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SBA - Luncheon to be held Honoring 2009 SBA Award Winners

The U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) will honor their 2009 “Small Business Week” award winners at a luncheon to be held on June 3, 2009 at C.R. Sparks in Bedford. The luncheon will be hosted by the NH Small Business Development Center (NH SBDC). The winners are as follows:



NH Small Business Persons of the Year:

Dr. George Korn & Joyce Korn, Co-owners

Safeway Training and Transportation Services, Inc.

Newton Junction


NH Young Entrepreneur of the Year:

Melissa Page, Owner

Melissa Page Cosmetics, Manchester


NH Woman Business Owner of the Year:

Glenda Godshall, President

Nashua Nutrition, Nashua


NH Jeffrey H. Butland Family-Owned Business of the Year:

Debbie Frawley Drake, President

Lakes Region Linen, Laconia


Veteran Small Business Champion of the Year:

James E. Goss, Executive Director

NH Committee of Employer Support of the Guard & Reserve, Concord


NH Small Business Journalist of the Year:

Jeremiah Turner, Business Editor

Foster’s Daily Democrat & Sunday Citizen, Dover


NH Financial Services Champion of the Year:

John Martin, Vice President

Richard Holden, Vice President

Laconia Saving Bank, Laconia & Concord


Home Based Business Champion of the Year:

Mary Ann Kristiansen, Executive Director

Hannah Grimes Center, Keene


NH Women in Business Champion of the Year:

Leslie Sturgeon, President

Women Inspiring Women, Bristol


NH SBDC Service Excellence and Innovation Center of the Year:

Heidi Edwards Dunn, Program Coordinator

NH Small Business Development Center, Concord


NH SCORE Counselor of the Year:

Theodore Papoutsy, Rye


Special District Champion of the Year:

Karen Pollard, Economic Development Manager

City of Rochester


Prime Contractor of the Year Northeast Region

Ross Miller, President

Safety Net Solutions, Inc., Salem


NH Minority Small Business Person of the Year (2008)

David Perry, President

Port Electronics Corporation, Salem


For registration information please visit the NH SBDC website: or call (603) 227-0417.



Daily News from the Veterans Today Network 

5 Dead in Iraq. Who is Really to Blame When Troops Go Postal?
by Gordon Duff, Staff Writer

A 44 year old Army sergeant is facing murder charges. Five families are destroyed, their loved ones dead at the hands of a comrade. Piling this on the invisible human disasters of war, not the dead civilians in Afghanistan the world press dotes on, but American families plowed into the dirt for no reason at all, this should not have been a surprise to anyone.
So far, the unfolding story tells us of a man "waiting discharge" with serious "stress" issues undergoing testing that he claimed was hurting him, making him worse, and, as we have seen, driving him to murderous rage. What the hell was he doing in Iraq in the first place? Why do we repdeploy the wounded, the seriously depressed, the PTSD victims?
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CHQ - My article in the Washington Times, ''We Should Cease Looking to Republicans'' 

The Washington Times published today an op-ed article written by me, "Conservative-led opposition needed," which states in part:


Republican politicians have failed conservatives, the GOP itself and America. We're heading down the tracks to socialism or worse, with the GOP as caboose. . .

Sadly, too many conservative leaders either blindly supported former President George W. Bush, Karl Rove, and congressional Republicans or were silent as big-government politicians abandoned conservative principles and massively expanded government. . .

We have a party and a country to save, and the Republican establishment is part of the problem, not the solution. Conservatives must not wait for orders from headquarters: Rush to the sound of the guns. . .

Leadership starts with each of us. We should cease looking to Republican politicians for leadership. . .

You can read the complete article in the Washington Times at

And, I'd welcome your comments in my blog at

Richard A. Viguerie


ALG Calls Upon HHS Secretary Sebelius to Rescind SEIU "Aggression" against California 

"It is clear beyond any shadow of a doubt that the Obama

Administration is engaging in thuggish aggression of the

worst order at the behest of union bosses and at the

expense of representative government."—ALG President Bill Wilson


ALG Calls Upon HHS Secretary Sebelius to Rescind

Obama-SEIU "Aggression" against California


May 13th, 2009, Fairfax, VA—Americans for Limited Government President Bill Wilson in a strongly worded letter urged Health & Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius to rescind a controversial ruling by the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services mandating that California rescind some $74 million in pay cuts to home health care workers as a condition for receiving $6.8 billion in supplemental Medicaid funds.


According to Wilson, the Center action came in direct response to collusion with officials at the Service Employees International Union.


"It is clear beyond any shadow of a doubt that the Obama Administration is engaging in thuggish aggression of the worst order at the behest of union bosses and at the expense of representative government," said Wilson in a statement.


On May 11th, the LA Times reported that Sebelius is considering an appeal from California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger to overturn an April 30th ruling from the Center of Medicare and Medicaid mandating that some $74 million in cuts to home health care workers pay by California scheduled for July 1st be rescinded.


California's receipt of some $6.8 billion in federal stimulus, supplemental Medicaid money has now been conditioned upon the cut, which reduces the state's maximum contribution to home health workers' pay from $12.10 per hour to $10.10.


According to Wilson's letter to Sebelius, "The State of California, through its elected Legislature with agreement from the Governor, decided on a series of actions to reduce government expenditures. This reduction is critically important. The State is in deep debt, has already increased taxes to the point of diminishing returns, and is facing further erosion in its business base."


California currently faces a $21.3 billion budget shortfall should a statewide ballot initiative fail on May 19th.


"As a private, third party," Wilson wrote, "SEIU participated in a conference call [on April 15th] between the Center of Medicare and Medicaid and the State of California where the Center threatened to withhold emergency stimulus funds from California unless the demands of the union were met."


The letter continues, "Madam Secretary, for an agency under your control to threaten a State government as a service to a private organization—and the SEIU is a private organization—smacks of favoritism to a degree not seen in Washington since the days of the Teapot Dome scandal."


"The act by the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services vindicates Governors Mark Sanford, Bobby Jindal, Sarah Palin, and anyone else that refused federal 'stimulus' money," Wilson added.


Several governors across the country have opted not to take the federal "stimulus" funds for their states. At the time, they said it was because federal funds come with strings attached.


Wilson says he believes that the threats against California are only the beginning. "A definite pattern is emerging. First, the Obama Administration gave a union that only held 10 percent of Chrysler's bonds a 55 percent stake in the company in bankruptcy using threats, and now, a state is being threatened with its Medicaid funding to keep the pay of union workers at current levels."


Wilson contends that the threats by the federal government against California endanger all states. "If the federal government gets away with this, the precedent will be that unions can simply get what they want out of the states with federal agencies doing their bidding," Wilson concluded.



WH Media - NH Student to be Recognized for Contributions Toward a Healthier Environment 

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)

EPA Recognizes Students From Across the Country for Contributions Toward a Healthier Environment
Winners Are from Alaska to New York


(Washington, D.C. – May 13, 2009) EPA Administrator Lisa P. Jackson will recognize young people from across the country at the 2008 President’s Environmental Youth Awards (PEYA) ceremony today. These students have made outstanding contributions to environmental protection through projects that help to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, improve air quality and protect America’s waters.

“The President joins me in honoring these students for leading the way towards a brighter future for their communities and our planet,” said EPA Administrator Lisa P. Jackson. “In each of these amazing projects we see our country’s future for clean energy, preservation, healthy communities and a well-protected planet.”

The 10 individuals or teams of students who will be awarded are from Derry, N.H.; Pittsford, N.Y.; Moscow, Pa; Lewisville, N.C.; Chesterland, Ohio; Edmond, Okla.; Scottsbluff, Neb.; Provo, Utah; San Leandro, Calif.; and Kenai, Alaska.

These dedicated youth developed projects in both urban and rural settings that involved hundreds of community members, educators, policy makers and national celebrities in environmental science research, community recycling, wetlands and coastal ecosystem education and restoration, energy conservation and climate change education campaigns.

Winners were selected from among applicants to EPA’s 10 regional offices. Regional EPA panels judged the projects on environmental need, accomplishments of goals, long-term environmental benefits and positive impact on local communities. The panels also consider project design, coordination, implementation, innovation and soundness of approach.

PEYA has been presented annually since 1971 to honor students in kindergarten through 12th grade who design and implement innovative environmental projects.

More information on winners and project descriptions: