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Major League Baseball to support Welcome Back Veterans in Honor of July 4th Holiday
Major League Baseball will once again honor veterans throughout the nation during the July 4th holiday weekend as part of its second year of national fundraising and awareness initiatives for Welcome Back Veterans, a program which addresses the mental health and job needs of returning American Veterans.

As with the games on Memorial Day earlier this year, all Major League Baseball Clubs will wear special "Stars & Stripes" caps on Saturday and Sunday, July 4th and 5th. The caps have the American flag etched into the team's logo and are red in color (the Toronto Blue Jays hat incorporates a Maple Leaf design instead of the "Stars & Stripes").

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b-fresh Celebrates One Year Anniversary! 

Manchester, NH -- b-fresh consulting LLC, a national, full service project management and consulting firm founded by Sarah Crawford and Christopher Stewart, today announced the celebration of their one year anniversary.

b-fresh consulting LLC is headquartered in New Hampshire with satellite offices in Washington, DC and Los Angeles, California.

"It's been a terrific year," said co-founder Sarah Crawford. "b-fresh is proud of the work that we've done for our clients and our future looks equally bright. I want to take this opportunity to thank all the people who helped us have a great first year."

Current and past b-fresh consulting LLC clients include:

- Hynes Communications
- Nahigian Strategies, LLC
- New York State Senate Republican Campaign Committee
- Snyder for Governor Exploratory Committee
- The Amani Group
- The Loeffler Group, LLP
- The Network Companies, LLC
- Greater Manchester Chapter, American Red Cross (Pro Bono)


For more information about what services b-fresh consulting LLC can provide your business or brand, please click here.



Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty to Speak at Western Conservative Political Action Conference 2009 

Newport Beach-- The Western Conservative Political Action Conference (WCPAC) announced today that the Governor of Minnesota, Tim Pawlenty will speak at this year’s conference, Oct. 16 and 17 at the Radisson Newport Beach, California.


Pawlenty is regarded as one of the nation’s most innovative, energetic, reform-minded and accomplished governors. He is a champion of taxpayer rights and has brought increased accountability to government. As the 39th Governor of Minn., Pawlenty has balanced the state’s budget three times without raising taxes, despite facing record budget deficits.

Pawlenty's most notable accomplishments include proposing and signing into law significant new benefits for veterans and members of the military; enacting a property tax cap, eliminating the marriage penalty and cutting taxes; toughening the state's education standards; reforming the way teachers are paid; instituting free-market health care reforms that increase accountability and providing tax credits to encourage the use of health savings accounts; and encouraging the use of renewable energy sources.

“We are honored to have such an accomplished conservative leader speak at our conference,” said Jim Lacy, chairman of Western CPAC, “We know Tim is committed to protecting the principals and values our nation was founded upon by the example he sets in Minnesota.”

Under Governor Pawlenty's leadership, Minnesota is first in the nation in a variety of measures: Minnesota ranks first among states in Fortune 500 companies per capita, first in overall quality of life, first in homeownership, first in percentage of residents with a high school diploma, and first in residents over 25 with a bachelors degree. Minnesota has the highest average ACT scores in the nation and is among the "Healthiest States in America."

“Tim is a leader we can trust,” said Lew Uhler, founder of the National Tax Limitation Committee and director of the American Conservative Union. “The WCPAC board welcomes his expertise and leadership to this conference.”

Pawlenty grew up in South St. Paul, Minn. The only child in his family to graduate from college, he attended the University of Minnesota and practiced law in the private sector. His public service career includes serving as a criminal prosecutor, Eagan city councilmember, and ten-year member of the Minnesota House of Representatives, including four years as House Majority Leader.

Pawlenty also served as chair of the National Governors Association and on the National Infrastructure Advisory Council, the Achieve Inc. board of directors and the James B. Hunt Jr. Institute board of directors. He is chair of the Education Commission of the States and former chair of the Midwestern Governors Association.


NH Medical Marijuana Advocates Announce New TV Ad 

Ad Features New Hampshire Cancer Survivor Dennis Acton Asking Gov. Lynch to Allow Medical Marijuana Bill to Become Law

CONCORD, NEW HAMPSHIRE — Advocates for the New Hampshire medical marijuana bill recently passed by the state Legislature announced a new TV ad today urging Gov. John Lynch to allow the bill to become law.


The ad, which is available online at, features Fremont resident Dennis Acton, who used medical marijuana to relieve the nausea he experienced while undergoing treatment for testicular cancer in 1999.


"If I smoked just a very small amount of marijuana, just a few puffs, I experienced immediate relief that I didn't get with any other drug," Acton says in the ad, which will air on WMUR, CNN, MSNBC and other cable stations across the state beginning today. "I hope Gov. Lynch will have the courage to step up and sign this bill into law."


HB 648, which would remove the threat of arrest for seriously ill patients who use medical marijuana with their doctor's recommendation, was amended earlier this month by a special legislative committee to address eight specific concerns expressed by Lynch.


The key change to the bill, as requested by the governor, involves removing a provision allowing patients or their caregivers to cultivate their own marijuana plants, as patients are permitted to do in all 13 states that currently protect medical marijuana patients from arrest. Instead, the amended bill allows for the creation of up to three nonprofit "compassion centers," which could legally cultivate medical marijuana and dispense it to qualified patients.


Another concern that has been expressed, in this year of difficult budget cuts, has been over the program's potential cost to taxpayers. Fortunately, the bill clearly states that fees for patients and compassion centers must be set to cover the entire cost of the program. The Department of Health and Human Services would determine what fee to charge for patients and compassion center staff ID cards. It would also set the fees for all applicants wishing to become compassion centers and for the licensing of approved compassion centers. In other states, medical marijuana programs have generally had no trouble covering their expenses and have even generated surpluses. In fact, both Vermont and Montana have been able to reduce their fees for patients while continuing to cover all costs. In Oregon, the state's medical marijuana ID card program generated a surplus of over $1 million.