign Manager for Jim Davis' 2006 Florida gubernatorial campaign, and Deputy Campaign Manager for Senator Tom Daschle's re-election campaign in 2004. Additionally, she served as Field Director in Iowa and Missouri for Senator Edwards' first presidential campaign in 2003 and 2004, and, in 2002, was Field Director for South Dakota Senator Tim Johnson's winning re-election campaign and the successful run-off re-election of Louisiana Senator Mary Landrieu.


She currently serves as an associate director of personnel on the presidential transition team.


On January 21st, members of the DNC will vote on Governor Kaine's selection during the annual winter meeting.


CHQ - McCain attempts to lead without a message or following

Establishes new "Grassroots" organization but forgets the need for "roots" in movement


Manassas, Virginia - On Wednesday afternoon, Senator and former presidential hopeful, John McCain, announced the creation of his new grassroots organization named "Country First."

Commenting on the new organization, Chairman Richard Viguerie stated, "Senator John McCain is a General without an army. He's attempting to lead but he has no followers because his trumpet does not sound certain."

In a message sent to presidential supporters, Senator McCain described the new organization as an effort to "better define our Republican ideals and message, recruit and back, strong, dedicated candidates and continue our efforts to bring real reform to government."

Viguerie continued, "I'm not sure what Senator McCain is referring to when he talks about 'Republican ideals' but if it's along the lines of McCain-Feingold, amnesty for Illegal immigrants, carbon caps, 'gun show loopholes' or trillion-dollar Wall Street bailouts, I think he meant to say 'Big Government ideals'."

McCain, who lacked the backing of Conservatives until the selection of Governor Palin as his vice-presidential running mate, was a supporter of the trillion-dollar Wall Street bailout and was the primary driver behind the Bipartisan Campaign Reform Act (McCain-Feingold).

Senator McCain also advocated closing alleged "gun show loopholes" during his presidential campaign and teamed with Senator Joe Lieberman on legislation to develop a cap on carbon emissions to combat "man-made global warming."

"McCain is so out of sync with grassroots Republicans on many important issues that most campaign contributions are likely to come from his usual source of political contributors -- lobbyists and other corporate, big government interests," stated Viguerie.



CHQ Original: McCain forms new PAC to promote his "Republican Ideals"

McCain forms new PAC to promote his "Republican Ideals"

CHQ Original News - Commenting on the new organization, Chairman Richard Viguerie stated, "I'm not sure what Senator McCain is referring to when he talks about 'Republican ideals' but if it's along the lines of McCain-Feingold, amnesty for Illegal immigrants, carbon caps, 'gun show loopholes' or trillion-dollar Wall Street bailouts, I think he meant to say 'Big Government ideals'."


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LibertyWeek Episode 24: Pro-Freedom Pop Culture

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