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Horn For Congress - You Can Help Me Right Now! 

Just got word that the National Republican Congressional Committee is holding a contest on Facebook to give away an internet money bomb!

You can help me very easily by using this link (cut and paste it into your browser):

It will bring you to a Facebook page for the NRCC.

Click on the button at the top right that says "Become a Fan" and then enter my name in the comments section like this: Jennifer Horn NH-2.

I don't know how long the contest will stay open so please ACT NOW!!

Please forward this to any other Horn supporters you may know --it does not matter where they live.

Thank you for immediate action and support.

Best wishes,
Jennifer Horn


Ayotte For US Senate - In Case You Missed It This Week...2/18/2010 

In Case You Missed It This Week...2/18/2010

David Boutin - KAA Photo

Republican Momentum Continues To Grow

Congratulations to Senator-Elect David Boutin!

On Tuesday, David Boutin won the Special Election for State Senate. The election was held to fill the vacant State Senate seat of the newly elected Mayor of Manchester, Ted Gatsas.

Ayotte Op-Ed: On Spending, Hodes' Deeds Don't Match His Words

Four Ideas To Rein-In The Budget

In case you missed it, be sure to read Kelly’s Op-Ed on spending and fiscal reform that ran this week in the Concord Monitor.

Since Hodes was elected to Congress in 2006, the annual budget has grown from $2.65 trillion to $3.99 trillion, an eye popping 50 percent increase in three years. During his time in office, the annual deficit has gone from $248 billion to $1.56 trillion, a staggering 525 percent increase. And our national debt has climbed from $8.4 trillion to more than $12.3 trillion… We need more than empty election-year promises to get our fiscal house in order. Our country deserves real leadership across party lines. Together, we can bring fiscal sanity and New Hampshire common sense to Washington to get our country back on track.

Read the complete Op-Ed here.

Happy Anniversary Paul Hodes

One Year and Nearly $1 Trillion Later, Hodes-backed Stimulus Fails to Deliver for NH’s Unemployed

We want to wish Paul Hodes a happy anniversary, but can’t help to wonder, does he have a serious case of buyer’s remorse on the stimulus package’s first anniversary? Just a year ago, he made the wild claim, ‘Today the House took decisive action to pass this important piece of legislation to create thousands of jobs for New Hampshire…it will invest in getting our economy moving and will create and protect millions of jobs for Americans.’

“In reality, 2.8 million jobs have been lost since the Hodes-backed stimulus became law and unemployment hovers around 10%. The number of jobless New Hampshire residents has jumped to over 51,000 – despite nearly $1 billion in Recovery Act spending in the state. Alarmingly, America’s annual deficit has climbed from $248 billion to $1.56 trillion – 525% – during Hodes’ time in office.”

Read more here.

Ayotte Travels Throughout New Hampshire Meeting With Voters

This week, Kelly spoke at the Concord Rotary and addressed the GOP Committee Meeting in Wakefield. On Wednesday evening Kelly met with the Manchester GOP Committee.

Later today, Kelly will be in Nashua for the Teen Age Republicans (TARS) Lincoln-Reagan Celebration at Nashua High School South and on Friday, Kelly will attend the Carroll County Lincoln Day Dinner in Ossipee.

This weekend, Kelly will be in Walpole for the Cheshire-Sullivan County Lincoln Day event on Saturday.

Help Kelly today - visit her website and Get Involved!


NH DHHS - New Hampshire Meets H1N1 Vaccination Goal

New Hampshire Meets H1N1 Vaccination Goal of 300K by Valentine’s Day

Concord, NH – The New Hampshire Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) today announced that 302,951 doses of the H1N1 vaccine have been administered as of February 14, 2010, meeting its vaccination goal of 300,000 doses by Valentine’s Day.

“People who have been vaccinated are protecting their loved ones against H1N1 flu, as well as themselves,” said Public Health Director Dr. José Montero. “The more people who have been vaccinated, the more everyone in the State is protected against the possibility of future outbreaks.”

With roughly 23% of the population protected by the vaccine, and about the same percentage of residents protected because of immunity developed from having had the H1N1 flu, almost half of the population is now protected from H1N1 – making it much less likely that future widespread outbreaks can occur.

“It seems that this has been a replacement flu season, where H1N1 became the seasonal flu for this year,” says Dr. Montero. “The typical seasonal influenza strains of the past few years have been almost nonexistent in New Hampshire this flu season. Luckily, the H1N1 vaccine has been just about a perfect match against the novel H1N1 flu strain, and with so many Granite Staters protected we have greatly prevented its ability to spread.”

Many of the doses were delivered at more than 420 public and school-based vaccine clinics organized by health network partners in the State’s All Health Hazard Regions. Now that there is plenty of vaccine available, walk-in clinics are being offered at retail pharmacies, small businesses, and community organizations. The vaccine also continues to be readily available at doctors’ offices, healthcare provider clinics, and hospitals throughout the State.

Rite-Aid, Shaws-Osco, and Walgreens pharmacy outlets are offering walk-in H1N1 vaccination across the State, as are Concentra Medical Centers. Some small businesses are hosting vaccine clinics for their employees, and so are various public and private schools, colleges, retail malls, sporting events and even ski areas throughout New Hampshire. Parents are reminded to be sure that their children who are 9-years–old and younger receive a booster dose to ensure a high level of immunity.

For information about clinics and other H1N1 resources visit or call the NH Public Inquiry line between 8 and 5 by dialing 2-1-1 or 866-444-4211. Additional H1N1 resources are available at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention website at and the US Department of Health and Human Services website at


NetRight Daily: Today's Top News from NRN 

Pay No Attention to the Debt:  If government-owned-and-operated Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac's net liabilities of about $6.3 trillion were added to the national debt, it would total about $18.7 trillion today. That's a whopping 129 percent of the nation's Gross Domestic Product, which currently stands at $14.463 trillion.

NYT Lumps Tea Party Activists with Fringe Elements:  There's a good report on the Tea Party movement struggling to break through some of the snide, superfluous commentary that works its way into reports about beleaguered American taxpayers who have found expression.

Art Imitating Life or Vice Versa?:  When a company devotes millions of dollars to the production and airing of a Super Bowl ad, they are at the mercy of several factors – one of those being an exciting game if you happen to have a spot airing in the fourth quarter.

The Virtue of a Nation:  We elect, or hope to elect, the best and brightest among us. The best businessmen, the most diplomatic statesmen, the most knowledgeable of Constitutional scholars. These people are the public face of America. Between Congress' nasty remarks about their own constituents, Mr. Obama's remarks during his State of the Union address and the recent remarks of Mr. Rahm Emanuel, White House Chief of Staff, regarding moderate democrats, the public face of America is now a portrait of uncouth and thoughtless behavior.

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CHQ - FREE Webcast: How to Raise the Money You Need to Win

I'm sending you this important message because I know you share my desire to get as many conservatives elected this year as possible.  


Richard A. Viguerie

Dear Fellow Conservative,
I am contacting you because I know you share my desire to get as many conservatives elected this year as possible.  I urge you to pass this email along to as many conservatives you know, particularly those running for office and working on campaigns.
Ever since the economy turned down, I've heard conservatives complain about how hard it is to raise money. 

My experience is the exact opposite.

In fact, 2010 is the best fund raising environment I have seen in the last 48 years.  I should know.  Because during the last 48 years, I've helped raise over $7 BILLION for all kinds of conservative candidates, causes and non-profit organizations.

My name is Richard Viguerie.
Some in the media have called me "The Funding Father of the Conservative Movement" and the "Pioneer of Political Direct Mail." 

Accolades are nice. 

But what matters most is that the direct mail fundraising techniques I pioneered in the 1960s and 1970s ... the ones that help lead to the Reagan victory of 1980 and the conservative sweep of Congress in 1994 ...

... can lead to the next conservative revolution in America -- one that will stick this time!

True conservatives must win in the coming primaries, and in November, for that to happen.

So I have decided to share what I've learned in 48 years -- along with the latest results from my highly successful fundraising agency -- exclusively with conservatives like you.

On Tuesday February 23 at 2:00 pm EST I'm launching a live, twice-a-month, one-hour interactive Webcast -- from my office just outside Washington, DC directly to your computer -- exclusively for conservatives like you.

It's called the "Conservative Candidates Club."  And that first Webcast is free.

However, while the Conservatives Candidates Club is exclusive to conservatives, it is not exclusive to candidates.  I welcome any and all conservatives to view the inaugural Webcast at no charge.

If you share my vision of getting as many conservatives get elected this year, this Webcast is for you!  Please feel free to pass on this offer to any conservative candidates you may know as I have information that will help them win this year!

To register for this free Webcast -- please
go here right now.

If you like what you see and want to continue, it's just $39 per month for the two hour-long sessions on the first and third Tuesdays of each month.

If it's not for you, simply cancel and you will not be charged. 

However, if you know a conservative candidate or campaign staffer that many benefit from the Conservative Candidates Club, I invite you to pass along this email.

We can handle a maximum of 1,000 participants on our initial Webcast.
Participants are accepted in the order of registration.
Once all the slots are full, the event will be closed.  So be sure to
head over here right now to register.
I know this will be well worth your time.

Because from 2:00 to 3:00 pm EST on the first and third Tuesdays of each month, I'll discuss with you the newest information I have learned from approximately two million plus letters my company mails each week for over a dozen clients.

My company, American Target Advertising, Inc., has 55 employees and they are some of the very best, most professional fund raising/marketing people in America.

Each week we're testing 50 - 100 ideas, techniques, concepts, copy, headlines and lists. 

There are things we do today to bring in more money that we didn't do even 18 months ago.  The world of direct marketing, including fundraising, is changing rapidly.

So I'll share with you and the members of our Conservative Candidates Club the most important results from our own mailings.

I'll also share with you what's working for dozens of other Conservative candidates and organizations in 2010 around the country.

No one in America tracks this information more closely than I do.

You can look forward in the coming weeks to practical tips and professional guidance on such topics as:

  • How to turn total strangers into generous supporters

  • The No. 1 reason people will contribute to your campaign

  • Writing secrets for doubling and tripling response to your letters

  • Where to find lists filled with eager potential donors

  • The best ways to ask for money

  • What's working for getting envelopes opened

  • Simple tips for boosting your best mailing by another 50%

  • Avoiding the common mistakes that kill contributions and campaigns

  • Branding and position secrets for beating your opponents

  • ... and much, much more than I can cover here

And as if all that weren't enough, I will also have special guests on occasion when you need to know about breaking news, burning issues and anything that impact your success.  (For example, my company's attorney, Mark Fitzgibbons, has conducted sessions on how the recent Supreme Court ruling, Citizens United, greatly increases your opportunities to raise funds!)

You simply cannot get this kind of late-breaking, tested and proven fundraising secrets anywhere else!

And finally, after I've covered the news and topics for that program, I'll spend the remaining minutes answering your questions, and those emailed in from your fellow Conservative Candidates Club members.

Frankly, this one-on-one counsel and advice alone can be worth fifty times, even a hundred times, the nominal price of your membership.

But I am absolutely determined to make sure conservatives win in November.

And often, the candidate with the most money wins.

So, if you or someone you work with are principled, small-government conservatives and used to raise money for your candidate or cause, you'll need to know the information I'll be sharing with you.

(PLEASE NOTE:  When you go to our website to sign up for the free one hour on February 23rd, you'll have to certify that you are a principled, small-government conservative.)

My fellow conservative, our time is now.  2010 can be our year -- the year grassroots Americans rise up and drive leftist, big-government politicians right out of city halls, and state capitals, and Washington DC ...

But only if our side takes full advantage of the powerful marketing tools at our disposal!

A wave is coming this November that will carry many conservatives on to victory. 

So don't miss the opportunity --
register today for the free inaugural Webcast of the Conservative Candidates Club.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us at

Hoping you will set new fundraising records,

Richard A. Viguerie

P.S.     Remember, we can handle a maximum of 1,000 participants on our initial Webcast, which is free.  Once those slots are full, the event will be closed.  So be sure to
register right now -- while it's fresh in your mind.