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Daily Grind: MSNBC Barf Bag TV 

MSNBC has shamelessly dropped all pretense of functioning as a legitimate purveyor of serious broadcast/cable news.


Editorial: The SCHIP of State
In 2007, they attempted to redraw the boundaries of the entire nation. Now, they're getting ready to redefine the boundaries of life and death.


ALG Research Weekly Update
The two Obama nominees of the week include the White House Director of Urban Affairs and the White House Special Advisor on the Council on Environmental Quality.


ALG in the News: Stop Reid's ObamaCare 'by any legislative means necessary
The Washington Examiner features ALG Senior News Editor's latest Op-Ed.



NRCC - Carol Shea-Porter's Idea of Fiscal Responsibility: White House Ratchets Up Deficit Projection by $2 Trillion 

Yet Another Hit Delivered to Democrats’ Big-Spending Agenda


Washington- Carol Shea-Porter will surely be backpedaling today as yet another vote for her party’s ongoing government spending spree has come back to bite her. Shea-Porter, who voted in favor of her party’s egregious and bloated federal budget, is now on the hook for an additional $2 trillion as the White House attempts to quietly ratchet up its deficit projections in the midst of a slow August news cycle.


“As was reported last week, the Obama administration announced today that it has revised its 10-year cumulative budget deficit projection to around $9.051 trillion, up from its February projection of $7.1 trillion.


“Administration officials said Monday that these numbers put their projection in line with the Congressional Budget Office’s June projection. These out-year deficits are about 4 percent of GDP, which the administration says is ‘higher than desirable.’” (Karen Travers, “White House: Budget Deficit Will Be $2 Trillion Higher than Projected,” ABC News, 8/25/09)


Was this what Shea-Porter had in mind just a few short months ago when she cast her vote in favor of yet another one of President Obama’s and Speaker Pelosi’s runaway spending plans? After Shea-Porter supported the Democrats’ budget in April, she boldly bragged that she had helped strengthen a struggling economy:


“‘This budget provides an honest assessment of our nation’s economic outlook and makes responsible investments in health care, education, and energy,’ Shea-Porter continued. ‘In order to put our country back on the path toward economic prosperity, we must make smart, broad investments now.’” (Press Release, 4/3/09)


“Did Carol Shea-Porter recklessly misjudge the economy to the tune of two trillion dollars of deficit or was she simply duped by her party bosses into voting for a budget that they couldn’t pay for?” said NRCC Communications Director Ken Spain. “Two trillion might not seem like much to someone as out-of-touch as Carol Shea-Porter, but the New Hampshire families who will be stuck paying down that deficit would probably prefer to disagree. Shea-Porter owes an explanation to the folks back home as to why she put a nine trillion dollar deficit on the backs of their children and grandchildren.”


Unfortunately for New Hampshire families, it looks like they’ll be stuck paying down Carol Shea-Porter’s reckless budget vote for a long time to come.



CEI - EPA scandal, again 

EPA May Ax Key Internal Review Office After Whistleblower Incident


Report Suppressed by EPA Showed Agency Disregarded New Climate Research


Washington, D.C., August 24, 2009—.Following a whistleblower report that criticized a global warming rule, the Environmental Protection Agency is reportedly considering shutting down the agency office in which the critical report originated.


Dr. Alan Carlin, the senior analyst whose report EPA unsuccessfully tried to bury, worked in EPA’s National Center for Environmental Economics (NCEE). According to a story in last Friday’s Inside EPA, the agency is now considering shutting that office down.


CEI General Counsel Sam Kazman was sharply critical of the proposed EPA move.


“Economists are the most likely professionals within EPA to examine the real-world effects of its policies,” said Kazman. “For this reason, the NCEE is a restraining force on the agency’s out-of-this-world regulatory ambitions. EPA would love to get that office out of the way, especially since it has within it civil servants like Dr. Carlin, who are willing to expose the truth about EPA’s plan to restrict energy use in the name of global warming.”


Carlin’s study found that EPA failed to consider recent science data showing that global warming is not the problem the Administration claims. For example, the study found that ocean cycles, rather than anthropogenic carbon dioxide, appear to be the single best explanation of global temperature variations.


Find out more about the suppressed EPA report.


Read CEI’s Comments on "Charting the Course for Ocean Science" submitted to the Office of Science and Technology Policy.


Read more on global warming and energy policy at



NetRIght Daily: August Recess Continues On 

The Free Market as Regulator: Since the bailouts last fall, lawmakers have been behaving as quasi-owners of the bailed-out banks and businesses, leading to calls for increased regulation of executive compensation and other wasteful expenditures. We have heard much about bonuses and executive pay packages that sound more like lottery winnings than an honest salary.


MSNBC: Barf Bag TV: Showing a carefully cropped shot of an armed protestor outside an Obama rally in Phoenix, Arizona, Brewer, Ratigan, and "Toure" proceeded to use the man as an example of the rampant white racism that threatens the very life of our first black President. The more they talked, the more they frothed. And, they soon became downright hysterical.


The SCHIP of State: Just how far will the politicians in Washington go to distort and pervert America's health care system? If their dubious manipulation of the SCHIP children's health insurance bill is any indication, the answer may be "to the ends of the earth."


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CHQ - Backlash Against Boycott of Glenn Beck 

Backlash Against Boycott of Glenn Beck
Newsmax - "A left-wing group's effort to intimidate corporate advertisers on Fox News' Glenn Beck show appears to be backfiring as it triggers a wave of support from grass-roots fans rushing to defend the popular TV personality from the attacks." [Find the Article at News From the Front]


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