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Khalil Nouri


"We've got a government in a box, ready to roll in." said triumphantly General Stanley McChrystal as the NATO operation spearheaded by British troops towards Marjah and Nad-Ali districts in Helmand Province last weekend.

It is measured to be the mother of all the tests, using millions of aid dollars to roll out a ready-made administration that intended to allow the Afghan government to quickly reassert its authority in an area where its representatives didn't dare set foot earlier in the week. But unfortunately a "Pandora's box" has just been opened with 12 civilian deaths and more foreseen due to Taliban using civilians as human shields.

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Says the People Will Get Their Say at the Ballot Box this November

Concord, NH - Today, the New Hampshire House defeated a constitutional amendment (CACR28) which would have allowed the people of New Hampshire to vote on the issue of gay marriage.  Commenting on the House's vote was Cornerstone-Action Director, Kevin Smith: 

"It's quite clear that this legislature is just completely out of touch with the will of the people, who want the right to have their say on the issue of gay marriage.  The bottom line though is they are going to get their say at the ballot box this November when they get to elect new officials who represent their interests and not those of the radical far-left lobby."

Smith added, "It should also be noted that New Hampshire wouldn't still be having this debate today and probably next year if Governor Lynch had just kept his word and opposed gay marriage like he said he would."




Says House Leadership is Beholden to Radical Political Ideology

Concord, NH - Today, the New Hampshire House defeated HB1644 (219-122), which would have included "unborn child" in the definition for the purposes of death caused by murder, manslaughter or homicide.  The 2010 version of this bill, which has been introduced in years past, was a result of a recent NH Supreme Court ruling which denied charges of vehicular manslaughter of an unborn child (who was given both a birth and death certificate) because New Hampshire's laws were 'anomalous'.  Commenting on the House's actions was Cornerstone-Action Director, Kevin Smith: 

"It is unconscionable that this legislature would politicize the life of an unborn child who is killed as a result of murder, manslaughter, or homicide.  Even our State's Supreme Court has said New Hampshire's laws on this matter are outdated and 'unfortunate.'  It is clear that the current House leadership is beholden to the abortion lobby and cannot see beyond their own radical ideology."  


Bass Announces Bid for New Hampshire's 2nd Congressional District 

Bass - "There is a real, growing anger across New Hampshire... And people are right to be angry - because Washington's spending is out of control."

(Peterborough, NH)- Today, former U.S. Rep. Charles F. Bass (R-NH) announced his bid for New Hampshire's 2nd Congressional District. “There is a real, growing anger across New Hampshire. A bipartisan anger that Democrat leaders in Washington simply don't get,” said Bass. “People are right to be angry, because Washington's spending is out of control, while they do nothing to support the creation of real jobs.”

“Democrats in Washington don't understand that government isn't always the answer. It is often the problem,” continued Bass. “Instead of spurring the economy by supporting private sector growth, Washington Democrats piled up mountains of unsustainable debt through a trillion dollar economic 'stimulus' package that did little to stimulate job growth - but plenty to stimulate the size of federal government.”

“Instead of learning from the failures of their so-called stimulus,' Democrats stubbornly sought to reform our healthcare system with the same ineffective, big-government approach,” continued Bass. “We've had enough of the Nancy Pelosi-Harry Reid-Barack Obama multitrillion dollar nationalization of health care, with its back-room deals, secret negotiations, and special favors for votes.”

Bass continued, “New Hampshire has had enough of Barack Obama coddling terrorists, giving the Christmas Day Bomber Miranda rights, moving Guantanamo terrorists to Illinois, and holding out an olive branch to Iranian despot Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. It's time to make national security our highest priority.”

“This is why, today, I am announcing my bid to represent the people of New Hampshire's 2nd Congressional District in Congress - to cut government spending, reduce our debt, strengthen national security, and stop the big-government health care takeover,” continued Bass. “We can do better. We can find solutions to the challenges facing our state and our nation. And we can leave a better future for our children and our grandchildren.”

Bass has also operated a successful, family-owned small business and currently serves on the Board of Managers of New England Wood Pellet, a rapidly growing manufacturer of clean burning wood pellets for residential and commercial heat and power generation. He is currently engaged as senior advisor to the CEO of Laidlaw Energy Group, a New York company engaged in the conversion of the former Fraser Pulp and Paper site in Berlin, NH to a clean woodchip-burning electric utility. He is also providing management advice to a leading company in the field of advanced bio fuels, and he is an advisor to Berwind Private Equity, headquartered in Harvard, MA.

“When I left office in 2006, I went back to the private sector. I know what it's like to build and grow a small business, to make payroll and create jobs. I know from experience that small businesses are the backbone of our economy and that our leaders in Washington should be doing everything they can to support them,” continued Bass. “It's time we had more leaders in Washington who know the economic realities facing small business owners. Leaders who know that we need government to cut taxes, eliminate bureaucratic red tape, and create an economic environment that will encourage investment.”

“These are serious times, and our families and small businesses face challenges that call for serious solutions. The people of New Hampshire deserve real leadership in Washington, not more empty election year rhetoric and political gimmicks,” concluded Bass.

Bass maintains his residence in Peterborough, NH with his wife, Lisa and their two children, Lucy and Jonathan.



NHDP - Responds to Charlie Bass's Announcement 

New Hampshire Democratic Party Chair Ray Buckley issued the following statement after Charlie Bass announced he will run for Congress in New Hampshire's 2nd district:

"Granite Staters sent Charlie Bass and his Washington ways packing back in 2006 because he became the poster boy for reckless spending and skyrocketing deficits in Washington.  He shouldn't expect 2010 to produce different results regardless of how hard Republican insiders try to force his candidacy upon us." 
"The last thing we need right now is to go back to the policies that Bass's record represents.  Charlie's call for a u-turn to those failed policies shows how grossly out of touch he is with the need to move our country forward and get our economy back on track. While Bass fails to understand that, he should expect Granite Staters to send him the message loud and clear this November when they reject his re-run candidacy."

From the day Bass was sworn into office to the day he left office, the debt increased almost $3.88 trillion.  []

Bass Voted For FY 2005 Budget that Increased the Debt by $690 Billion. In 2004, Bass voted in favor of the FY 2005 Budget Resolution that increased the public debt limit by $690 billion. The measure passed 216-213. [CQ House Action Reports, "The Budget Agreement," 5/19/04; USA Today, 5/20/04; SCR 95, Vote #198, 5/19/04]

Bass Voted for FY 2007 Budget that Added Hundreds of Billions to Deficit, Hurt Working Families. In 2006, Bass voted in favor of a $2.8 trillion budget that was fiscally reckless and harmful for America's working families. The budget added hundred of billions to the already record budget deficit and includes a provision to increase the debt limit by $653 billion to $9.6 trillion. It cut key programs like education, health, and veterans programs. The budget included a projected deficit for 2006 of $372 billion, and a deficit for 2007 of $348 billion. By 2011, the deficit could total $1.1 trillion. The budget resolution contained no plans to balance the budget, and the Republican policies would have made the deficit grow by $410 billion over five years. The bill passed 218-210. [House Budget Committee, Minority Staff Analysis of the FY 07 Budget; HCR 376, Vote #158, 5/18/06]
The Deficit Exploded Under Bush. Although President Bush had hoped to preside over a deficit reduction in his last year in office, the New York Times reported that the FY2009 budget he sent to Congress in February of 2008 would raise the federal deficit by nearly $250 billion - bringing it to $410 billion in 2008, up from $162 billion the year before. [New York Times, 2/05/08]
In 2007, the Washington Post reported that Bush "inherited a budget surplus when he took office, but it disappeared amid a recession, the 2001 terrorist attacks, and his massive tax-cutting program. By 2004, the deficit had soared to $413 billion...but it fell to $248 billion [in 2006]." [Washington Post, 10/16/07]
Bass has called for a policy "u-turn" that would take our country back to the 8 years of failed Bush economic policies that got our economy into this mess in the first place. [Roll Call, 12/4/2009]
Republican Party insiders in Washington have been lining up behind Bass in an attempt to force his candidacy on voters in New Hampshire.  Not only have numerous establishment insiders and members of Congress reportedly supported Bass's campaign financially, but the party boss in charge of the House Republican Caucus's campaign arm is also supporting Bass. [Roll Call, 1/19/2010]