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SEIA - Solar Energy Poised to Put Americans Back to Work

Solar Energy Industries Association Announces Policy Priorities

for Obama Administration, 111th Congress


WASHINGTON, DC – The Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA) today outlined the key policies that President-elect Obama and the Congressional leadership must address to expand the use of solar energy and help put over 1 million Americans back to work by 2011.


SEIA released “Solar Energy: A Blueprint for Job Creation and Economic Security,” which recommends that the new Administration and Congress embrace the following policies and programs to expand the creation of clean energy jobs in the United States:


  • Improve solar tax credits
  • Increase government procurement of solar power
  • Create tax incentives for manufacturing
  • Pass a national renewable portfolio standard with solar provisions
  • Expand and update transmission infrastructure
  • Improve access to federal lands to harness our vast solar resources
  • Create a federal clean energy bank
  • Create the office of Renewable Energy Development
  • Establish national standards for interconnection and net metering
  • Increase DOE Solar Appropriations
  • Enact climate legislation to reduce carbon emissions, stimulate solar generation


SEIA President Rhone Resch said, “President-elect Obama and the new Congress have expressed their commitment to addressing our current economic crisis.Increasing the use of solar energy will create millions of new jobs and put billions of dollars into the U.S. economy, providing a clean, reliable and domestic source of energy while providing a clean, reliable and domestic source of energy,.


“The growth of solar energy will not happen quickly enough without the right federal policies to stimulate the market and remove fundamental barriers that prevent solar from competing in the electricity marketplace.


“To stimulate this growth, the Solar Energy Industries Association is recommending to the Obama Administration and the 111th Congress a number of immediate and near-term policies to stimulate the growth of solar energy, including: improving the solar investment tax credits to ensure that they can be utilized as Congress originally intended, creating a government procurement program that deploys solar on federal buildings and lands, and establishing a national renewable portfolio standard that requires a specific amount of energy come from solar.


“We look forward to working with the new Administration and the 111th Congress to achieve these important goals for growing our economy, improving our energy independence and reducing global warming.”

SEIA Board Chairman Roger Efird of Suntech America said, “For solar energy to reach its potential as an economic engine and become an important part of our national energy portfolio, we need government leaders to continue to enact the right policies.These policies, especially in the current economic crisis, will allow companies like mine to grow and create green jobs that will reverse the trend of sending American jobs overseas. Instead, the U.S. can become a destination for international companies to find the skilled professionals they need to compete in the global renewable energy economy.”


SEIA’s will deliver the “Solar Energy: A Blueprint for Job Creation and Economic Security” to each member of President-elect Obama’s energy and economic transition teams and Congressional leadership.


SEIA is comprised of over 800 member companies that manufacture, distribute, sell, design, own, install and finance solar power plants and systems.

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“Solar Energy: A Blueprint for Job Creation and Economic Security"




About SEIA:

Solar Energy Industries Association is the national trade association of solar energy manufacturers, project developers, distributors, contractors, installers, architects, consultants and financiers. Established in 1974, SEIA works to expand the use of solar technologies in the global marketplace, strengthen research and development, remove market barriers, and improve education and outreach for solar. Learn more at



NetRight Daily: Thompson On The Economy

Fred Thompson Discusses The Economy:

A video that was picked up at showing Fred discuss the economy.


Budget Imbalance, State Welfare:

Today, President-elect Barack Obama is meeting with governors of the several states to discuss federal approaches for balancing state budgets.


The Obama Decoder - Barry's Identity Crisis:

He used to be Barry for 16 years—longer than his entire life in government. Then the identity crisis struck and he changed to Barack.


Today's cartoon comes from the latest Capitol South


Local NH Talk Radio Host Helps Bring Awareness to Domestic Violence

George Russell of the WSMN 1590 Morning Liftoff Show attended the fifth-annual Liz Claiborne Talk Radio Row to join with other Domestic Violence Awareness advocates such as Redbook and Seventeen magazines, The National Domestic Violence Hotline, Safe Horizon and other groups dedicated to bring awareness and talk openly about an issue that affects nearly one in three women at some point in their lifetime.


Russell spoke with several guests while broadcasting live this Tuesday (12/2/2008) morning from New York City during his normal 6-10AM daily broadcast time slot. Interviews with prestigious individuals such as Supreme Court Justice John M. Leventhal, Rhode Island Attorney General Patrick Lynch and National Foundation for Women Legislators President and CEO Robin Reed all spoke about state and national laws regarding Domestic Violence. Russell also spoke with parents Ann and Chris Burke of Rhode Island and Elizabeth Crecente from Texas who both have daughters which were killed by their boyfriends.


A permanent Domestic Violence link to help bring awareness to Nashua and other communities is on the website. For more information from Liz Claiborne, visit:


City of Manchester’s new Downtown Gateway Project

(The Granite Street Bridge/Widening and Exit 5 Interchange Project)


CLD Consulting Engineers, Inc, (CLD) announces the substantial completion of the Granite Street Bridge Widening Project. The associated roadway improvements are scheduled for completion in the spring of 2009. Granite Street will now serve as Downtown Manchester’s new Gateway Corridor. This project coincides with the completion by the NHDOT of the Exit 5 project, which allows for full north-south entry and exit to the F.E. Everett Turnpike (I-293) from the central portion of the City. The new operating structures will culminate over 25 years of improvements allowing access from the Turnpike to Manchester’s Downtown.


CLD will be hosting a ribbon cutting ceremony on Thursday, December 11th at 2 pm. The ceremony will be held at Jillian’s Restaurant in the Manchester Millyard (Corner of Granite and Commercial Streets). Honored speakers include Senator Judd Gregg, Governor John Lynch, Manchester Mayor Frank Guinta, NHDOT Commissioner George Campbell and Manchester Public Works Director Kevin Sheppard. This event is by invitation only but media is welcome to attend.


CLD has provided professional engineering services to communities, regional planning agencies, State and Federal agencies, and industrial and private clients throughout northern New England since 1976. We provide an extensive range of comprehensive professional services including survey, site planning, civil engineering, traffic/transportation planning, bridge/highway design, water resources engineering, environmental engineering, solid waste management, structural engineering, permitting, and construction management services including oversight and inspections.


If you would like additional information about this project, please contact Lisa Perreault, Marketing Manager, at (603) 668-8223, extension 137.



Michael Skelton

Vice President

Economic Development & Advocacy

Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce

889 Elm Street, Third Floor

ManchesterNew Hampshire 03101



Reform Jewish Movement Promotes Nothing But Nets for Chanukah

$10 Gift Provides Anti-Malaria Nets to Sudanese Refugees


WASHINGTON, DC, December 1, 2008 -- This year, as we celebrate Chanukah with family and friends, the Union for Reform Judaism (URJ) is calling on Jews across the country to take part in the Nothing But Nets campaign, which provides insecticide-treated bed nets to Sudanese refugees as part of the global fight against malaria. The Reform Movement has already raised more than $250,000 towards its goal of $500,000 and hopes by reaching out to the broader community to reach its goal within the year. Nothing But Nets provides an economical way to celebrate Chanukah and teach children about tikkun olam.


"Nothing But Nets allows parents and grandparents to teach their children the importance of saving a life by giving the gift of life," said Rabbi Marla Feldman, Director of the Commission on Social Action of Reform Judaism. "Give a gift that will markedly improve the living conditions of a family of Sudanese refugees -- and do it in honor of loved ones. A $10 holiday donation to Nothing But Nets makes the perfect gift."


Feldman noted that the Reform Movement has, for several years, encouraged families to designate one night of Chanukah for the Ner Shel Tzedakah -- the Candle of Righteousness -- Project, which encourages families to make a donation to a worthy cause instead of exchanging gifts. Past projects have included an effort to provide Chanukah gifts to less fortunate children, organized clothing drives, and Judaica donations to developing Jewish communities. This year, the Reform Movement has made it easy for givers to help their recipients understand the meaning of the gift to Nothing But Nets by providing "e-cards" and forms that can be printed and given to the recipient.


Malaria causes more than one million deaths and infects 500 million people each year worldwide, devastating societies and economies. Providing bed nets treated with insecticide to refugee camps and less fortunate areas has proven to be one of the most effective mechanisms of halting the spread of malaria in Africa, which has pulled valuable resources away from other priorities. The nets have been proven to protect entire families by reducing transmission of the disease by as much as 90%.


The Reform Movement’s Nothing But Nets initiative, in partnership with the UN Foundation, provides these bed nets to those most susceptible to malaria. Donations to the campaign go directly toward the purchase and distribution of a family bed net, as well as education about its use. Funds raised through the Reform Movement specifically assists Sudanese refugees who have crossed borders into Uganda, the Central African Republic and Chad. To purchase a net, visit