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NetRight Daily: Obama Warrants Scrutiny 

Obama Regime Warrants Scrutiny: Last week, ALG News reported a startling update in the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) "rightwing extremism" threat assessment controversy after receiving an interim response from the department to Americans for Limited Government's Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request.


Less Government or Lower Wages?: The nationwide revelry surrounding our apparent economic recovery was disrupted this week by the release of lower-than-expected retail sales data. However, rather than sending a chill up the spines of those hoping for a quick end to the downturn, the numbers should be welcomed. Though this may come as a surprise to most observers, lower retail sales are precisely what our economy needs.


Obama Up, Economy Down: The New York Post and The Wall Street Journal have a common ownership and share a nearly identical conservative philosophy, but the similarities stop there. The Journal has, over time, expanded beyond its financial news coverage franchise into more general interest reporting, while the Post has consistently adhered to a rather, shall we say, energetic style of conveying every conceivable kind of story. But last weekend both papers simultaneously came to the same conclusion observed in these columns weeks ago: the stock market moves inversely to Barack Obama's approval ratings.


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Exclusive Video of AFP Bus Tour 


CHQ - You Bet We're Crazy 

Herman Cain: You bet we're crazy
WorldNetDaily - "Regardless of what you call them, the sentiment expressed by people in attendance is not Astroturf or manufactured emotions as described by Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid. The people are not wackos, paid plants, extremists or any of the other names used by the Democrats and some in the media to try and marginalize, demean, discourage and intimidate "We the People." But we are crazy. We are crazy about the freedom to choose. We choose our religion, our spouse, our profession, our lifestyle, our doctors and our end-of-life care." [find this article at News From the Front]


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News From The Front:

RightOnline: Changing the World, One Mind at a Time

Atlanta Protest of Health-Care Overhaul Draws Thousands

Cartoon: Taking the Town out of Town Hall

War erupts over Glenn Beck TV show: Fans fight back

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AFP - Amazing USA Today/Gallup Poll you have to hear about 

I'm writing to you from our Americans for Prosperity Foundation's RightOnline conference conference in Pittsburgh, where almost 600 free-market activists are training to win the battle for our freedoms online.


New York Times bestselling author Michelle Malkin just spoke to the crowd.Since yesterday, these intrepid activists have been learning in panel discussions like "blogging 101" and "social networking communications".


Yesterday, hundreds upon hundreds of activists gathered for our AFP rally to send Sen. Arlen Specter a simple message -- vote NO on the health care takeover and NO on the job-killing cap-and-trade.We heard from an amazing 11-year-old Pennsylvania middle schooler named Quentin Cody who eloquently made the case for freedom and from Teri Adams who heads the Independence Hall Tea Party (Philadelphia).


And here's some encouraging news from the USA Today/Gallup poll published Thursday.In a survey of 1,000 adults, 34% of Americans say demonstrators at town hall style meetings (that's you and me) have made them MORE SYMPATHETIC to the protesters' views, and only 21% said the protests made them less sympathetic.

Even more importantly, Independents by a 2 to 1 margin (35% to 16%) say they are MORE SYMPATHETIC to the protesters' (our) views.These Independents are the Holy Grail of politics, and they're agreeing with us that the health care takeover is a disaster for our families and our nation.

In the face of the Obama Administration, Pelosi, Reid and their liberal friends vilifying us as "un-American," "evil-mongers," "astroturf," "mobs" and worse -- the American people are taking our side against these political elites.

If you ever wondered, "Can I make a difference by getting involved?" here is your answer.Hundreds of thousands of Americans just like you and me are getting involved.They're attending rallies, calling and emailing their elected officials, talking to friends and family.And, it's working.It's making a difference.

You're making a difference.

But, we face enormous challenges.Right across town, the left-wing NetRoots Nation is meeting to plot how they are going to turn things around for their side.They heard from Bill Clinton Thursday who made an aggressive pitch for government-run health care.Sen. Arlen Specter spoke to the liberal crowd and bragged that he would help them pass Card
Check and other "Democrat priorities" by opposing filibusters.

We've still got a long way to go.To win, we must keep up the pressure. Keep winning over new supporters. Keep turning out at rallies and events.

Americans for Prosperity's Patients First 'Hands Off My Health Care'bus continues -- one's in Montana right now and the other heads to Indiana first thing Monday.Our anti-cap-and-trade "Cost of Hot Air" tour gets back on the road this Tuesday hitting Indiana, Ohio, West Virginia and Virginia. Please come to one of these great events.

And, make plans now to come to Washington, D.C. for a national "Town Hall" meeting on October 2nd, as well as Americans for Prosperity Foundation's 3rd Defending the American Dream Summit right at the final decisive moments in the health care and cap-and-trade battles and I want you there!


Daily News from the Veterans Today Network 


Federal Appeals Court Ruling that Could Affect A Large Number of Veterans

Our Veterans Deserve Better & Lawsuit Shows It
Written by Rubén Rosario

While angry folks with legitimate concerns or hidden agendas were busy shouting at politicians at televised town-hall gatherings this week, a court hearing held on another critical health care debate drew scant attention.

Oral arguments were heard Wednesday before a federal appeals court in California in connection with a 2007 class-action lawsuit filed by two veterans advocacy groups - Veterans for Common Sense and Veterans United for Truth. Never heard of it?
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