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CEI Weekly: Stimulus Watch

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VIDEO: Marlo Lewis Debates Global Warming

Marlow Lewis featured on CNN World News Europe


VIDEO: Chris Horner Explains the Hype Behind Global Warming

Chris Horner featured on CBN


VIDEO: Chris Horner on Al Gore’s Global Warming Testimony

Chris Horner featured on Fox News


VIDEO: Chris Horner on President Obama’s Global Warming Policy

Chris Horner featured on Fox News


Debate: Nationalize U.S. Banks: In light of the financial crisis, the U.S. should nationalize banks, taking over the most troubled ones. Pro or con?

Eli Lehrer featured inBuisnessWeek


Lessons From Europe

Iain Murray featured in The Washington Times


State Farm's exit leaves Florida on the brink of a crisis

Eli Lehrer featured in Tallahassee Online


State Farm exit will leave Florida on the brink

Eli Lehrer featured in Florida


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VIDEO: MSNBC -- CEI -- Eli Lehrer


Knoxville Times --Chris Horner


Law360 -- Eli Lehrer


Business Week -- Eli Lehrer


FOX -- Chris Horner -- Chris Horner


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Stimulus Watch Launches Today

by Cord Blomquist

"If you’re one of the growing number of Americans skeptical about the “stimulus package” that is now weaving its way through the Senate, you should check out"

Palaces For The Bureaucrats

by Jonathan Tolman

"For the renovation of the Social Security building, the agency estimates that the renovation will create 400 jobs. In other words, it will cost $1 million dollars for each job created."

Update on Green Stimulus: It Still Stinks

by William Yeatman

"Both chambers agree with President Barack Obama and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s staff that the government should shower winners in the renewable energy industry with about $30 billion in taxpayer money."

Support for Stimulus Collapses Internationally

by Iain Murray

"Rasmussen reports that support for the borrow-and-spend plan is falling rapidly . . . The Rasmussen poll also reveals that a tax-cuts only 'stimulus' plan is more popular than the spending-heavy plan."


Expensive Energy Does Not Stimulate the Economy

by William Yeatman

"Of course, the only reason that the clean energy industry needs generous taxpayer support is because it cannot otherwise compete with conventional energy sources. Which begs the question: How is it possible to stimulate the economy by forcing Americans pay more for energy?"



LibertyWeek Episode 28: Don’t Forget Your Limousine Tax

Your LibertyWeek hosts Richard Morrison and Cord Blomquist welcome you back with a rousing discussion of the much-debated Stimulus to Nowhere and the website where you can evaluate it, We get an update from the billionaire’s club known as the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland and then lament the lack of income tax integrity among President Obama’s cabinet nominees in Scandal Watch: Daschle Edition.


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CHQ - 50 De-Stimulating Facts About the Stimulus

50 De-Stimulating Facts
National Review - What do the National Endowment for the Arts, digital-TV converter boxes and ACORN have in common? They're all beneficiaries of the economic stimulus package. The National Review breaks down the numbers to let you know who's going to hit pay dirt if the stimulus bill is approved.

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The GOP Has a Dumb Mortgage Idea
Cato: $646,214 Per Government Job
Romney is Keeping His Name Fresh
GOP's Future in Good Hands with Steele

All of these articles and many others can be accessed through


ALG President Urges Senate to Reject "Stimulus" as Public Turns against Trillion Dollar Spending Bill

“The public is growing wise to what their

Congress is up to, and they know it stinks.”

—ALG President Bill Wilson.

ALG President Urges Senate to Reject “Stimulus” as Public Turns against Trillion Dollar Spending Bill


February 5th, 2009, Fairfax, VA—Americans for Limited Government President Bill Wilson today urged members of the Senate to vote against the trillion dollar spending bill currently being considered amidst public opinion polls showing increased opposition to the legislation's measures.


“Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid is going to ram the bill through before support drops to the single digits. It's a race,” Wilson said.


Rasmussen Reports released a poll yesterday showing only 37 percent of the American people supporting the legislation, with 43 percent now opposed. This follows an increasing wave of opposition to the bill, which passed the House last week with a price tag of $819 billion, or $1.2 trillion over a decade with interest.


“This trillion dollar spending spree by Congress to claim they 'did something' for the economy is a rotting carcass,” said Wilson.


“The public is growing wise to what their Congress is up to, and they know it stinks,” Wilson added.


Wilson noted that even if the legislation does pass the Senate today, it will not reach the President's desk until next week the earliest.


“The House and Senate still would need to reconcile their two bills in a conference committee,” Wilson said. “And if past experience is any indication, the bill, which already contains plenty of wasteful provisions that will not stimulate sustainable economic growth, will only get worse.”


The bill contains provisions to balance state government budgets, expand Medicaid, boost education spending, food stamps and unemployment benefits, build federal buildings, provide more for public housing, construct climate change supercomputers, erect trade barriers overseas, create refundable tax credits, and other provisions that Wilson believes are “nothing more than special interest handouts.”


Yesterday, 18 free market and limited government leaders released a joint letter critical of provisions in the legislation already passed by the House of Representatives.


“They need to know that there is still time to tell their Senators to vote 'no', and that even if the bill passes today, there will still be yet more time to tell both the House and the Senate to vote 'no' on the conference report,” Wilson added.


Wilson believes that by that time, public opposition and protest against the legislation will reach a fever pitch.


“Time is not on Congress' side right now. And there will undoubtedly be political consequences for anyone that votes for this trillion dollar turkey,” Wilson concluded.


Daily Grind: Obama's Union Payoff

Obama's Union Payoff
President Obama is set on prepaying the unions for their support.


Obama's Hope Chest
President Obama's cabinet is falling further apart by the minute.


The $900 Billion Question
As Pelosi's latest gaffe humorously illustrates, proponents of Big Government have no qualms about exploiting a crisis for political benefit.


Stumbling on Their Sense of Entitlement
The Washington Post grills Tom Daschle and the Washington mindset that regards responsibility and sacrifice as mere nuisance.


Heritage Foundation - Research on the Trillion Dollar Borrow and Spend Plan

The United States Senate isconsidering a so-called economic stimulus bill full of pork projects and approximately 30 NEW government programs. The Senate’s proposed big government borrow and spend bill has a price tag of $900 billionin new debt, andit will cost the taxpayers an additional $347 billion in interest payments over the next 10 years. That is the same as giving every man, woman and child in the United States nearly $3,000 now, and then billing them $1400 later - just to pay the interest.


Even more troubling than the earmarked spending is that this legislation is largely a down payment on a liberal agenda. It establishes 32 new government programs at a cost of $136 billion and provides billions of dollars in new health care spending thatis desgignated topropelus towardgovernment run health care.


In response,The Heritage Foundationworked with Senator Jim DeMint to offer an alternative plan that focuses on economic growth by leaving tax dollars in the productive areas of the economy. Heritage analysts produced several supporting papers on this plan, including positive impacts on families and businesses.


Heritage, in coordination with many other conservative organizations, created This website allows you to search the proposals from the House and Senate to spend over $1 trillion of your tax dollars.


In this update, I want to provide you with links to arm yourself with all the information you need to educate yourself, your circle of influence, and even share withyour elected officials.


DeMint Alternative Research:


Sustainable Economic Stimulus: Repeal Capital Gains and Dividend Taxes
The "American Option" Is Good for Small Business
Stimulus Plan Should Include Pro-Growth Tax Relief for Families in Every State
Big Gains for the Automakers from Senator Jim DeMint's "American Option

Building a Better Stimulus Bill


Heritage StimulusResearch


Will Lobbyists Turn the Stimulus Package Into a Festival of Fiscal Greed?

Economic Stimulus Pushed by Flawed Jobs Analysis

Ten Reasons Why the "Economic Stimulus" Should Not Include Education Spending

"Making Work Pay" Credit Will Not Stimulate the Economy

Green Stimulus: Tying Economic Package to Energy and Environment Plan Is Not Workable

Get Out of Jail Free: Why Byrne JAG Grants Should Not Be Part of Economic Stimulus Package

The Senate's Flawed 4 Percent Mortgage Refinance Plan

The Stimulus Bill: Why the Senate Must Fix the Health Care Provisions

Senate Stimulus Bill Would Provide 300,000 Jobs for Illegal Immigrants

Stimulus Bill Should Not Bail Out Irresponsible States
An Earmark by Any Other Name Is Still an Earmark


Blog posts from State Policy Network Allies:

State Stimulus Bailout Already Covering Up Incompetence(ME)
PA Governor Wants Federal Aid He Doesn’t Need
Say No to Bailout of State Budgets(WA)
State Bailouts Only Delay the Inevitable(NY)


Heritage Foundry Blog Posts on the Stimulus:

The Trillion Dollar Debt Plan vs The New Deal
Unprecedented Debt
How Soon Will the Global Government Debt Bubble Burst?
A Stimulus with Some Energy
Are Liberals Breaking Their No-Earmark Pledge?
Hollywood Elite
What the Stimulus Will Cost Working Families
Stimulus Plan: Non-Existent Unemployed Climate Modelers Get $140 Million
The Government Needs A Bigger Garage

Conservative Economists Do Not Support This Bill
Medicaid Surprises in Stimulus

Other resources:


A chart of state by state spending from the Wall Street Journal

$5.3 billion for ACORN from Red County


I hope you find this information helpful as you talk with others about this plan that is certain to grow government, but not stimulate the economy.


Mark Kelly
Strategic Policy Outreach Manager
Coalition Relations
The Heritage Foundation