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CHQ - Steele's Fat-Cat Politics 

Steele Reinforces "Inside the Beltway" Image of GOP
CHQ Blog - The last thing the GOP needs in its mission to restore its public image is the stereotype of being immersed in the elitist, "Inside the Beltway" culture of Washington, D.C. However, recent comments by RNC Chairman Michael Steele are reinforcing this negative image that could undermine any progress the GOP has made in reaching out to voters after its stint in the political wilderness. [read the blog here]


Daily Lickskillet: Read today's Lickskillet comic here to find out if terrorists are planning an attack on the town of Lickskillet.

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NetRight Daily: Sonia Sotomayor Goes After Blogger 

Sonia Sotomayor Ruled Against A Blogger: Look's like Obama's new pick has some history in ruling against freedom of speech on blogs.


Furor Grows Over Partisan Car Dealer Closings: This story comes from Mark Tapscott at the Washington Examiner. Evidence appears to be mounting that the Obama administration has systematically targeted for closing Chrysler dealers who contributed to Repubicans. What started earlier this week as mainly a rumbling on the Right side of the Blogosphere has gathered some steam todaywith revelations that among the dealers being shut down are a GOPcongressman and closing ofcompetitors to a dealership chain partly owned by former Clinton WhiteHouse chief of staff MackMcLarty.


California Needs a Tax Revolt:Speaking to small business leaders in California on Tuesday, Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger summarized what he viewed as the crystal clear message of the electorate that had defeated a $16 billion tax increase a week prior to balance a $23 billion shortfall, "A week ago in a special election the voters sent a very clear message to Sacramento; live within your means. Cut spending, slash the size of government, get rid of the waste and the inefficiency and don't raise taxes."


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ALG Calls Upon House to Enact Fed Audit Bill 

"The American people have barely any idea what the Fed is up to,

although we do know that they've put American taxpayers on the

hook for $7.76 trillion in less than two years. The House

has no clue where the $7.76 trillion is going either, because Congress'

best attempts at oversight have been met with consistent stonewalling

by the Fed."—ALG President Bill Wilson


ALG Calls Upon House to Enact Fed Audit Bill


May 28th, 2009, Fairfax, VA—Americans for Limited Government President Bill Wilson today called upon the House of Representatives to enact legislation that would require an audit of the Federal Reserve to "ensure that American taxpayers have a full accounting of the Fed's irresponsible activities of kicking trillions of dollars out the nation's back door, manipulating markets, and crashing the economy."


"The American people have barely any idea what the Fed is up to, although we do know that they've put American taxpayers on the hook for $7.76 trillion in less than two years," said Wilson. "The House has no clue where the $7.76 trillion is going either, because Congress' best attempts at oversight have been met with consistent stonewalling by the Fed."


Wilson added, "All of this money simply cannot be accounted for, including nearly $2 trillion of loans made by the Fed—for no other reason than because the Fed refuses to disclose any information about the transactions."


On February 26th, Congressman Ron Paul introduced the "Federal Reserve Transparency Act of 2009," legislation that would require an audit of the Federal Reserve Board of Governors and the Federal Reserve Banks.


According to Bloomberg News, the Federal Reserve has committed, lent or disbursed over $7.76 trillion in the past 20 months. This includes nearly $2 trillion in loans, although it is unclear who received these loans.


According to Bloomberg, "The Federal Reserve so far is refusing to disclose loan recipients or reveal the collateral they are taking in return." The Fed has argued it is actually allowed to withhold "internal" memos as well as commercial and trade secrets information. Bloomberg, on the other hand, has actively filed a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request, demanding the information.


Thus far, the Fed's Board of Governors has refused to comply with Bloomberg's FOIA requests. In addition, the Fed's regional banks are arguing that they are private institutions beyond the reach of the Freedom of Information Act.


In answering questions from Congressman Alan Grayson (D-FL) recently, Fed Inspector General Elizabeth Coleman testified she could not account for "$1 trillion-plus that the Fed extended and put on its balance sheet since last September..."


An email to Bloomberg by Coleman's office also revealed that "By law, we are the Office of Inspector General for the Board of Governors only... Consistent with our authority, we cannot conduct a direct audit of Reserve Bank operations."


Wilson called for the Federal Reserve to be reined in. "The Fed, although it was created by Congress, is responsible for the nation's monetary policy, and has engaged in over $7.76 trillion in transactions is beyond the oversight according to its own inspector general, and even beyond the oversight of Congress. For the House to continue to refuse to audit this unaccountable government monstrosity is inexcusable."


"The real questions are: What is the Fed hiding? And why are members of the House aiding them? Is the money going to foreign banks? Perhaps to central banks overseas? To China?" Wilson added.


H.R. 1207 would require the Comptroller General to issue an audit of both the Board of Governors and Reserve Bank operations, which are run by member banks of the Fed. The audit would have to be issued to Congressional leadership by the close of 2010.


So far, the Act has 179 cosponsors, including 33 Democrats and 146 Republicans.


"It is up to the constitutional duty of the House to account for these trillions of taxpayer dollars, before it is too late, and before the nation is drowned in insolvency," Wilson concluded.



Daily Grind: The Ticking Sovereign Debt Bomb

The Ticking Sovereign Debt Bomb
Not even Wile E. Coyote could come back from this bomb going off.


Editorial: California Cannot Live Within its Means Without a Tax Revolt
Californians dealt their government a defeat on May 19th, and now they must not relent.


ALG in the News: Human Events
ALG President Bill Wilson's piece against new Drug Czar Gil Kerlikowske.



Shea-Porter Speaks Out Against a Proposed Panama Free Trade Agreement 

WASHINGTON – Congresswoman Carol Shea-Porter joined 53 of her Congressional colleagues to speak out against a proposed Panama Free Trade Agreement. As a member of both the Populist Caucus and the Trade Working Group, Shea-Porter expressed her concern that this agreement would hurt middle class workers, consumers, farmers, and businesses. At the press conference, Congresswoman Shea-Porter stated:


“I don’t want to have to vote for unemployment benefits. I want to vote for jobs.”


In addition, the bipartisan group of Members sent a letter to Speaker Pelosi asking her to work with them and the Administration to establish a new approach to trade, one that is fair to American workers and American business. A copy of the letter is below:


May 21, 2009

Honorable Nancy Pelosi

Speaker, U.S. House of Representatives

H-232, US Capitol

Washington, DC 20515


Dear Speaker Pelosi,


As representatives of the Populist Caucus, House Trade Working Group, Progressive Caucus and other Members of the House Democratic Caucus, we believe this is a historic opportunity to push forward a new trade model that will benefit workers and businesses. We seek your support to work with the Administration to establish a new approach to trade.


We believe the Panama Free Trade Agreement (FTA) is not a new model on trade and does not represent the kind of change the American people are seeking. After eight years of a failed Bush free trade agenda, the current demise of our economy, and an ensuing massive increase in unemployment, it is difficult to justify to our constituents the passage of another badly flawed trade agreement. We fear passage of this agreement will set us back down the misguided course of past trade deals.


As you know all too well, the current recession has hammered the American family. Unemployment, now at 8.9%, is expected to rise even more. Since the recession began in December 2007, 5.1 million jobs have been lost. It is noteworthy that the Panama FTA negotiations were completed in 2006, a full year before the recession began. Given the rapid demise of our economy, we are concerned that the FTAs negotiated under the prior Administration and in a different economic outlook, are out of step with the needs of an economic recovery. This disconnect between the Panama FTA and the current needs to restore our economy will make any vote on this FTA difficult to justify. Indeed, it appears to be the opposite of the “change” theme Americans voted for in the last two elections.


We believe trade agreements must meet basic standards protecting labor rights, environmental standards, food safety regulations, financial regulations, and taxation transparency. We are disturbed by Panama’s tax haven status and the use of this tax haven by U.S. financial institutions like AIG and Citibank. The U.S. is currently contemplating stricter financial regulations to protect our economy, but the Panama FTA will likely weaken any such effort. We believe the Panama FTA should be renegotiated in order to address these outstanding issues.


President Obama campaigned effectively on changing the trade model and his message resonated with the American people. We believe the Panama FTA falls far short of that commitment and it is not in the best interests of the American worker, our economy, or our country. We share your commitment to fighting for working families and believe you can be an effective advocate for our cause.


In light of the recession, we believe it is in the best interest of the United States for the President to work with Congress to chart a new course for trade. There should be a public discussion involving not just the United States Trade Representative but also Members of Congress about how to achieve a balanced trade agenda in difficult economic times. We ask for an open, honest dialogue and a new trade model and would welcome the opportunity to meet with you to discuss these issues further.