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Prescott Park Arts Festival Launches 35th Season with GREASE

Season filled with free music concerts, festivals, kids events,theatre and more!

PORTSMOUTH, NH - Prescott Park Arts Festival is preparing to launch its' 35th season on Friday, June 26. Held in Prescott Park, the festival is one of the Seacoast's most loved summer traditions with its weekly presentations of free events including music concerts, festivals, kids events, musical theatre, dance, and more.

New England's oldest and largest outdoor theatre will present Grease as part of the FairPoint Communications MainStage throughout the summer on Thursdays and Sundays at 7 PM, and Fridays and Saturdays at 8 PM, from June 26 to August 23.

37 years ago, Grease was hit Broadway and by the end of its run in 1980, it had earned the title of the longest running Broadway show in history. It has been revived and revised in New York and London's West End numerous times, because a hit film starring John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John, and most recently, the basis for a reality TV show.

"We're excited to present Grease this season," said Prescott Park Arts Festival executive director Ben Anderson, "It's famed by all types and ages, from its stereotypical hopeless romantics to the bad boys, the great humor, and of course, the addictive and incredible music."

The audience will be transported back to Rydell High where a new girl from abroad finds her summer love attends the same high school. A modest girl, she soon discovers that relationships are harder than expected. With characters like the sarcastic Rizzo, salty Kenickie, the dreamer Frenchy, the class clown Roger, and Patty the cheerleader, the musical has a funny cast to help Sandy come into her own in her new town.

The production is directed by David Kaye, Head of Acting and Directing at the University of New Hampshire's department of Theatre and Dance, and features a full cast of talented actors. Tara Jean Conway, who won a Spotlight Award for Best Actress for her role as Maria in Prescott Park's 2007 production of The Sound of Music, is performing as Sandy Dumbrowski.

"The musical has always been the signature event of the festival and an important part of the tradition," said Mr. Anderson, "Presenting Grease on our thirty-fifth anniversary is quite special for us as it was last produced in the park in 1983 as part of our tenth anniversary."


Besides Grease, the festival offers a full array of programs including music concerts, festivals, kids events, and dance.

"We have quite a few exciting musicians coming to the park this year," said Anderson, "What you can find in the park this summer is really quite exciting."

The Wednesday night concert series, now officially called the River House Restaurant Concert Series will run all summer and feature numerous international acts such as Richie Havens, July 29, and Tom Rush, July 1, in addition to numerous cutting edge acts such as The Lost Bayou Ramblers, August 27, The Waybacks, August 5, Louisiana's finest Pine Leaf Boys, July 15, and Jonathan Edwards, August 12.

The Prescott Park Arts Festival's annual music festivals including Showcase Festival (July 4), Tommy Gallant Jazz Festival (July 5), Folk Festival (July 18), Americana Festival (August 15) Rhythm & Roots Festival (August 8) and Country Festival (August 1) have also exploded with talent including such acts as Canada's top fiddler and only 20 years old Samantha Robichaud, David Bromberg, Ben Baldwin & The Big Note, Elsa Cross, The Molenes, SOLAS and many more.

"It really is incredible," exclaimed Mr. Anderson, "We're one of a kind in this country in terms of the caliber of artists we'll present this summer. Where else can you find these kinds of acts offered in such a beautiful setting with no fixed admission?"

When asked about the response around the 2009 line-up of performers, Mr. Anderson responds, "We've been receiving telephone calls from people across the country looking for more information. Most of them are asking how they can secure tickets. I tell you, there is nothing better than being able to respond that they are all free and welcome to all."

Since 1996, the Arts Festival has consistently been named by Yankee magazine as a "must see" tourist attraction. Prescott Park Arts Festival is an independent non-profit organization with a mission of serving the community with a diverse array of quality arts events accessible to all.

For more information on the festival, or to see a full schedule of events, visit or call 603-436-2848.


Daily News from the Veterans Today Network 

by Gordon Duff, Staff Writer

With the Keith Roberts hearing coming up, perhaps we should look at the mechanism that gave the government the ability to destroy veterans files, even imprison veterans who filed appeals, such as Keith Roberts.


Giving full aid and comfort to the enemies of America's veterans is the American Legion and VFW, two groups that stand, side by side with the Republican politicans and the conservative think tanks that work to eliminate veterans benefits and GI Bill enhancement.
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DNC Chairman Tim Kaine Issues Statement on Announcement That Pharmaceutical Industry Will Commit To Major Cost Reductions 

Another Key Stakeholder Buys Into President’s Efforts To Fix Health Care, Continuing To Pave The Way For Reform This Year


Washington, D.C. – Democratic National Committee Chairman Tim Kaine issued the following statement on today’s announcement that pharmaceutical companies will take steps to significantly reduce the cost of health care over the next decade:


“Today's announcement that the pharmaceutical industry has agreed to a landmark deal to reduce the costs of health care coverage is an important marker in the drive to enact comprehensive health care reform. Coming on the heels of multiple public polls that show the American people overwhelmingly support the President's principles for health care reform, including a public health insurance option, today's announcement shows that momentum is clearly behind getting meaningful reform done this year that cuts costs, expands coverage and ensures choice.”



DNC Chairman Tim Kaine Issues Statement Following Supreme Court Ruling on Voting Rights Act 

Washington, DC– Democratic National Committee Chairman Tim Kaine issued the following statement after the Supreme Court issued its decision, in an 8 to 1 ruling, to uphold a central provision of the Voting Rights Act of 1965. The provision seeks to prevent discriminatory voting changes by requiring all or parts of 16 states to get approval from the Department of Justice before changing the way elections are conducted.


“The Voting Rights Act of 1965 is one of the most powerful tools the federal government has to protect the franchise. We are delighted that the Supreme Court, one short of a unanimous decision, declined the invitation to strike down the law. The Voting Rights Act opened the polls to millions of black Americans in the mid 1960s, and today the law retains its historic importance for protecting minority rights.


“It is evident, however, that attacks on the law will not stop, nor can we expect an end to the tactics of voter suppression and intimidation that the law was designed to prevent. Democrats remain as vigilant as ever in our efforts to protect and facilitate access to the ballot, and to ensure that no American is ever denied or deterred from the right to vote.”



Statement from President Obama on Agreement to Bring Down Drug Prices for America's Seniors 

"I am pleased to announce that an agreement has been reached between Senator Max Baucus and the nation’s pharmaceutical companies that will bring down health care costs and reduce the price of prescription drugs for millions of America’s seniors. As part of the health reform legislation that I expect Congress to enact this year, pharmaceutical companies will extend discounts on prescription drugs to millions of seniors who currently are subjected to crushing out-of-pocket expenses when the yearly amounts they pay for medication fall within the “doughnut hole” any payments by seniors not covered by Medicare that fall between $2700 and $6153.75 per year. The existence of this gap in coverage has been a continuing injustice that has placed a great burden on many seniors. This deal will provide significant relief from that burden for millions of American seniors.

"The agreement by pharmaceutical companies to contribute to the health reform effort comes on the heels of the landmark pledge many health industry leaders made to me last month, when they offered to do their part to reduce health spending $2 trillion over the next decade. We are at a turning point in America’s journey toward health care reform. Key sectors of the health care industry acknowledge what American families and businesses already know - that the status quo is no longer sustainable. The agreement reached today to lower prescription drug costs for seniors will be an important part of the legislation I expect to sign into law in October. I want to commend House chairmen Henry Waxman, George Miller and Charles Rangel for addressing this issue in the health reform legislation they unveiled this week. This is a tangible example of the type of reform that will lower costs while assuring quality health care for every American."