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NetRight Daily: Depression, Socialism and a Raw Deal 

What are the Odds of a Depression?: Central questions these days are how severe will the U.S. economic downturn be and how long will it last? The most serious concern is that the downturn will become something worse than the largest recession of the post-World War II period -- 1982, when real per capita GDP fell by 3% and the unemployment rate peaked at nearly 11%. Could we even experience a depression (defined as a decline in per-person GDP or consumption by 10% or more)?


How to Achieve Socialism: Have you ever wondered how countries such as Cuba, North Korea, and China became completely socialist? It's really not a mystery. Government officials, most of whom suffer from an insatiable thirst for power, seize upon some human tragedy or disaster and tell the people, "If you will just give us power over your lives and fortunes, we will taken care of you and protect you from harm."


Audit the Fed!!!: Since its creation in 1913, the Fed's control of money and credit in this country has resulted in a 95% devaluation of our dollar and the piling up, just in the last year, of almost $10 trillion in bailouts and loans.


Too Big to Save: In the debate over moral hazard, one argument often made is that certain institutions are simply too big to fail. That, if they are allowed to fail, the greater economy will be irreparably damaged, and the people will be unnecessarily hurt.


The Great Idaho Tea Party: It is our intention to show President Obama and the politicians in Washington and elsewhere that we, the patriots of the sovereign state of Idaho, will NOT go "gently into that good night" or in other words lay down and die as our republican form of government is supplanted by socialism.


Michael Steele--Stop Being a Putz!: Maybe I'm just a little too old school, but to me, there is something decidedly offsetting about hearing one wish his adversary well.


A Future of Freedom: When President Barack Obama signed the $780 billion stimulus bill into law on February 17, he made official an economic policy that takes our nation further down the wrong path. The billions of dollars in new government spending that the stimulus contains represent the wrong kind of response to our nation's economic troubles.


To see today's cartoon read the post, The Raw Deal.


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Don't Go Movement - Portsmouth Tea Company to Donate Tea 

NATIONAL- On April 15th the DontGo Movement ( in collaboration with Michelle Malkin, Top Conservatives on Twitter, and Smart Girl Politics will be hosting Tax Day Tea Parties in every state in America. For the Tea Parties, the Portsmouth Tea Company ( will be donating one pound for every participating state. They will be providing tea similar to what was used at the 1773 Boston Tea Party.


President of the Portsmouth Tea Company, Marshall Malone, says, “It’s an honor to aid in the revival of liberty – fighting socialism rather than imperialism. The number of lives impacted is greater than our founding fathers ever imagined.We will choose our own stimulus package and offer $2 shipping until tax day.”


Communications Director Juliana Johnsons, “This highlights how many people are getting involved. We are so thankful to the Portsmouth Tea Company for supporting our cause. These are small business owners, working, everyday Americans who believe in our cause. We have more than 20 states holding Tax Day Tea Parties. We are growing every day. April 15th will be something this nation hasn’t seen since 1773.


The goal of these protests is to call attention to the unprecedented wasteful spending by the Obama Administration and Democrats in Congress.


Information on the Tax Day Tea Party can be found at



CHQ - Viguerie: "Rushification" is inevitable result of GOP leaders' incompetence 

Manassas, VA - Broadcasters and commentators such as Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Laura Ingraham, Mark Levin, Glenn Beck and Michael Savage are seen as the de facto leaders of the Republican Party for a simple reason, Richard A. Viguerie said today: "It's because no one else is acting like a Republican leader."

"The 'Rushification' of the GOP is the natural and inevitable result of the fact that those who are supposed to provide leadership - Republican elected officials and party officers - are doing little to bring the party back," said Viguerie, chairman of

"Nature abhors a vacuum, and there is no vacuum in nature as empty as the leadership of the Republican Party today."

Said Viguerie: "The GOP absolutely refuses to replace the Congressional leaders who helped get the party and the country into this mess. There are many Republican governors campaigning for the Obama 'stimulus' plan that is wrecking the economy and will push America deeper into socialism. Governor Jindal's speech was technocratic, without passion and toothless, and Michael Steele's foolish attack on Rush Limbaugh will, I'm sure, cost the party many millions in contributions."

The anger of grassroots conservatives continues unabated at the weak-kneed, spineless, earmark -loving Republicans.

In contrast to GOP officials, "Limbaugh and Hannity and most all of their conservative colleagues have something to say. They actually believe in something. They have the confidence of their convictions. They don't cower in fear of the President's popularity. They know that his popularity is built on the sand of false promises and false premises. Like Ronald Reagan facing the Soviet Union, they know how this story ends."

Even Jim Cramer of CNBC, who isn't a conservative, is providing more honest and outspoken leadership than the 'loyal opposition' about how Obama's policies are destroying the life savings of Americans.

"Americans are already beginning to realize that the new president is every bit as reckless and extreme as conservatives said he was," Viguerie said. "But the Republican Party can't get any traction, because the party leadership is as confused and clueless as the Obama administration."

NOTE TO EDITORS: Richard A. Viguerie pioneered political direct mail and has been called "one of the creators of the modern conservative movement" (The Nation magazine), one of the "conservatives of the century" (The Washington Times), and one of 2008's "top 25 influencers" among Republicans (NewsMax magazine). He is the author of Conservatives Betrayed: How George W. Bush and Other Big Government Republicans Hijacked the Conservative Cause


WH Media Affairs - The White House Announces Regional Finalists For The 2009-2010 Class of White House Fellows 

WASHINGTON, DC The White House announced today that 108 outstanding men and women from across the country have been selected as Regional Finalists for the White House Fellows Program. Founded in 1964 by President Lyndon Johnson, the White House Fellows Program is the nation's most prestigious program for leadership and public service.


This year's Regional Finalists represent a broad cross-section of professions, including technology, education, health care, state government, engineering, business, consulting, law, the non-profit sector, and the military. A complete list of the Regional Finalists is included below.


During March and April 2009, Regional Finalists will participate in a rigorous interview process. Based on the results of these interviews, approximately thirty candidates will be named National Finalists. The President's Commission on White House Fellowships will interview the National Finalists in June 2009 and then recommend candidates to President Barack Obama for a one-year appointment as White House Fellows.


White House Fellows spend a year working as full-time, paid special assistants to senior White House Staff, Cabinet Secretaries and other top-ranking government officials. Fellows also participate in an education program consisting of roundtable discussions with renowned leaders from the private and public sectors and trips to study U.S. policy in action both domestically and internationally.


Selection as a White House Fellow is highly competitive and based on a record of remarkable professional achievement early in one's career, evidence of leadership potential, a proven commitment to public service, and the knowledge and skills necessary to contribute successfully at the highest levels of the Federal government. Fellowships are awarded on a strictly non-partisan basis. The program has fostered a legacy of leadership, with nearly 600 alumni who are respected leaders. Alumni include former Secretary of State Colin Powell, CNN Chief Medical Correspondent Dr. Sanjay Gupta, Travelocity CEO Michelle Peluso, and Dallas Mayor Tom Leppert.



2009-2010 White House Fellows Regional Finalists:


Chisaraokwu N. Asomugha Hamden, CT

Laura M. Bacon Cambridge, MA

Andrew J. Baldwin Washington, DC

Komal Bazaz Smith Arlington, VA

Scott A. Berkowitz Columbia, MD

Trevor P. Blair San Diego, CA

Eric H. Blinderman New York, NY

Jeremy N. Block Durham, NC

Christina Boiler New York, NY

Jacquelyn R. Bonner Washington, DC

Sudip K. Bose Chicago, IL

Nicole E. Campbell Brooklyn, NY

Dimitri C. Cassimatis Landstuhl, Germany

Robert C. Castelli Southern Pines, NC

Sreekanth K. Chaguturu Boston, MA

Carolyn N. Choi Los Altos, CA

Aysha A. Chowdhry Chevy Chase, MD

Bowen Chung Santa Monica, CA

David W. Cooper Waldorf, MD

Chad A. Crank Little Rock, AR

Gery B. Cummings Manhattan, KS

Luqman K. Dad Buffalo, NY

Amar A. Desai Westlake Village, CA

Kyle W. Dietrich Southlake, TX

John E. Ethridge Alexandria, VA

Jose M. Fernandez San Francisco, CA

Jonathan J. Finer New Haven, CT

Theodore S. Fish Santa Fe, NM

Eric T. Fleckten Kirkville, NY

David C. Foley Clarksville, TN

Daniel P. Gallagher Havertown, PA

Rebekah E. Gee Philadelphia, PA

Elisha P. Gilliam Baltimore, MD

Victor J. Glover Ridgecrest, CA

Shawn-Pavan M. Golhar Santa Monica, CA

John T. Green San Diego, CA

Peter F. Halvorsen Norfolk, VA

Kenneth E. Harbaugh Hamden, CT

Sarah A. Harris Indianapolis, IN

Garry A. Harsanyi Princeton, NJ

Alexander J. Hartemink Durham, NC

Kellie M. Hawkins Los Angeles, CA

Michael J. Hillyard Jacksonville, FL

Zheng Y. Huang San Jose, CA

Ellen C. Hunter Atlanta, GA

Erica L. Jacquez Santos Lakewood, CA

Kellee T. James Chicago, IL

Sarah S. Johnson Cambridge, MA

Timothy Johnson Crofton, MD

Joanna T. Katzman Abuja, Nigeria

Moushumi M. Khan Ann Arbor, MI

Maureen E. Kinder Washington, DC

Michael E. Kopko Fort Lauderdale, FL

Robert E. Kopp Princeton, NJ

Benjamin L. Kornell Palo Alto, CA

Emma L. Kurnat-Thoma Bethesda, MD

H Clay Lyle Woodbridge, VA

Robert K. Lyman Niceville, FL

James H. Mackey Brussels, Belgium

Anish P. Mahajan Los Angeles, CA

Mehret Mandefro Philadelphia, PA

Brett H. Mandel Philadelphia, PA

Ann T. Maxwell Santa Barbara, CA

Loren Z. McArthur Lexington, MA

Matthew Meyer Brooklyn, NY

Emil G. Michael Miami Beach, FL

Suzanne M. Miller Washington, DC

Lisa K. Miller South Orange, NJ

Kristin E. Misner New York, NY

James H. Moran Washington, DC

Katherine Mossman Palmdale, CA

Ali Nouri Washington, DC

James E. O'Harrah Fernandina Beach, FL

Patrick H. O'Mahoney Corpus Christi, TX

Collin P. O'Mara Berkeley, CA

Abimbola T. Omoniyi New York, NY

Obinna A. Onyeagoro New York, NY

Brandon D. Parker Montgomery, AL

Allen J. Pepper Springfield, VA

Omar M. Rashid Richmond, VA

Kyle A. Rasmussen Mason, OH

Kristin A. Resnansky New York, NY

Kendric H. Robbins Iraq

Cindy L. Rodriguez Lutz, FL

Allison I. Rogers Providence, RI

Matthew A. Rojansky Washington, DC

Adam R. Rosenthal San Diego, CA

Mark A. Rothert Canton, IL

Anthony L. Russell Stafford, VA

Manish K. Sethi Brookline, MA

Minesh P. Shah Bronx, NY

Raj M. Shah Philadelphia, PA

Rachel G. Skerritt Roxbury, MA

Brooke K. Stearns Lawson Venice, CA

Marc S. Sternberg New York, NY

Maura C. Sullivan Palo Alto, CA

Scott A. Suozzi Washington, DC

Brian K. Surratt Seattle, WA

Natasha Tarpley Chicago, IL

Adam R. Taylor Washington, DC

Presiliano R. Torrez Albuquerque, NM

Christopher J. Voorhees Altadena, CA

Chris E. Wallace Irving, TX

Michael E. Webber Austin, TX

Laura I. Weinbaum Philadelphia, PA

Sonia A. Zeledon Washington, DC

Wei Lily Zhou Sparta, TN

David E. Zipper Brooklyn, NY



WH Media Affairs - Barnes to Preview White House Forum on Health Reform Thursday 

WASHINGTON – Domestic Policy Council Director Melody Barnes will hold a conference call tomorrow to brief regional reporters in advance of the White House Forum on Health Reform. The call will begin at 11:15 a.m. An RSVP is required to participate.


The White House Forum will take place later in the day tomorrow and will bring together stakeholders from across the spectrum for a substantive and transparent discussion which will be a critical first step toward comprehensive health reform and bringing down health care costs. Forum participants will be asked to work together and offer up ideas to bring down costs and increase coverage for all Americans.


WHAT: Conference call with Domestic Policy Council Director Melody Barnes to preview White House Forum on Health Reform


WHEN: Thursday, March 5, 2009


HOW: To receive dial-in information, please RSVP to