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Special Election Alert: Healthcare Bill Splits Voters More Than Candidates 

Special Election Alert: Healthcare bill splits voters more than candidates

By Ashley Badgley

BOSTON — Vietnamese pharmacy owner Tuan Q. Tran has been in the United States since 1981.

His life in Vietnam lacked freedom and privilege, he said, and he risked his life to reach the United States 29 years ago.

In the window of Tran's pharmacy, Kinny Pharmacy, on Dorchester Ave., a Scott Brown campaign sign hangs prominently.

Tran said he doesn't just support Brown's politics, but believes there should be a Republican representing Massachusetts in the Senate as well as a Democrat. He said he respect's Martha Coakley and her campaign and is happy that he has a right to choose who he thinks would be a more effective leader.

"If there is one party, the power is abused," Tran said. "I think it's about time to have a Republican in the Senate. I love the democratic system and I can get involved, compared to Vietnam. We left Vietnam because we don't like political monopolies. We want checks and balances."

The big factor in Tuesday's election is the healthcare bill, Tran said, and he does not support it.

Coakley supporter Austin Gardner-Smith said he believes in the healthcare bill and what Coakley stands for. He and Tran said the healthcare bill, and not necessarily the candidate, is what it most important.

"I think it's important to get the healthcare bill through," Gardner-Smith said. "It is important."

Like Tran, Gardner-Smith said he respects the opposing candidate and thinks Brown ran a clean campaign.

In terms of who is going to win the election, Gardner-Smith said he doesn't know what is going to happen, but that it "depends on the western part of the state."

"[Brown] has a chance," He said. "But I really don't know."

Ashley Badgley is a reporter for



Watchdogs Head to Massachusetts for Special Election

Dear Friends,

Tomorrow the people of Massachusetts will vote for their next U.S. Senator. This election is not only important to the 6.5 million residents of Massachusetts but means that there will be a new voice in Congress voting on legislation that affects you and your family.

But obtaining the news and on the ground coverage that you need to learn about the candidates can be problematic when your local news can’t afford to send a reporter across town, let alone to Massachusetts. That is why Franklin Center deployed investigative journalists from all over the country to the Commonwealth of Massachusetts to follow this election and provide readers with another source of unbiased news content. Reporters from the East, Midwest, South, and West Coast landed in various cities around Massachusetts over the weekend and have hit the ground running reporting on voter turnout, candidate platforms, and transparency and accountability in the election process. 

An initiative of the Franklin Center’s, these journalists based at state-based think tanks and non-profit organizations will be a window into the election process and provide the news that you deserve to know. These reporters will be producing original news content that will be available to the mainstream media, bloggers, and anyone interested in this election at no cost.  This is the first time that non-profit journalists from the Franklin Center’s are coming together to cover a story with great national significance. 

The reporters will be posting regular updates and stories on their state and local websites.  But to get updates and breaking news you can follow our Watchdogs on Facebook and Twitter. You can also visit for more information.

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The work our network of reporters is doing can only continue through the generous support of our friends and allies.  To get involved in our work fighting for transparency and accountability at all levels of government, please visit our website.  The Franklin Center is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization dedicated to training, networking, and providing technical support and resources to state-based reporters and groups involved in journalism.  All donations to the Franklin Center for Government and Public Integrity are tax-deductible.


WNA - 116,483 registered voters in Massachusetts are dead 

"We see dead people": 116,483 registered voters in Massachusetts are dead

By Robert Romano

January 18th, 2010, Woburn, MA—116, 483 registered Massachusetts voters are dead, according to an analysis conducted by Aristotle International, Inc. a software and digital database developer.

As reported by CNS News, "In Massachusetts, 116,483 registered voters are dead, 3.38 percent of the state's total of registered voters. Another 538,567, or 15.6 percent, had moved to an area outside of where they are registered to vote."

Americans for Limited Government Foundation's project leader, Dan Tripp, is on the ground in Massachusetts monitoring the special election, and said that "for fraudsters, it's a numbers game. It only takes a few hundred people voting at multiple locations to change the outcome of any statewide election, including Massachusetts' special senatorial election."

Generally, in Massachusetts, voters need to provide a name and address associated with the voting list at the polling location in order to vote. There is no voter ID requirement unless a voter registered after 2003 by mail and is a first-time voter.

According to Americans for Limited Government President Bill Wilson, "The implication of dead people showing up at the polls means that it's no longer sufficient to win an election with a simple majority. Now, candidates need a 4 or 5 point swing just to pad against potential fraud."

"And that undermines our free form of government at its very core," Wilson concluded.

Robert Romano is the Washington News Alert Bureau Chief.



CHQ - Conservatives Must Rise To The Challenge In Massachusetts

Here's my tweet for today:

@RichardViguerie   Mass. voters in foul mood and could send Brown to US Senate by over 10 points (a landslide). Obama will set Dem. Party back a generation.

Conservatives Should Take Nothing for Granted in Massachusetts Senate Race Tomorrow

Riehl World View - "So many Democrats think like Euro-socialists today and Obama's agenda is so critical to them, don't think they won't do anything to win this race. They will. For Scott Brown to win, it will take all the votes ... being counted, with Brown then having an un-contestable edge and subsequently being sworn in.

"If we take anything for granted before that point, we will most likely come out on the losing end...To win will require a virtual voter bomb for Scott Brown."

Daily Lickskillet: The Underground Academy 

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Scott Brown Campaign Shows Success of Conservatives on the Internet
New York Times (Ross Douthat)  - "For a brief ... moment, late in the 2008 campaign, Democrats thought that they might own the Internet... A year later, some of the Democrats' advantage is still there. But it's been crumbling ever since Obama took office. Republican politicians have taken over Twitter. Sarah Palin has 1.2 million followers on Facebook. And in liberal Massachusetts, Scott Brown, the Republican Senate candidate, has used Internet fund-raising to put the fear of God into the Bay State's establishment."

Norm Coleman Won't Run for Governor of Minnesota
Hot Air (Ed Morrissey)  - "A bit of a surprise here in Minnesota came late yesterday when former Senator Norm Coleman took himself out of the governor's race.  Until yesterday, most assumed that Coleman would launch a late bid just before the caucuses begin in February, joining a race that already has 21 announced Republican, DFL (Democratic), and Independence Party candidates." 

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Daily News from the Veterans Today Network 

AfPak Policy

America Faces Humiliation in Afghanistan

by Gordon Duff, Senior Editor

With power comes responsibility and a need for reflection and openness. That capability died in the United States the day George W. Bush came to office.

When he left, his policies had gained a life of their own. America is heading toward defeat, not just in Afghanistan, but in every conflict we enter as "world policeman" in a world that rejects this role. American leadership is craved by everyone. We are the only hope much of the world has. India, Pakistan, Iran and so many other countries are waiting for us to come to our senses.

Before we do that, the cowards and fools among them either come to us for money or issue childish threats. The cowards and fools among us listen and respond and the innocent continue to die.
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