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CONCORD – The New Hampshire Republican State Committee today released a new web video highlighting Congresswoman Carol Shea-Porter’s flip-flop on the war in Afghanistan. Facing increasing pressure from the radical left wing of her party, Ms. Shea-Porter this week announced that she is “inclined” to drop her long-held support for a troop surge in Afghanistan (Concord Monitor, 12/4/09).

 “During her 2006 and 2008 campaigns Congresswoman Shea-Porter repeatedly stated that we must redeploy troops to Afghanistan to win the war and destroy the terrorists that threaten our national security. Now she says that she’s ‘inclined’ to oppose the very same war strategy that she once championed,” said NHGOP Communications Director Ryan Williams. “This is just another indication that during her three years in Congress, Carol Shea-Porter has evolved into a double-talking, finger-in-the-wind, Washington politician.”




US House Republican Whip Picks Frank Guinta for NH 1st Congressional District

Manchester, NH – The momentum for Frank Guinta’s bid for Congress representing New Hampshire’s 1st District continues to grow with today’s announcement of support from Virginia Congressman Eric Cantor.  Congressman Cantor, who serves as Republican Whip in the US House, is a known proponent of common sense reforms without increased federal spending.  He and Guinta share similar views on the topics of healthcare and job creation.

 “It will take support and assistance from many people for us to achieve our goal of winning this seat and bringing some common sense and accountability to back to Washington,” Guinta said.  “I am thrilled to receive this early support from Congressman Cantor--a gentlemen who has continually fought for fiscal responsibility in Washington.  We think very much alike and I look forward to working with him and his colleagues in Congress,” Guinta said.

 “"I am proud to support New Hampshire's Frank Guinta in his effort to come to Congress.  We need more Representatives who focus first on the people they represent.  Mayor Frank Guinta has been a watchdog of the taxpayer’s money and I look forward to working with him to do the same here in Congress." Congressman Eric Cantor, (R-VA) Republican Whip.

This latest announcement of support comes on the heels of the release of the latest 50 additions to Frank’s County Co-Caption Team, which now stands at more than 250 members.

 “What we are seeing with this amazing early response from individuals looking to jump on our team, is support not just for our campaign, but for our ideals.  We need to stop spending future generations into debt, we need to reform healthcare in a way that will actually reduce costs and help people, we need to create new jobs and reduce the over burden of taxes on small businesses. This support comes from frustration that things need to change and I will continue to talk about how we can do that throughout the next 11 months,” Guinta said.



NRCC - With Unemployment Still at Double Digits, New Hampshirites Are Growing Tired of Asking Carol Shea-Porter

Democrats’ Economic Policies Fail While Small Businesses are Ignored

Washington- After consecutive months of increasingly startling unemployment numbers, Carol Shea-Porter's stimulus is undoubtedly a failure. Since the passing of the Democrats’ trillion dollar stimulus, New Hampshirites have seen the economy plummet and national unemployment reach double-digits for the first time since 1983.  Funding that was promised to go to small businesses – the engine of the economy – has been spent on the Democrats’ big-government policies. After continuously spewing false rhetoric and empty promises that the stimulus is working, Carol Shea-Porter and her party bosses are now forced to deal with the grim economic situation that they have created as national unemployment sits at 10 percent. And despite the first stimulus being a failure, Democrats are making plans for another massive stimulus bill. As national unemployment remains in double digits, New Hampshire families are stuck asking: Where are the jobs?

 “The unemployment rate unexpectedly fell to 10 percent in November as employers cut the smallest number of jobs since the recession began. The better-than-expected job figures are a rare note of encouraging news for the labor market.

“Still, the respite may be temporary. Many economists expect the unemployment rate to climb into next year as the economy struggles to generate enough jobs for the 15.4 million people out of work.” (Christopher Rugaber, “Nov. jobless rate falls to 10 pct., 11K job cuts,” Associated Press, 12/4/09)

As Democrats continue to spend, the private sector is suffering under their big-government agenda:

 “Private-sector firms in the U.S. eliminated 169,000 jobs in November, according to the ADP employment report released WednesdayThe private-sector has shed jobs for 22 months in a row.” (Rex Nutting, “Private-sector jobs fall 169,000 in November, ADP says,” MarketWatch, 12/02/2009)

 “Economic confidence among America's small business owners plummeted in November, as more owners cited serious concerns about cash flow and saw economic conditions for their own businesses getting worse. The Discover Small Business Watch index fell 12 points in November to 76.5 from 88.5 in October.” (“Discover Small Business Watch,” Rasmussen Reports, 12/01/2009)

 “Given Carol Shea-Porter's eagerness to appease her party bosses and waste taxpayer money, New Hampshire families can be assured that she is ready and willing to sign off on the next round of wasteful government spending disguised as ‘stimulus,’” said NRCC Communications Director Ken Spain. “Shea-Porter continues to push the same big-spending and anti-jobs agenda that has driven the economy into the ground. Apparently, already wasting billions of New Hampshire taxpayer dollars isn’t enough to satisfy her thirst for failed spending sprees that stifle economic growth. How much more will New Hampshire's economy have to suffer before Shea-Porter finally pushes policies that promote jobs rather than destroying them?”

Small Businesses Hit Hard in November; Morale Low:

 52 percent of owners say they have experienced cash flow issues in the past 90 days, up from 44 percent in October.

53 percent of small business owners see conditions getting worse in the next six months, up from 43 percent in October; while 19 percent report that conditions are improving, a sharp decline from 29 percent in October; 23 percent see conditions as the same, and 5 percent weren't sure.

62 percent of small business owners rate the economy as poor, an increase from 55 percent in October; 30 percent rate it as fair, and 8 percent say it is good or excellent

53 percent of small business owners think the overall economy is getting worse, up from 44 percent in October but still significantly lower than the 69 percent of owners who felt that way in February 2009, the last time the Watch index was this low. (“Discover Small Business Watch,” Rasmussen Reports, 12/01/2009) 


NetRight Daily: Today's Top News on NRN

Bernanke Should Not Be Re-Confirmed:  Yesterday, Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke began his confirmation hearings for a second term as the nation;s central bank head. The opportunity has now presented itself for Bernanke's supporters to evaluate its monetary policy with a hindsight view of the financial crisis of 2007 and 2008 to see how well he responded in light of what was touted as the worst crisis since the Great Depression.

The Jarrett Chronicles:  Corruption - The Chicago Way:  Check out this five part series on Valerie Jarrett that was just released from the Americans for Limited Government Research Department.

Hot Earthers and the Era of the Post-Credible:  An article published last year by current EPA Administrator Lisa Heinzerling reveals a startling shift in strategy by those arguing for significant policy changes based on the now—discredited "science" of anthropogenic (human-caused) global warming.

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CHQ - Join American Thinker Readers in Polling Senators on Climategate

Lee Cary: AT Readers Asked to Poll Senators on Climategate

American Thinker and Conservative HQ readers are invited to poll their U.S. Senators concerning their reactions to Climategate.

Recently, AT contacted the press offices of GOP Senators DeMint, Graham, McConnell, Hutchison, and McCain and posted their statements, or more accurately their absence of statements, on Climategate.  A posting of Senator Thune's position is awaiting the transcript of an audio tape his press office submitted to AT wherein Thune was the first Senator we've queried to date who has addressed the issue. He said that the "the advocates of climate change suppressing dissenting opinions" is "inexcusable."  More from Thune's statement will be posted as soon as the transcript is available.

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