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CHQ - Mass Victory Belongs to Grassroots, Not GOP Leaders 

Here's my tweet for today:

@Richard Viguerie  Grass roots cons - MA victory is result of your work in 2009. While GOP leaders mostly silent-you met, spoke out, donated, emailed, blogged.

March for Life today: Give a voice to those who have none

Catholic Online - "On January 22, 2010 millions will march on our Nation's Capital and in Cities around the Nation. We mourn the United States Supreme Court decision of January 22, 1973, Roe v Wade. The countless millions of children killed in the first home of the whole human race cry out for justice." 



Daily Lickskillet: I couldn't change the outcome of the 2008 election . . . 
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California Democrats Tremble at Massachusetts Senate Results
Los Angeles Times - "Strategists say confidence has faded that Sen. Boxer, running for reelection, and Atty. Gen. Brown, perhaps running for governor, would coast to wins. Analysts say GOP could pick up legislative seats."
Brown's Victory is the Declaration of Independents
Pajamas Media - "In the aftermath of Scott Brown's stunning upset election victory in Massachusetts, pundits will be debating the meaning and political implications for weeks to come. However, one fact is incontrovertibly clear. The race hinged on the independent voters."
After Massachusetts, All Eyes Turn to Connecticut's Bipartisan Dysfunction - "Scott Brown's win in Massachusetts means that the next stop on the Obama backlash tour could be neighboring Connecticut, where another long-time Democratic Senate seat is up for grabs."
Conservatives: Beware of McCain regression syndrome
Michelle Malkin - "In the afterglow of the Massachusetts Miracle, there are flickers of peril for the right. I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but like Paul Revere's midnight message, consider this warning "a cry of defiance, and not of fear."
2010-the year we take Michigan back! - "So how do we, as Constitutional Conservatives take over a party? You want to change the direction? Then find other people who think like you and get organized within the party."
Public Agrees With Court: Campaign Money Is "Free Speech"
Gallup - "Americans' broad views about corporate spending in elections generally accord with the Supreme Court's decision Thursday that abolished some decades-old restrictions on corporate political activity."

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Daily News from the Veterans Today Network 

An End of a Storied Era

Jan. 21, 2010 is the Official Date for the End of Democracy in America!

by Johnny Punish , Staff Writer

End of Democracy in the USANow Your Can Tell Your Kids When Democracy Officially Ended
Thunderous Applause Heard in the Corridors of Power

I don't know if you guys are aware but yesterday's Burrito Supreme Court Decision officially put a stamp on the end of democracy in the USA.

The Supreme Court has given big business, unions and nonprofits more power to spend freely in federal elections, a major turnaround that threatens a century of government efforts to regulate the power of corporations to bankroll American politics.

A 5-4 conservative majority crafted a narrow overhaul of federal campaign spending Thursday that could have an immediate effect on this year's congressional midterm elections. The justices eased long-standing restrictions on "independent spending" by corporations and unions in political campaigns.

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New Hampshire Holds Hearings On Two Proposals to Reform Marijuana Laws 

House committee hears testimony yesterday on bills to decriminalize marijuana possession and tax and regulate marijuana like alcohol 

CONCORD, NEW HAMPSHIRE —Advocates of marijuana policy reform appeared in the House Criminal Justice and Public Safety Committee yesterday afternoon for public hearings on H.B. 1653, a bill that would “decriminalize” the possession of small amounts of marijuana, and H.B. 1652, a bill that would tax and regulate marijuana for purchase and use by adults.

            “Regulating marijuana makes sense not just because of the money it would save New Hampshire, but because prohibition clearly causes more problems than marijuana itself,” said Rep. Calvin Pratt (R-Goffstown), one of four co-sponsors of the tax-and-regulate bill, along with Rep. Joel Winters (D-Manchester), Rep. Carla Skinder (D-Cornish), and Rep. Timothy Comerford (R-Fremont).

            “Unless we want New Hampshire dollars to continue supporting the work of criminal gangs and violent cartels, it makes total sense to consider regulating marijuana similarly to the way we regulate a more dangerous drug, alcohol,” said Matt Simon, executive director of the NH Coalition for Common Sense Marijuana Policy.

            The decriminalization bill is sponsored by Rep. Steven Lindsey (D-Keene).


NH Coalition for Common Sense Marijuana Policy, 110 N Pembroke Rd., Pembroke, NH 03275 United States


NH GOP - Republicans are Surging and Your Voice is Being Heard! 

First, I would like to congratulate Scott Brown on his amazing victory in the Massachusetts United States Senate special election. Scott’s election is just another indication that voters are fed up with the Democrats’ reckless, big government, tax and spend agenda. Across the country, people are outraged by the arrogance and irresponsibility displayed by the Democrats in Washington and they are ready to help the Republican Party clean house in 2010.

Unfortunately, New Hampshire Democrats are still not listening. 

Governor Lynch and his liberal Democrat leadership in Concord have mismanaged our state and have created record budget deficits while imposing over 40 taxes and fees during a recession. Now they are pushing a 13.5% LLC job-killing income tax that will devastate the small businesses that drive New Hampshire’s economy.

Now we have a chance to send a message to the Democrats in New Hampshire that enough is enough.

On February 16th we have our own very important special election for State Senate in the towns of Bow, Candia, Dunbarton, Hooksett and Manchester’s wards 1, 2, and 12.

Representative David Boutin is the candidate to best represent this district and ensure common-sense Republican principles of less government, lower taxes and more personal freedoms are restored to our State House.

But we need your help to get our message out and defend ourselves against the desperate attacks from the Democrat Party.  They will do anything to try to slow our momentum and preserve their reckless fiscal agenda by winning this seat. We simply cannot let them succeed.

Please consider contributing as generously as possible today.  No amount is too small and every dollar is critical to ensure we have the money to compete and make sure your voice is heard.  Click here to donate securely online TODAY!

You can help David Boutin by visiting his website, getting involved and contributing directly to his campaign.

Thank you for your continued support.  Together we can make New Hampshire great again!


John H. Sununu



Former Gov. Johnson will explain how he ran New Mexico with core values, just like he ran his business

CONCORD, N.H.― New Hampshire residents and other New Englanders searching for principled leaders who know what public service really means won’t want to miss the Republican Liberty Caucus of New Hampshire’s latest educational forum this weekend in Concord.

Former New Mexico Gov. Gary Johnson will be featured as a keynote speaker for the RLCNH event on Saturday, January 23, at 4:30 p.m. at the Grappone Center in Concord. Besides two successful terms as governor, Johnson is also a successful entrepreneur and the honorary chairman of the Our America Initiative, a Salt Lake City, Utah-based Political Action Committee that seeks to increase involvement in current events.

 “Johnson will certainly complement the purpose of our forums, which are geared toward educating the public on a liberty-oriented approach to government,” said Jim Forsythe, chairman of the Republican Liberty Caucus of New Hampshire. “People need to understand that the former governor doesn’t resort to rhetoric like most politicians today. Johnson has developed a set of core principles that have and will continue to set a course for personal responsibility and smaller, more efficient state and federal governments.”

Johnson is known for his seven principles of good government, which are grounded in practical reality and honesty. He has a record of acknowledging his critics, but doing what’s right by determining clear goals, developing a plan to achieve them and then executing that plan. Part of his pattern of success is grounded in his ability to communicate and quickly reveal key information important to the people he represents. He has always pursued gratifying work that allows him to make a difference.

As governor from 1994-2002, Johnson vetoed more bills passed by the state Legislature than all other U.S. governors combined. He cut the growth of state government in half, eliminated the state’s budget deficit and created a budget surplus without raising taxes.

Johnson, who will speak about economic and personal liberties on Saturday, will be joined by Bill O’Brien, co-chairman of the New Hampshire House Republican Alliance, which stands for the traditional principles of the state’s Republican Party, such as fiscal restraint, personal freedom and responsibility, small government, free enterprise and strong families. O’Brien will speak about efforts that support such principles in the New Hampshire Legislature.

Republican gubernatorial candidates Jack Kimball of Dover and Karen Testerman of Franklin will also highlight their ideas for the future of New Hampshire during the event.

The Reason Foundation, a nonprofit organization that advances “free minds and free markets” and publishes Reason magazine, will sponsor a reception after the event.

The forum is free for college students and state representatives. “The younger folks of New Hampshire and America are recognizing the importance of self rule by the people and for the people,” Forsythe added. “They are waking up to the principles the country’s founding fathers fought and died for. As the generation that will lead the state and the nation forward, it is crucial that we encourage this tradition of liberty and justice for all.”

“Further, the volunteers who have put public service above themselves in the State House and Senate will always benefit from reinforcing the core values that serve as the foundation of our state and nation, and of our future,” he added.

Tickets to hear Gov. Johnson and other speakers at the RLCNH Forum on January 23 cost $35 for individuals and $50 for couples. They can be purchased online by visiting the RLCNH Web site at or by contacting the RLCNH at

About The Republican Liberty Caucus of New Hampshire

RLCNH, a state chapter of the national Republican Liberty Caucus, was launched in December 2004 to promote and advance traditional Republican Party values, such as small government, low taxes and spending, individual liberty, personal responsibility, free market capitalism and loyalty to the Constitution.