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CHQ - Conservative Activists, Not GOP, Key to Stopping Obama's Agenda

Hope and Fear: Democratic dominance is not the end of the world

The American Conservative (W. James Antle III)  - " Conservative activists have not needed a GOP majority in Congress to slow down, or even stop, Obama's agenda. Town hall uprisings and other protests that put pressure on Blue Dog Democrats have been enough. But trouble begins when the Tea Parties become GOP pep rallies, channeling conservative anger into support for unconservative causes and candidates. Under Obama, conservative activism has focused on limiting government." 

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Climategate: Obama's rule by EPA decree is a coup d'etat against Congress, made in Britain

Telegraph (Gerald Warner) - "Who needs tanks on the lawn when you have the Environmental Protection Agency? Barack Obama's use of the EPA to pressurise the Senate to pass his climate change Nuremberg Decrees shows his dictatorial mentality.

"This is a socialist, World Government putsch. Have the American people the resolution to resist it? We shall soon know."

Patriot Caucus Planned for Valley Forge, April 16-18 (Eric Odom) - "The first national meeting of The Patriot Caucus is scheduled for April 16-18 in Valley Forge, PA. We booked a 1,000 seat venue at the Convention Center in Valley Forge, and we're happy to announce that 500 of the seats will be available to the general public."

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FixItNowNH - PA Slot Revenue Up 27%

PA Slot Revenue Up 27%

The Pennsylvania Gaming Commission reports that November 2009’s slot revenue in the state has increased 27% over November 2008’s revenue.  The Youngstown (PA) Business Journal points out the revenue has been used to reduce property taxes, for grants to local fire departments and to fund economic development projects.  

Pennsylvania has taken advantage of slot revenue stream to benefit every resident of the state.  

New Hampshire has not.

FixItNowNH is a group of concerned organizations, businesspeople and taxpayers who, in partnering with Millennium Gaming, have formed a coalition with the aim of bringing racetrack casinos to New Hampshire’s Rockingham Park.

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ALG: "Taxpayers Won't Recover One Cent of TARP" if Congress Votes for "Obama State-Union Bailout" 

"Congress needs to stop wasteful government spending, and not allow the politicians to just shift its focus and disguise its intent.  Bailing states out of their own irresponsible decisions is an irresponsible use of federal taxpayer resources."ALG President Bill Wilson

December 8th, 2009, Fairfax, VA—Americans for Limited Government President Bill Wilson today urged members of Congress to reject Barack Obama's plan to bail out state governments with taxpayer funds paid back by banks through the Troubled Asset Relief Program (TARP), saying "taxpayers won't recover one cent of TARP if Congress goes along with Obama's bailout of public sector unions."

"Instead of using repaid TARP funds to bail out the public sector unions in bankrupt states like California and New York, it should be used to pay down the $12 trillion national debt," Wilson said.

"Congress must reject the $200 billion states bailout, before TARP is allowed to become a political slush fund — a revolving line of credit for the big spenders in Washington to waste on whatever they want in state capitals across the country," Wilson said.

While Obama, in his Allentown visit, made it a point to stage events at privately owned factories, top Administration revealed that in a speech scheduled for Tuesday, he intends to introduce a new federal "stimulus" package, which, according to AP will call for "sending the biggest chunk of fresh money to cash-strapped state and local governments."

"One of the primary reasons state and local governments are 'cash strapped,'" said Wilson, "is that they have allowed rapid increases in the number of government workers. The last thing the American people need is for bloated state and local governments to get a federal infusion of tax dollars to take on more overpaid, underworked government employees."

Speaking on December 3rd in Washington, Obama announced the plan: "Next year we're going to still have some of those challenges because usually state and local government revenues lag the recovery as a whole.  They may need some more help from the federal government."

Obama said it was up to the federal government to pay state bills. "Frankly, because state and local governments generally don't have the capacity to engage in deficit spending, some of that obligation falls on the federal government."

Wilson said that "balancing state budgets and bailing out public sector unions is becoming a permanent line on the federal budget," reminding American news media that the $789 billion "stimulus" bill contained $53.6 billion to bail out state and local governments.

Wilson noted that "a lot of that spending has not even gone into effect yet, and the states are already lined up to bail out their 2010 deficit-spending needs. States like California and New York cannot sell enough bonds to keep up with the excesses of the boom years.  If Congress bails them out, it will mean they will not have to make painful, necessary cuts in spending."

"The worst medicine for profligate spenders in state governments nationwide is for the federal government to issue them blank checks to bail out their public union political constituencies," Wilson said. "It is obscene for a bankrupt federal government to shell out hardworking taxpayers' dollars to bail out wasteful state and local governments so that they can in turn hire a whole new army of overpaid, make-work bureaucrats."

"The way to stimulate the economy and create new jobs, "Wilson added, "is to cut taxes, cut regulations, stop the government takeover of private industry, and allow the private sector to get back in its feet with real, product-producing jobs.

"More government bureaucrats — at any and every level — just means more waste, larger governments, and higher taxes on those few private sector employees left who are already bearing the burden of out-of-control government spending."

Wilson pledged that his organization's 400,000 members nationwide would "work at every level" to stop the new Obama spending program.

"Congress needs to stop wasteful government spending," Wilson concluded, "and not allow the politicians to just shift its focus and disguise its intent.  Bailing states out of their own irresponsible decisions is an irresponsible use of federal taxpayer resources."


Daily News from the Veterans Today Network

Obama's Afghan Endgame

The World's Most Powerful Man, Appeared Least Powerful
By General Mirza Aslam Beg, Pakistan

While explaining the New Afghan Strategy President Barack Obama, the world's most powerful man, appeared least powerful. He ordered a surge of 30,000 troops in Afghanistan, making a total of 100,000 supported by 45000 NATO troops.

Obama came to this decision "through a series of deliberations and getting a strategy for how to go forward and finish the job in Afghanistan." The president admits: "

There ought to be an exit strategy for Afghanistan." Therefore, the underlying idea is not to win the war, but to ensure a safe exit. It is in this context, we have to examine the new strategy, in words and deeds, which in fact, is meant to cover the shame of defeat, which is difficult for a superpower to admit.
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Commentary Magazine: The Missile-Defense Betrayal -- Unintended Consequences of Breaking Promises


Commentary has published in its December issue an article of mine, analyzing President Obama's decision to undo Bush policy regarding missile defense.

My main thesis is that to so nonchalantly break Bush's promises (withdrawing from the treaties he signed with Poland and the Czech Republic) not only abuses the trust of our allies and renders it unlikely that they will go out on a limb again to accommodate our interests, but also opens the door of precedent for future presidents to casually undo Obama's own initiatives -- the institution of the presidency has been debased. The abrupt shift of policy regarding Israel is also used for illustration. Though in plain language, I address important game-theory considerations, which I have not seen discussed elsewhere, and the long-term conclusions to be drawn from them.

Here is the article, and I hope you enjoy it.


Kejda Gjermani

Assistant Online Editor

Commentary Magazine