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Battle at the VA Hospital

The Saga of Terry Soles

Posted by Jim Davis
by Barbie Perkins-Cooper

Terry Soles was a typical, all American kind of guy. Dependable, hard working and very devoted to his family. Terry was proud of his country, the United States flag, and what it represented, along with his military service.

He served in the United States Navy as a jet mechanic in Rhode Island, during the Vietnam conflict. He was the first to serve others, but when it came time for him to seek help, after his military service, the United States, and the V.A. let him down.
As a writer and the proud wife of a Vietnam Veteran, I research information about the military, especially informative material to assist Veterans in their battles with the Veterans Administration.

Recently, I discovered the heartbreaking story of Denise and Terry Soles and their devastating experiences with V.A. medical benefits and care during the illness and eventual death of Terry Soles.

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CEI - Democrats Have a Cow Over Testimony on Global Warming Topic 

The House Select Committee on Energy Independence and Global Warming held a hearing today to complain about Congress getting "fraudulent letters" opposing clean energy and climate legislation. You might think the committee would want to hear from a knowledgable witness saying - guess what! - many advocacy groups have used so-called "astroturf" tactics to lobby Congress FOR global warming tax-and-regulate plans.  But apparently the Democratic majority on the committee had a cow at the prospect of hearing from a witness bearing that message.  Or, for that manner, any witnesses picked by the Republican committee members.  CEI energy policy expert Chris Horner was originally invited to testify, but the committee chairman - Edward Markey, author of the leading global warming cap-and-trade bill that passed the House earlier this year - objected. 

Read all about it from Chris Horner himself on and on NRO's Planet Gore blog.  See also: his would-be testimony attached to the blog posts (which I am told will be entered into the Congressional Record).  Let me know if you would like to speak to Chris Horner on this topic.  I think it's pretty outrageous he's been excluded like this.  What do you think?



WNO - Video: Rep. Joe Sestak (D-PA) Calls Health Care Companies "Monopolies Dictating Prices" 


Video: Rep. Joe Sestak (D-PA) Calls Health Care Companies "Monopolies Dictating Prices"

"To work through all of this effort and to just give 40 million new customers to the health care companies that are basically monopolies dictating prices without effecting fairness in that competitive marketplace means those that have health care today aren't gonna have it tomorrow."

Who: Congressman Joe Sestak (D-PA)

What: Exclusive interview regarding health care.

When: Thursday, October 29, 2009

Sestak Soundbite #1: Public Option Is Not A Government Organization.

"We shouldn't have called it also the public option. I think the word was used yesterday, it was a consumer option. Call it something, but this is not about a government organization. This is about a company that is gonna live or die based upon those who elect to join it and their co-pays and deductibles."


Sestak Soundbite #2: Pennsylvania Health Care Concerns.

"It's just gonna give competition again to where we don't have it. For example in my state, Pennsylvania, where two health care companies have 70% of private health care plans. Until we effect fair competition, you're health care premiums are gonna go up like they have in Pennsylvania the past eight years, another hundred percent."

Length of Full Interview: 2:23

Click for full video file:


CHQ - NY-23: GOP Declares War on Conservatives 

Did you sign (and forward) our petition at, which calls on Republicans to withdraw their endorsement of liberal Republican Dede Scozzafava, and instead support conservative Doug Hoffman in the NY-23 Congressional District? If not, sign it here. More than 1,400 people have signed it so far!

Limbaugh Rips Into GOP: 'They Have a Death Wish'
WorldNetDaily - Rush Limbaugh slammed the Republican Party recently on his show for backing ultra-liberal Dede Scozzafava in the New York 23rd District special election.  Republicans are "as dangerous to this country as the Democrat Party," says Limbaugh, adding that the NY-23 race should be a wake up call for the GOP, which has gone from ignoring conservatives to outright attacking them. [Find this article at News From The Front]


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5 Messages for 'Elite' Republicans - "Conservatives are sick and tired of being taken for granted, misrepresented, and talked down to by the same 'elite' Republicans in Washington who hopelessly screwed everything up during the Bush years. Everybody knows exactly whom we're talking about here. The same snobby, elitist, stuffed shirt, squishy, poll-obsessed Country Club Republicans who went to D.C., forgot who put them there, wasted the incredible opportunity they had to change this country for the better, and are now pointing the finger at everyone except themselves for their mistakes."

Obama's Big Change: He Moves America to the Right
Washington Examiner - President Barack Obama is following-through with his campaign promise of bringing "change." To his chagrin, it's a change that more Americans are moving to the political Right.  While political affiliation with a party is at record lows, more and more independents are beginning to identify as conservatives on political issues. 

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Daily Lickskillet: Why is there a vaccine shortage?


NH House Republicans - "Stop The Spending" Presentations

Fellow Republicans:

The three presentations made at the "Stop the Spending Summit" by  Charlie Arlinghaus, John Stephen, and Steve Norton, as well as the Arlinghaus presentation to the Democrats' "Income Tax Summit" are now available on our website (  Hard copies will also be available in the House Republican Office beginning on Thursday.  The documents on the website may be download and printed.