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President Obama Announces More Than $31.5 Million in Medicaid Relief from ARRA for New Hampshire 

Federal Medical Assistance Percentage (FMAP) funding available for states on Wednesday in special Treasury accounts


President Barack Obama announced this morning in a meeting with the Nation’s Governors that states will be able to access the first two quarters of Federal Medical Assistance Percentage funding (FMAP) – the federal match for Medicaid – starting this Wednesday, February 25. FMAP funding helps pay for health care for the families hit hard by the economic crisis and some of the nation’s most vulnerable citizens. More than 49 million Americans rely on Medicaid for health care coverage and this funding could help 20 million more Americans get covered.


New Hampshire will be eligible for $31,531,287 under the bill. A chart detailing funding by state can be found HERE.


“This plan will also help ensure that you don’t need to make cuts to essential services Americans rely on now more than ever,” the President told the Nation’s Governors in a meeting at the White House this morning. “To show you we’re serious about putting this recovery plan into action swiftly, I am announcing today that this Wednesday, our administration will begin distributing more than $15 billion in federal assistance under the Recovery Act to help you cover the costs of your Medicaid programs.”


"That means that by the time most of you get home, money will be waiting to help 20 million vulnerable Americans in your states get health coverage. Children with asthma will be able to breathe easier, seniors won’t need to fear losing their doctors, and pregnant women with limited means won’t need to worry about the health of their babies.”


Beginning Wednesday, February 25, the first installment of more than $15 billion included in the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act will be available to States.


The first two quarters of FY 2009 funding for states has been set up in special Treasury accounts so that states, the District of Columbia, and the territories can start drawing down on those funds. This special, temporary increase in funding will be administered by the Department of Health and Human Services’ Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS).


States will need to meet Medicaid eligibility requirements outlined in the law to receive the new funding. CMS will be working with the States to ensure they meet the requirements as long as they wish to access the increased in Medicaid funding.


THE WHITE HOUSE, February 23, 2009.


NetRight Daily: Stop the Bailouts! 

Today we launched Stop Bailouts where we have the following petition:


Whereas, the United States Congress has otherwise appropriated, committed, borrowed, and printed some $10 trillion throughout 2008 and into 2009 over and above the regular budget, and


Whereas the bulk of these funds have been used to “bailout” or otherwise subsidize banks, financial firms, delinquent homeowners, and other institutions, and


Whereas, all of this record-setting expenditure has been borrowed funds not otherwise available to the Treasury of the United States, and


Where, the conditions leading to the current financial crisis were created by government and are a direct result of 15 years of flawed fiscal, monetary and social policy,


Now therefore, we the undersigned citizens of the United States do hereby call on Congress to take the following immediate actions:


1. Insist that all funds expended or committed by any agency or authorized agent of the United States be subject to a public vote of the elected Congress.


2. Undertake an immediate investigation of exactly how all funds have been spent, to whom the Federal Reserve has issued loans and the terms of such loans, and otherwise make the entire process of the financial bailout completely transparent.


3. Block all moves by the Obama Administration to hand homeowners of mortgages in default or near default a reduction in principle of the amount of the mortgage.


4. Bring an immediate end to the bailout and subsidies for firms and individuals who have made bad decisions and allow market forces to find the appropriate price level of housing and securities to enable the market to again function.


Click here to sign the petition!


Here are today's top stories on NetRight Nation and other relevant information:


The Keynesian-Krugman Problem of War: As most of us have heard, there is an ongoing debate about Keynesian economics and whether it is a good idea for the government to run deficits pursuing fiscal stimuli.


Bankruptcy Cram Down a Hardshell: An Obama Administration proposal to cram down mortgages—which would allow bankruptcy judges to reduce the amount of mortgages—could be voted upon as early as this week, according to the February 20th edition of the Washington Post.


Quote of the Day: "You cannot legislate the poor into freedom by legislating the wealthy out of freedom. What one person receives without working for, another person must work for without receiving..."


The cartoon of the day is from Robbing the Community Chest:



DNC - Announces Brad Woodhouse as New Communications Director 

Washington, DC - The Democratic National Committee today announced that Brad Woodhouse will re-join the DNC as Communications Director where he will oversee both the communications and research departments. During the 2008 presidential election, Woodhouse served as a senior advisor to the DNC while on leave from Americans United for Change -- an advocacy group he has led since February 2007. After four years, current Communications Director Karen Finney will leave the DNC for the private sector where she will start her own consulting business.

"I'm excited to welcome Brad Woodhouse back to the DNC. Brad is already one of the most highly-respected communications professionals in politics today and will be an indispensable part of our team as we work to promote President Obama's agenda for change," said DNC Executive Director Jen O'Malley Dillon. "I also want to thank Karen Finney for her outstanding service to the Democratic Party. Not only was Karen an integral part of Gov. Dean's efforts to rebuild our Party, but she's been extremely helpful to us here during the transition and we wish her the best of luck as she takes on new challenges."

"Im so proud of the work we've done over the past four years at the DNC and so grateful to have been a part of getting our party and country back on the right track," said outgoing DNC Communications Director Karen Finney. "I'm also thrilled to turn the reigns over to my friend Brad Woodhouse. Having worked closely with Brad over the years, I know he will be a strong advocate for President Obama's agenda and a fantastic leader for our Party. He is the consummate professional and a creative and strong voice in Democratic politics. I wish him the best and know he will be a tremendous asset to Chairman Kaine and the DNC."

"I'm honored to be joining Governor Kaine, Jen O'Malley Dillon and the tremendous team they are putting together at the DNC to help promote President Obama's agenda for change," said incoming DNC Communications Director Brad Woodhouse. "Being part of an organization that will not only concern itself with politics and elections - but with promoting the change Americans voted for in November was enough to convince me to leave a job I love for this tremendous opportunity. Of course, in Karen Finney's, I'll have tremendous shoes to fill and I am grateful to her for the trail she has blazed for me as I start this new chapter in my life."

Brad Woodhouse, Democratic National Committee Communications Director

Brad Woodhouse is a leading Democratic strategist and president of Americans United for Change, a position he has held since February of 2007. Most recently, while on a leave of absence from Americans United, Mr. Woodhouse worked for the presidential campaign of Barack Obama as a senior advisor to the Democratic National Committee where he also served as a surrogate for the campaign.

Americans United for Change has worked on key initiatives including protecting Social Security from efforts to privatize the program, increasing the minimum wage, re-authorizing and expanding the State Children's Health Insurance Program, improving the ability of workers to form unions and pushing for a safe and responsible end to the war in Iraq.

Prior to becoming president, Mr. Woodhouse served as communications director for Americans United and the national campaign that defeated President Bush's plan to privatize Social Security in 2005. During this time Mr. Woodhouse was also a political consultant with Hildebrand-Tewes Consulting. Before joining Americans United, Mr. Woodhouse served as an advisor to and spokesperson for then U.S. Senator Jon Corzine (D-NJ) and prior to that as the communications director for the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee. Mr. Woodhouse has also worked for a host of other candidates and causes including former White House Chief of Staff Erskine Bowles' (D-NC) 2002 bid for the U.S. Senate, former North Carolina Governor Jim Hunt and U.S. Representative Bob Etheridge (D-NC).


SEIU - Granite Staters Ready for Leadership on Health Care Reform 

CONCORD, NH - This Tuesday, Health Care Voters will gather with friends and family for President Obama's first address. They anticipate that President Obama will lay out a road map for getting our economy back on track and creating a health care system that provides all Americans with access to quality affordable health care.


WHO: Health Care Voters and Granite Staters


WHAT: Watch parties for President Obama's first address to a joint session of



WHERE: Betty Ward's Home

95 East Side Drive



State Employees' Association

105 North State Street



Bob Day's Home

14 Waterthorn Road


WHEN: Tuesday, February 24, 2009

8:30 PM



New Hampshire for Health Care is a grassroots organization made up of 80,000 Health Care Voters across the state who are pushing to create a health care system that provides quality, affordable care for all Americans.


Change That Works is a new state-by-state effort by the two-million member Service Employees International Union to bring economic relief to millions across the country, help fix the nation's broken health care system and guarantee workers can freely decide whether to join with their coworkers in a union. For more information, please visit






Seacoast for Change Will Highlight Opportunities To Support Inclusive Policies, Serve The Seacoast Community

_ _ _ _

Organizers and volunteers from the Seacoast for Change Grassroots Network will meet on Wednesday, February 25 to share news and collect feedback about upcoming opportunities to make a difference in the Seacoast community and beyond. Guest speakers will include:

-- Israel Pierre, Seacoast area Field Organizer for NH for Health Care and the Change That Works campaign;

-- Karen Marzloff of Seacoast Local will talk about the potential to partner with Seacoast for Change on sustainability and community issues;

-- Robin Albert, Director of the United Way of the Greater Seacoast Volunteer Action Center, will discuss planning and participating in local community service projects;

-- NH Democratic Party staff will talk about what's at stake in the 2010 election, and how the grassroots action community can help shape the outcome.

Seacoast for Change organizers will also announce details of upcoming "Meet Your Legislators" events in Portsmouth, and plans for a series of community forums on women and working families in the NH economy.

Date & Time: Wednesday, February 25, 6:30-8:30 PM
Location: 104 Richards Avenue, Portsmouth NH

The event is free and open to the public, but an RSVP is requested: call 603.479.7217 or email



Seacoast for Change is a locally-grown, community-centered, 100% grassroots network for people who want to join together and work for change in New Hampshire's Seacoast region and beyond. Inspired by President Obama's call to civic responsibility and service to the greater good, our volunteers organize events and activities to connect members of the concerned community and promote purposeful collective action. For more information or to join our mailing list, email or visit our blog at


Daily Grind: Stop Geithner from Robbing the Community Chest! 

Robbing the Community Chest
Geithner's $2.8 trillion bank bailout robs from the taxpayer to give to banks.


Editorial: Bankruptcy Cram Down a Hard Sell
President Obama's mortgage-bankruptcy plan forces taxpayers to take responsibility for the irresponsible.


Lobbying for Labor
The Senate should place a hold on Hilda Solis' Labor Secretary nomination until the House Ethics Panel determines if she violated ethics rules or not.


Understanding the Government Stimulus Bill
Government tries to pour water from the deep end of the pool into the shallow end in a fruitless waste of productivity.