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NH Commonsense - Legislative Team Forms to Negotiate Medical Marijuana Compromise 

Advocates Are Hopeful Legislators Will Strike an Effective Compromise


CONCORD, NEW HAMPSHIRE — The Senate today added three members to a "committee of conference" that will work to negotiate a compromise with Gov. John Lynch on HB 648, the medical marijuana bill. Sens. Martha Fuller Clark (D-Portsmouth), Peggy Gilmour (D-Hollis) and John Gallus (R-Berlin) will join Reps. Cindy Rosenwald (D-Nashua), Evalyn Merrick (D-Lancaster), Robert Bridgham (D-Carroll) and David Welch (R-Kingston), who were named to the committee last week.


Advocates expressed hope that the team of legislators will craft a compromise that will address Gov. Lynch's concerns without jeopardizing seriously ill patients. Many of the committee members were very involved in writing and rewriting HB 648, and all voted in favor of the bill.


The bill has now passed both chambers of the legislature, but in different forms. A vote in the House earlier this month to concur with the Senate's amendment was expected to be a simple formality, but the situation became more complex when Lynch presented lawmakers with a list of eight concerns the day before the vote. Facing a likely veto, supportive representatives felt they had no choice but to reject the Senate version and opt instead for this unique form of negotiation.


The governor's top concern appears to be whether or not patients should be allowed to cultivate medical marijuana in their homes. Matt Simon, executive director of the NH Coalition for Common Sense Marijuana Policy, said that each of the 13 medical marijuana states allow "grow your own" and that allowing patients to produce their own supply is vital to ensuring safe access. It eases the financial burden on patients with little income who could not afford to purchase marijuana from a non-profit, whose prices must cover alarm systems, rent and staff time. And states with "grow your own" provisions have reported very few instances of abuse of the system or diversion of marijuana to the illicit market. Provisions such as requiring cultivation to occur in an enclosed, locked facility can effectively balance concerns about diversion with patients' need for access.


"Qualifying patients in 13 states are permitted to cultivate their own marijuana at minimal cost to themselves and no cost to the state," Simon said.


Simon stressed that some type of distribution centers, if enacted, would be a great option for some patients, but that it would not be practical for such centers to serve all qualifying patients in the state. "For low-income patients with debilitating conditions like MS, who are struggling to maintain their quality of life over long periods of time, personal cultivation is likely to be the most sensible option available."




“House and Senate Republicans this morning called for Gov. John Lynch to veto the same-sex marriage bills so lawmakers may move on to the critical issues facing the state.”


-Union Leader, 5/21



Republicans to Lynch: Veto gay marriage bill, focus on budget
Union Leader

By Garry Rayno

May 21, 2009


CONCORD – House and Senate Republicans this morning called for Gov. John Lynch to veto the same-sex marriage bills so lawmakers may move on to the critical issues facing the state.


Republicans also called for a non-binding referendum on the same-sex marriage to go before voters in the 2010 election. New Hampshire forbids binding voter referendums.


“Now is the time to allow the citizens of New Hampshire to vote on a same-sex marriage referendum,” said Sen. Minority Leader Peter Bragdon, R-Milford.


Former House Speaker and current House assistant minority leader Gene Chandler, R-Bartlett, said the proposed budget is half a billion dollars out of balance and there is only six weeks to resolve it before the new fiscal year begins.


“However you feel about same-sex marriage it is time to move on and deal with the budget of the State of New Hampshire,” Chandler said this morning at a news conference.






Daily Grind: Audit the Fed  

Audit The Fed
The Fed's "independence" should be the least of our concerns.


Clarabelle Cow Sues Ronald McDonald
In Cass Sunstein's world, the animals are the "greater species."


ALG in the News: Peter Kaliner
ALG's own Alex Rosenwald lays it on John Murtha and other lawmakers who took money from the PMA Group, now under FBI investigation.


Daily News from the Veterans Today Network 


by Gordon Duff, Staff Writer

Over a year ago one of my friends was arrested for, what was said to be terrorism. I sometimes run with the "Neocon" crowd and this was one of those guys, a friend of President Reagan's. This was a guy who prays before breakfast and drives the speed limit.

When the "superceding indictment" was read, nothing about terrorism was in it. The charge was "money laundering" and a pile of conspiracy and obstruction charges. The real crime? He received a totally legal payment from a UN NGO (Non-Governmental Organization....the Red Cross is one of these) that may have owed money to the State Department. Read More >


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ONE - New Hampshire Chronicle clip 


Last Friday, ONE was featured on a short segment of WMUR Ch 9's show, New Hampshire Chronicle. The segment highlighted our efforts during the NH Primary and beyond.

You can view the segment here:

Thank you again for your support of ONE, and the world's poorest people.