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DNC Releases New Video: "McCains Lobbyist Friends"

Washington, DC  -- As Democrats are joining together to reduce the influence of lobbyists on our political process, the Democratic National Committee today issued a new web ad highlighting Senator McCain's hypocrisy on lobbying reform and transparency. The new video, entitled "McCain's Lobbyist Friends," outlines the degree to which Senator McCain's inner circle has been dominated by the sort of Washington lobbyists he once railed against and the disturbing array of foreign clients they have represented--including companies doing business in Iran, the oppressive regime in Myanmar, and some of history's most brutal tyrants.  

Out on the campaign trail, Senator McCain has promised to "set a new standard for transparency and accountability" and attempted to position himself as a champion of lobbying reform.  But back in Washington, Senator McCain and his lobbyist advisors are running one of the least transparent campaigns in history.  Not only does Senator McCain refuse to allow reporters to cover his fundraisers, but he has released fewer tax returns than any party nominee in decades. 

"While Senator McCain talks about transparency and accountability on the campaign trail, back home in Washington he and the lobbyists in his inner circle refuse to apply those same standards to his own campaign," said DNC Communications Director Karen Finney.  "Senator Obama and the Democratic Party have promised to change the way business is done in Washington and are taking real steps to ensure that the American people's priorities dominate the agenda in Washington. If Senator McCain is serious about his call to clean up Washington, he should join us.  Otherwise, Senator McCain is once again showing why he is the wrong choice for America's future." 

To view the DNC's new video, "McCain's Lobbyist Friends," click here:

DNC Web Ad:
"McCain's Lobbyist Friends"


John McCain says he'll take on lobbyists.

But, his inner circle is full of lobbyists:

Charlie Black, Chief Campaign Advisor

Doug Goodyear, Convention CEO

Tom Loeffler, National Co-Chair

Rick Davis, Campaign Manager

Randy Scheunemann, Top Foreign Policy Advisor

And who have they represented?

Anti-Western Political Parties…

Mob-Connected Russian Oligarchs…

The Saudi Royal Family…

Companies doing business in Iran…

The Brutal Myanmar Junta…

…and some of history's Most Brutal Tyrants.

John McCain and His Lobbyist Friends: The Wrong Choice for America's Future.


Anti-Western Political Parties…

  • Campaign Manager Rick Davis's Firm Represented Anti-Western Political Party in Ukraine. "A consultant to Sen. John McCain hired a public-relations firm last year to burnish the U.S. image of a Ukrainian political party backed by Russian leader Vladimir Putin, according to documents filed with the Justice Department. The lobbying firm of Davis Manafort Inc. arranged for the public-relations firm's work through an affiliate last spring, at the same time Davis Manafort was being paid by the Republican presidential candidate's campaign. The firm is co-owned by lobbyist Rick Davis, manager of Sen. McCain's presidential campaign, and longtime Republican strategist Paul Manafort." [Wall Street Journal, 5/14/08]

Mob-Connected Russian Oligarchs…

  • Davis Introduced McCain to Putin-Ally, Mafia-Linked Russian Oligarch. While seeking to do business with him, McCain campaign manager Rick Davis - while simultaneously at the Reform Institute and lobbying for Davis Manafort - introduced McCain to Oleg Deripaska, a Putin ally whose U.S. visa was revoked due to suspicions over his ties to Russian organized crime.  McCain, Deripaska and Davis rendezvoused at least twice - first in January 2006 in Davos, then during a codel in Montenegro in August 2006. [Washington Post, 1/25/08]

The Saudi Royal Family…

  • Former Campaign Finance Chair Tom Loeffler Lobbied McCain for Saudi Clients.  "But the fallout may not be over. One top campaign official affected by the new policy is national finance co-chair Tom Loeffler, a former Texas congressman whose lobbying firm has collected nearly $15 million from Saudi Arabia since 2002 and millions more from other foreign and corporate interests, including a French aerospace firm seeking Pentagon contracts. Loeffler last month told a reporter 'at no time have I discussed my clients with John McCain.' But lobbying disclosure records reviewed by NEWSWEEK show that on May 17, 2006, Loeffler listed meeting McCain along with the Saudi ambassador to 'discuss US-Kingdom of Saudi Arabia relations.'" [Newsweek, 5/26/08:]

Companies doing business in Iran…

  • McCain Campaign Manager Rick Davis Represented Ukrainian Companies Doing Business in Iran. "Before Rick Davis began serving as John McCain's campaign manager, his lobbying firm had a pretty cosmopolitan set of clients. For example, Ukranian billionaire Rinat Akhmetov, who has several business links to Iran… Davis Manafort was helping Akhmetov's conglomerate, System Capital Management Holdings, to develop a "corporate communications strategy" between the beginging of 2005 through the end of summer 2005, the company said.  The company's subsidiary, Metinvest, a steel company, has one of its 11 offices in Tehran. And another subsidiary, Khartsyzsk Pipe Plant, sells large pipes to Iran. Those business ties go back to at least 2005, when Davis Manafort was working for the company, according to a handful of stories in business publications like the Russia & CIS Metals and Mining Weekly and the Mining and the Metals report, which we found on Nexis." [TPM, 5/30/08:]

The Brutal Myanmar Junta…

  • Doug Goodyear Left Campaign After Revelations His Firm Represented Myanmar Regime. "The man picked by the John McCain campaign to run the 2008 Republican National Convention resigned Saturday after a report that his lobbying firm used to represent the military regime in Myanmar.  Doug Goodyear resigned as coordinator of the Twin Cities convention and issued a two-sentence statement." [Associated Press, 5/11/08]
  • Goodyear and Doug Davenport, Regional Campaign Manager, Tied to Oppressive Myanmar Junta. "ABC News' Jan Simmonds reports: Two of Sen. John McCain' campaign aides resigned this weekend after media reports brought to light their ties to a lobbying group that once represented the military junta of Burma, which the regime calls Myanmar. The aides, Douglas Goodyear, who was tapped as the GOP Convention Coordinator, and Doug Davenport, a regional manager focusing on the mid-Atlantic states, both worked for DCI. The firm was hired in 2002 to represent Burma's military junta to try to begin a dialogue of political reconciliation with the United States." [, 5/11/08]

…and some of history's Most Brutal Tyrants.

  • Charlie Black Pioneered the "Revolving Door Between Campaign Consulting and Lobbying."  "Then in his 30s, Black already had established himself as a pioneer of the revolving door between campaign consulting and lobbying, having been a senior adviser on President Ronald Reagan's reelection campaign before returning to K Street. And his clients, as often as not, were foreign leaders eager to burnish their reputations…The lobbying shop represented Bethlehem Steel, the Tobacco Institute and the government of the Philippines. The political consulting firm helped elect a slew of lawmakers -- including Sens. Phil Gramm, Jesse Helms, Charles McC. Mathias Jr., Arlen Specter, Paula Hawkins and David F. Durenberger -- who worked on legislation that directly impacted the firm's clients." [Washington Post, 5/22/08]
  • "Longtime Uber-Lobbyist" Helped Burnish Reputations of Some of the World's Worst Tyrants." "Longtime uber-lobbyist Charles R. Black Jr. is John McCain's man in Washington, a political maestro who is hoping to guide his friend, the senator from Arizona, to the presidency this November. But for half a decade in the 1980s, Black was also Jonas Savimbi's man in the capital city. His lobbying firm received millions from the brutal Angolan guerrilla leader and took advantage of Black's contacts in Congress and the White House." [Washington Post, 5/22/08]
  • Black's Client List a Whose Who of Repressive Rulers. "In addition to Savimbi, Black and his partners were at times registered foreign agents for a remarkable collection of U.S.-backed foreign leaders whose human rights records were sometimes harshly criticized, even as their opposition to communism was embraced by American conservatives. They included Philippine President Ferdinand Marcos, Mobutu Sese Seko of Zaire, Nigerian Gen. Ibrahim Babangida, Somali President Mohamed Siad Barre, and the countries of Kenya and Equatorial Guinea, among others." [Washington Post, 5/22/08]

DHHS Continues Community Listening Forums In Claremont

Concord, NH - The New Hampshire Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) Bureau of Elderly and Adult Services (BEAS), along with the State Committee on Aging (SCOA), will continue its series of Community Listening Forums on June 9 in Claremont. The two-hour listening sessions are for seniors and their families to ask questions, discuss concerns and offer suggestions about long term care in New Hampshire. Representatives from the State will attend the sessions to hear your ideas firsthand. The Community Listening Forum on June 9 is being held at 10:00 AM at the River Valley Community College on 1 College Drive in Claremont.


Monday June 9th, 10am
Community Listening Forum
Helping Each Other Through the Ages
River Valley Community College
1 College Drive
Claremont, NH


New Hampshire Association of Senior Centers Receives National Award

Concord, NH - The New Hampshire Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) Bureau of Elderly and Adult Services (BEAS) is pleased to announce the New Hampshire Association of Senior Centers has been named a Program Champion by the US Administration on Aging (AoA). The Association was recognized for its development of a website designed to help people learn about senior centers and their services across New Hampshire.

The Association recently received the award during BEAS's annual Conference on Aging. "BEAS congratulates the New Hampshire Senior Center Association on its designation as a 2008 Older Americans Month Program Champion," said BEAS Administrator Kathleen Otte. "We are fortunate in our State to have such a vibrant network of senior centers available to our older citizens. I am very pleased to see that the Administration on Aging has recognized the achievements of our valued partners in New Hampshire's system of elder< services."

The New Hampshire Association of Senior Centers is a non-profit organization. The group spearheaded the development of a website that provides information for seniors, families, providers and fellow senior centers. The website is designed to help people learn more about NH senior centers and what they have to offer New Hampshire's older citizens. The website itself was designed by a high school student who volunteers at the Ingram Senior Center in Salem.

"We were surprised and honored by this recognition," said President of NH Association of Senior Centers Patti Drelick. "We've worked hard over the past year to gather comprehensive data regarding our senior centers and their services. To be able to make it available to not only NH residents but worldwide through our website is an accomplishment we're very proud of."

Program Champions highlights programs and initiatives throughout the US that demonstrate the Administration on Aging's efforts to modernize community-based long-term care. For more information about the program visit: To find out more about the New Hampshire Association of Senior Centers visit their website at


Schedule of Public Events: Congresswoman Carol Shea-Porter

Saturday, June 7th

2:00 PM: Town Hall Meeting at the Public Library Auditorium, 405 Pine Street, Manchester.

4:30 PM: Town Hall Meeting at the Cawley Middle School Cafeteria, 86 Whitehall Road, Hooksett.

Sunday, June 8th

No public events.


SEIA Statement on Failure of Senate Climate Legislation

 Statement by Rhone Resch, president of SEIA, on Senate Failure to Pass Climate Change Legislation (Failed Cloture Vote 48-36):

“We applaud Senators Boxer, Lieberman and Warner for drawing attention to much-needed solutions to address global warming. This week’s debate on climate change legislation started an important dialogue in Congress on our nation’s energy future. 

“Despite today’s failure, our leaders have another opportunity to begin reducing carbon emissions in the U.S. Next week, the Senate takes up the Renewable Energy & Job Creation Act of 2008 (H.R. 6049). Passing this legislation will expand the use of carbon-free energy sources like solar, while at the same time stabilize energy prices for consumers and businesses, and improve America’s national energy security.

“Senate leaders can improve the House-passed bill by extending the solar investment tax credit for solar for 8 years and eliminating the $2,000 cap on residential solar.

“It’s no surprise that 85 percent of the American public supports this policy1. It’s time for the Senate to act.”  

(Note 1: Jan. 22 Zogby International poll. See

The Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA) is the national trade association of solar energy manufacturers, distributors, contractors, installers, architects, consultants, marketers and financiers. Established in 1974, SEIA works to expand the use of solar technologies in the global marketplace, strengthen research and development, remove market barriers, and improve education and outreach for solar. Learn more at