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NH Legislature to Cast Final Vote on Medical Marijuana Bill Wednesday 

Patients, Supporters to Speak Before Vote Urging Governor to Pass Bill Now That Lawmakers Amended It to Address His Concerns


CONCORD, NEW HAMPSHIRE — Patients and supporters will speak in front of the Statehouse Wednesday to urge Gov. John Lynch to allow the Legislature's recently amended medical marijuana bill to become law.


Lawmakers are expected to pass the final version of the bill later Wednesday now that a special legislative committee amended the bill to address eight specific concerns expressed by the governor about the original bill, which passed both chambers last month.


WHAT: Rally for medical marijuana bill, followed by legislative vote to pass it


WHO: Those scheduled to speak at the rally include:

Rep. Evalyn Merrick (D-Lancaster), a cancer patient and prime sponsor of New Hampshire's medical marijuana bill

Dennis Acton, a cancer survivor from Fremont

John Tommasi, a retired Salem police officer, now a Bentley College professor

Burt Cohen, a former state senator and a hepatitis-C patient

Richard Vincent, leader of Concord MS Support Group


WHEN: Wednesday, June 24 – speakers will begin at 8:45 a.m. The vote is expected later that day.


WHERE: The rally takes place in front of the Statehouse.






CONCORD – Today, former New Hampshire Governor and Republican State Committee Chairman John H. Sununu released the following statement on the Democrats’ disastrous budget:


“The Democrats keep trying to shift the blame for their state budget disaster to the GOP. They were able to conceal the Democratic fiscal failure in the past, but this time they can’t hide. The Democratic spend and tax policies are ruining the State of New Hampshire.


“This New Hampshire budget problem is a reflection of budget irresponsibility in the past. The 17% increase in Governor Lynch’s last budget created this crisis, and the Democrats avoided any serious work on the budget until the Committee of Conference last week. Now the governor and legislature have agreed to small budget cuts which really do not make any significant impact on their over-spending. To cover this irresponsibility, they have increased taxes, raised fees, and devastated the communities of the state by short-changing them on money the state owes to the cities and towns. And now they are talking about selling State Parks.


“In order to save the fiscal integrity of the state, Republicans urged going back and reducing the nearly 10% increase across the budget to a 2% or 3% increase across the board, saving 7%. But the Democrats were locked into tax increases that will destroy jobs and our economy.


“Make no mistake about it. This is Governor Lynch’s and the Democrat Legislature’s fiscal failure. They came into power and have created a fiscal nightmare. The only solution is to go back and unwind their irresponsible budget increases.”



NRCC - Carol Shea-Porter to Face Voter Backlash from Failed "Stimulus"

With Unemployment Expected to Climb for the Next Year, New Hampshire Voters are Asking Shea-Porter: Where Are the Jobs?


Washington- The Washington Post is reporting today that Democrats who supported the President’s so-called “stimulus” package – such as Rep. Carol Shea-Porter (D-NH) – can expect to face voter backlash as unemployment rates continue to climb. The trillion dollar spending bill was shoved through Congress under the false pretense that unemployment could only be contained to eight percent by passing this bill and now Carol Shea-Porter will have to answer to the American taxpayers who have had to foot the bill with nothing to show except even higher unemployment.


“Carol Shea-Porter has yet to answer the American taxpayers’ questions about how much money she’s willing to spend – and more importantly, where are the jobs she promised,” said NRCC Communications Director Ken Spain. “After spending trillions of dollars and staring at double-digit unemployment rates, Carol Shea-Porter may be joining other middle-class Americans in the unemployment line after failing to stimulate the economy like she promised.”


The White House Claimed So-Called “Economic Stimulus” Would Hold Unemployment to Eight Percent This Year
"In January, the incoming administration predicted in a white paper study that without a huge stimulus package, unemployment would reach just over 8%, and would be contained at under 8% with a stimulus package." (Jake Tapper, "President Obama Predicts Unemployment Will Hit 10% This Year," ABC News' Political Punch Blog, 6/16/09)


Washington Post Reports that Democrats – Such as Carol Shea-Porter – Can Expect to Face Voter Backlash from Worsening Economic Outlook – Unemployment Heading into Double Digits

Despite signs that the recession gripping the nation's economy may be easing, the unemployment rate is projected to continue rising for another year before topping out in double digits, a prospect that threatens to slow growth, increase poverty and further complicate the Obama administration's message of optimism about the economic outlook.

The likelihood of severe unemployment extending into the 2010 midterm elections and beyond poses a significant political hurdle to President Obama and congressional Democrats, who are already under fire for what critics label profligate spending. Continuing high unemployment rates would undercut the fundamental argument behind much of that spending: the promise that it will create new jobs and improve the prospects of working Americans, which Obama has called the ultimate measure of a healthy economy.


So far, the White House has counseled patience even as the political debate surrounding its economic policies grows more urgent. Officials point out that job growth will not come until robust economic expansion takes hold, which they expect will happen as stimulus funding works its way through the economy. Still, the flagging job market is likely to stir calls for further stimulus efforts as polls show voters growing increasingly wary of federal spending in the wake of a costly series of financial- and auto-industry bailouts and amid current efforts to expand health-care coverage to the uninsured, which is estimated to cost at least $1 trillion over the next decade.


Before passage of the stimulus bill, the Obama administration had predicted that unemployment would peak at 8 percent before beginning to abate this fall. But unemployment has already reached 9.4 percent, the highest level in a quarter-century, and the situation is not projected to start improving until long after the White House had predicted.


But with polls showing increasing public opposition to government spending and with no significant constituency mobilized to push for more government investment in jobs, the political prospects for any further stimulus legislation seem slim. Meanwhile, the continued rise in unemployment is creating an opening for Republican critics, who have criticized the level of spending Obama has pursued to try to fix the economy.(Michael A. Fletcher, “Recovery's Missing Ingredient: New Jobs,” Washington Post, June 22, 2009)



NH House Republicans Offer Cost-Saving Budget Alternatives

Concord - House Republican Leader Sherm Packard (Londonderry) stood with HB 1 & HB 2 Republican House Conferees today to discuss the impending budget vote and to propose several alternatives.


“Representatives Kurk and Scamman offered several spending reductions in the conference committee budget, some were accepted and most were ignored,” stated Packard. “The fact of the matter is that budgets across the country have seen an average 2% decrease in their state spending and the Democrat majority in Concord has increased state spending by an unconscionable 7.7%.”


“Republicans were not fully involved in this budget process and while a suggestion or two may have been accepted, there are no significant and meaningful cuts in state spending which would defer the need for the additional taxes and fees that Democrats added in the last hours of conference,” added Republican Conferee Representative Neal Kurk (Weare).


No less than a dozen fees were increased, in some cases doubled, with the implementation of several tax plans including tightening belts for LLCs, increasing the Rooms & Meals tax, increasing the tobacco tax for the fourth time in five years and adding a new tax on gambling winnings.


“I am disappointed by these tax and fee increases,” said Republican Conferee Alternate, Rep. Doug Scamman (Stratham). “We hurt businesses and we hurt the cities and towns of our state. This is not the New Hampshire way.”


Republicans will be offering a continuing resolution to keep state government going at a fiscally responsible level, should the massive spending and taxing increases contained in House Bills 1 & 2 fail to pass the House in session on June 24 and call on all their colleagues to support this plan.






Specific General Fund Appropriation Reductions



Biennial Savings



Accept House position on retirement (Group I 5-7%, Group II 9-11%) $21 M


OADAP reduced to Governor’s level $2 M


USNH required to pay their own debt service $39 M


Reduce House out-of state travel expenses to 05-06 levels $170 K


Reduce Legislative Organizational Dues to $100K per year $230 K


Eliminate LCHIP funding $4.5 M


Roll-back the 5.5% state employee raise from 1/1/09 $15 M

(This suggestion was adopted in part in the budget in the amount of $25 M)


General fund 7% across-the-board-cuts (excluding debt service, direct care & safety services (corrections officers, etc.)) $100 M


Specific Cuts offered by House Republicans $181.9 M



Daily Grind: With Socialized Medicine, Where there's "Hope," there's Death 

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The Obama health care plan is yet more wealth redistribution.


The Last Stand of the Creature from Jekyll Island
The Federal Reserve cannot possibly print enough money to help the government to meet its obligations.


Cap and trade: It's an economic catastrophe
Cap-and-trade, if the American people are not alerted in time, will be an economic catastrophe.