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Ashooh Campaign Signs Up Senior Strategists 

MANCHESTER – Today, First District Congressional Candidate Rich Ashooh announced that he has signed up Profile Strategy Group (PSG) to provide general consulting for his campaign.
“I’m pleased to have the help of such an impressive team of individuals working with me on this campaign,” said Ashooh. “PSG offers proven experience and their counsel will guide my efforts as I continue to build a successful campaign organization.”
Profile Strategy Group was formed in early 2009 by long-time John E. Sununu aide and Mitt Romney political director Jamie Burnett, and brothers James Sununu and Michael Sununu.  The group is based in Concord and specializes in political strategy and campaign consulting.
Lead strategist, Jamie Burnett, said, “Rich Ashooh has the character, leadership and experience necessary to win in November and fix a broken Federal government.”  Burnett continued, “Rich has a long history of preserving New Hampshire’s economic advantage and promoting job growth in the state.  There is no one better suited to tackle the issues of debt reduction, unemployment and national security than Rich Ashooh. He will be an excellent representative for our state and will work to put the country on a path toward full economic recovery.”


CHQ - New Poll Shows up to 57 Million Conservative Activists in the Country Today 

Tea Party Patriots Poll: Up to 57 Million Conservative Activists in U.S.
Washington Independent  -  The rise of the Tea Party movement has demonstrated that its numbers are large, but a recent poll conducted by a group affiliated with the Tea Party Patriots revealed that there's a potential for up to 57 million conservative activists in the United States.  America's Tea Parties have given citizens a voice, and they're starting to use it. 

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Addressing constitutional and legal issues in health care reform
Committee for Justice - Beyond the greater political debate concerning health care reform are constitutional and legal issues that are not being addressed by the proponents of the legislation, in terms of how health care legislation, if passed, would impact the legal system. 

71% give Congress a poor rating
Rasmussen Reports - With the mood of the country's voters decidedly turned against incumbent politicians, it should come as no surprise that a recent poll showed 71% of those surveyed give Congress a 'poor' rating, which is the highest level of dissatisfaction ever recorded. 

Steele's spending spree angers donors
Politico - As if RNC Chairman Michael Steele doesn't have enough problems trying to convince conservative donors that the GOP is serious about cutting government largesse, now he's taking heat for spending lavishly on Party events and entertainment.  

He who holds the culture holds the future
Big Hollywood - Blogger Steven Crowder writes that the key to the future of America is not found in Washington (with politicians), but in the greater culture - and whoever wins the culture will win the future. 

Texas GOP Primary: Perry 48%, Hutchison 27%, Medina 16%
Rasmussen Reports - As the Texas GOP race for governor draws to a close, Gov. Rick Perry has opened up a commanding lead on his challengers (Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison and Debra Medina), and nears the 50% needed to avoid a run-off election that would take place in April, if needed. 

Conservatives celebrate a resurgent confidence
Baxter Bulletin - Political observer Chuck Raasch writes of the new attitude found amongst conservatives (as typified by last weekend's CPAC meeting), one of confidence and a tangible enthusiasm where last year there was only gloom and despair at being out of power. 

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NetRight Daily: The Health Care Summit 

We have a round-up posted with all sorts of information on today's Health Care Summit as well as a live feed of what is going on. Be sure to check it out! Here are today's top stories on NetRight Nation and other relevant information:

Senate Judiciary Committee Should Delay DOJ Nominee Shawn Johnsen:  Americans for Limited Government (ALG) President Bill Wilson today in a letter urged members of the U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee to delay the confirmation of a controversial nomination to the Justice Department by Barack Obama until it can be confirmed whether the nominee violated the law.

Republican's Divided:  At a time when the political winds should be at their back the Republican Party may be ill-poised to make the electoral gains conventional wisdom and history dictate they should at this fall's midterm elections.

The GOP: A Time For Truth:  In his latest generic ballot question, Rasmussen Reports show Republicans holding a substantial 44 to 35 percent lead over Democrats for the 2010 Congressional elections. In fact, the poll shows that Republicans have led consistently since June 28th, 2009, just two days after the House passed its onerous legislation capping carbon emissions and taxing energy consumption.

Evan Bayh Described As Centrists Despite Health Care Stance:  When Evan Bayh announced that he would not seek another term as U.S. Senator from Indiana, The New York Times was quick to fix the centrist label on him. Although his state leans Republican, Bayh was a consistent winner, popular among constituents, well-liked across party lines and frequently eyed as a candidate for national office.

The Constitution, The Declaration, And Me:  Last Wednesday, I flew out to Washington DC to attend the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC). But this trip was rendered eminently worthwhile for me well before the speeches and panel sessions began the next day.

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NH Election Info newsletter - NH Statehouse Update 

Much has been going on up at the New Hampshire State House. But are you aware
of how your representatives have been voting?

All roll call votes of the legislature are available at and can be viewed with the Rollcall View Tool at

See how they voted on the right to work.

See how they voted on minimal protections for women's health.

See how they voted on protecting religious freedom.

See how they voted on onerous home school regulations.

Many other votes are scored in the dropdown menu of the Rollcall View tool.
The tool can filter on your town or city and ward to show you just your
representatives. You can also sort the voting results by clicking on the
column headers. More information is available in the FAQ at Remember that your representatives are
elected to represent YOU. And also remember that this is an election year!

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Heritage Health Care Summit Tool-Kit 

Washington, DC is buzzing about the President’s so-called “Health Care Summit” today. Lawmakers from both sides of the aisle will attend the event which will certainly lead the evening news tonight.

From our recent research entitled, The Health Care Summit: A Chance to Start Over and Get It Right, The Heritage Foundation’s position on the summit can be summed up this way:

 America's health care system is in need of change, but not change that consists of overhauling one-sixth of America's economy by centralizing health care decisions in Washington. The cornerstone provisions of the House and Senate proposals, along with the President's recent recommendations, would put more power in the hands of bureaucrats and politicians. The legislative process thus far has been characterized by little transparency or bipartisanship. To be successful, the health care summit must begin by setting aside the highly unpopular House and Senate bills. Simply adjusting the magnitude of these proposals or adding new "conservative" provisions does not change their fundamental direction. Congress and the Administration should instead pursue bipartisan reform that gives Americans greater personal control of health care decisions.


Heritage continues to provide up-to-the-minute analysis and commentary on the ongoing health care negotiations, and I wanted you to make sure these resources are just one click away as you discuss the issue with your family, friends, neighbors and co-workers OR if you are blogging, tweeting and commenting on local news stories online. I have included links to videos as well as information on the details of the President’s “new” health care proposal. And, there is information on the Democrats’ proposal to pass the bill in the Senate outside of the regular rules by using what is known as “reconciliation” or the so-called “nuclear option.”


VIDEO: Want Health Care Summit Success? Start Over. 

VIDEO: Obamacare Doesn’t Help Young Adults


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