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GMCC Opposes Entertainment Tax 

Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce Opposes Proposed “Entertainment Tax”

Measure would disproportionally impact Manchester

Manchester, NH (June 18, 2009)—The Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce (GMCC) announced its opposition today to the proposed creation of an “entertainment tax” as a means to balance the state’s budget. Senate and House Committee of Commerce members are rumored to be considering inserting the measure to close the state budget deficit.


“This proposal would have a devastating impact on the Manchester community,” said Robin Comstock, President and CEO of the GMCC. “Over the past several years Manchester has effectively positioned itself as a vibrant entertainment destination by investing in top notch venues like the Verizon Wireless Arena, Stadium, Palace Theatre, and Currier Museum of Art. Adding a tax on tickets sales for venues like this will drastically hurt their bottom line and threaten to undo the progress Manchester has made.” said Comstock.


The proposal has not been publicly revealed at this time, but is rumored to extend the rooms and meals tax rate to all entertainment activities, meaning any event in which a person purchases a ticket for admission. The rooms and meals tax rate is expected to be raised during budget deliberations as well.


“This proposal disproportionally impacts communities like Manchester that have strategically positioned themselves as entertainment destinations. In addition, we are very concerned about the trickledown effect this tax will have on local merchants, restaurants, and hotels that benefit from event crowds” said Comstock.


About the Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce: Incorporated in 1911, the Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce (GMCC) is the largest business organization in the greater Manchester area, focusing its efforts primarily on Manchester and the surrounding communities of Auburn, Bedford, Candia, Derry, Goffstown, Hooksett, Litchfield, Londonderry, and Merrimack. It is the Chamber’s mission to be the leading force in the improvement of the business environment, the economic health and the general vitality of the region. The GMCC provides members with marketing opportunities, economic indicators, legislative bulletins, and representation in both local and state government. For more information visit



AJS Releases Health Insurance Tax Calculator 

Washington, D.C.- Americans for Job Security released today an “Obama Health Insurance Tax Calculator.” Modeled after the calculator Barack Obama used last fall, this calculator is meant to show working families how their taxes would be affected if they are forced to pay income taxes on their health insurance.


The calculator is being promoted with paid advertising on Politico and


“They called it the “largest middle-class tax hike ever,” during the last campaign. They said they were against it, they said it would hurt hard working Americans. Now, President Barack Obama and his allies in Congress are looking to a new payroll tax on health care benefits. It would take hundreds of thousands of dollars out of middle class families pockets each and every year,” said Stephen DeMaura President of Americans for Job Security.


The calculator can be found at:


Americans for Job Security is an independent, pro-business issue advocacy organization established in 1997 in order to promote issues that strengthen the American economy. For more information on Americans for Job Security visit our website at



Daily Grind: Mr. Crassus, Meet the Federal Reserve 

Mr. Crassus, Meet the Federal Reserve
After setting Rome ablaze, now the Federal Reserve is being put in charge of putting the inferno out.


The Restoration of Dependency
Obama's goal is not to help people who are poor, but rather to keep them dependent on his government to provide for their every need.


A Legitimate Question: Part II
Barack Obama's own place in the Marxist landscape seems to that of a New Left, Neo-Marxist.



NetRight Daily: The Fed, Obamacare and a Contest! 

Be sure to enter in the NetRight Nation/Barbara Boxer contest! Also, check out just how much Obama has aged since becoming president. Here are today's top stories on NetRight Nation and other relevant information:


CONTEST: Address Me as Senator...: Ok, this is really quite simple. Everyone by now has heard about Senator Barbara Boxer correcting a General by asking him to stop referring to her as "Ma'am" but rather as "Senator Boxer" (Watch the video here). So, in the spirit of this correction, we have decided to make a correction to her title as well. Rather, to her name.


Guantanamo Inmates Coming to Virginia?: According to JR at Bearing Drift, Congressman Tom Perriello cast the deciding vote (212-213) on an amendment that would appropriate funds to close Guantanamo and move the detainees to Virginia.


Mr. Crassus, Meet the Federal Reserve: Marcus Licinus Crassus became the 8th richest person world history by hiring arsonists to set fire to houses in Rome while waiting around the corner with firemen. When the fire appeared uncontrollable, Crassus would approach the owner of the house with his firemen, giving them the ultimatum, "Give me your house at below market value or watch it burn to the ground." Only then, if the owner agreed would he put out the fire. Marcus, meet the Federal Reserve.


Obamacare On the Rocks?: With delay comes opportunity...opportunity to continue making your voices heard. The Senate Finance Committee postpones mark-up on Obamacare until after the July 4 recess.


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ALG files FOIA Request to get "full truth" about "Walpin-gate" firing

"We believe Barack Obama fired Gerald Walpin in order to provide

cover for his misuse of AmeriCorps – aka, the Obama Youth Corps.

And we believe he is now stonewalling the investigation of

Walpin-gate in order to cover his tracks."—ALG President Bill Wilson



June 18th 2009, Fairfax, VA -- Americans for Limited Government today filed a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request to get what it termed the "full, unvarnished truth" about the Obama Administration's controversial firing of AmeriCorps Inspector General Gerald Walpin.


"Mr. Obama is stonewalling," ALG president Bill Wilson said. "In direct violation of his own declaration 'In the face of doubt, openness prevails,' he has clearly instructed his minions to close ranks and refuse to tell the full, unvarnished truth about why he summarily fired Gerald Walpin despite the IG's long record of stalwart service."


Walpin was fired in late June after what all agree was a contentious board meeting in which he had questioned the oversight procedures of the Corporation for National and Community Service (CNCS). The AmeriCorps IG had taken issue with the usage of a grant for community related activities in which he believed was being used improperly by former N.B.A. star and current Sacramento Mayor Kevin Johnson.


When first questioned about the Walpin firing, the White House failed to provide a reason. Only later, after "Walpin-gate" became a major story in the media did Obama spokespersons offer a belated explanation, charging that Walpin was "confused" and "disoriented" at the May 20 board meeting. Both Walpin and at least one witness to the meeting have denied the charges.


"The White House response is nothing more than a mockery wrapped in a sham," Wilson said. The real intent of the firing is two-fold – first to stop the investigation of AmeriCorps malfeasance by an Obama crony, and, second, to send a message to AmeriCorps IG's nationwide that they are not to touch the 'Obama Youth Corps.'


"Knowing the stated intent of Mr. Obama to use AmeriCorp as his own 'civilian national security force that's just as powerful, just as strong, just as well-funded,' as the United States Army, his message to IG's nationwide is particularly disturbing," Wilson said.


The FOIA filed by ALG promises to leave no stone unturned in its pursuit of what actually occurred at the CNCS board meeting many now feel was set up to orchestrate Walpin's firing. According to the FOIA, ALG is demanding copies of "any records that may exist," including:


" ... any written, recorded, or graphic matter of any nature whatsoever, regardless of how recorded, and whether original or copy, including, but not limited to, the following: memoranda, reports, expense reports, books, manuals, instructions, financial reports, working papers, records, notes, letters, notices, confirmations, telegrams, receipts, appraisals, pamphlets, magazines, newspapers, prospectuses, interoffice and intra-office communications, electronic mail (e-mail), contracts, cables, notations of any type of conversation, telephone calls, meetings or other communications, bulletins, printed matter, computer printouts, teletypes, invoices, transcripts, diaries, analyses, returns, summaries, minutes, bills, accounts, estimates, projections, comparisons, messages, correspondence, press releases, circulars, financial statements, reviews, opinions, offers, studies and investigations, questionnaires and surveys, and work sheets (and all drafts, preliminary versions, alterations, modifications, revisions, changes, and amendments of any of the foregoing, as well as any attachments or appendices thereto), and graphic or oral records or representations of any kind (including without limitation, photographs, charts, graphs, voicemails, microfiche, microfilm, videotape, recordings and motion pictures), and electronic and mechanical records or representations of any kind (including, without limitation, tapes, cassettes, disks, computer server files, computer hard drive files, CDs, DVDs, memory sticks, and recordings) and other written, printed, typed, or other graphic or recorded matter of any kind of nature."


"We believe Barack Obama fired Gerald Walpin in order to provide cover for his misuse of AmeriCorps – aka, the Obama Youth Corps. And we believe he is now stonewalling the investigation of Walpin-gate in order to cover his tracks," Wilson said. "He would do well to remember the oft-repeated refrain after the Watergate scandal that felled an earlier president: It's not the crime, it's the cover up, that brings you down."