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SEIA - President and CEO Rhone Resch Recognized for “Leadership in Renewable Energy” 

Award from Renewable Energy World honors work of Resch and SEIA advancing U.S. solar power
Washington, DC – Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA) President and CEO Rhone Resch received and Renewable Energy World North America magazine’s inaugural “Leadership in Renewable Energy” award at their Conference and Expo North America in Austin, Texas yesterday evening. The award recognizes an individual who has made an exceptional contribution in the field of renewable energy.
“It is an honor to accept this award,” said Resch. “I do so on behalf of everyone at SEIA and in the industry who have worked hard to advance solar energy. It validates the tremendous progress that SEIA and our industry has made to create jobs, grow markets and develop clean, reliable energy technologies, even in these tough economic times.”
Resch was selected for his work in leading the effort to pass the solar investment tax credit (ITC), signed into law in 2008 as well as the industry’s success in getting 19 separate provisions in the 2009 American Recovery and Reinvestment Act. These provisions helped the industry to create 18,000 new American jobs in 2009.
Resch built on the success by declaring a Solar Bill of Rights ( during the Solar Power International 2009 conference. This call to action includes eight rights designed to create a policy environment that allows solar to compete on a level playing field against the fossil fuel sources that have received decades of federal incentives.  It also empowers consumers to choose an energy source that 92 percent of Americans say they want to see developed in the United States.
“I commend the other finalists and Dr. Rohatgi for also being recongized with the Leadership award. It’s great to see that solar has such a strong showing in this and other award categories,” added Resch.
The solar community was well repesented for the Leadership award. Along with Resch, Dr. Ajeet Rohatgi of Suniva, received the Leadership award for his advancements in materials science that significantly lowered the cost of solar panels.  Arno Harris of Recurrent Energy was a finalist for his success in helping the firm grow during a time of consolidation within the solar market. Both Suniva and Recurrent Energy are SEIA member companies.
"Even with this award, the hard work isn't over," said Resch. "America's antiquated energy policies still favor the mature fossil fuel industries and we're up against a well-funded machine that is pouring millions of dollars into lobbying and advertising. We need to continue to fight for an even playing field while continuing to improve American competitiveness through
job creation from coast to coast."

NHDP - NH Women to Discuss Health Care Reform 

CONCORD - On the eve of the bipartisan health care summit in Washington, the NHDP will hold a press conference call at 11 AM on Wednesday, February 24, with several New Hampshire women to discuss the importance of health care reform and address the plans being advocated by New Hampshire's Republican candidates for senate in 2010. 


WHAT: Press conference call with New Hampshire women

WHEN: 11 AM - Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Please RSVP to for call-in information.


NHDP - Frank Guinta: If Elected to Congress Education would be "On the Chopping Block" 

Guinta Promises to Implement Same Failed Education Policies in Congress that Left Manchester Schools in Disrepair


Concord - Foster's Daily Democrat reported yesterday that former Mayor Frank Guinta would slash funding for education if elected to Congress.  He promised that education would be "on the chopping block" if the voters of the first Congressional District send him to Washington (Fosters, 02/22/2010).


Under Frank Guinta's watch the Manchester's schools got worse, not better - the city went from having a handful of schools 'In Need of Improvement' to the entire district of 21 schools in need of repair (New Hampshire Department of Education SINI Final AYP Status, 11/08/06).  When Frank Guinta first ran for mayor in 2005, he campaigned on improving Manchester's schools (Union Leader, 1/3/2006).   But in September of 2006, Manchester's Central high school principal even had to put out a plea to parents for school supplies after budget cuts left them short materials (Union Leader, 9/25/06). 

"Frank Guinta failed Manchester's students as mayor," said Derek Richer, press secretary for the New Hampshire Democratic Party.  "Now he is asking for a promotion to Congress to implement these same failed education policies on a national level."


In 2007, Guinta tried to excuse his poor performance by pathetically claiming he "hadn't had enough time" to do anything about the problem (  But just last spring Guinta proposed yet another budget that was devastating for Manchester students.  His proposal would have cut an estimated 223 positions from the Manchester School District, leaving schools woefully understaffed (Union Leader, 4/14/09).


"Frank Guinta's plan to put education on the chopping block comes as no surprise given his record of slashing education funding and laying-off teachers as mayor of Manchester," continued Richer.  "But now that Guinta has laid down the gauntlet, his opponents in the primary, Rich Ashooh and Bob Bestani, should tell the voters if they support these draconian cuts to education or if they stand with the people of the Granite State."


NHDP - Will Ayotte Defend Insurance Companies' Massive Rate Increases?

Kelly Ayotte Has Consistently Opposed Health Care Reform - Will She Fight President's Proposal to Block Excessive Rate Increases by Insurance Companies?


CONCORD - Yesterday, President Obama revealed his comprehensive health care plan, which includes a proposal to give the federal government the ability to block excessive rate increases by insurance companies [New York Times, 2/21/10]. The president's proposal comes after a major insurance giant on the West Coast announced earlier this month that it would be hiking premiums as much as 39 percent [LA Times, 2/14/10].


Republican Senate candidate Kelly Ayotte has opposed health care reform at every step, pushing a misguided GOP plan that would eliminate essential consumer protections and give insurance companies the power to cherry-pick who they cover. Last month she continued courting the insurance industry and right-wing special interest groups and signed the Repeal It! healthcare pledge, promising to repeal health care reform, if elected [Ayotte Release, 1/15/10]. Given her record of opposing reform, will Ayotte fight the president's proposal to keep insurance companies accountable and protect New Hampshire consumers from arbitrary rate increases?


"While New Hampshire's middle class has fought back-breaking premiums and rising health care costs, big insurance companies have enjoyed record profits," said Emily Browne, Press Secretary for the New Hampshire Democratic Party. "Kelly Ayotte has been their voice in New Hampshire, pushing an agenda that would give them complete control over the health care of our families. Will she once again pick insurance companies over New Hampshire's middle class and fight against the president's proposal to protect Granite State consumers from massive rate increases?"


Daily News from the Veterans Today Network 

Mike Leon

Army Veteran Jarrod Chlapowski Speaks OutArmy Veteran Jarrod Chlapowski Speaks Out
Gays and Lesbians in the Military

Service in the U.S. military will soon come down to this: You hate and cannot serve with gays and lesbians, move to Iran or Uganda where bigotry reigns supreme.

Just off the phone with Army veteran Jarrod Chlapowski who is speaking out.  Chlapowski served in the Army from 2000-2005.  Chlapowski has an excellent service record in intelligence [Korean linguistics, cryptologic voice interceptor at the Defense Language Institute and Goodfellow Air Force Base, finishing second in his class, and so on] and wants to reenlist. Under the current policy of Don't Ask Don't Tell, Chlapowski cannot reenlist.  What kind of stuff is this?

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