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ALG Terms Sunstein a "Litigation Menace," Calls on Farm Bureaus to Oppose Nomination as "Regulatory Czar" 

"A vote for Sunstein is a vote against agriculture. If Cass Sunstein

had his way, the entire cattle industry could be plunged into a litigation

nightmare for years to come."ALG President Bill Wilson.


August 27th, 2009, Fairfax, VA—Americans for Limited Government President Bill Wilson today in a letter to farm bureau chiefs nationwide called for them to actively oppose the nomination of Cass Sunstein to be the White House's "Regulatory Czar" in order to prevent a "litigation nightmare."


"What concerns me and I am sure will concern you is Mr. Sunstein's extreme positions on animal rights," Wilson wrote in his letter to the agricultural sector. "If put into law or regulation, these radical stands will destroy agriculture and threaten America's ability to feed itself much less do any exporting of agricultural products."


"A vote for Sunstein is a vote against agriculture," Wilson said in a statement. "If Cass Sunstein had his way, the entire cattle industry could be plunged into a litigation nightmare for years to come."


On April 20, 2009, Barack Obama nominated Cass Sunstein to be Administrator of the Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs in the White House Office of Management and Budget. This post is also known as the "Regulatory Czar," since all major regulatory actions by the federal government are subject to review by this office.


Earlier this month, Senate Republicans blocked a unanimous consent resolution to approve Sunstein without any roll call that had been attempted by Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid. Now, it will require 60 votes to invoke cloture on the nominee.


Sunstein favors granting legal rights to animals. In 2002 he wrote in "The Rights of Animals: A Very Short Primer," "We could even grant animals a right to bring suit without insisting that animals are persons, or that they are not property."


Sunstein also supported "further regulation" against hunting, animal testing and farming. "We should focus attention not only on the 'enforcement gap,' but on the areas where current law offers little or no protection. In short, the law should impose further regulation on hunting, scientific experiments, entertainment, and (above all) farming to ensure against unnecessary animal suffering."


"This is just the beginning," Wilson said in a statement. "Cass Sunstein is a litigation menace, and putting him as the head of the Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs would give him a position to inflict patently absurd regulations through the entire federal bureaucracy."


"That means his bizarre worldview would most certainly find its way into countless thousands of regulations," Wilson added.


"Animal testing, which every knows is a critical practice to testing the safety—for humans—of everything from drugs to make up to space exploration has saved countless millions of human lives, but Sunstein would do away with it entirely," Wilson said.


Wilson also called upon the U.S. Senate to block his nomination, "Every senator voting for Sunstein must necessarily associate him or herself with his extremist designs."


"Every American who wants to have the right to choose what to eat and purchase at the grocery store or at the farm stand should be greatly alarmed by Barack Obama's radical appointment of Cass Sunstein," Wilson concluded.




Bill Wilson Letter to Farm Bureaus Nationwide, August 27th, 2009




ALG - Senate Reminder: Sunstein Supported Filibuster to Block Judicial Nominees 

Cass Sunstein was one of the legal experts invited to a conclave of Senate Democrats in late April, 2001. The purpose of the gathering was to develop a "unified party strategy to combat the White House on judicial nominees." At the meeting, Sunstein, Lawrence Tribe and a "lobbyist urged the senators to oppose even nominees with strong credentials and no embarrassing flaws, simply because the White House was trying to push the courts in a conservative direction."



NRN 500: Stop Cass Sunstein 

Fellow Bloggers,


We have a newly emerging critical issue that I believe we can really sink our teeth into. In fact, it's an issue that if we do a full-court press, we may well be able to take the lead in determining the outcome.


As soon as the Senate returns from recess, Harry Reid has announced he intends to try to invoke cloture and ram through the nomination of Cass Sunstein as "Regulatory Czar." In that position, Sunstein would have ironclad control of every regulation the federal government inflicts on the American people. And, quite frankly, Sunstein is a Big Government regulatory control freak. Which is why at least one Republican senator has put a hold on the Sunstein nomination.


The letter (linked here) makes the case clearly as to why the American people have to keep Sunstein out of the driver's seat. Just to give you one example: Sunstein has repeatedly stated that he thinks farm animals should have equal protection rights with human beings. And he has proposed giving lawyers the right to represent cows, pigs, and chickens in a court of law!


Please read over the attached letter -- and then use your very impressive influence to help your many readers understand the importance of keeping Sunstein as far away from federal regulations as is humanly possible. It is urgent that we act now. The Senate will reconvene next week.


For Liberty,




Daily Grind: A Lesson From Across the Pond 

A Lesson from Across the Pond
The United States has a lot to learn from other debt-burdened countries who have too many of their citizens on government payrolls.


Kennedy Passing will not Pass ObamaCare
The spectacle of using Senator Kennedy's passing to generate support for socialized medicine will unfortunately overshadow the celebration of Senator Kennedy's life. And it will not work.


ALG in the News: Proposed health plan: costs limit care
The BigBugNews features Americans for Limited Government's Senior Commentary Editor Justin Williams.




Frank Guinta Health Care Forum August 31!

“I believe we need quality health care coverage that is affordable, portable and accessible. What we don’t need is a massive health care takeover that, like the tax code, is confusing, massive, and unintelligible.” Frank Guinta


First District Congressional Candidate Frank Guinta has announced a “Real Health Care Town Hall” Forum to be held at the Exeter Town Hall at 6:00pm on Monday, August 31.


Sign up now to reserve your seat at this important event by clicking this link.


Congresswoman Carol Shea-Porter, after intense public scrutiny, finally gave in to the citizens of New Hampshire and has reluctantly agreed to hold two limited seating controlled Town Halls for citizens to discuss the Health Care take over program proposed in Washington.


Ironically, however, she chose to let people discuss their concerns about government control and bureaucracy at the home of the least trusted bureaucracy in the country--the Internal Revenue Service Offices in Portsmouth. Since our current Congresswoman refuses to hold an open forum to meet face-to-face with the people of New Hampshire, please take this is a tremendous opportunity to have your voices heard on this crucial topic!


You can also offer financial support to Guinta for Congress by clicking this link.


Sign up now to reserve your seat at this important event by clicking this link.


If you can’t make the forum, but still want your voice to be heard, please fill out Frank Guinta’s Health Care Petition by clicking this link.