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NRCC - After a Crushing Loss in Massachusetts, Will Shea-Porter Fold on Healthcare?

Referendum on Healthcare Spells Trouble for Carol Shea-Porter's Re-Election Hopes

Washington- A win for Massachusetts Republican Scott Brown in the country’s bluest state is sending shivers down Democrats’ spines. Brown’s defeat of Democrat Martha Coakley is a clear reflection of the public’s dissatisfaction with the Democrats’ sweeping government healthcare takeover, proving that the Obama-Pelosi agenda is exceedingly unpopular even in the state once represented by Ted Kennedy. This result should serve as a stark warning for Carol Shea-Porter and other Democrat lap dogs that have supported Nancy Pelosi’s government-run healthcare overhaul: Your seat is no longer safe.

      "’Even in liberal Massachusetts, most voters are opposed to it,’ said Tom Jensen, director of Public Policy Polling, a Democratic pollster in Raleigh, N.C., who has conducted polls in that state and others on health care. "If it's not popular in Massachusetts, it's really not popular anywhere." (Janet Adamy & Naftali Bendavid, “Massachusetts Race Now Key to Health Bill,” Wall Street Journal, 1/18/2010)

      “He said Democrats have learned a crucial lesson: that even in very blue states, Democrats should expect a ‘volatile’ environment with a ‘tough’ electorate — and ‘you can’t afford not to be aggressive.’” (Manu Raju, Jonathan Martin and John Bresnahan, “Finger-pointing begins for Democratic insiders,” Politico, 1/19/2010)

     “’My message to my clients? Jump ship now,’ said one Democratic operative who advises a number of targeted Members of Congress. ‘Obama can't help you.’” (Chris Cillizza, “Scott Brown wins Massachusetts Senate special election race,” Washington Post, 1/20/2010)

Over the past few months, polling has consistently shown that support for Democrats and their healthcare overhaul is sagging.

     “The latest Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey shows that just 38% of voters nationwide favor the health care reform plan proposed by President Obama and congressional Democrats. That matches the lowest level of support yet. Fifty-six percent (56%) of voters oppose the plan.” (“Health Care Reform” Rasmussen Reports, 1/18/2010)

     The polling so far for red district Democrats has been uniformly atrocious… If you look at the RCP average, you see a sea of red markings showing Republicans leading the generic ballot test. It isn’t just Rasmussen Reports: CNN, Battleground, Bloomberg, and Gallup have all measured the GOP ahead in the generic ballot in the past few months.” (Sean Trende, “The House Is Very Much In Play,” Real Clear Politics, 1/19/2010)

Despite the writing on the wall, Pelosi remains adamant on pushing her reckless healthcare bill through Congress.

      ‘’Let’s remove all doubt,’ she added. ‘We will have health care one way or another.’” (Domenico Montanaro, “Congress: A speedy vote?,” MSNBC, 1/19/2009)    

      “With the cards stacked against her, Carol Shea-Porter's re-election campaign is going to make the Massachusetts special election look like a walk in the park,” said NRCC Communications Director Ken Spain. “After serving as a consummate lap dog for Nancy Pelosi and her reckless healthcare bill, Shea-Porter has put herself in political jeopardy. The Democrats’ big-government, big-spending policies cost them a Senate seat in Massachusetts, now the question is: Will it cost Shea-Porter her own?”

With her job on the line, will Carol Shea-Porter fold on healthcare or will she continue to push herself out of office by being the lap dog New Hampshire families know him to be?



NHDP - Republican Insiders in Washington Line Up to Force Rejected Former Congressman's Candidacy on Voters 

While Showing a Blatant Disregard for Granite Staters, Republican Insiders in Washington Line Up to Force Rejected Former Congressman's Candidacy on Voters

Concord -- Republicans clearly don't have a clue when it comes to New Hampshire and the latest example comes from yet another news report.  According to a story written in the Washington publication Roll Call, national Republicans are surprisingly excited about rejected former Congressman Charlie Bass and his re-run candidacy in the 2nd Congressional district.  What Republicans are failing to recognize, however, is that by trying to force one of their own establishment insiders down the throats of Granite State voters, they're simultaneously blatantly disregarding the traditionally independent nature of Granite State voters.  
Even more disturbing is the fact that Bass has already stated it's time to make a "u-turn" and go back to the George Bush economic policies that got our economy into this mess in the first place.  As a result, don't be surprised when you see this "strategy" back fire this November.
"With each passing day it has become more and more obvious that Republican insiders in Washington just don't get it.  Not only are they blatantly ignoring the fact that Bass's record has already been rejected by Granite State voters who were fed up with his fiscally irresponsible record, but now they're trying to force Bass's candidacy upon voters who notoriously pride themselves on their independence," said Derek Richer, Press Secretary for the New Hampshire State Democratic Party.
"If there was any doubt about how grossly out of touch Republicans are when it comes to Granite Staters this latest escapade should erase them immediately," said Richer.  "The fact is that the reckless spending and skyrocketing deficits that Republicans in Washington came to epitomize lead to Bass's demise in 2006. Couple that with his desire to go back to the same failed Bush policies that got our economy into this mess in the first place and it's easy to conclude that these tactics will translate into similar results this November."
Republican Party insiders in Washington are lining up behind Bass and are trying to force his candidacy on voters in New Hampshire's 2nd District.  Not only have numerous establishment insiders and members of Congress reportedly supported Bass's campaign financially, but the party boss in charge of the House Republican Caucus's campaign arm is also supporting Bass. [Roll Call, 1/19/2010]
Bass has called for a policy "u-turn" that would take our country back to 8 years wroth of failed Bush economic policies that got our economy into this mess in the first place. [Roll Call, 12/4/2009]


Daily News from the Veterans Today Network 

Governance Crisis

We have leadership problems all over the place in this country. Why?

by Tom Barnes, Staff Writer

Leadership ProblemsIn today's Sphere blog we have a solid article entitled Opinion: Enough Change to Believe In? which more or less takes on the Obama Administration for being likable but mostly ineffective relative to getting progressive causes passed into workable legislation for the good of the people.

These articles that I post here today for your slow and steady perusal show the clear demarcation line that now exists for all Americans between electing politicians we are comfortable having in leadership positions and those that we actually need to have in leadership positions in order to achieve progressive populist goals.

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The Massachusetts election should be a lesson to politicians who wish to tamper with established law for short-term political advantage, writes John Steele Gordon. Read “The Virtues of Leaving Well Enough Alone,” exclusive to the Commentary blog.


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CHQ - Massachusetts Senate Vote is a Victory for New Conservative Leaders

Richard Viguerie: Massachusetts Senate Vote is a Victory for New Conservative Leaders; Big Government Republicans should not take comfort -- they will be next

 (Manassas, VA) - The following is a statement by Richard A. Viguerie, Chairman of, regarding the results of the special election for U.S. Senator in Massachusetts:

"Scott Brown's election to the Senate is another example of the energy and passion that has been brought to the Republican Party in the past year by new conservative leaders.

"Brown's victory would not have happened without the leadership of Tea Party activists, talk show hosts, bloggers, and others using the Internet.  These new conservative leaders are forcing backbone and spine into the old and tired Republican Party leaders, who in early 2009 were afraid to publicly disagree with or challenge President Obama and his agenda.

"This conservative Republican Senate victory in Massachusetts would not have been possible 25 years ago before the new and alternative media--talk radio, cable TV, Internet, bloggers, etc.

"The next battleground for these new conservative leaders against the establishment big-government politicians will be in Republican and Democratic primaries.  These new conservative leaders are gearing up to challenge the political establishment regardless of party."