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DontGo Movement - Message from Tea Party Sponsor 

Is the Tea Party tied to the GOP? Of course not.

In fact, that couldn't be further from the truth. The reality is, the RNC has been about as effective as a lead balloon in actually engaging the free-market minded grassroots with regards to political action. The RNC, as well as all but two Republican members of Congress, have been eerily silent over the past few weeks.

RNC Chairman Steele's office did reach out to me on Tuesday (although rumor has it that he is now denying such a conversation took place) morning and the person I spoke with asked if we would be interested in having him speak at the Chicago Tea Party. This request was, of course, at the last minute and only after national media eyes became involved.

But that was the first time the RNC had really injected itself at the national level into any part of the Tea Party Movement.

Why do we use "Silent Majority" as our national brand?

Because the vast majority of those involved in the Tea Party effort are people who have sat at home yelling at their TV's for the past few years. This is a group of folks who have gone on with their lives in attempt at the American dream, only to be shell shocked by a sudden and bold surge towards full scale socialism... and we've had enough!

Most of those involved in the Tea Party Movement do not wish to see something with RNC or DNC involvement. We do not want the failed two party structure injecting itself into this movement for political gain.

That's not to say that there aren't Republicans or Democrats involved, because we have people identify themselves as both involved all across the country.

But there is certainly no evidence whatsoever that the Tea Party Movement is some kind of orchestrated GOP effort disguising itself as non-partisan. In fact, the evidence suggests quite the opposite.

Take Chicago, for example. A hand full of local young Republicans have been trolling and following me all over the web in an attempt to attack me at every opportunity. They hunt me down on Twitter and Facebook, lashing out at me because I refused to promote their REPUBLICAN sponsored event happening later in the day on April 15th.

Indeed, the FUNDED organizations and media outlets of the left are swinging at this movement from all angles, attempting to paint this as a GOP backed effort. But the reality is that thousands of free-market minded Americans don't see it that way.

The DontGo Movement was attacked last year by these same groups who claimed that we were taking oil money (still waiting on those magical checks, BTW), and now they claim we're under the spell of the Republican Party.

What part of "we're just Americans and we're mad as hell" do they not understand?

Apr112009 - Judiciary Contact Information 

Here are the members of the Senate Judiciary:



Representatives' Hall


Sen. Reynolds (C), Sen. Lasky (VC), Sen. Houde, Sen. Roberge, Sen. Letourneau


9:00 a.m. HB 436-FN-L, relative to civil marriage and civil unions.


EXECUTIVE SESSION MAY FOLLOW ( it may be a long day for marriage)

Contact Information:

Sheila Roberge ( Republican- for traditional marriage, please call and support her stand)

83 Olde Lantern Road

Bedford, NH 03110-4816 (H) (603)472-8391

(O) None Specified



Deborah Reynolds ( Democrat - position not known)

5 Chaddarin Lane

Plymouth, NH 03264 (H) (603)536-5553

(O) (603)271-3042


Matthew Houde ( Democrat, genderless marriage supporter)

P.O. Box 66

Meriden, NH 03770 (H) (603)504-2744

(O) (603)271-2104

Bette Lasky ( Democrat, supporter of genderless marriage)

15 Masefield Road

Nashua, NH 03062 (H) (603)888-5557

(O) (603)271-2735



Robert Letourneau

30 South Avenue

Derry, NH 03038 (H) None Specified

(O) (603)271-2118

Please contact them and tell them you do not want marriage redefined.

Apr112009 - Defend Marriage at the Capitol next Week 

Marriage Rally at the Capitol!


There is a joint effort to turnout the public next Wednesday, April 15, 7:30am - 3pm at the state Capitol.


Organizations such as Americans for Freedom and Prosperity, Cornerstone Policy Research and Citizens Leadership of NH will be hosting a rally at the capitol.


This is the LAST time New Hampshire Citizens can speak to the Legislature on this bill.


Please take the time to come out and stand for marriage.


It does make a difference - in previous hearings the ratio of people present was 2:1, thats for every two pro homosexual marriage supporters there was only 1 pro traditional marriage advocate!


The Senate needs to hear and see that the majority of people in this state support one man and one woman marriage.


It's so important that you must STOP what you are doing and come and tell them that You, the person they represent, do not want marriage redefined!


Public Hearing on HB436 to be heard on


Day: Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Time: 9:am

Where: Representatives Hall


National Ballot Initiative Newsletter 

  • The NI4D journalism contest is now open.
  • If you are looking for something to write about for the journalism contest, a current issue has come to my attention. The Electronic Frontier Foundation wrote: "Again, the gulf between Candidate Obama and President Obama is striking. As a candidate, Obama ran promising a new era of government transparency and accountability, an end to the Bush DOJ's radical theories of executive power, and reform of the PATRIOT Act. But, this week, Obama's own Department Of Justice has argued that, under the PATRIOT Act, the government shall be entirely unaccountable for surveilling Americans in violation of its own laws."

    The Obama administration's policy is contrary to a recent poll, "Most want inquiry into anti-terror tactics." It's not that Obama is necessarily worse than other politicians. The point is that the situation could be resolved quickly if we had access to national ballot initiatives.
  • We lost the March Ideablob contest. However, the winner only received about 2000 votes. There are about 5800 people on this mailing list. If only half of you vote then we are certain to win in April. It's up to you. It is not enough to register your vote for NI4D. The election on NI4D will never be completed unless we can build enough momentum to bring the election to the electorate. We need funding to develop more videos, incorporate state registration data, and devise a way to process paper ballots. Please vote for National Ballot Initiatives in the Ideablob contest.
  • Join the NI4D-video special interest group. Assembling videos involves many different talents.
    • Brainstorm: help write scripts and poetry
    • Find royalty-free still images or develop new still image artwork
    • Find royalty-free music or compose original music
    • Record your voice to provide narration
    • Mix the elements into a coherent video
    • Test videos in development and provide feedback
  • Send your news submissions to
  • We always need more volunteers.
  • Donations here
Apr102009 - Tax Day Tea Parties - April 15th 

On Wednesday, April 15th, hundreds of thousands of Americans will gather on capitol steps and in town squares to let our elected officials know what we think about the current direction of our great nation.


If you have not made plans to attend one of these Tea Parties, I encourage you to visit to find out more information. Here are state links from that site to find one near you:


Alabama Alaska Arizona Arkansas California Colorado Connecticut Delaware Florida Georgia Hawaii Idaho Illinois Indiana Iowa Kansas Kentucky Louisiana Maine Maryland Massachusetts Michigan Minnesota Mississippi Missouri Montana Nebraska Nevada New Hampshire New Jersey New Mexico New York North Carolina North Dakota Ohio Oklahoma Oregon Pennsylvania Rhode Island South Carolina South Dakota Tennessee Texas Utah Vermont Virginia Washington West Virginia Wisconsin Wyoming | Washington D.C.


If you didn’t find one near you on that site, there are additional events listed at


If you are already helping with a Tea Party, but need a few more ideas, click here for some resources to help you.


Please be sure to take your still or video camera and post your perspective of the events on your website, blog, flickr, facebook, YouTube or other Internet sharing sites. And, please share the links with me by e-mail, on twitter - @markdkelly2, or via facebook so that I can let others here at Heritage and throughout Washington see what was happening. Also, please let us know how many attended your local rally.


Before you go to the Tea Party, stop by the StopSpendingOurFuture website and watch the videos, in particular the “Understanding the Crisis” video. And, be sure to enter the video competition – maybe even using Tea Party footage.


And as you look forward to Wednesday, I wanted to share a few links to information from Heritage that might prepare you to speak with friends, neighbors and co-workers before the event, or with local media at the event.

War on the American Dream: Sapping America’s Potential
Tea Party Talking Points
Who Is Going To Pay Off Obama’s Debt? Our Kids
Obama’s Doubling of National Debt in Pictures
March Employment Report: With Grim Jobs Numbers, Not the Time for a Tax and Spend Budget
The Obama Budget: Spending, Taxes, and Doubling the National Debt

You can order a free copy of the Constitution from Heritage by clicking here.

And, you may want to check out the 10-Minute Citizen for ideas about how to stay involved after the Tea Party.